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Warning: Harry is going to be kind of a badass in this story. He won't be unbeatable but he will but hard to defeat around the later years. I'm also going to try to make him smarter but I'm not really that smart myself so I'm not sure how that's going to work out. Last but not least, I don't own Harry Potter or Marvel. Now let's continue to the story.

August 6, 1995

Lily and James Potter could not be happier. It had been a week since Lily gave birth to a pair of twins named Harry and Arthur Potter. Both at the moment looked identical because of the grey eyes and no hair look that most babies had when recently born, however the healer at St. Mungos said that would be changing soon enough as long as soon as they grew a little more. They had already brought them both to Potter Manor since they were released from the hospital 3 days ago as soon as Lily was cleared. At the moment, James was currently trying to feed Harry his milk before he put him to bed for the night. James smiled down out at Harry.

"Drink up Harry, sooner you get bigger the sooner I can teach you to ride a broom." James cooed at the toddler. Harry showed no sign of even hearing what his father his father had even said as he was so intent on trying to gain as much milk down his throat as possible.

"What was that you said James? It almost sounded like you just expressed a desire to have our BABY on a broomstick." Lily said with a sharp edge in her voice as she walked in the room carrying Arthur, who she was also feeding. James paled as he turned around sharply, toddler still in hand.

"Now Lily, of course I meant when he had grown up more and was an appropriate age to ride when." James said hurriedly before he found himself sleeping on the couch. Again. Lily shot him a withering look that promised pain.

"Yes, I'm sure that's exactly what you meant. " Lily said, "It had better have been." She whispered just loud enough for him to hear. James chuckled awkwardly to try to defuse the situation before it got out of hand and Mount Lily erupted. Before the situation could defuse any further, their fireplace roared to life. Albus Dumbledore stepped out in all his glory.

"Good evening Lily, James. I hope I find you well on this summer evening." Dumbledore said with a grandfather smile and patented eye twinkle.

"Professor! It's great to see you. What brings you to our house this late in the evening? Not order business I hope. We did tell you we were taking some time off for our newborns didn't we?" Lily asked while James smiled at him from behind her.

"Calm down lils. I'm sure he just came to see little Arthur and Harry. Right professor?" James questioned. Dumbledore smiled again though this one did not quite reach his eyes.

"Unfortunately I have come here for a little of both and have sadly brought disturbing news wit. Perhaps it would be best to put the children to sleep for the night while I tell you what I came here tonight to say." Dumbledore told them. At this point, Lily and James started to look concerned by the serious tone that Dumbledore had just used. This did not bode well so they nodded before going to put both children down for bed. When they came back James immediately asked, "Alright Dumbledore, what's going on? No one in the order died di they? Has the war taken a turn for the worse?"

"No luckily but it sadly has not taken a turn for the better either." Dumbledore responded solemnly. "But that's not what I came here to talk about. I came to tell you grave news and it concerns your children" Dumbledore said as he looked at both of them to try and gauge their reaction from his statement. James looked concerned and full of worry. Lily had man y emotions flashing over her face at once. The primary ones seemed to be worry and anger.

"What news could possibly concern are children they are both health and out of danger of the war." Lily said with anger clear in her tone.

"I'm afraid a true prophecy has been told that can pertain your children. It states that a baby that was born as the seventh month dies will have the power to kill Voldemort. He will be born from those that have already thrice defied the dark lord. You and the Longbottoms are the only ones that this prophecy can pertain to. I have already informed the Longbottoms and now have informed you as well." Dumbledore said gravely.

"Wait isn't that a good thing. It basically says that one of our children will grow up to be able to kill Voldemort right?' Lily asked confused. Dumbledore sighed.

"Unfortunately no it doesn't. Voldemort has heard the prophecy as well and now has made both your sons and the Longbottoms child his top priority." Dumbledore stated.

Both Potters looked horrified as they finally understood what Dumbledore had been trying to tell them.

"Oh my God Albus. What do we do? We can't survive if Voldemort focuses all his forces on killing us. Will be dead by the end of the week!" James exclaimed loudly.

"Unfortunately were limited on options. The best one however would be to go into hiding." Dumbledore said. "I can perform the fidelus charm which will hide you from all but your secret keeper. Is this agreeable for you both?" Dumbledore questioned at both of them.

"What choice do we have? We have to protect our children at all cost." Lily said in a frightened whisper.

"Excellent. Then I will make all the necessary arrangements while you two decide who you will make your secret keeper. May I suggest one of your three friends James? You all seem as close as brothers and I'm sure all are trustworthy enough for such a position." Dumbledore said with a slightly warmer voice. James nodded silently, still trying to process all this information he had just heard.

"Well I suppose I shall take my leave. I shall come visit you in a week to see on who you've decided. Until then." Dumbledore finished as he threw the powder into the fire and flamed away. Leaving two distraught Potters.

