RECAP: Caroline has been transformed into a half-witch half-succubus, one of the last remaining of the succubi kind. Having fed from each of the five creators of succubi (aka the majority of the Mikaelson clan plus a descendent of the witch who cast the creation spell) she is now one of the most powerful creatures in existence. But as her blood is a powerful ambrosia for vampires, her life is still constantly at risk. Klaus has admitted that Caroline is his mate a bond that typically would have been severed by the succubus curse… but as Caroline is also half-witch, she can still feel their mate-bond. However, this doesn't exactly negate her succubus urges and since Klaus fully loves and accepts her for who and what she is, he is mostly content to live a happily polyamorous life with her. Nevertheless, even the most successful of poly relationships — like all relationships — have their ups and downs. Occasional jealousies and insecurities still arise, along with more insidious threats…

-Chapter 15-

It was officially summer. And while, normally, Caroline would have been at home helping with summer cheerleader trials, currently she was exploring Italy with the Mikaelson clan.

Eventually, just before the end of the school year, she'd gotten up the courage to tell her mother… about Klaus and only Klaus. That had been hard enough since she didn't expect Liz to ever entirely trust the Original hybrid. But, the Mikaelson family's reputation aside, she just wasn't sure her mother needed to know that she was a succubus now. Either way she was a deadly immortal creature — just because that now very specifically affected the details of her sex life didn't suddenly make her mother privy to those details.

This wasn't the only lie they'd told Liz, though. Knowing that she would now feel a pull to follow the Mikaelson's — at least Klaus and Elijah — wherever they went, she'd needed to expand her lie a bit. And as they weren't exactly the type of vampires to hang around Mystic Falls until she finished high school… Caroline decided to tell her mother she'd been accepted to a prestigious drama school in London a year early and would be starting college the next fall.

By the accounts of all physical records, she had been accepted. They'd already taken a one week trip to London for her to audition — Caroline always insisted on doing things honestly, after all. From there, even she had no idea if she'd really been accepted or Klaus had compelled her way in. She didn't really want to know. All that mattered was she had the acceptance letter to show her mom. And while she likely wouldn't be spending altogether too much time in London going to school, she at least had the option, whenever she felt the push to continue her education.

Now though, she and the Mikaelson family were all vacationing on a secluded beach in Sicily. They had their own property out here, of course, waterfront and everything.

And on this particular morning, Caroline found herself with a rare moment alone to sunbath on the beach. Bekah had gone into town to do some shopping while Elijah was likely still in the house reading the local paper over breakfast. He would probably never be one for beaches, Caroline supposed. Klaus, naturally, was out with his henchman of choice for this trip making sure there were no imminent threats in the city and that the arrival of a succubus had gone unnoticed.

As overprotective as Klaus could be, she was starting to realize exactly how dangerous her new status made her. Being one of the few succubi left on the planet, even just walking into a city well-populated with vampires could set off a chain reaction to her scent. Not to mention, thanks to the strength she gained from feeding from all five of her makers… her scent was apparently something altogether difficult to ignore. Elena herself had told her as much; even Bonnie, not the type to smell blood as a mortal, had mentioned in passing what she considered to be a very distinct pheromone upgrade.

That all aside, god only knew where Kol was at this particular moment, Caroline couldn't help but think a little bitterly as she flipped from her stomach onto her back in the sun in front of the aqua Sicilian waves. He was probably out flirting with some local Italian beauties, no doubt.

It was silly, she knew, selfish even, to crave for Kol's affections for her to extend beyond that of just sex. Klaus alone would have kept her beyond content with all the love and affection anyone needed in their life but she had Elijah as well.

Rebekah was different. Their easy friendship made it equally easy to slip into a friends with benefits situation. Her friendship with Kol, though, if anything, was even easier. Caroline would find herself as comfortable around him as she did Matt Donovan or even Bonnie… but then in a split second, as turned on by him as Klaus or Elijah. But perhaps the difference between Bekah and Kol was the fact that Bekah didn't taunt her…

Just days before they'd set off for Italy, Caroline had been having a passionate tryst with Kol when he said something that upset her.

