DISCLAIMER: I do not own Digimon, though this story does include some fan made Digimon. Digimon was created by Akiyoshi Hongo, Toei Animation, and Bandai.

Satoshi Sakamoto sighed as he leaned back in his chair in the classroom, his black and orange goggles hanging from his neck. Attendance was being called, and he could hardly recognize a single name. It wouldn't be so irritating to him being in a class full of people he didn't know, though…if this wasn't what felt like the thousandth time it'd happened to him, that is.

For as long as he could remember, Satoshi was passed back and forth between his parents: His mother, who lived here in Japan, and his father, who lived in Canada. Even though he'd been told they used to be the stereotypical 'big happy family', he honestly couldn't remember it at all. He only knew being passed back and forth by two parents that claimed to love him but seemed more interested in making his life a living-

"Hello?!" he heard someone shout, breaking his train of thought.

Satoshi groaned as he looked forward at the source of the voice: Yuji Yamaguchi. The only reason he knew his name was because he was the resident jerk and suck-up to the teacher, plus his trademark blue beret. "Miss Mamiya was calling your name over and over! Get your head out of the clouds, man!"

Satoshi growled, but chose not to do anything, knowing it's what Yuji wanted. He was pleased to hear the person sitting behind him say "It's okay. Guys like him get theirs eventually." He looked back at the girl sitting behind him: A Chinese girl in glasses named Neilina. Again, he only knew her name for a single reason, but in this case, it's because she was in the same boat as him: Parents split, and having to move back and forth between her two parents. However, despite this similar upbringing, he didn't make lengthy conversation with her. Nothing personal against her, mind you, he just liked to keep to himself.

Class went by pretty much the same as usual: They went over a lesson that Satoshi honestly could care less about until they went to Creative Writing. That's where he excelled. Much as he hated to agree with Yuji on something, his head was in the clouds a lot, but that's where he liked to be. He liked to dream of far off worlds and fantastic adventures. Sadly, that class was never long enough for him, and soon found himself heading to recess.

"Hey…Satoshi, right?" He heard Neilina call for him as he walked out into the hall.

"…Yeah." he replied, turning to face her. "What can I do for you?"

"Actually, I was hoping I could do something for you." Neilina explained. "I don't mean to be nosy, but…I saw some of your writing. You'd really like to have an adventure, wouldn't you?"

Satoshi's eyes narrowed a little suspiciously. "…So? What, you're gonna start picking on me for that too?"

Neilina quickly shook her head. "No, not at all! I was just going to say…I think that really suits you, Satoshi. You're very creative, thoughtful…You're not like the other boys in our class, least of all that jerk Yuji."

"…O-Oh…" Satoshi mumbled, turning away slightly as he felt his face heat up. "Well…Thanks, I guess…Is that all?"

Neilina walked up to him. Very slyly, she placed her hand over his and Satoshi could feel her place something in his palm. As she walked past, he could hear her whisper something to him, just before she took off down the hall. Opening his hand, he saw the object she put in his hand: A small gray virtual pet with an egg on the screen. He could only look confused at it as he thought about her words.

"Enjoy your adventure."

Elsewhere, stomping his way through a large, molten area was a giant orange and black dinosaur wearing a dark brown helmet with three horns and a large metal spike at the end of his tail. He growled as he saw a green dragon with a spiked ball at the end of his tail, red spines lining his back, red talons coming out of his paws, and two massive claws coming from his back. The dragon stared a hole through him, growling menacingly.

"You should have left while you had the chance, Greymon!" the green dragon shouted. "You may have been the ruler of this sector once, but now I, Groundramon, am the mightiest of all! Hand over the DigiMemory, and with it, the title of King of Dragon's Domain!"

Greymon grinned. "…Still have so much to learn…BRING IT ON!"

With that, the two beasts charged each other hard and fast, clashing skulls first. The growled as they pushed on each other, Groundramon gaining the advantage as he began to push Greymon back. Groundramon began to laugh as Greymon tried to dig his talons into the molten earth.

"Give it up, ex-King!" Groundramon shouted. "I'm far stronger than you!"

"A strong ruler never surrenders…" Greymon muttered, grinning suddenly. "…when he has no reason to!"

Ducking down, Greymon let Groundramon flip over him. He then raised his jaws up, taking a bite out of one of Groundramon's massive arms, watching as small data bits flew off where a part of his arm once was. Groundramon howled as he rolled across the ground, finally landing on all fours.

