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Harry's POV:

Harry looked at the ship with a critical eye. It actually looked very slow and cumbersome to him. It also didn't look very aerodynamic. It looked like some sort of twisted metal log that was on its side rotating very slowly. Thanos wasn't even trying to hide where he was. He was right in the damn middle of the thing in probably the same throne room he was always in. Harry looked around and was also slightly concerned about the other ships surrounding it that were all similar in size. He couldn't sense Natasha at all. Thanos must have concealed her presence with magic somehow. Harry knew Thanos couldn't do it himself but he did have servants that were practiced in more precise and obscure magic. He wasn't concerned about them though. He could sense them and they didn't have much magic compared to him.

He debated if he should even try to utilize subtly. He was ninety percent sure that Thanos knew he was out here right now on his way. He also knew that the chances of him leaving again without fighting Thanos was already close to zero. Thanos thought he would trap him here with the thing he loved most in the world. Harry smirked to himself at the very thought. He had a few tricks of his own. He would make Thanos regret ever trying to lay a hand on his family.

Harry slammed the controls forward and headed full speed at Thanos's flagship. He heard his radio light up as an alien language filled his ears. He guessed it would have something to do with him landing in a designated spot. He didn't listen, he had his own spot he had personally designated to land. The radio chatter soon started to turn into a panic as he didn't slow down his approach or reangle to space craft. He closed in at an impossibly fast pace. He briefly checked the ward scheme he had set up all over the cockpit while he waited for his ship to finally come upon the fleet. He got closer and closer to the hull and he almost felt a sense of déjà vu right before he collided into the ship. He wasn't quite sure what happened after that but there was a lot spinning and smashing before he finally came to a stop. He groaned before collapsing the ward scheme that had reinforced the cockpit so he wouldn't die inside. Even with the cushioning charms, that was far from being called a nice landing. He blew open a wall on what once could have been called a spacecraft. He walked out of it holding his back from the slight pain.

"An impressive entrance to be sure. I've seen better but impressive nonetheless." Harry looked up and stared at the purple shit stain who kidnapped his girlfriend.

"Thanos I presume…. You're even bigger than I thought you were and I already thought you were big. That's a nice armor set to. It come in smaller more reasonable sizes?" Harry rhetorically asked as he stared at the alien. Thanos smirked.

"It takes courage for a man to laugh at death. I can respect that if nothing else. I knew you would come." Thanos said as he stood from his throne. If possible, he looked even bigger.

"Yeah? Well I knew that you knew that I would come so that places me one step ahead of you already and we haven't even exchanged a blow yet." Harry told him. Thanos smiled and if Harry was honest, it was probably the most sinister thing he had ever seen and he had met a demon before.

"Perhaps you're right. Do you know why I wanted you here then?" He asked as he walked over to a wall and pressed a hidden button. Inside was a golden glove. There were several slots that were on it but only one had something in it. An orange gem. Harry's eyes widened for a moment. It was so contained yet he could feel the power. An infinity stone.

"I do…Lets just get this under way so I can save the girl and look like a hero." Harry said though he was no longer feeling so prepared. He had a horrible feeling overcome him at the sight of the gauntlet but he was already here and there being nothing to do. Thanos was right to steal Natasha from him to keep him here. A simple yet effective strategy. It was a damn shame he couldn't sense her now. He wanted to whisk her away and leave so he could warn and better prepare his friends.

"I can smell your fear boy. You are right to be afraid." Thanos said as he strode closer to Harry.

"Afraid, am I? I wouldn't know. I haven't had much experience with the emotion in so long. You know what they say about your fears though. You have to confront them otherwise you risk letting them take control of you. Speaking of…." Harry said no more as he immediately cast what looked like a green acidic mist at Thanos. Thanos held out the gauntlet as a gold wave erupted from it knocking the green mist back at Harry who hastily brought up a shield.

"Hm. A gallant effort but now it's my turn." Thanos said with that creepy, evil, smile of his. Harry tensed but looked on in surprise as the purple giant charged him. He was extremely fast for his size to. Harry waited till he got close before dodging out of the way. The fist missed him but he seemed to smashed into anyways by some invisible force. He was sent flying backwards and skipped across the ground like a stone on a pond until he came to a stop. He immediately focused overtime to start healing his chest which he could feel had a few broken ribs. He hadn't seen the force coming nor had hu yge sensed it which meant that Thanos would have had to bring it up during the very last second to hit him. What's worse, Harry had a feeling that his fist would have done a lot more damage and he was stronger than the average human.