"Fuck, Kol, please cum, please just cum," Caroline begged, "I want to see you get off too, please!"

She was coming down from the crest of her own fourth orgasm and Kol just smirked at her wickedly. It had been nearly four months now that she'd been a succubus and begun sleeping with him. And still, just like his night's first promise, he still had not cum in front of her. A game of masochism or subtle sadism or both, Caroline wasn't sure but, she knew it was finally getting to her. Well, 'finally' wasn't exactly the right word. If she was being honest, it had bothered her from their first time.

"I don't think so, pet," Kol teased, tracing a finger from her clavicle down to her navel before spreading his palm flat against her stomach, the tips of his long tapered fingers just ghosting beneath her pert breasts while she squirmed under him.

"Why?!" she asked, her voice half-mewling and half-angry, "I understand most of the games we play but I don't understand this one! Is it some kind of masochist thing?"

Kol tutted at her before swooping down to bruise her with a kiss. To numb the brutality of it, Caroline began to feed, inhaling Kol's energy — but within seconds of her starting, Kol wrenched himself away once again.

"Of course not, silly thing!" he laughed, using that condescending tone she both hated but also found irritatingly sexy. "You should know me well enough by now that when I'm ready to have my turn being whipped and spanked and whatever else you can think of, I'm never too shy to ask!"

"Is that what it is then?" Caroline goaded in turn, trying to use pride against him, "Are you just shy to let me see you lose control?"

Kol began laughing so hard at that suggestion that tears actually began to well up in his eyes. He almost lost his breath and rolled off of her to catch it as he finished laughing at her. Now lying side by side and completely without his touch, Caroline huffed in annoyance and pulled up the blanket lying bunched up at the foot of Kol's bed around herself.

"Darling, I hardly consider having an orgasm to be 'losing control,' at least by my standards," he said, wiping some stray tears from his cheeks — probably for dramatic effect, Caroline was almost certain.

"Then what is it?!" she demanded, turning from her back to prop herself up on her side to face him.

Kol sneered at her, "I guess I haven't thought to much about it other than that I like seeing you so terribly frustrated," he began, "Though in all honesty, it's something I tend to reserve for the rare partner I'm actually invested in."

And that revelation, for some reason, hit Caroline in the gut like a fucking sucker punch. The intensity of her own terrible reaction to Kol's statement made her feel equal parts shocked and guilty. She and Kol were nothing but friends with benefits, right? Surely she didn't want him to be invested in her as anything more than a friend — Hell, surely she wasn't invested in him anymore than that?

Not to mention, she was falling fast for both Klaus and Elijah alike. They for her, in turn, perhaps much more deeply. Was this need for all three of them some stupid aspect of her succubus curse? It hadn't truly felt like a curse up until this very moment… and that both scared and embarrassed her.

"Huh, well, how enlightening!" Caroline said, unable to push back the edge of a snarl in her voice. She was so embarrassed for being upset right now and that just made her every bit angrier. "You know what, Kol? Maybe we should just cut this whole thing out and be friends."

And on that note, she was hurriedly wrapping his top sheet around her and stomping back to her own room.

Kol, of course, was hot on her heels but even couldn't catch up after Caroline was this fresh off a short feeding.

"Darling, now wait a minute!" he called after her, frantically grabbing at the long tails of the sheet that flowed behind her, "Don't you think that sounds a bit harsh?"

Her bedroom door was snapped firmly in his face and he heard the lock click in place. Logically Kol knew that even with their magically enchanted locks, he could likely still find a way to get in, it probably wouldn't bode well for him to do so.

Luckily, though, Caroline didn't choose to stay completely silent.

"I don't know yet, Kol, okay?" she called back, rather softly. From the way her voice vibrated the air next to him, he knew she was still pressed to the closed door herself. "I just need some time to think for a little bit. Alone. Maybe… maybe there's starting to be too much developing on my side… or something? Like I said! I don't know!"