"Clever…" Groundramon groaned. "…But not clever enough! Megaton Hammer Crush!"

Greymon had no time to react as suddenly Groundramon swung his tail forward, catching Greymon in the gut. He let out a horrid moan as he fell to the ground, the wind forcefully pounded from his lungs.

"Giga Crack!" Groundramon shouted, slamming the ground with his entire body and causing a tremor to open up the earth under Greymon. Unable to stop himself, Greymon fell through the ground and into the molten pit below. Groundramon held his head high and laughed.

"I did it! I won!" he called out. "I AM THE KING!"

Suddenly, lava burst out from the earth, splashing onto the ground as a flash of light shot out from the crack made by Groundramon. A golden-orange glowing emblem appeared in the erupting lava, resembling the outline of a dragon, just as a loud booming voice declared, "Greymon Digivolve to…MegaloGreymon!" With that, Greymon emerged from the lava, landing feet first on the ground with a loud thud, but he'd clearly changed. He'd grown much larger, with new golden cybernetic armour across his chest, legs, and tail. His helmet was now replaced with a gold plated one with new red hair protruding out from the back, and the spike at the end was replaced with trident-like spikes.

"I-It can't be!" Groundramon yelled in defiance. "I am the only Ultimate here!"

"Guess again!" MegaloGreymon shouted back, his chest armour opening to reveal a large fold-out Gatling gun of sorts, only filled with rockets instead of bullets. "Gatling Destroyer!"

The missiles fired out from MegaloGreymon's chest and impacted Groundramon hard, sending out a huge shockwave that blasted apart the torn up and molten earth around them. A gigantic flash of light blinded the two as it enveloped the entire area, swallowing it whole.

Satoshi sighed hard as he flopped on his bed, glad school was done so he could just relax in his room. His mom was out getting groceries, so he could be by himself for a little while…A real shame, then, that he was bored out of his mind.

Thinking back to earlier, Satoshi reached into his pocket and got out his v-pet. It was still an egg, and based on what he'd heard during lunch from some people that had them, it should stay that way for at least a day, depending on what it hatched into.

Wonderful…he thought to himself. What a great adventure she got me hooked on. Maybe next time she'll get me to race a snail…

With a groan, Satoshi sprawled out on his bed. Suddenly feeling tired, he decided to go ahead and nap right there and then, not bothering to put his v-pet away. However, the very instant he felt himself start to drift off, something happened. Just as he was too deep in his unconsciousness to notice, the v-pet began to beep and flash. The pixelated egg on the screen suddenly began to tremble and hatch, sending out a wave of energy out of the device and onto the floor near Satoshi's bed, all the while the device was shifting and changing in his hand into an orange device with a light blue screen, a second screen folded behind the device.

The energy on the ground suddenly started to take form. Within moments, a small round pink creature was sitting on the floor, looking up at Satoshi's form. With barely a moment's hesitation, it jumped up onto the bed, right by Satoshi's head, as the boy began to stir and wake back up.

"Nnngh…" he mumbled, his eyes suddenly shooting open as they focused in on the creature looking him in the eye. "…Y-wha?!"

Neilina let out a small yawn as she got off the couch. Her dad was still at work, so she had the place to herself, something that was becoming far more frequent. However, just as she'd decided to lay down for a nap, a rather irritating-sounding knocking had started coming from the door to her apartment. As such, she walked to the front door and, after seeing Satoshi on the other side through the peep-hole, opened it.

"...Can I help you?" she asked, rubbing the drowsiness from her eye.

"Yeah, I was in the neighbourhood, and was wondering if you didn't mind explaining THIS!" Satoshi growled, unzipping his book bag to reveal the small pink creature inside, feasting on a meatball sub.

Neilina's eyes widened at the sight, but quickly regained control of her excitement. "Here, come inside, and keep it down."

Satoshi rolled his eyes, walking into the apartment. A quick glance around the place made it immediately clear that Neilina was the only one home, which made him nervous for a moment, until he recalled the pink blob with some kind of strange-looking antennae in his book bag. As such, he quickly returned to the point of his being there.

"Okay, wanna start explaining THIS now?" Satoshi asked, just as Neilina reached into her pocket and pulled out a similar device to Satoshi's, only coloured pink. She held it out, pointed toward the creature as it hopped out of the backpack and to the floor, and the second screen suddenly slid out from the back, showing a rotating image of the creature as information was displayed on the lower screen.

