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Chapter One

Harry watched in horror as Aunt Marge began to inflate like a balloon. She bumped against the ceiling as a sudden pain when through his face. Harry stood there as he looked to his uncle. It wasn't the first time he had been hit, but it had been a couple of years since the last time. He moved away, backing into the kitchen as Uncle Vernon advanced on him and threw a punch, hitting Harry in the stomach and causing the almost thirteen year old to double over in pain and drop to the tiled floor.

"Change her back!" Uncle Vernon yelled as he rained punches and kicks down on Harry. Harry said nothing as he tried to protect himself from the blows.

"Vernon!" came the panicked voice of Aunt Petunia.

"What!?" he yelled to her as he stopped lashing out.

"She's going out of the patio doors, stop her!" she exclaimed as she tried to pull Aunt Marge into the dinning room once more.

Uncle Vernon gave one large kick to Harry and then rushed over to try and keep his sister in the house and not to let her float around Little Whinging.

Harry sat up, Dudley watching him in fear and horror. Harry adjusted the glasses on his face and wiped away some blood that had come from a slight cit on his lip. He stood up, wincing in pain as he moved. He wanted his truck, but knew he wouldn't be able to carry it. His truck flew out of the cupboard from under the stairs as well as the things that he had hidden under the floorboards of his room. All of it flew towards him. He put them in his truck and took out the bag of money he had left over from Second Year. Harry tried to find that ball of energy to shrink his truck. He gave a trembling smile as it worked. He grabbed his wand from cupboard as well and put it away.

Harry took a breath and limped out of number 4 Privet Drive. He walked through the streets and headed towards the park where he had taken refuge in a number of the time when he needed to get away from his family. Harry winced as his knee gave a twinge of pain as he stumbled a little. He came to the park, but didn't go in, he sat down on the kerb and sighed.

"What the hell am I going to do now," he whispered to himself.

Harry went still as he heard a noise behind him. Fear went through him as he thought that Uncle Vernon had found him and was going to finish what he had started. He slowly turned his head and saw the dog that was watching him. The dog was larger than any he had seen before. Black fur all over and it looked rough as it took a step towards him. Harry's green eyes went wide in fear as he tried to move away, not getting far as his body protested the movements.

The dog walked a little close, his sharp nose catching the smell of blood that hung around the teen. He watched as he pulled out a wand and quickly went over and whined at him, crawling on his belly, trying to show the child that he was no threat to him at all. He carried on going towards him as Harry looked to him, wand out, but pointed to the ground.

"You're not going to hurt me are you?" Harry asked the dog, feeling a little stupid about asking, but he felt that the canine would be able to understand him.

The dog whined and shook his head as he went a little closer and began to beg for a fuss. Harry chuckled a little, wincing at the pain in his chest that caused, but he stroked the dog gentle.

"I don't know what I'm suppose to do boy," he said softly, "I really don't. I just blew up my aunt and she floated out of the window. But if I go into the Magical world, they'll take me back and I don't want to. I know that Uncle Vernon will kill me if I do," he said giving a painful shudder at what he knew Uncle Vernon would do as soon as he saw Harry again, "I really need to get away from here, Uncle Vernon will try and find me, I know he will," he said a little scared.

The dog whined once more and gave a rough woof as he moved and grabbed Harry's wrist in his mouth and raised the wand up. Not even a full second later there was a loud bang in front of him as a three decker bus came to a stop. Harry looked wide eyed at the purple bus and then to the dog. The dog was wagging his tail as he stepped towards the entrance.

"Welcome to the Knight Bus, emergency transport for the stranded witch or wizard. My name is Stan Shunpike and I will be your conductor this evening." The man said as he read it from a card and then looked around, "Huh," he frowned as he heard a noise, "Oi," he said as he saw Harry sitting down, "What are you doing down there?" he asked him as he held out his hand and pulled Harry to his feet.

"Thanks," Harry said as he winced. He made sure to flatten his hair over his scar, not wishing for anyone to know who he was.

"Come on Kid, getting on?" Stan asked him.

"How much?" Harry asked him.

"11 Sickles just to rid, 13 if you want hot chocolate and 15 if you want a hot water bottle, and if you are bringing the dog then it's another 3 sickles" was the answer as Harry climbed aboard.

"Just a ride to Kings Cross Station," he said as he handed over the sickles and took a seat on one of the beds.

"Righto, take it away Ernie!" Stan called out to the driver as the bus then shot off at high speed.

Harry talked with Stan about the recently escaped Sirius Black. Harry knew he would be all right in he Muggle world. The black dog sat next to Harry on the floor, just about keeping his feet as the bus hurtled around London, letting of one or two passengers before they reached Kings Cross Station. Harry got off with the dog.

"Well, I can't keep calling you dog can I, so how about Snuffles?" he asked wondering what the dog thought of the name. A bark answered him and Harry smiled as he began to limp away from Kings Cross and further into Muggle London. It was almost half hour later that Harry could go no further, he had found an alley that looked safe enough for him for the night and went into it. He settled down at the not that far in and quickly fell asleep with Snuffles sitting with him, keeping worried dark eyes on he teen.


Harry jolted away when he heard a little noise from outside of the Alley. He could hear two people arguing. Harry watched them for a moment as the tall man looked to the smaller man and pushed him. Harry couldn't make out what they were saying as all, but he knew it wouldn't be good. Harry tried to move back further into the alley so he wouldn't be seen, but knocked into something as he moved. Snuffles moved as well, keeping quiet as he watched the commotion.

Harry moved as quickly as his injuries would let him as the smaller of the two men looked towards him. Their eyes met as the taller started to look over. The smaller gave a sad smile and then drew the taller mans attention to him once again. The small man kept the taller mans attention on his as he pulled out a knife and stabbed him repeatedly. Harry watched in wide-eyed fright, hands over his mouth to stop himself from scream out. Snuffles gave a low growl, understanding the need to keep quiet.

The taller man ran off into the night and Harry couldn't help but move out of the alley and over to the man that had basically saved him. The man was still breathing.

"I'll get help," Harry whispered, as he went to try and find someone, but he was called back by a weak call.

"Too late for that kid, glad you're safe," he gasped out with a small smile on his face.

"I'm sorry, so sorry, you could have ran if not for me. You should have," Harry said as he fell to his knees beside him.

The man smiled a little, "Names Gary, and you?" hold out his hand.

"Harry," he said as he took hold of a hand.

"Don't you worry about that, grown ups are supposed to care for the kids," he said as his breathing became rough. Harry held his hand as the light faded from his eyes. Harry gave a little sob as he sat there. Snuffles went over to him and pulled at his clothes. Harry followed him back into the alley and settled further in, almost out of sight as he slowly fell into a restless exhausted slumber.

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