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Chapter Fifteen

Marge sighed as she finished getting ready. She had wanted to remain at home, but Harry and Mattie had convinced her to go out. It was the Malfoy New Years party. Marge hadn't wanted to go since she was still pregnant, she had been due four days ago, a couple of days after Christmas. She had hoped that by now she would be holding her new child. She stood up and walked out of her bedroom and down the stairs, her boys were waiting for her.

"You look beautiful as always," Tiberius said as he held out his hand for her.

She smiled as they shared a kiss, "Thank you, even though I feel like a beached whale."

"You are gorgeous, always," he repeated softly, opening the floo connection.

The four of them went through and smiled as they were greeted by Lucius, Narcissa and Draco. They went inside the large ballroom that had been set up. Some of their friends had already arrived. Harry waved at a few, and after telling Marge and Tiberius where he was going went over to them. Mattie looked worried and scared, following his brother to make sure he wouldn't lose was already there as well, he smiled to Harry and Mattie as they went past and he headed over to Marge and Tiberius, who was now talking to Daphne and Astoria's parents.

Draco came into the room, a large grin on his face as he rushed over to his friends. Narcissa and Lucius walked in much more calmly as they went over to Tiberius and Marge. Tiberius was keeping a close watch on Marge, just in case she went into labour.

"How are you, Marge?" Narcissa asked as she stood next to her, a smile on her face.

"Ready for this one to be born. Harry is getting anxious now. He wants to make sure that he'll be here when this little one is born," she smiled, rubbing her belly.

"I know that feeling all too well, Draco was over a week late, and if he had taken any longer they would have induced. I was ready for him to be out a month before he was born," Narcissa smiled looking to where her son was talking with his friends.

"Mattie was the same as well, almost two weeks late," Marge smiled, "must be something about Malfoy's, since they are always late," she joked, much to the protests of the two men.

"We are not just late, we are fashionably late, making sure that we make the right kind of entrance," Lucius said as he pretended to be snooty for a moment. He couldn't help the small snort of laughter that escaped a second later.

"Idiot," Narcissa said fondly.

"I never had that problem," Perdita said, "We had Hermione early, a little too early to be honest. We thought we might lose her at one point, but she kept fighting and won."

"Oh have you talked to St Mungo's yet?" Narcissa asked them.

Dion and Perdita shared a smile and nodded, "We did, they were able to help a little. Though they said that we still have a low chance of conceiving so fingers crossed," Perdita smile as she looked at her husband.

Dion smiled back at her, "Yes, fingers crossed."

There was a chorus of laughter from behind the group of adults. "Let's go and see what the kids are up to," Remus suggested.

Lucius nodded, "might be a good idea," he was curious as to what they were up to as well.
"Hey dad," Harry said as he noticed them heading towards them.

"So what are you all talking about?" Marge asked them all a soft smile on her face.

"We were talking about our other friends," Daphne said with a smile back at her.

"Who would they be?" Narcissa smiled as she asked them.

"Well, Fred, George and Percy Weasley, they've joined our little group. They can be a lot of fun, though Percy like to make sure we understand our school work as well. Fred and George like to prank people but they're really smart. They've actually decided to put their mind to their schoolwork this time instead of just letting it slide," Draco answered.

"Though that might be more because of Hermione than anything," Dean chuckled as he looked at the girl.

"Percy was happy about it, and he had impressed them as well," Harry smiled.

"Yes, and he's really good, he answered all my question about the lessons and about the exams as well," Hermione smiled. The others laughed at her enthusiasm, she playfully stuck her tongue out at them, causing them all to laugh louder.

"Hmmm," Lucius hummed, "well maybe next year we will be able to have them come to the party at New Year," he told them a smile on his face.

"That would be nice, thank you, Uncle Lucius," Harry said with a wide smile.

"I think we should leave them alone," Marge said softly, she saw that they weren't talking as much as they had been before the adults joined them.

The kids smiled as the adult wander away to talk to other guests. Harry started talking about the books that they were all to read, making sure they hadn't found anything yet.


"So, we're going to have to see if there is anything else that you have read, where you may have come across the name Flamel," Harry said as he looked at them all. Mattie stood beside him, hand clasped tightly onto his brother's jacket, barely able to stay awake.

"Okay," Hermione said. They had worked their way through all the books on their list. She was trying to think of any others she might have come across.

"Harry," Lucius called out as he went over to them.

"What is it? Is it mum?" he asked him, going pale, worried that something might be wrong.

"Tiberius is taking her to St Mungo's now, looks like it's time for you to get a new baby brother or sister," he smiled at them.

"Can we see her before she goes?" he asked him, hoping that he would be able to.

Mattie looked between them and clung onto Harry's hand as he asked, "What's wrong with mummy?"

"Something is right," Harry smiled down at him as they were led over to a side room where Marge was waiting for them, she had wanted to say goodnight to her boys.

"Mummy?" Mattie said as he let go of Harry and ran over to her.

"Hey my special little guy," she smiled as she pulled him into a hug.

"Where are you going, are you coming home, we should go home?" he said in a rush as he looked worriedly at his mum.

"Oh Mattie, it's all right, I have to go so I can have the baby, I told that I would have to go away for a day or so," she told him softly as she kissed his cheek.

Harry watched them and smiled a little as he looked to his dad, "Dad," he smiled.

"You need to watch over your little brother. Narcissa and Lucius are going to be having you until we come home," he told him.