On that final angry outburst, Kol did hear her cross away from the door and slump down into her own sumptuous bed — nevermind the fact that she still had his top sheet.

Kol, who had at least had the courtesy to hurriedly throw on his boxers — really, a courtesy, as anyone in their household would have been happy to verify — found himself in a strange disposition when he sank down on the opposite side of her door, leaning against it while he strategized his next move.

Caroline had almost lulled herself back to sleep with the angry memory. Well, either that or the sun had. She would never grow tired of the benefit of having a sunlight ring on the beach.

At first Caroline had found it peculiar the even succubi were subject to the life without sunlight rule. Then, considering 4 out 5 of the creators of succubi had been vampires, it started making more sense. Add that to the fact that the whole reason the Mikaelsons had even created succubi in the first place was as a curse… it started to seem kind of obvious.

Yes, on the one hand, buxom succubi bombshells could have really benefited from an ability lay their feeding traps out during the day wearing the tiniest of string bikinis but… as it turned out, naturally, ladies of the night were equally enticing. Or men of the night, for that matter. Caroline had to remember that it was a sexy man at night who'd gotten her into this situation in the first place.

Just then, in the haze of jumbled thoughts… leaping from bad memory to entirely different questions in a few short seconds… Caroline felt something softly brush the skin of her increasingly tan back.

At first she barely noticed it. And, had someone caught her in the middle of a sexual fantasy or dream, they likely would have been able to view very nearly every second of her thoughts. (Caroline's number one big project for the moment was learning to keep her private thoughts p-r-i-v-a-t-e, unless she decided otherwise.) But the persistent soft touch against her back began to wake her further and further from her sunny nap.

"Mmm, stop that," she mumbled to no one in particular as she was beginning to finally rouse herself. But it wasn't until she felt the string of her bikini top loosen from around her back entirely that Caroline finally awakened in full and sat up to see who was pestering her. "Hey!" she screeched, clucking in annoyance when her top fell from her chest completely.

Kol was sitting on his haunches, leaning over her on the sand and cackling his signature most obnoxious cackle. Caroline narrowed her eyes before crossing her arms protectively over her chest.

"Nice, real funny asshole," she hissed collecting up her top and preparing to stomp away from him. Kol's arm darted out to quickly catch her wrist before she could.

"Oh loosen up, would you, Caroline?" he scoffed, "We're on a private beach, in Europe I might add! It's practically criminal you aren't nude."

"Says he who is still rockin' an obscenely hideous Speedo," Caroline bit back, tying her bikini top back on and flipping to her back once again to keep relaxing. Not even Kol's antics could ruin her day on the beach.

"Would you like me to take it off?" Kol asked as Caroline closed her eyes again. "That can be arranged, naturally."

The slap of fabric hitting her square in the face made Caroline snap her eyes open again only to come face to face with a full frontal view of Kol in all his glory towering over her, arms akimbo, with a much too pleased grin.

"Ugh, you fucking ass," she said, throwing the Speedo right back into his own face, "If you're gonna pull that on me at least have the goddamn decency to have an erection! Give a girl somethin' to look at, would ya?"

And thus Caroline flipped herself yet again, back onto her stomach to avoid interacting with him. At this point she was pretty certain her tan was getting really screwed up. Yet another thing to tak onto her list of annoyances with Kol Mikaelson.

"And what exactly would the point of that be?" Kol grumbled, still looking down at her, his gaze now directed towards her considerably scantily clothed swimsuit bottom, "Considering you've officially banned sex from our relationship."

"Oh boo hoo, glad to know my friendship means so damn much to you Kol!" she snapped, immediately feeling a hot pang of guilt for projecting her own problems onto him. "By the way, I told you the point of it would be for me to having something to look at. Isn't that what you prefer anyway? Being in a near constant state of arousal without doing a fucking thing about it?"

Caroline was glad she was turned over again because her cheeks were burning pink with embarrassment at what a shameless jerk she was being. Once she'd declared her sex ultimatum with Kol, he'd been nothing but wonderful, funny, and friendly as he always had been with her. There wasn't any pressure on her to do anything she didn't want. It was her that'd been completely cold and, honestly, rude and mean to him in the aftermath of the awkward fight.

