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Chapter Fifteen

Sherlock got off the phone and looked over at John. He wasn't happy about what he had heard, but he knew that there wasn't much that he could do about it. John looked at him and then sighed. He had a feeling he knew what it was going to be about.

"So what did Greg have to say?" John asked him, a flash of irritation going through him.

"They've found a body, same motive as before. It's our friendly little killer," he said clenching a fist as he felt a thread of anger go through him at the thought of the man that had hurt Mrs Hudson and was trying to find Harry and harm him.

"Can't they deal with it without us going at all, Harry is here alone, Mrs Hudson isn't here with us at all, since she went to go and do a little shopping for us with Mrs Turner," John told him with a shake of his head.

"I know, that is what I told Lestrade but he is insistent that we come and see, he said that the body is fresh, so it hasn't been there that long," he told John as he looked up to see Harry in the doorway of the kitchen.

"You should go," he told the two of them.

John shook his head, "no Harry, we can't leave you on your own, it wouldn't be right, not with all that has been happening," he told him softly.

"I know, but I think you need to do this, you went before and it was all fine," he said with a little smile, he didn't want them to change what they did because he was there, he gave a small cough as he looked to Snuffles, "I have him as well."

"Harry, you have a killer after you that has now killed again," Sherlock began to explain, "I do not like the thought of you being here on your own, it could be dangerous for you."

Harry shook his head, "I know that, but I know that you have to go, you can't just stay here with me when there is a killer out there wanting to kill again, what if you are able to find out where he is hiding, then you might get him," he started to tell the two of them, "If you don't go then you won't find any of this out and we will still be wondering who he is and where he is," he sighed a little, rubbing a little at his throat.

John chuckled and shook his head, "Damn, you really know how to make sense don't you," he said softly.

"That's my friend Hermione talking, she knows a few things," he smiled thinking of his friend and wondering if everything was all right with her.

"Hmmm," Sherlock nodded, "I think you should contact them soon to tell them what is going on," he said softly as it was the first time that Harry had mentioned someone outside of his family.

Harry nodded his head, "I know I will do one of the days," he told them as he then said, "Right, so are you going to go or not?"

"I'm going to call Mycroft, have him come here to be with you," Sherlock then said as he pulled out his phone and called his brother.

John and Harry went into the living room as the two talked, "Are you sure you don't want to try and call your friends now instead of later on?" he asked him.

"I think it might be best to do that a little later, at the moment I know that Hermione will be on holiday, she goes every summer," he said, though he wasn't sure if she had gone on holiday or not.

"Any other friends that you can talk to or tell them what is going on?" John asked him, a little curious as to why he had never mentioned them before.

"There is another family, but I don't know if they will be able to get in contact with me, they can be a little old fashioned at times, I don't think they have a phone and I know that they live in Cornwall somewhere, but not where," he said, not sure what he could tell them about the Weasley family without it seeming like they were odd, well there were by Muggle standards Harry knew that.

"All right then, if you remember a way to contact them then do so, I bet they are finding it worrisome that you have contacted them yet," John said as Sherlock came back into the room. He looked to him and asked, "so what did Mycroft say?"

"He will be here in around fifteen minutes," he answered him.

"Right so now you can go, it's all right for me to wait a few minutes for him to come, so go," Harry smiled to the two of them.

Within a couple of minutes, the two were out of the door and Harry was on his own. Sherlock and John got in the cab and headed to the scene. They didn't like the fact that they had left Harry on his own, and both of them had a feeling they should have brought him with them, even though he would only be alone for ten minutes before Mycroft would get there.

They got out of the taxi and walked over to Lestrade, they had only been there for a few minutes when Sherlock's phone began to ring. Annoyed he picked it up and answered it, "What do you mean?" he said making John and Lestrade look to him, "We're on our way back," he then looked to John as he put his phone away, "Harry is missing."


Lestrade had been kind enough to take them back to Baker Street with the siren blaring away and the lights flashing. Sherlock and John ran up the stairs to the living room to see Mycroft in there talking on his phone. He saw them and put it away.

"Anthea is already going through the last few minutes of footage to see what we can find. We are going to be tracking all that have been near this street," he told them, there was worry evident in his voice and eyes as Sherlock and John looked to him, "Snuffles was hurt, but the vet said he was fine and just needed to sleep things off," he said as he pointed to the dog sleeping in his bed.

"That's good, we shouldn't have left him," John said, clenching a fist, he wanted to hit something.

Sherlock looked around the room, "he fought hard," he said as he looked at the disarray. He smiled a little as he saw the knife that had penned letters to the mantle was missing, "Oh well done Harry," he said as he noticed the knife on the floor and saw the blood on it, "Harry cut our dear killer, so far we've had no DNA on the scenes, this might change with this little bit, Mycroft can you get someone to test it?" he asked as he pointed to the knife.

"Of course," he nodded his head as someone walked into the room. Mycroft went and talked to them. "Anthea has the footage and she is going through it with several others," he said as the man took the knife in a paper evidence back and left, "The blood will be tested straight away and we will know if it is someone in the database within the day," he told them all.

"Bring some of the footage here as well," Sherlock said as he wanted to help, "I don't like the thought of him not being here," he then said softly to John.

"I know, I don't either, but he isn't weak, he has already shown that he is thinking ahead, he knows that we need to find out who it is, and with DNA we might just have it," he said with a proud little smile on his face, though it didn't last long, he couldn't help but think of the worst case scenarios that Harry could be going though.

Sherlock could see everything in Johns expressive eyes and he went over to him and held him tightly, "it will be all right, he won't be with them long, we will do all we can to find him, and with Mycroft helping you know we will have him back here soon," he told him.

John nodded his head, even though he knew that they would be staying awake all night he couldn't help but worry, he had noticed that Harry hadn't seemed as bright as he usually was, he didn't seem well. He sighed and leaned against Sherlock. Around them people were coming and going, he dreaded having to tell Mrs Hudson when she came back that Harry was missing. They were busy all night, with footage being watch and people being tracked.

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