Harry's POV

Unknown Hospital

Harry's crusted eyes opened after what felt like an eternity. He was immediately forced to close them again as the light that was over him proved to be much too strong for his eyes. He waited for a few minutes for his eyes to get use to the light beating against his eyelids before trying to open them again. He blinked to get the crust out of his eyes before taking in where he was. It was a hospital room, clearly not one he had ever seen before meaning the hospital was probably privately owned. It was most likely owned by Shield or Tony. His eyes locked in on a couch where he saw his fiancée sleeping with a blanket over her. He didn't say anything to wake her as she had deep bags under her eyes meaning this was most likely the first time she had slept in a while. Since she was still asleep, He looked over himself.

Almost his entire body was covered in bandages. There were multiple tubes going into all parts of his body which were now uncomfortable now that he had noticed them. He frowned down at his body. There should be no need for him to be covered in bandages and stuck with a bunch of needles. He had not been that injured from facing Thanos. He moved his arm slightly and immediately winced. His arm felt like it was on fire the moment he had tried to move it. This caused him to frown even more. Why was his arm, and most likely his entire body, in so much pain? He racked his memories of what happened after his fight. He remembered the Kree coming down to kill him. He remembered them leaving and then passing out. He remembered nothing after that, just darkness with flashes of red.

"Finally decided to return to the world of the living eh?" Harry immediately turned to his right where he saw Tony who must have entered the room quietly while he was thinking. He was dressed in a three-piece suit and looked like he had a fresh haircut. He still had some signs of combat but not recent combat. Harry must have been asleep longer than he had originally thought.

"How long have I been out?" Harry asked.

"Three weeks. Gave everyone quite the scare." Tony told him confirming his suspicions. Harry's eyes narrowed.

"What happened when I went to sleep?" Harry asked.

"Well we were hoping you could tell us. We picked you up from that beach and discovered you had an infinity stone which Thor could have sworn he had taken to Asgard as well as another one that seemed to be leeching the life from you. The Reality stone seemed to fight the yellow one's control over you and nothing we could do could stop either of them. Every time someone tried to take them from you, the stones would cause them harm." Tony explained quietly. Harry sensed that the story wasn't over and gestured with his head for Tony to continue.

"After that, you died for a while. We of course immediately moved into assist but your body burst into black flames. Your body looked like it was dissolving from it almost like you were made of dust. Eventually the Reality stone seemed to pulse and disperse the flames. Thor mentioned how odd it was that the stone seemed to be protecting you." Tony said while clearly gauging his reaction. Harry betrayed nothing of his thoughts. In truth, he did not find it as odd that the stone would protect him as it was semi-sentient. The odder question would be why it chose to protect him. Another question was why his flames turned against him. He had full control over them and couldn't imagine them being used to harm him. The only thing he could possibly think of….no, that would be impossible.

"After that everything trying to kill you receded and we worked on healing you. It seemed the fire had actually burned your body and we had to wait quite a while for your body to heal itself to the point that we could put a needle in something besides charred flesh." Tony finished. Harry nodded. He had a lot to think about.

"Where's the stone?" Harry asked.

"I don't know, we couldn't get it away from you so you must have it somewhere on you." Tony said to him. Harry looked down at himself. He had a feeling he could just summon it so he concentrated for a split second before the stone appeared floating in front of him. Tony said nothing but he did look at the stone with interest. He stared at him and reached out to the stone with magic. The stone immediately responded to it and latched onto it possessively. It did not try to take control of him like it had used to but almost seemed to absorb some of his magical presence into it. Harry was puzzled by the action. Almost all infinity stones had unlimited power, what would it need his magic for? He cut off the flow and observed the stone. It almost seemed disgruntled by his action but didn't do anything about the flow cut off.

"Strange." Was all Harry said. "So, what were the casualties like?"

"Bad. Biggest global attack ever recorded. Hundreds of thousands of dead with close to six million injured. All of that in a week. It's a mess out there. Officially, no one except Shield knows the reason they came here and that's only the top personnel. Fury has been waiting for you to wake up before he makes a statement." Tony said. Harry sighed in annoyance.

"A hostile galactic force attacked Earth for the sole purpose of conquering and enslaving it's population. Through the help of the world governments and Shield's Avengers, we dealt a huge blow and scared them back home." Harry suggested. Tony shrugged.

"It's not my problem for once. So…whats next for you?…Assuming the governments don't try and pin this all on you and send you to jail."

"I'd like to see them try. Even in this state I could destroy this entire hospital in the blink of an eye." Harry scoffed.

"I hear you but maybe don't advertise that fact to other people." Tony said with a smirk.

"Magicals, do anything?" Harry asked suddenly.

"Officially no. Unofficially they've healed thousands of people ad helped subtlely repair many cities as quick as believably possible." Tony said. Harry nodded in satisfaction at that.

"Well…I guess I'll go back to work when I get better." Harry said.

"You absolutely will not." Harry looked over towards the direction of the voice and saw Natasha getting up from the couch, now fully awake. He smiled as his emerald met her green.