Frankly, she'd been licking her wounds. And despite several attempts of differing Mikaelson interjections, she'd been simply too embarrassed to talk about it or admit to anything.

Kol could see she was getting truly upset, not even mad but upset. He could feel it through the still lingering connection of their mutual feeding. Hell, it wouldn't be the first time a woman had gotten mad at him for not wanting 'more,' whatever the fuck that was and what it entailed. But the moment he started picking up on Caroline's intentions to run, Kol felt himself growing sick in a way he'd never quite experienced.

All of a sudden his mind thundered 'No, no, no, she doesn't understand!' like a mantra. And then her door was closed in his face. From that moment he'd been conflicted about what to do next. Give her the space she'd requested? Or tear down the goddamn door and give Caroline what her soul was crying out for… not his approval but his love?

Unfortunately, he was just as stubborn as she — not to mention, just as conflicted over their relationship as he — so instead, he slid down to lean against her door in his boxers and mope.

And mope. And mope. And mope.

Until those nosey siblings of his began passing by that part of the hallway over and over again.

They'd long since re-silenced the rooms in the house, since Caroline had proven that certain pleasures for a very powerful witch-hybrid succubus could damn near drown out any spell they tried. Caroline herself, had helped to cast most of them, in the hopes that her involvement would secure a better hold.

Well it'd worked… to a certain extent. From experience Kol knew that they'd probably been able to hear enough to figure out a fight was brewing. Then Caroline had stormed into the hallway back to her own room and everyone in their home would have gleaned what was going on.

So they had, Bekah made apparent, when she was the first to cross the hallway by Caroline's room.

"You can't just sit there, you little shit!" Rebekah berated him, "Say something to her!"

A few moments after he heard Bekah walk down the stairs and into another part of their home, Kol took his sister's advice.

"Caroline, please," he started, "I've only been teasing you this entire time."

No response so Kol huffed quietly and thought some more. It was partially true, what he'd just said — that he'd been teasing her. Caroline got so thoroughly worked up at the site of him not cumming that it seemed to leave her perpetually desirous of him, no matter who else she was fucking and feeding from. He liked that of course.

But what he'd told her back in his bedroom — that cumming was something he typically reserved for his absolute most intimate partners — was true too. And that was what was upsetting Caroline.

And as a result it was upsetting him. Especially given the fact that, now he was sitting like a lovesick schoolboy outside her door… Kol was beginning to realize that he'd underestimated his own feelings for Caroline Forbes.

Call it a form of self-protection: always wanting to maintain the status of a mysterious bachelor. Call it a different form of self-protection: he didn't want to love what his brothers' loved, not when they proved several times over they could and would always beat him. Call it narcissism. Call it being a prick. Call it being someone a little fucked up, sexually, emotionally, violently, everything and all of the above and otherwise…

Call it, things Caroline wanted from him and he was too afraid to give. Even now, as he pleaded for her.

"It was a stupid game Caroline, you know that!" Kol tried to persuade, "You know that! Please open the door, we shouldn't fight darling…"

Bekah came passing back through, none to innocuously either, to see what progress he'd made shortly later. One sniff of disdain was enough to tell him that she thought him a true and perfect idiot.

It was Elijah next.

"That's not what she wants to hear, Kol," Elijah said, walking by rather briskly but not betraying his interest in the situation.

"Then what is it?" Kol asked, obnoxiously irate, "Because I haven't a fucking clue!"

Lie. And Elijah's eyeroll in response confirmed that he knew it was a lie too.

Kol sat there in a huff awhile more but… he could still sense her, still feel her. Her hurt matched his own. Her disappointment too. But he never felt her guilt. Apparently that was a part of herself that Caroline kept far too closely hidden…

"Caroline, open up!"

"Darling, you know I didn't mean anything by it… I was only teasing!"