"Koromon, a Lesser Digimon," Neilina explained as she read through the information. "Looks like he's still In-Training, and can only defend himself with Acid Bubbles."

Satoshi blinked, utterly confused. "...I don't think I caught a single word of that."

"It's a Digimon, or Digital Monster," Neilina went on, closing the top screen of her device. "They live in a world comprised entirely of data created through the world's communications networks. They normally can't come to this world, but it is possible for some to slip through the cracks in the barrier between the Digital World and the Human World."

"Wait, you mean that v-pet you gave me was a real living creature?!" Satoshi demanded, immediately getting shushed.

"Not normally, no," Neilina replied. "But apparently, some Digimon are able to realize into the Human World through data in contact with children like us. At that point, the device storing the data is changed into what's called a Digivice DM, and the Digimon passes into this world through it."

"So, there's some parallel world where monsters made of computer data live?" Satoshi asked, getting a nod. "...And you let one come to this world...WHY?"

Neilina sighed, folding her arms. "Because we've got a problem: Another way Digimon can slip through is through intense negative emotions creating a crack between the worlds. I'm still not exactly sure how it works, but these Digimon that utilize this method of travelling between the worlds are really dangerous, eating up energy however they can and causing a lot of trouble."

"Then call the cops!" Satoshi exclaimed in as hushed a tone as he could manage.

"An adult isn't going to be so ready to believe this," Neilina pointed out. "And even if they did, you know that the second they find out about Digimon, they'd want to do all kinds of experiments on them and anyone who came in contact with them. But you're different. You've always dreamed of adventure, of helping people. That's how I knew I could trust you with a Digimon: The Digivice DM doesn't materialize for just ANY kid, it has to be a kid with strong dreams and a good heart."

"I...I don't know..." Satoshi muttered, looking away. "This all sounds crazy. How can I-"

"...Satoshi?" a small raspy voice asked, catching the boy off-guard as he saw Koromon, finished with his sandwich, now speaking to him. "Please. I can't remember a lot about my life before coming through to this world, but I remember a lot of bad Digimon bullying good Digimon. If things get like that over here...I don't wanna see anyone else go through that."

Satoshi's eyes widened, letting what Koromon was saying sink in. "...But what can I do?"

"Digimon that pass through to this world through the Digivice DM are bonded to the person wielding it," Neilina explained. "Your dreams can become a power source for Koromon to grow stronger. You can make him strong enough to save both worlds."

Satoshi let himself lean against a wall, trying to take everything that was being told to him in. However, as he tried, both his and Neilina's Digivices started beeping. Taking them out, the bottom screen displayed a digital map of the city, indicating the two of them as orange and pink dots, while a black and red dot appeared near what looked to be a building a few blocks away.

"...Oh, great," Neilina moaned. "Looks like a Digimon is coming through a crack. And based on the energy signature it's showing on the map, it's most definitely a bad one."

Satoshi looked from the screen to the door, still open from when he came in. He then looked down to Koromon, who had a stern look on his face. Finally, he looked to his left hand, watching as it shook slightly. Neilina let out a small sigh, taking a step forward.

"...Look, no one's gonna make you do something you don't wanna," she explained. "If you wanna leave Koromon and the Digivice here, go home, and pretend none of this happened, fine. But I think I know you pretty well, and I know your hand isn't shaking because you're scared."

Satoshi's eye twitched slightly as Neilina said this. ...No. It's not fear. It's...

Reaching up, Satoshi grabbed hold of his goggles, hanging from his neck, and set them on his forehead. "...Okay. Let's go!"

"I told you to open up the cash register!" a man in a black ski mask yelled, his gun trained on the clerk tending to the cash register in the convenience store.

"Please, this store was opened by my father!" the clerk cried, his hands held up as everyone in the store was panicking. "We're barely keeping ourselves afloat, and payment is due to keep ourselves ope-"

"I SAID NOW!" the thief shouted, slamming a fist down on the electronic cash register. However, as he did so, a jolt of energy knocked him back, a tear opening in the air around the cash register. From it, a large cockroach-like creature emerged, growling at everyone in the store. As most of the people fled the scene, the creature smashed open the cash register, mouth wide as a stream of digital energy flew out from it and into its stomach.

"Hey, ugly!" the creature heard, turning to face the door as Satoshi, Neilina, and Koromon entered the store. "You're supposed to pay before you go eating the goods in a grocery store!"