"Hey Nat."

"Don't hey Nat me. I'd punch you in the jaw if you weren't so fragile right now." She threatened and added a glare for good measure. Harry sunk in a little to the bed trying to get away from her burning stare.

"I didn't try to burn myself out of existence. In fact, I would have purposefully tried to avoid it if I could but I couldn't so there you go." Harry said in a way to try and pacify his future wife's anger. It didn't seem to work that well.

"You are not going back to work…at least not until we have the wedding." She stated. Harry looked at her in surprise.

"You want to do it that soon?"

"I do. Given your penchant for almost dying recently, I would like to make sure I'm Mrs. Wolfe before it's too late." She said in a lighter matter. Harry smirked. She leaned down and placed a soft kiss on his lips, at least he imagined it was soft. He couldn't quite tell because his face was in a great level of pain from the slight pressure.

"AH. Okay that's enough of that. I can't hold it anymore. God that hurt so much. We'll have to try that again tomorrow when I focus more on healing my face." Harry yelled out in pain. Natasha started laughing loudly at that. While Tony was smirking in amusement. It didn't last long as someone else entered his room.

"Wolfe. You're looking better." Fury said as he entered the room in his typical trench coat, looking back at full health.

"Fury, you're looking better than the last time I saw you. I assume you're here for official business?" Harry questioned though he already knew the answer.

"I am. I could say that I honestly would rather let you heal a little more beforehand before having this conversation but we don't have much of a choice." Fury told him. Harry actually believed he was being totally honest for one.

"Alright lay it on me." Harry said.

"The U.N. is currently questioning why this alien race came out and attacked us for no apparent reason. They are convinced Shield knows why and want an official statement from us. How do you want us to play this out?" Fury asked. Harry thought about it.

"Reveal information about the Infinity Stones. Tell them they use to be on Earth but Thor took them to Asgard so they would no longer be a threat and lure enemies here. The Kree didn't get the message and attacked us to get the stones and enslave us under an unnamed tyrant. They failed and we successfully repelled them." Harry said seriously.

"Speaking of this tyrant, any idea why no one can remember anything specific about them?" Fury asked though it sounded more like an accusation.

"None, we can focus on that later. Do you have what you need?" Harry asked. Fury looked at him then thought for a moment.

"I suppose I can spin such a tale. I will inform the necessary people. A word of warning, the U.N might call on you about your actions to try and poke holes in your story." Fury said.

"The U.N can go fuck themselves. I pretty much saved the entire planet so as of now, they can go ahead and consider me untouchable." Harry told Fury though there was no true heat in his words. Fury almost looked amused by his words for once.

"Very well. I suppose I'll leave you to recover. Shield will be in touch." Fury said before getting up and sweeping out of the room. Harry's eyes followed him until he watched the man leave.

"So…the wedding?" Harry said as he looked at Natasha.

She smirked back.

3 months later

Wolfe Cove

Harry looked at himself in the mirror and smoothed his suit once more nervously. He was in his bedroom with the wedding to take place any minute now. He was just waiting for Tony to come get him. He took a deep breath as once more looked over his classic, black tuxedo. He had no idea what brand it was, all he knew was that it wasn't bulletproof and Tony had picked it out for him. Harry just continued to fidget in place. He was so busy fidgeting that he didn't notice the sky turn a pale grey in color. He didn't notice that he could no longer here noises outside. He did, however, notice the bird that was frozen midflight outside his window. Then he noticed the pale grey sky and chill that had settled in the air. He tensed and prepared to go look for Natasha.

"Well, this looks like a lovely affair. You must be very happy."

Harry spun around and stared at the back of a man in his room. Someone he had never seen before was in his room and appeared to be making himself a drink on his dresser with alcohol he was sure he did not actually own. He calmed himself and took in this man's appearance. He was young, probably only a decade older than him at most. He had pitch white hair with little flakes of black that looked like ash stuck in his hair. He was wearing a white hoodie that was lined with pitch black fur that looked like it was clinging comfortably to him. He also had black pants and white sneakers to top off the look. Harry was sensing a pattern with this man. The man finished pouring his drink and turned around at him with a smile. Harry's heart stopped. The man had sharp fangs poking out of his mouth and extremely sharp, black, slightly curved horns poking out of the top of his head.

"Cat got your tongue Harry Potter or Wolfe as you prefer." The man mocked. Harry had his brain reboot before raising his hand and shot red mist in front of him. He watched in horror as it dissolved as soon as it got within three feet of the demon. He started throwing curses of all kinds and watched as the same thing happened. The man just leaned against the dresser with his drink, an amused smirk on his face. Harry stopped, seeing that his attempts were fruitless.

"What do you want?" He finally questioned threw grit teeth.

"Not much. I just thought I'd come and introduce myself. My name is Astaroth, nice to meet you. I already know who you are. Can you guess why I am here?" The now named Astaroth asked.