He charged magic through his broken bones and forced them to knit back together. He would only force it to go this fast during combat because it was a lot more painful than giving it some more time. Sadly, Thanos was already approaching.

"Heh is this it boy? If that's all you can do then I had nothing to worry about in the first place." Thanos said as took his time approaching. Harry didn't rise to the bait and didn't move a single muscle as he waited for the ribs to finish. It took only a moment more and immediately Harry sprang into action. This time, he didn't aim for Thanos himself he threw out an exploding charm all over the room. The floors, the roof, the wall. Anything in his immediate vicinity got blown to bits and the whole room shook because of it. He then cast a mass area levitation charm. Thanos looked on with a raised eyebrow before he once again charged Harry. Harry glared and summoned all the broken pieces and shrapnel to him. He cast a curse on the shrapnel and watched them glow a harsh purple that was even darker than Thanos's skin. He then banished all the now glowing shrapnel at Thanos. Thanos conjured a shield once more with his gauntlet and watched as the shrapnel collided with the shield.

Thanos had to stop charging at him as when the shrapnel collided with the shield, it would explode into a bubbling purple goo due to the curse he had added. Sadly, for Thanos, the goo covered his shield and obstructed his line of sight forcing him to stop. The more shrapnel that hit Thanos's the more he had to fully surround himself and cover even more of his body with the shield until it looked like he was surrounded in a bubble of purple ooze. Harry didn't give him a chance to recover. He focused for a moment before casting a pure white spell at Thanos, the same spell that Sammy had cast at him when they had their first spar. The one spell he could not block, and hoping Thanos couldn't block it either. He watched as the spell ghosted through the bubble and a second later he heard a scream of rage. As soon as he heard it, the shield surrounding Thanos collapsed causing most of the purple ooze to fall on him making him scream even louder. That ooze sunk into one's skin and stimulated the pain receptors. It was used more for distraction. Not quite as bad as a crucio which literally pushed the receptors and nerves to their very limits but still up there.

Harry started casting curses at the giant to try and bring him down before he could respond and quite a few hits to. He was quick to notice that even where his armor wasn't covering him, his skin still could buff quite a few of the less powerful spells. It was almost like his skin acted as some sort of partial magical resistant hide. He tried to conjure a dragon made of black hellfire and send it at Thanos. Because of its size, Harry couldn't see Thanos on the other side which meant he couldn't see the Titan smash head first into the dragon and come out the other side directly at him. Harry reacted quickly despite his surprise at seeing one of his most effective attacks plowed through. He dodged to the side yet Thanos seemed to predict it this time as he snatched his hand out and caught him. Harry didn't have time to think as he was quickly thrown into a wall. He almost screamed as he felt probably fifty percent of his bones break or crack. He smashed heavily into the floor and barely had time to weakly throw up a shield as Thanos's foot came crashing down trying to crush his skull. The shield held though it did buckle under the weight and force. It almost felt like going up against Banner when he lost it on the helicarrier.

"You only forestall the inevitable. I will rip the meat form your bones for what you have done!" Thanos yelled down at him as he temporarily stopped smashing his foot down on him. Harry weakly smiled and felt blood leak from his mouth.

"Yeah I bet you would. I guess that's my cue to leave." Harry said. Thanos grinned down at him.

"An obvious bluff. You know if you leave then I will kill the woman you are so fond of. You cannot leave or she dies. Drop the shield and I may end this quickly." Thanos taunted it. Harry smirked up at his captor.

"So sure about that, are you?"

Tony's POV:

Tony was feeling a little upset. His best friend was about to face off against a galactic warlord and here he was trying to pick up the assholes mail. Harry had called him midflight and reminded him he would need to take a plane as he wouldn't be able to carry the package by hand so now he was taking even more time. Tony had even thinking about ignoring him and going out to aid the now under attack world but Harry had stressed the importance of this particular package so he had decided to listen despite his better judgement.

