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The golden barrier became colorless once again as the garbage truck drove down the golden bridge back to shore. The closer the parrot got, the more marble towers and turrets with brightly colored roofs were visible. Fields of perfect flowers scattered the landscape along with trees ripe with fruit. Little winding roads made their way up and around hills, looking pristine, without a single piece of trash or bloody stains. Cody did not care for these things however. The look of a landscape mattered very little to people on the isle, unless of course you were using it as a show of power or for strategic placement.

The wind caught under Cody's wings and brought him higher. He had to ensure that no one saw him. If he was going to come to Auradon with Austin he couldn't be seen before they were officially brought home. Slowly he made his way away from the shoreline and deeper into the capital city of Auradon. By the time he landed on the roof of a soled gold mansion.

He squinted at the building, trying to find an open window through the glare of the sun reflecting off perfectly polished gold. It took him five minutes to find an open window, thought he could only tell because the spot wasn't reflecting blinding gold light.

He descended through it with a sigh of relief. How did people walk up to this hideously gaudy place? The sun wasn't even fully in the sky yet and it already burned his retinas. He shook his head and closed his eyes. He'd need to take a few seconds to let his eyes adjust to the new lighting. When he felt he could fly again without running into something he took flight. He was barely ten feet when a loud shouting hit his ears.

"NO" Cuzco shouted. "I said ruby not Maroon! How am I supposed to look like a proper emperor when my staff can't even tell the difference between two shades of red?" Cody paused in the air and tilted his head to hear better.

"NO! You incompetent woman. That's mahogany!" He shouted. "That's Cardinal! Fine I'll get it myself." He growled. Cody snorted to himself and continued on his way to find the kitchen. He assumed it was downstairs. Kitchens were normally on ground level along with the dining room.

The hallways all looked the same to him. He was having difficulty telling one diamond encrusted door from another. He was only thankful that the painting of the man that hung on countless walls within solid gold frames provided him landmarks to find his way.

Eventually the stairs came into view and he was able to descend to the first floor. From there it wasn't as hard to find his way. A few maids were bustling about, thankfully too caught up in their work to notice him. He just had to follow the woman pushing a cart with a few dirty plates on it

The kitchen was huge but mostly empty. Only two cooks stood next to each other by the stoves. They were talking quietly to each other. There was a bowl of fruit next to the stove and the cook next to it looked to have been cutting fresh pieces moments ago. The man next to him had a bowl filled with a light brown mixture. It looked too thick to be a beverage. And the pan heating on the stove made Cody think it was most likely some sort of batter for pancakes or something similar.

He landed on top of a shelf close to the exit and scooted back to be in the dark. He hummed under his breath searching for the right tone. When he though he found it he spoke loudly.

"Hey you two, get to the emperor. I don't have time to be a messenger. I have clothes to wash." Cody called in the voice of a maid he passed on his way here.

"Seriously" The first man growled.

"Come on. You know Sue. She was probably took twice as long to get here than a normal person. We're already late." The other cook said. The first cook left while the other one turned off the oven. He walked a lot fast rout of the room.

Cody took his chance and propelled himself out of his hiding spot. He doubted he had much time. He landed on top pf the counter next to the batter. Quickly, while watching the door Cody lifted his leg so the vials were upright. He bit down on one of the stoppers with his teeth and popped it off. HE carefully poured it into the batter, making sure not to spill a drop. When every drop was out he popped the stopper back off and took to the air. Next stop Aladdin and Jasmin.

As Cody was flying into the second mansion Chad was sitting on his bed. He had been frowning at the phone in his hand for some time. There were two missed calls. The first had woken him up earlier that morning. He'd almost answered it until he saw who was calling him. His father never called him, yet his phone had clearly stated it Dad was calling. He had placed it back on the side table and closed his eyes again. He knew he wouldn't be going back to sleep.