"Really, an action line?" Neilina asked, wanting to smack herself as she scanned the creature. "Roachmon, an Insectoid Digimon. They're really nasty, both in looks, smell, and attitude. They attack with something called...uh, Yard Sale Bombs?"

Satoshi blinked, looking back to Neilina. "...What's a Yard Sale Bomb?"

Before either kid could react, Roachmon sneered and fluttered his wings hard. Within seconds, heaps of garbage suddenly materialized in the air around him and were launched at them, sending the two kids and Koromon tumbling out onto the sidewalk.

"Ugh, you HAD to ask!" Neilina groaned, getting up out of the garbage and holding her Digivice out. "Realize, Lopmon!"

In a flash of light, a Digimon appeared on the sidewalk, having emerged from within Neilina's Digivice DM. It was a small brown and pink creature with three horns on its forehead and surprisingly large bunny-like ears flapping in the wind. Taking out his own Digivice, Satoshi scanned it curiously.

"Lopmon, huh?" he asked, reading through the information. "Says here she's a Rookie Digimon who attacks with her giant ears and a move called Blazing Ice."

"Okay, let's take him!" Koromon exclaimed, hopping up next to Lopmon.

"You should stay back," Lopmon advised calmly. "You're still an In-Training Digimon. Let me deal with this ornery insect."

Koromon grumbled, his face scrunching up. "Hey, I can fight just fine!"

"Look out!" Lopmon suddenly yelled, grabbing Koromon and leaping out of the way as a busted toaster oven was suddenly launched at them, crashing against the sidewalk where they'd just been standing. Roachmon quickly flew out the door, landing on all fours in the small parking lot as his opponents recomposed themselves.

"Blazing Ice!" Lopmon cried, taking a deep breath before releasing shots of cold air from her lungs at Roachmon. The air froze into icy shards that smacked him across the face, but seemed to do little more than agitate him as he growled at the two.

"Acid Bubbles!" Koromon yelled, blowing out clear green bubbles at Roachmon. Again, this attack seemed to do nothing to the Insect Digimon, who hovered off the ground and dive-bombed at the two, knocking them away.

"Koromon!" Satoshi cried, running to the little creature's side. "Are you okay?!"

"He's...a lot tougher than he looks," Koromon groaned as Satoshi scooped him up. "I can't seem to leave a scratch on him."

"Hang in there, little buddy," Satoshi said, looking him in the eye. "Oh man, how am I supposed to give you more power?! I have no idea what I'm doing here!"

"Watch out!" Neilina yelled, Satoshi looking up to see Roachmon flying overhead, his arms spread wide.

"Yard Sale Bomb!" Roachmon screeched, creating a pink fridge and hurling it down at the two as Neilina and Lopmon watched on, unable to react fast enough.

"SATOSHI!" Neilina screamed, reaching a hand out.

"KOROMON!" Lopmon cried, flapping her ears to sail toward them.

Satoshi's eyes widened as he watched the fridge fall toward them, seemingly in slow motion. To his surprise, however, he felt his hand start to shake again. Looking down at it, he let himself grin as he recalled what he'd felt earlier.

Not fear... Satoshi thought, taking his hand and grabbing hold of his Digivice with it. Excitement. This is MY adventure, and it's just getting started!

Just as this thought crossed his mind, a stream of light poured out from the Digivice DM, encasing Koromon in an egg of burning orange light as power filled his small body. It left him feeling like he was on fire as he cried out, "Koromon Digivolve to...Agumon!" Soon, the egg shattered into bits of light. In Koromon's place was a slightly larger, bipedal yellow dinosaur-like creature, glaring up at the fridge as it fell. With a single swipe of his claws, he broke the fridge apart, the pieces falling harmlessly around him and Satoshi.

"Whoa...!" Satoshi gasped in awe. "He's not just a head anymore!"

"Pepper Breath!" Agumon called, spitting out a blast of fire at Roachmon. The Insect Digimon fell back to the ground, his wings ablaze as he tried to smother them out by rolling on the ground. Satoshi stood up, still a bit in awe, but quickly snapped out of it as his Digivice displayed a small axe-like icon on the bottom screen. Realizing the bottom screen was a touch screen of some sort, Satoshi pressed the icon with his finger, sending out a flash of light that produced a red and silver axe in Agumon's claws.

"Battle Hawk!" Agumon yelled, running at Roachmon as he started to get back to his feet. Before the Insect Digimon could react, though, Agumon slashed straight through him with the axe. Roachmon let out a cry of anguish as he fell apart into digital bits, leaving only an egg behind, which quickly floated back into the store and through the rift in space, said rift closing behind it.