"Stark. GET YOUR ASS TO NEW YORK NOW!" Fury yelled from the plane's intercom. He grimaced in annoyance.

"I need to get this package then I'll be right there." Tony said trying to placate the man.

"GET HERE NOW! HUNDREDS, POSSIBLY THOUSANDS, OF FIGHTERS ARE COMING DOWN FROM THE SHIPS AND ARE TARGETTING MOST MAJOR CITIES AGAIN." Fury yelled. Tony winced in sympathy. He didn't want people to die because he hadn't been there to help but on the other hand, Harry wouldn't have told him to come here if it wasn't important and he trusted him.

"The defenses we have in place will take care of the first few waves and I'll be there by then. I'm almost there so I will be on my way soon." Tony said as the island he had been looking for had finally come into view.

"JUST GET HERE!" Fury yelled before closing the line. Tony breathed a sigh of relief. He engaged the landing gear and hovered down to carefully land on the sandy beach which the ship did not seem to like much. He quickly unclipped his seat belts and rushed to exit the plane. As soon as he was down the ramp though, he froze. He blinked once and then blinked again.


"I'm only going to ask this once. WHERE. IS. HE?" The angry voice emitting from her mouth confirmed what his eyes were telling him.


Harry's POV:

"So, sure about that, are you?" Thanos just looked at him with suspicion. Harry just continued to smile at his confusion.

"I'm not honestly arrogant enough to think I could just charge at you and wing it. I needed to find out any weaknesses you had even if it meant putting myself in harm's way. I also knew that you were going to try and force me into combat with you. Knowing you would need to have a way to keep me here…well, its wasn't hard to guess some of the ideas you had to keep me here. My goal here wasn't to come in and beat you while rescuing the girl. I just wanted to cripple you is all." Harry said as his shield collapsed. He couldn't see much but he could see Thanos immediately try and take advantage of his moment of weakness and tried to crush him. As soon as his foot was in the air, the entire violently shook and tilted steeply to the left forcing Thanos to fall back away from Harry. The wall closets to Harry exploded open and two figures stepped through. One was a giant black snake with glowing eyes while the other was another familiar face, the god of Thunder himself looking only slightly worse for wear. Harry was surprised to see Thor but quickly concluded that he must have been a prisoner on board which was probably why he hadn't come to aid them early. Thor immediately engaged Thanos with his hammer and the room lit up with flashes of lightning. The snake came to him before transforming halfway to him into a beautiful brunette woman.

"Jesus, you look bad." Sammy said as she carefully started to put glowing hands on his body and started roaming. Harry chuckled a little before stopping abruptly from the sharp pain of a broken rib digging into what he assumed was his lung.

"He is even more powerful then I could have possibly predicted. He is in possession of an infinity stone. It has a presence of the dead on it. I could only hit him once and it was because I used a spell he couldn't block. Even then, I'm not even sure if it actually injured him rather than causing him pain. Also has monstrous strength and speed. Did anyone suspect you when they brought you on board?" Harry asked trying to ignore the pain of her mending all his injuries.

"None." She said back.

"Thor was on board?" Harry asked for confirmation.

"It seemed he had found out that Thanos was moving ahead of schedule somehow and tried to step in to slow him down to give us more time to prepare. He managed to for a few days before being overwhelmed by Thanos himself. He has been a prisoner ever since." Sammy told him. Harry's eyes flickered to the god of Thunder who was fiercely engaged with Thanos. He didn't seem to be doing any better than Harry himself as Thanos seemed to not be breaking a sweat.

"You're healed enough to be moved. Let's go" Sammy said as she picked him up bridal style not giving him time to answer. "Thor!"

"Go and do what we planned." Thor bellowed back as he didn't stop from engaging Thanos or diverting his attention. The next thing Harry knew, Sammy was running through the hole she made in the room and running down corridors. He idly noticed that there were A LOT of dead bodies on the route Sammy was taking.

"You took your time." Harry commented.

"I didn't want you to be the only one having fun on this trip. I was curious what Kree tasted like. Hint, like uncooked veal." She said back as they entered a large room he assumed was the hanger thought he couldn't be sure. He still had a lot of blood in his eyes. He got the sense they were now in a smaller area which he assumed was a ship they were going to steal. He was set down in a chair as Sammy started fiddling with the controls.