The second time his phone had rung he was pacing the room, his mind spinning. He'd been right. After only five minutes of laying with his eyes closed he had jumped to his feet and started pacing. If his father was calling him than he was going to tell him to do something. This wouldn't be a social call. And knowing his father, whatever it was would be somehow connected to the council meeting. HE didn't want to work against Carlos but was afraid that he'd have to if his dad gave him a task.

He jumped when the sound of his ringtone escaped his closed fist for the third time. Very slowly he clicked accept call and brought it up to his ear.

"Chad where were you" His father said angrily. "I've been trying to call you all morning."

"My phone was on vibrate" Chad said slowly, his voice even and just a bit snobby. "I apologize. I wasn't expecting any important calls."

"You must always be able to be contacted. A king needs to be ready for any emergency even when it isn't expected. Therefore you can't just silence your phone." He said more calmly.

"I will Dad. But why were you calling me?" He asked.

"As you no doubt already know there will be a lower council meeting to determine which new children shall come to Auradon." Charming said not even attempting to hide his anger.

"I know" Chad sneered. "It's disgusting. Those cockroaches are dirty vermin and don't deserve to even look at our kingdom. To think even more are going to come. What does King Ben expect? Does he really think they won't turn on us?"

"I agree" King Charming said. "That's why I'll be using the council to overrule the proclamation, both of them"

"Can you do that?" Chad breathed excitedly. "It would takes a three fourths vote and some of them supported the first proclamation."

"I have… sway within the lower council. Unfortunately I predict only 7 of the 10 will vote in my favor."

"That's one person short" Chad hissed.

"There is however one who's a wildcard." his father continued. "And unfortunately that is the one person I won't be able to contact before the meeting."

"Queen Tatiana and King Naveen" Chad said quickly. "I'm guessing Tatiana."

"Right" King Charming said. He sounded proud. A few weeks ago he would have loved to hear that tone but now it only made his stomach churn. "She'll be coming straight to the council meeting and the only ones to see her will be her children. I want you to talk to them. Queen Tatiana takes her children's opinions into account at most meetings."

"The meeting is in one day." Chad said.

"You're a Charming. We always find a way." King Charming said. Chad sighed before speaking again.

"I've seen her son talking to de Vil. They're friends. I don't think I can convince him without threatening him." Chad said. "And I don't think that's safe. He'll be king one day and I need him in my pocket. If I get on his bad side while he's still young he'll be against me with everything I do."

"Fuck. Unfortunately I agree" Charming swore. "The girl. What about her?"

"She hates the girls, especially Evie. She's ranting about them a lot. I won't need to convince her. She hates the villain's kids even more than me." Chad said with fake smugness.

"I might still be able to work this. I haven't seen Prince Tyler many times but when I do he's always shy and by himself. His sister is much more outgoing and is much more vocal about her opinions. If I had to pick one of the two it would be her. Just make sure she knows to watch out for her brother. If he is friends with Carlos de Vil than he might just break out of his shell for this." The king said.

"I'll do my best" Chad said. "If you can get those children out of Auradon than I'll do everything I can to make it happen."

"Good" King Charming said, causing bile to enter Chad's throat. "I expect you to get Queen Tatiana on our side. Failure is not an option."

"I won't fail" Chad promised. There was silence for a few seconds before his father hung up. Chad immediately dropped to his hands and knees, feeling vomit making its way up his throat. If Tatiana voted the way he actually wanted her to than his father would no doubt check to see if he actually spoke to Princess Natalie. That meant He'd have to do what his father said or risk him finding out that he isn't the perfect prince that he seems to be.

Cody perched on the tallest branch of an old oak tree. His eyes scanned the ground slowly. Things had not gone as planned. Dropping the potion in Jasmin and Aladdin's food had been simple but when he attempted to get into Queen Ariel's castle things went south. There hadn't been a single open window. He spend half an hour circling the powder blue mansion but no one came in or out.