"I know that dad, I expected it, and I will. I know he won't want to be on his own knowing that you are at the hospital," Harry smiled at him and then looked at his mother and smiled at her, stepping forwards.

"Harry sweetie," she said as she opened her arms for him.

"I remember last time mum, you didn't tell me if I was going to have a little brother or not, but I knew I was because that was what I wished for at my first birthday party," he told her as he hugged her tightly, "This time I wished for a little sister, I hope it comes true again," he grinned, looking up at her

Marge shook her head, "you have to stop wishing for such things Harry," she chuckled lightly, kissing him on his forehead, "take care of Mattie," she told him.

"I will mum, promise," he told her moving away, a smile on his face.

She said her last goodbyes to the two boys, Tiberius quickly doing the same. They went through the floo and Mattie began to cry. Harry sat down on the chair Marge had been using, pulling his little brother into his lap, comforting him as best as he could.

"It's all right Mattie," he soothed him softly, "it's alright, in a couple of days she will be home along with dad and we'll have a baby brother or sister," he reassured him.

"But I want mummy and daddy here," he said as he leaned against Harry, almost curling up in Harry's lap.

"I know, so do I. But they have to go to make sure that everything is alright. If they don't do that, and if something goes wrong they will need the healers there to help. So they're doing what they need to do so everything will be good," he told him, remembering the fear of something happening to Marge when Mattie had been born. It wasn't until he saw them again that he finally felt that everything was all right in his world.

Mattie sniffled as he clung to his brother. He knew that the baby would come and they would go to St Mungo's, but he had thought that they would be going with his mummy and daddy, "I want them," he pouted as he wiped his tearful eyes.

Harry smiled at him and nodded, "I know you do, but it will have to wait," he told him once more. He looked to his uncles as he said, "Uncle Lucius, would it be all right if Mattie and I go to our room for the night, I don't think either of us wants to be at a party at the moment," he hoped that would be all right.

"Of course, how about I send your friends in to say goodnight and you can tell them what is going on," he suggested.

Harry nodded, "yeah, that might be a good idea. I know they are going to be worried that something bad is going on with the way you rushed over."

Lucius smiled and left as Narcissa stayed with them. It didn't take long for him to come back with everyone. Hermione rushed over as she saw that Mattie had been crying, even though Harry had a smile on his face. Harry could already see the worry in her eyes.

"What is it?" she asked him as the others all gathered around.

"Mum's gone into labour, she should have the baby soon. Mattie and I have to stay here, but I don't think either of us want to be at a party at the moment, so we're going to go to our bedroom and rest, until we hear something," Harry answered her a soft smile on his face, though there was excitement in his eyes as he looked to her and to the rest of his friends.

"Oh, can't wait till we know what it is, I'm hoping it will be another girl we are a little outnumbered," Daphne said with a smile.

"How can you be outnumbered, it's only Draco, Dean, Harry, Mattie and I," Neville said with a raised eyebrow at her "there are more girls than boys, I'm hoping it will be another boy," he grinned as all but Harry nodded in agreement.

"You don't want a little brother again Harry?" Draco asked him.

"No, I wished for a little sister to go with my little brother. If I get my wish, then I'll be really happy. Though to be truthful, I don't care one way or the other as long as they are healthy," he said, smiling at them all.

They all nodded and smiled as they talked a little more before Lucius let them go. The two boys were shown to their bedroom and changed and into bed. Mattie, not wanting to be away from Harry, climbed into his brother's bed instead of his own. Harry didn't mind as he lay there awake, Mattie quickly falling asleep next to him. It didn't take long for the same to happen to Harry as he drifted off to sleep.


It was mid-afternoon on the first of January, and Harry and Mattie were being led through the halls of St Mungos. They had been told that they would be seeing their parents since the baby had been born three hours ago. Harry smiled, last time he hadn't seen them until they had already come home.

Lucius opened the door and let the two walk in. Marge was sitting up in bed, still looking tired, but happy as Tiberius sat on the edge of the bed next to her. In her arms was a blanket-clad bundle, the colour of the blanket gave nothing away as it was pure white.

"Mummy, daddy," Mattie grinned as he ran over to them, Tiberius bent down and picked him up, settling the five-year-old onto his lap.

Harry walked over a little more calmly and he went to the other side of the bed. He sat down when Marge patted the bed beside her Harry looked down and smiled as he looked to his mum, "so what have I got a little sister or a little brother again?" he asked her, smiling.

"You have a little sister," Marge said as she kissed her eldest on the check, before doing the same with Mattie.

"My wish came true again," he grinned and then giggled.

"No more wishes like that Harry," Tiberius told him, though he didn't know if he was serious about that or not.

"So what's her name?" Harry then asked as Mattie was making faces towards the barely awake baby.

"Carina Elizabeth Malfoy," Marge answered him, a soft smile on her face.

"I like it," Harry grinned as he leaned down a little to get a better look at his baby sister, "Hello Carina, welcome to the family. Just like Mattie, I promise to protect you and be there for you, always. Love you," he said as he then placed a kiss on her forehead. And just like when he did with Mattie, the imprint of Harry's lips glowed brightly on there for a moment as she gave a little noise of contentment.

"Hello Carrie," Mattie said testing out a nickname.

The little family talked quickly as Harry looked at them all and smiled, he was really happy, he had found out he would be able to spend another day with his family before he had to leave again and go back to Hogwarts. Marge wouldn't be released until the next morning and he would only have tomorrow with them before, as he would be going back to Hogwarts the day after. He sighed wishing he could spend more time, but he made them promise to send lots of pictures.

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