"How do I work these?" She asked.

"Look into my eyes." Harry mumbled though she heard him as she turned and did what he asked. He dropped his mental shields and mentally gestured for her to enter. He flashed through the memories of him using the controls and watched comprehension enter her eyes. She nodded and he closed their connection.

"Thanks." She said as she booted up the ship. Harry fought to stay awake. That was the hardest he had ever been hit before. He had used quite a bit of magic just to keep himself a live and maintain the shield to protect himself from Thanos's onslaught. He even had to dip into his reserves though luckily not by much. Enough to keep him alive and prevent him from suffering magical exhaustion afterwards. The ship was now out of the hanger and in front of the hole that Harry had put into the throne room when he had come. He wiped his face so he could see better and looked at the lightning he saw coming from the breach that seemed to have been covered in a glowing orange shield to stop the effects of space from coming into the ship. He hadn't thought about that when he smashed through it to be honest. Sammy angled the butt of their ship towards the breach and opened the back hatch. It only took a few moments for their rear camera to show the god of Thunder jump through and directly into the getaway ship Sammy had commandeered. Sammy punched it away and Harry could have sworn he heard an angry roar coming from Thanos's now heavily damaged ship. Thor stumbled his way in a few seconds later.

"A good thing you made it when you did Lady Sammy. He was starting to overwhelm me. Good to see you as well young Wolfe. I am glad to see we made it in time to save you." Thor said with a smile despite his tattered state and various injuries he had.

"Same. Good to see you Thor." Harry said back as loud as he could to the man.

"The worst has only started. Your little girlfriend will be there when we land Harry." Sammy told him seriously. Harry could feel himself turn pale as his blood chilled and came to a stop.

"Turn back around. I think if we pool our resources, we have a real chance against Thanos." Harry pleaded. Thor burst in to loud, rambunctious, laughter.

Harry stared straight at the ceiling of his medical bay and did everything in his power to ignore the burning sensation coming from the glare that Natasha was currently sending him from the chair she was sitting at next to him. It had been twenty-fours since he had come back from his encounter with Thanos basically half dead. It was the only reason she hadn't killed him on the spot. That had not stopped the scathing remarks and promises of pain as soon as they were finished with saving the world.

The world was able to take a breather at the moment. Apparently, while he was fighting Thanos, the Kree had launched a massive attack all over the planet causing trillions in damage as well as countless injuries and deaths. He had not seen how bad it was but he was told it was extremely bad. He was told Moscow had almost been leveled as had London. Harry grimaced at that. Thanos had clearly expected to kill him then get right to the extermination of the planets life. Fury was also in the room.

"What can you tell us about him?" Fury asked in a surprisingly calm tone. It might have to do with all the machines he was hooked up to and pretty much all his body being covered in bandages.

"Powerful in both magic and strength. He also has an infinity stone. I'm not as familiar with them as Thor is so you can ask him which one it was. I couldn't injure him though I was able to cause him pain. Our main problem is that, as a magic user, he also utilizes both magic and his strength at the same time. I can only counter one, the magic. The next problem is the infinity stone. It basically grants him limitless power as well as certain abilities. I get the feeling he was holding back when we fought. We won't have such a luxury again." Harry told the man.

"So, we have a smart Hulk with limitless magical power? Great." Fury said

"What's the world's governments take on all this?" Harry asked.

"They are still behind us though mainly because you're the only one who has managed to damage the ship. They tried to fire nuclear bombs but as soon as they got close they would deactivate somehow and are now just floating around in space. They will need to be retrieved as soon as this is over." Fury said to him.

"Assuming we make it through this, I will lend resources to helping with that. Free of charge of course." Harry told him. There was a silence in the room for a moment.

"Do you have a plan?" Fury asked. Harry thought for a moment. He did have a backup plan. A risky back up plan that could end up killing him but a backup plan nonetheless. He looked over to his girlfriend whose glare had subsided though not by much. He imagined if it had been her instead of him that Thanos tried to crush to death. The very thought caused his eyes to harden.

"Yes, I have a plan. It has some risks but it will be worth it. I need you to do something for me." Harry said to Fury. Fury nodded to indicate that Harry had his attention.