Reluctantly he took off from the tree and left his original mark. He had studied only four mansions in depth. Cusco's, Aladdin's, Ariel's and Eilonwy's. Eilonwy had been the most difficult mansion to get into, though still not as secure as Rapunzel's. Rapunzel's worry of people like Gothel kidnapping her children caused her to get the most powerful magical protecting possible. One of those spells created a list of ever sentient creature that entered its borders. Cody would fall under that category.

So he flew to the large castle home Eilonwy had built at the very edge of Auradon's capital city. He circled the building twice. It was made of a dark gray stone that looked dark even in the daylight. Much of it was even darker due to the countless spires that cast shadows down on the lower ramparts. It was big, bigger than any of the other mansions. It was almost as big as Charming Castle which was only bested by Cuzco's palace.

Guards dressed in dark armor walked the ramparts, stopping rarely. Carefully had descended into the dark stone castle. The sun was growing higher and it was no doubt after breakfast but Cody needed to find an entrance.

As he flew downward he saw many stained glass windows though none were able to open. The few that looked like they could open were closed and locked. Some even had bars on them, suggesting that this palace may contain more than one dungeon. That was worrisome. The treaty that created Auradon had outlawed the use of dungeons within one's own castle. It was to prevent royals from throwing their subjects into prison without a trial. This castle was built long after the treaty, when the capital was already mostly built.

He circled lower, scanning the building for any entrance but by the time he reached the lowest ramparts there was still nothing. With a worried sigh he flew closer to the castle. Tow guards stood behind a wall, talking. He assumed they were hiding from work.

"Yea" The guard said. "She's went out to meet with some other royal."

"Then why are we even here?" The second guard grumbled. "She'll be gone most of the day. The meeting probably will go until its dark. Why does she need thirty guards walking her castle walls?"

"And another twenty inside" The first guard added. He sighed and leaned back against the wall.

"What's the point?" Guard the other responded."

"You're new so you obviously haven't been around the queen much. She likes a lot of guards with her and ready in case of an emergency…"

"Come one" Cody snarled under his breath. Eilonwy was gone? That left only Rapunzel and Flynn and that would be impossible. The blasted woman was probably with Charming. They had been meeting often enough. She had probably been in on the king's plan since the beginning really it wouldn't have surprised him.

For what felt like the hundredth time that day Cody took off and flew toward another mansion. He would have to wait at Ariel and Eric's castle until he had an opening. Otherwise he was screwed.

Chad exited his room midmorning. He'd spent a long time thinking over his decision. He had to talk to Natalie and try to convince her, which he had no doubt he would. She already hated the teens from the isle. All he'd have to do is tell her that there would be a vote to send them back and she'd do the rest. That meant the only way to do this and get the result he really wanted would be to manipulate the girl to somehow give a terrible argument for why they should be kicked off the isle.

With a heavy heart and a mind straining for ideas he set off toward the tourney field. He'd start where the girl was least likely to be so he could be seen searching for her without actually finding her. As expected when he stepped out of the castle and his eyes traveled to the large field not far from the school he didn't see a single girl.

He decided to get a closer look, Justin in case she was out there but as he walked toward the stairs the annoying laugh of Princess Natalie filled the air. Chad's eyes slid to the outside lockers where the princess was surrounded by a small group of girls, all staring at one of their phones. With a sigh Chad cursed the universe and took a step toward them.

"Princess Natalie" Chad said with a small grin. "I need to talk to you." The princess sighed and turned from her friends.

"Yes Charming?" She asked.

"Alone" He clarified.

"I'm a bit busy now Charming and would prefer not to be your next conquest." She huffed. Chad raised an eyebrow. He knew rumors about were more common than most but where had that one come from. He never had sex with a girl though no one knew that. He always hinted that he'd gotten with a few girls when around his friends but he'd never bragged about any conquests.

"I think it would be in your and the kingdoms best interest if we had a quick chat." He said snootily. This time it was Natalie who raised an eyebrow though she did it much less elegantly. Chad ignored how ridiculous her face looked and continued. "It's simply political in nature." Natalie looked back at her friends and gave them a smile.

