Chapter 9 - Yacht

"What's going on?" Richard asked groggily walking towards Nicole.

"The kids..." she muttered, "Where are they?"

"I knew they were stealing my midnight snacks!" he walked into the kitchen, "Come on, kids. I know you're hiding here." Suddenly he saw an odd light coming out of the microwave.

"Richard, why did you put clocks into the microwave?" Nicole asked as she was about to turn it off. But right before she reached in, she was blinded by the light's intensity.

They opened their eyes to see Darwin sitting at the top with a briefcase, Anais dangling off one side and Gumball on the other.

"What just happened?" Nicole asked, confused at everything she've seen.

"We time-travelled, mom!" Gumball announced happily.
"Yeah, we went to this amazing place called Ooo - where there's a whole kingdom made of candy!" Darwin said happily.

"Alright boys," Nicole said, finding their explanations to be unbelievable, "I don't want anyone here to be putting clocks in the microwaves… Do you know how expensive microwaves are these days?"

"Well you don't have to worry about any of that now. Gumball and Darwin got some sweet treasures from the future," Anais said, "I even have all the pictures of our adventures here!" She waved her flash drive.

Darwin jumped off the oven and showed Nicole what was in the briefcase. She was amazed for a second, but then frowned immediately. "You lying hoodlums! These are my grandmother's jewellery! Where did you find them? I made sure I kept it in a place no one would know."


Nicole quickly ran up to the bedroom and checked the closet. There was nothing in there. Which means what Darwin had is the real jewellery. Nicole pulled on the fur in her head. "My kids just disappeared and appeared on the oven. They somehow got their hands on the family treasures and Anais claims she has photos from the future. Either I'm growing old or I'm overworking myself again."

"Does that mean we are just as poor as we were before?" Anais asked.

"Let's see… You travelled in the future and got the jewels. Since there can only be one in existence - the jewels that your mom hid in the closet must be gone!"

"Wow. That actually made sense," Anais said.

"So it's kind of like a paradox… Dammit does that mean we have to go back to school instead of spending my days with Penny on a yacht?"


"Come on! Let's go see the pictures you took!" Darwin urged.


They merrily ran up the stairs, excited to see the pictures.

Note: I think Richard's midnight snacks have been making him smarter; Also like before, there's a paradox involved.

~Candy Castle~

PB sat in her room viewing the first video Anais recorded. She heard constant giggling as the video recorded Gumball and Darwin climbing on top of a oven and heating all the clocks in the house. She saw the flash and the disappearance of Gumball and Darwin.

"I've been researching about time travel for decades and these kids found a way through a simple prank. They don't know the disturbance they created in the time-space equilibrium. I have to make sure this method of travel is banned," she thought to herself as she took notes on how it works.

"Urgh… this food sucks," Gareth complained.

"It's prison, mate. What did you expect?" PC said.

"And Jake's there rolling in piles of gold as we rot here in this dark hell," Tiffany said angrily, "I will get you, Jake!"

"Hey shut up now, will ya? We gotta wake up early tomorrow!" One of the candy prisoners yelled.

"Better get used to it - we're in here for life," Gareth said hopelessly.

"Or are we?" the FL Brothers said copying Gareth's voice. They began to giggle mischievously.

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