"Find Banner and bring him to me. I'm going to need his help."

Harry and Natasha were sitting alone in the medical room alone once more. They had been sitting in pretty much complete silence since Fury had left and that was three hours ago. Harry wasn't completely healed but he was well enough to fight. It was just the finishing touches his body was going through now.

"I'm sorry. I didn't wish to snub you in any way or imply that I thought you would be unable to take care of yourself. Had it been anyone else I wouldn't have done what I did." Harry said breaking the silence. She didn't respond for a moment as she seemed to regard him carefully.

"You wanted to take advantage of a situation, I can understand that." She said finally. Harry shook his head.

"No! I did what I did because I had reason to think he would specifically target you and I wanted to keep you safe. Whether I could use that advantage or not, I still was planning to do that. It was only a happy coincidence that it also worked to my advantage." Harry said to her. She scowled at his words.

"Wait, before you say anything, let me finish. I want you to know that I only did what I did because…. because I can't stand the thought of someone harming you, especially to get to me. I felt like it was my fault you were in danger in the first place and that I should take steps to change that. In my panic, I disregarded your opinion on my idea and forced you to take part in it. Whether you would have agreed or not does not change that I never even gave you a choice. A relationship can't work like that with one person deciding for the other. I want you to know how sorry I am and that I will never do that again. Can you ever forgive me?" Harry asked as he reached out to hold her hand hoping to God she wouldn't pull away. She didn't, rather she seemed to apply some pressure to it to send her assurances to him.

"I forgive you. A far as wronging me goes, trying to irrationally protect me isn't the worse thing I've experienced or close to it." She said to him with a smile.

"It doesn't matter. As your husband, I shouldn't have done anything that hurts you. I should be supporting you in all your endeavors….Or at least the ones that don't include you leaving me for more handsome men." Harry said as jokingly as he could. She just chuckled.

"Except you're not my husband." She pointed it. Harry scowled.

"I guess you're right. Let's fix that." He said as he stood up. He could see her starting to panic as he stood.

"Harry what are-" she tried to move to help him, out of concern most likely over the fact that this was the first time he had stood since he got here. She was smart though so she immediately shut her mouth and eyes shot wide open as he got down on one knee. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a small velvet felt box which he actually summoned from the Cove. He opened it and looked at her.

"Natalia Alianovna Romanova, will you be my wife for the rest of eternity?" Harry asked her with a small smile. He hoped she answered soon as the ground wasn't exactly comfortable. She just stared at him for with a shocked look frozen on her face. Harry felt pride that he was the only one that could surprise her like this.

"…How did you find out my real name?" she asked after a moment with curiosity tinging her voice. Harry just rolled his eyes. Of course, that's what she would be worried about.

"If I'm planning to marry you, I would like to think that I know more about you than anyone in the world and vice versa. Now, please answer soon. This floor isn't comfortable." He told her. She stared down at him and he watched her eyes flicker down to the ring and back to him.

"Are…are you sure you want to do this. I'm not exactly going to be your typical housewife. I won't just sit home and cleaning and popping out kids you know." She told him. He stood and gently put his forehead against hers.

"Believe me, I know exactly who I want to marry and that is you. I want no one else. No, I need no one else." Harry told her. "So?"

"You idiot. Of course, I'll marry you." She said as she slid on the beautiful black ring and jumped him. She pressed her lips against his and he returned eagerly. Just thinking of that fact that she was wearing the ring and agreed was putting him in a semi euphoric state. He turned and laid her down onto his bed.

"You…. know…camera's…in….here?" she said trying to warn him, as he explore every inch of her mouth and lips.

"Don't…. care." Harry responded before throwing off his shirt. He still had a few scars on his chest though he doubted she would care. She quickly ran her hands up and down his torso trying to feel every inch of him. He pulled away slightly with every ounce of will he had.

"Wait wait wait. I don't know if we have the time to do this right now." He tried to tell her. His answer came in the form of her grabbing him on both sides of his skull and yanking him down back to her hard and glaring up at him.

"We. Have. Time!" she growled at him. He felt electricity shoot down his spine.

"Yes dear!"

No one in the helicarrier could get into that room for the next four hours.

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