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Chapter Fifteen

Harry finished washing the windows and walked back over to where Mrs Hudson was sat. She looked at him with a kind smile on her face, and he felt even more guilty. He had been cleaning the house from top to bottom. Even in Sherlock and John's flat, though there wasn't much for him to do. When they had gotten back from their dinner last night the place had been redone and there was no trace of the message left on the walls.

Harry had done all the laundry and had even ironed their clothing as well as put it all away. He had been at it since the moment he had woken up. He had to do something to make it up to them for all the danger that he had brought into their lives. Mrs Hudson could have really been hurt, and it would have been all Harry's fault.

John, Sherlock and Mrs Hudson had all see the guilt in his eyes and each of them had tried to get him to stop, but nothing had worked. Mrs Hudson had tried getting him to stop by making cakes, instead, Harry had taken over and made them for her. John and Sherlock didn't know what they could do. Harry hadn't slept well during the night, waking up from nightmares, and not just about what had happened, but what could have happened.

Mrs Hudson climbed the stairs as Harry went about dusting and polishing everything around him. She went into 221B and over to the sofa and sat down. John looked at her and Sherlock looked into the living room from where he was in the kitchen.

"I can't get him to stop, and he doesn't say anything, just asks if there is anything else, and if I don't tell him he will just go and find something himself, that's how he ended up doing the windows and the laundry," she gave a sigh, she had never known a teen that able to do housework. Sherlock was hopeless at it, and even John didn't clean up like Harry did, and they were both adults.

"I don't know either, we have to get through to him that there is nothing for him to feel guilty about," John sighed as Sherlock walked into the room and sat down as well.

"I know, but I just can't think of how to do so," she told them both.

Sherlock thought for a moment, "we need to get him to see that we are in danger a lot of the time as well, even without him here."

Mrs Hudson nodded, "Yes, that might help a little," she smiled.

John smiled to the two of them, "Looks like we will have to tell him a little about the cases and things that we have gone through," he said as he gave a pointed look to Sherlock.

"Yes," he nodded as he got up and walked over to the landing and called out, "Harry can you come up here for a moment we want to talk to you," he told him.

It didn't take long for Harry to come up and for them all to be sat down. He didn't feel comfortable being with them all, but he just hoped that they would still have him for a little while longer, "What do you need?" he asked them all looking at each of the adults in turn.

"Right, you think that you bring danger to us, don't you? And that is why you are feeling like you are at the moment," Sherlock questioned seeing Harry's nod of agreement.

"You don't," John told him, "What Sherlock and I do brings danger into this house all the time. We've had assassins in here a lot, the CIA has turned up once too, and we have all came out of things that you could only begin to imagine," he said with a little shudder.

"About two years ago I had to fake my death, leaving Mrs Hudson and John to think that I was dead. I returned just over nine months ago, they forgave me after a while, but I did it for them. Because of a criminal that I was trying to bring down, he targeted them, would have them killed along with Lestrade if I didn't. It was hard and I did it to save them. And I'm still here and they are still beside me even though I could have caused their deaths," Sherlock told him as he reached out a hand for John, it still hurt John to think about it, even though he had forgiven him, it still hurt.

"But Mrs Hudson…" Harry began only to be cut off by a hand on his arm.

"Look at me Harry," she said softly as he looked at her, "I'm a tough old bird, and don't you forget it," she smiled.

"That she is, when the CIA came here they were after something. Mrs Hudson was harmed by them trying to get the information out of her. She pretended to be the sweet old landlady slash housekeeper for us and that she had no idea where it was or anything. Worked rather well. She had it hidden on her and pretended to be a weak old woman, but she is anything but," Sherlock smirked over at her as he then looked back to Harry.

"True Sherlock," she smirked to him and then giggled, "oh my husband was a rotter, truly he was, Sherlock had him put away for murder, he was a little bastard."

"Your…" green eyes were wide as he looked at them all in turn.

"Yes, my husband was a murderer that Sherlock brought to justice," she told him, "We're not the softest of people around Harry, we can take care of ourselves and we can take care of you as well."

"I was in the Army Harry, I know what I can do and what I can't do," John told him a soft smile on his face, "I can really take care of myself as well, we all can, we have all been through things that would have other people cringing in fear," he told him.

Harry nodded his head, "okay," he said with a little smile, he turned to Mrs Hudson and hugged her tightly, "It's just that when you were hurt it…" he trailed off for a moment, "you are everything I ever imagined a grandmother to be and it was like someone hurt my family and I hated it. I wanted to make sure that you would rest and take it easy and make sure that you were all right," he told her softly, his voice so quiet that the two men in the chairs could only just hear the words.

"Oh you dear sweet boy," Mrs Hudson said as she hugged him tighter. She couldn't help but feel flattered and happy at the words, she had never had children, and only a niece from her sister to spoil. The closest she had got to children were John and Sherlock, and with Harry, to be called grandmother by him, it was wonderful.

Snuffles gave a bark, gaining the attention of the whole weird little family. He was happy as he looked at his master and gave another bark as Harry went over to him and ruffled his fur and began to play a little.

John smiled as he said, "Well, I don't know about you, but it's almost lunchtime, so why don't I get something hot started for us," he then stood up, ruffling Harry's hair as he went past him and headed into the kitchen.

Sherlock smiled as Mrs Hudson began telling Harry about her husband and what he had done, Harry listing intently. He stood up and went past, place a hand on Harry's head for a moment before he followed John and sat down at the kitchen table.

"I think that went well, there is still some guilt, but he doesn't feel as bad," Sherlock said as he looked at John as he began to bring things out to make lunch.

"Yeah, which is good," he gave a little sigh.

Sherlock could see the sadness that clung to the man and he stood up once more and walked around the table. He walked up behind John and wrapped his arms around his waist and pulled him against him, leaning his chin on John's right shoulder. John relaxed into him. He didn't know how to bring up what he was thinking, not knowing if Sherlock would be all right with his suggestion. Sherlock placed a kiss on his cheek as he said, "We shall talk when we have this killer locked up, we have to ask Harry what he wants to do," he told him softly.

John chuckled, "mind reader," he smiled as he began to peel an onion.

"Just know you," he told him a smile on his face as he stayed there as John made them lunch, moving when he did.

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