October 31, 1996

It had been more than a year for the Potter family and much had changed. For starters, they no longer lived in Potter manor but in Potter Cottage which was under fidelus in Godrics Hollow. After much discussion. The Potters along with Sirius Black decided it would be best if they made Peter Pettigrew the secret keeper because no one would suspect him. The biggest change however was the growth of Harry and Arthur Potter. Harry had grown hair which was pitch black in color that clashed magnificently with his emerald green eyes. Arthur on the other hand had brown hair that seemed to be tinted with red which most decided was a mix between his father and mother. His eyes were also a goldish-brown in color and spread his child like warmth to whoever gaze in them.

On this particular Halloween night, James and Lily, who had been cooped up in the house since the fidelus was put on it, decided to go out to dinner.

"Now Peter, remember the boys need to be fed and in bed by no later than 7:30." Lily sternly told the slightly frightened looking Peter."

"Of course Lily. I'll make sure there in bed safe and sound by 7:30 on the dot. You two just go and enjoy a nice night out." Peter responded nervously.

"Come on Lily." James exclaimed. "Peter can handle the kids. Tonight is just you and me." James said while smiling at her. Lily smiled back.

"Well I suppose we should go then" Lily said. "Goodbye Harry, bye Arthur. Mommy will be back soon" she said too the two toddlers giggling on the couch. She smiled at them one last time before grabbing James's hand and finally saying goodbye to Peter before apparating away. As soon as they did, Peter dropped his nervous smile and looked at the twins with a slightly sad look.

"Sorry boys but you're in my master's way for immortality." Peter said solemnly. Both toddlers smiled back at him.

"Unca Wormy, Up, Up!" exclaimed both toddlers, clearly not having a clue what Peter was saying and simply wanted to be picked up. Wormtail sighed. He picked both boys up and took them to their rooms. Once he laid them down in their quiz he put them both to sleep. He then walked outside just past the wards were a being cloaked in black was waiting.

"The Potters have left I presume. Let's get this over with quickly Wormtail, I have other places to be." Voldemort hissed at the frightened rat man.

"Of course my lord. They are upstairs in the nursery waiting. Shall I wait outside?" Wormtail asked in fright.

"Yes. Prepare to leave soon. I won't be long." Voldemort hissed before walking into the house. He climbed the stairs before entering the nursery that house both Potter infants. He walked up to both and started to do what any evil villain would does when they meet their enemy. He started to monologue.

"Well if it isn't the twin Potters at last. I've had quite the time finding your location and figuring out how to kill you. But alas, we are at the end of the road." He stated confidently. At some point in his speech, young little Harry had woken up and stood in his crib to look at the funny looking man who seemed to like to talk more than his brother. Voldemort took notice of this.

"Ah has one of you woken to face me. How delightful. I was like to see the light fade from my 'enemies' eyes before they depart from this world." Said Voldemort with a hint of pleasure.

He pulled out his wand as Harry still looked on curiously and said the dreaded killing curse. "Avada Kedavra." He whispered. As the spell raced to Harry a magical barrier of pure white erected in front of him rebounding the spell and causing it to shoot back at the surprised dark lord. Before he could even make a noise of surprise, the spell hit him causing him to explode in what appeared to be a dark cloud. As that cloud spread, a piece seemed to latch onto the still sleeping form of Arthurs head and form a scar in the shape of a lightning bolt. As soon as the smoke disappeared, Wormtail came running in. He looked at both twins who were asleep again and his master's robes on the floor next to his master's wand. He also heard the familiar pop outside that signaled some just apparated to the property, likely feeling the magical disturbance in the wards. He quickly picked up the wand and was about to pop away before Dumbledore came in and yelled, "Stupefy."

Pettigrew was knocked out and Dumbledore assessed the rest of the situation. He looked at both twins and saw the scar on Arthurs head. He immediately knew that this boy was the child of prophecy. He heard more pops but relaxed when he heard Lily and James's voice calling up the stairs. When they ran into the nursery the immediately checked to see if their children were alright after seeing that there was no immediate threat. After checking over both of them the looked at Dumbledore.

"Dumbledore what's going on? What was the magical disturbance in the wards just now?" James yelled barely concealing his panic.

"It appears with Peters help, Voldemort was able to get into the house and attack your children." Dumbledore said as he gestured to the knocked out Peter. He then stroked his long white beard.

"It would also seem that Voldemort's attack failed due to young Arthur here." Said Dumbledore as he gently picked up Arthur and showed the scar on his forehead to his parents. Lily gasped.

"Is that…." She trailed off waiting for Dumbledore to confirm her thought process.

"I'm afraid it is the mark of his equal. I present to you Arthur the Boy-Who-Lived" Dumbledore said.

Meanwhile, Harry remained forgotten in his crib and would remain forgotten for a long time after this.

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