"I'll be back momentarily. Don't start that video without me." She said. A few of the girls made sounds of protest but no one actually said anything. Chad turned and led her away from the small group. "What is this Chad?" Natalie shot when they were out of earshot.

"I'll tell you when we're someone more private." He said. She opened her mouth no doubt to complain but Chad continued. "I think my father would prefer to keep this out of present ears.

"Your father?" She asked, sounding more interested. "So you're not trying to get me in your bed."

"I don't know what you heard" he said in a casual tone, "but I'm a complete gentleman. I do not take conquests. Though" He smirked. "I can understand why people might think so. My expertise must make me look like someone with much experience."

Natalie let out a snort. "Sure" she said sarcastically.

"There's only one way to prove it to you and I don't think I want to touch you any more than necessary."

"Excuse me!" The princess almost shrieked. Chad chucked darkly.

"I'm only telling you the truth. Maybe you're pretty but you're nowhere near my standards," He grinned.

"YOU…" She started.

"In here" Chad interrupted, stopping at a classroom door." Grudgingly she silenced herself and entered the empty science classroom. She walked across the room and settled herself down on the teacher's desk.

"Talk" She shot.

"You hate that dirt our beloved king dragged from the isle of the lost right?" He asked, slowly walking across the classroom.

"If you mean that bitch Evie and the other three than yes." She snarled.

"Good" Chad smirked. "And I assume you know about the meeting tomorrow" He asked? The black girl's eyes lit up with disgust.

"Oh yea" She snarled. "Ben somehow convinced that high council to let even more of that slime into out kingdom. It's horrible."

"Normally I'd agree with you." Chad said with a laugh. "But Ben screwed up on one thing." Natalie leaned forward, a cynical look in her eyes. "He forgot the lower council can overthrow a proclamation." Her eyes snapped back to anger.

"So what? Even if they overthrow this the bitch will still be here," She snarled.

"But this isn't the only royal proclamation that will be effected." Chad said. "This new proclamation isn't actuality its own entirely new proclamation. Since he's doing the same thing as before he's only adding to his original proclamation. It's extending to add a subsection."

"So if this is overthrown than those villains will be kicked out too!" Natalie said in shock. "We could get rid of them all" She almost squealed.

"Exactly" Chad smiled, finally reaching the teacher's desk.

"So why exactly did you need to tell me?" She asked.

"Let's just say my father can convince some of the lower council to vote the way we want." Chad started.

"And you need my mom" Natalie interrupted.

"Yes" Chad said. "But my father can't contact her. You're the only one to see her before the council meeting. Do you think you can convince her to vote with us?" He asked.

Natalie tilted her head. She sat for several seconds before frowning. "Mom would be fine with stopping the new villains from coming. I don't think she really cares but she's smart enough to know that these for will be killed if they come back. She wouldn't like that."

Chad felt like sighing in relief but kept a disgusted and angry look on his face. It wasn't that hard. He might be happy that it will be harder to convince the queen to vote with his father rather than with his own side but it disgusted him to realize that this girl knew that Carlos, Evie, Jay and Mal would be murdered if they go back to the isle and she still was overjoyed at the thought of them being kicked out. Sometimes he wondered if the royals were really any different than the villains. This girl sure classified as evil in his opinion.

"But can you change her mind?" Chad asked.

"Maybe" She said.

"Tell her how much of a bitch Evie has been" Chad suggested. "Make sure to tell her that she's cheating in her classes and is a gold digging whore. She's only here to get a prince to marry her and then kill him off when she's queen."

"That does sound like her" Natalie frowned. Chad smiled internally. If she brought up that to her mom she'd sound ridiculous. Everyone knew Evie was dating a dwarf, and one of the poorest too. If Tyler decided to talk to his mom too he'd win any argument against his sister.

"I expect them out of Auradon and dead" Chad snarled. "So do your job and the charmings will be happy." He left the room without looking back. Mentioning his family might just push her to use what he suggested. A charming was a powerful ally.

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