"I'd assume to kill me." Harry said as he prepared to fight his way out of this situation. Astaroth just threw his head back and laughed. There was no trace of any evil in it but the chilling of the room that accompanied it suggested otherwise.

"Oh heavens no. I'm just here to introduce myself and state my intentions as it were. You see, you did something very very naughty. A human came into our home and killed one of our generals. Granted, he was an idiot and arrogant beyond measure but it can't be thought that we have become so weak that we are no longer a threat… So, to be blunt, we're going to kill your whole race as a reminder of our strength. I guess you could call this a declaration of war. I mean, it's going to be more of us slaughtering you mercilessly but you get the point." Astaroth said as he turned and poured himself another glass. Harry almost felt frozen as he watched the demon.

"You were the one who tried to kill me with my own fire." Harry said. He phrased it as a question but said it as a statement.

"I believe you mean our fire. Don't forget where you got such an ability. And no, I'm not the one who tried that though I'm sure I could figure it out if I truly wanted. You have made quite a few enemies among my people after all." Astaroth said with a smile as if the whole situation amused him.

"Why are you telling me this?" Harry asked as calmly as he could.

"Isn't it obvious? I want you to prepare. I want you to do everything you can to try and stop us so when I do kill you, it'll be that much more satisfying. Also, I've been incredibly bored for these past centuries and I want to drag this out as long as possible. Ruling is such a boring venture, I can see why dear old Lucy chose to abandon it after a millennium. Anyway, I've said what I needed to say. I will leave you to your ceremony. You look very handsome by the way." Astaroth said as his eyes roamed Harry's form. Harry had to fight to not raise an eyebrow at the demon, wondering if he was just trying to make him more uncomfortable. Just as quick as he was there, the demon was gone. Harry looked outside and watched the sky turn back to blue and the bird that was frozen fly off on its way as if nothing happened.

"Harry it's ti-…are you okay? You look as pale as ghost. You're not nervous, are you? I mean your only promising yourself to one woman for the rest of your life so no biggie." Tony said with a smirk. Harry took a deep breath before giving his own smirk.

"I'm fine thanks for asking. Everything ready then?" Harry asked the man. Tony nodded.

"Just waiting on you and Red. You know, it's still not too late to back out. We leave now and we can be in Paris in a few hours. Have a real party." Tony said in jest. Harry just shook his head in amusement.

"And then have Nat hunt me down and kill me? I think I'd rather just get married to her." Harry said as he continued to stall to calm his raging heartbeat. He thought about what he just saw and who had just been here.

"After this is over…we'll need to talk. As in everyone, not just you and me." Harry said seriously. Tony looked surprised by the change of subject but nodded in acceptance after a second.

"Sure, but don't focus on work right now. Focus on the beautiful red head you're about to tie yourself to forever.

Yeah. Forever

Harry looked from his spot at the front of the beach to the back when he heard the music start to play as it announced the arrival of the bride. Harry didn't have to act star struck as he looked at Natasha because she was truly breath-taking. She wore a white standard colored dress that was actually rather conservative as it showed no cleavage or any of her back. It went to her neck and was sleeveless. Harry knew why she picked such a dress. She was so often viewed as sexual object as part of her job that on her wedding day, she just wanted to be viewed as herself. It didn't subtract at all from her beauty in his eyes. He saw Barton walking her down the aisle looking like he was about to cry. He had to look away to avoid laughing sat the man. It wasn't long before the reached him and Barton let Natasha go so she could stand next to him. He smiled at her and she smiled back before they looked at Thor who was acting as their minister. Thor was beaming before starting up.

"Dearly beloved we are…" Harry let him drone on as he looked at Natasha in the eyes. He saw happiness radiating from her eyes and he was sure that he was radiating the same to her. He pushed out all negative thoughts from his mind. Now wasn't the time to worry about whatever the next threat they needed to face was, now was a time to for happiness.

"…Do we have the rings?" Thor asked. Tony stepped up and handed them to them. Harry smiled at his best man before taking out the rings and placing the beautiful obsidian ring on her finger. She put a matching one on his as they smiled.

"….I know pronounce you husband and wife. You may now kis-…"

Harry didn't hear what was next as he wrapped his arms around her waist and felt her wrap her hands on his neck. He brought her in and felt her lips smash into his matching him for passion. Harry felt like time was frozen again except this time he was hoping it would never end. Harry felt a feeling bubble in his chest as he kissed his wife. A feeling he was not use to feeling ever.

Harry was content.

And there you have it. The end of Blood Stained. Thank you all for reading my very first creation on this site until its completion. I know many of you will have questions about the sequel. I make no promises to the sequel, I just wanted to leave it open in case I wished to return to this world. If any would like to pic up the sequel just let me know and we can see if something can be arranged. I also know some of you wished to have this story continue but I didn't want this story to go on forever. I wanted it to to have an end so I didn't just leave you guys waiting for something that may or may not come. Once again I hope you enjoyed the story. I may come back to fix all the errors yet and I thank those who put up with them. If you wish to read more of my works, feel free to check out some of my other stories. Until, probably not, next time. Peace!