Satoshi blinked in surprise at this, having followed the egg back into the store. "..W-What happened to Roachmon?"

"He regressed into a DigiEgg," Neilina explained, breathing a hard sigh of relief as she followed Satoshi inside. "Digimon never really die, they just return to their initial forms and start their lives over again. Some bad Digimon can even have their negative data purified so that they have a chance to be good."

"Well, I hope that's the ca-AH!" Satoshi started to say before letting out a cry, backing up at what he saw laying on the floor next to the man in the ski mask. "A-A gun!"

Neilina's eyes widened in shock, but upon spotting the gun, she noticed something off about it right away. Walking over, she reached down and carefully picked it up, noticing a spot of orange on the barrel, and the darkened grey around it chipping off. Her jaw nearly hit the ground as it suddenly occurred to her what this meant.

"...It's a toy?" Neilina realized, the clerk getting up from his hiding place behind the desk and glaring at the would-be thief, all while Satoshi face-palmed hard.

"You robbed a convenience store with a toy gun you painted over?" Satoshi demanded. "How clichéd could you get?!"

"Uhh, Satoshi?" Agumon asked as he and Lopmon entered the store, scaring the clerk back into hiding. "Do you have another one of those big sandwiches? I'm kinda hungry..."

Satoshi groaned, looking into his pockets. "Hang on, lemme see if I have any money..."

"JUSTTAKEITANDGETOUT!" the clerk cried, clearly about to wet himself.

Meanwhile, watching the two kids and their Digimon leave from a nearby rooftop was Yuji, having seen the entire battle. He couldn't help but roll his eyes at Satoshi as the boy continued to pester Neilina with questions and boasts of how he and Agumon defeated Roachmon.

"He beats a cockroach and thinks that's cause to celebrate like he's king of the world?" Yuji wondered aloud, reaching into his pocket and pulling out a blue Digivice DM. "Wait until he sees what I can do."

"Does that mean we're finally getting into the action?" a voice asked from within the Digivice.

Yuji smirked, turning to leave via the fire escape. "Maybe, if the Digimon that pop into this world get stronger than mere insects. Don't worry, Gabumon, your time's coming up soon..."

AUTHOR'S NOTES: So, welcome to the first chapter of my new Digimon fanfic! This is actually an idea I've had bouncing around for a few years now, and am happy to see finally make it to being written on a website. As such, let's get this out of the way right now: This fic is not part of any of the established continuities presented in the anime, video games, card games, and so on. It is its own continuity with some similarities to others. The Digimon presented will be a balance between the old, the new, the rarely seen on the show, and some, like MegaloGreymon, that are completely made up. Also, while it mostly sticks to the English translations of the show and the terminology used there, because some of the translations don't make much sense, and because some Digimon, their names, and their attack names have MULTIPLE translations, the names used might seem a bit on the random side, but don't worry too much about it.

And while I'm writing this, let's get some of the basic fandom questions out of the way: I just saw the season 2 finale of Digimon Fusion a couple of weeks ago. I like the show just fine, although some of the translations done can be a bit irritating in places, and some of the plot points can feel like they were done better in previous seasons of Digimon. I'm currently rewatching Frontier, since I didn't watch the entire series the full way through the first time around, and while some are irritated at the fact that it's basically Power Rangers with Digimon, as a fan of both, not that big a problem with me. What IS irritating for both it and Fusion, however, is the absolute ignoring of Digivolution Levels, but after a while, you just have to accept that different continuities play with different rules. The newest Digimon game I played was Digimon Dawn for the Nintendo DS, and I REALLY wish that Namco Bandai and tri-Crescendo would translate Re:Digitize Decode for the Nintendo 3DS in English. Some of my favourite Digimon are Veedramon, Guilmon, VictoryGreymon, Gomamon, and Justimon. I don't really have a favourite season, though it would be easy to say it's either Digimon Adventure 01 for nostalgic value or Digimon Tamers for just how much darker it got, but probably the one that results in the most negative feelings for me is Digimon Adventure 02. And lastly, I'm looking forward to seeing if Digimon Adventure tri is going to be released in English or not.

Anyway, that's it for this chapter. I'll probably start posting bios for the main characters on my Deviant Art, so be sure to check those out, and check in again to see the next chapter, where we learn more about Neilina's part in the story, as well as see Yuji and Gabumon get into the action. Ja né!