"If it's SO important to you, then, by all means, open the door and let me cum for you darling!" — that last one had gone over so particularly badly that it finally beckoned the arrival of Klaus.

"If you hurt her again," Klaus had breathed out, the golden irises of his wolf eyes shining, "I'll make sure you're dead from this universe and any other that might have existed or ever will."

Upon hearing his voice, the door was promptly unlocked for Klaus who had soothed Caroline's hurt feelings. Never mind Kol's own! Never mind that Kol wasn't at fault! He couldn't hear basically anything from outside her door but it was enough to know that Klaus was in there consoling her for Kol to finally get up and walk away.

And then he was on top of her, that ugly-ass Speedo tossed aside somewhere, with a definite erection pressed into her ass.

"As I attempted to tell you before our little jaunt to Italy," Kol began, snaking the whole length of his body against hers on the beach, "That's not at all what I want. Not anymore. Especially not now that I know it makes you so unhappy."

Feeling the pure strength of him so restrainedly pressed into her like that, Caroline had to work very hard to suppress a moan. They'd only been here a few days yet and, so concerned were both Klaus and Elijah with securing the city for her that she'd barely had time to feed yet at all. And, of course, Bekah had been much to interested in shopping.

And, yes, strangely enough, maybe there had been a little pressure there for her to make up with Kol.

As it was, Caroline felt as though she was starving, regardless of how true that might actually be. Especially considering Klaus had just had her a few hours earlier before going out with his hybrids.

"Kol! Christ!" she cried out simply from feeling him flush against her, "Stop fucking around!"

"I'm sorry dear Caroline," Kol replied, only lifting himself from her slightly "You're going to need to be more specific. Do you want me to leave you alone? Or do you want me to fuck you until we both cum?"

On that note, "The latter you fucker," she spat out.

There was no preamble this time. No kimky warm-up games. No further words even.

Kol wrenched off her swimsuit bottom and thrust into her, barely even parting her legs before he did so.

"Fuck!" they both yelled in unison, a coincidence that would normally make them both laugh hysterically but this was far from their usual routine.

If he hadn't been so desperate to have her — so desperate for her to forgive him — Kol quite possibly would have been embarrassed by his own behavior right now. He was fucking her like a goddamn teenage boy, pounding into her with an uneven rapidity and speeding towards his own release. Caroline seemed far from minding though; the way she was moaning and frantically gripping the towel beneath her reminded Kol of just how truly young and inexperienced she still was herself.

And that thought, pervert that he was, set Kol so precariously close to cumming that he had to pull himself out.

"Really, Kol?!" Caroline immediately began to chastise, "Are you seriously trying to pull this again, cause —"

She was cut off by him picking her up and turning her back towards him to fuck her standing up.

"I'm not pulling anything, Caroline," he snarled in return, "But we haven't done this in over a week and I'm not going to cum all over you in five seconds."

She pliantly wrapped her legs around him, letting out a sharp cry when he thrust inside her again — immediately hitting that spot — and draped her arms around his neck. Well that was a fair point if she'd ever heard one, so Caroline compliantly let her capture her mouth in a starving kiss. Fangs came down — for both of them, considering the succubus transition hadn't rid her of them — and their embrace turned almost vicious. Kol sucked at her bottom lip, tasting just a drop of her fragrant blood, almost painfully and Caroline let out a mewl of desire.

God, he'd been wanting this every bit as much as she, perhaps more, Caroline realized as Kol thrust into her again. He was now fucking her and walking, with her wrapped around him, apparently intent on carrying her back into the house, beach sex be damned. Behind them, Caroline's towel, top, and Kol's speedo lay discarded and altogether forgotten. Her swimsuit bottoms, were still haphazardly dangling off of her ankle, unbeknownst to both of them. Not that either would have cared what kind of scene they were making. And it was their private beach, after all.

They made it as far as the back patio that led to the beach. Kol unceremoniously crashed them both down onto one of the sumptuous outdoor couches only to immediately resume his pace, both of their hips working in a frantic, uneven rhythm between them. Letting out some pent up frustration she hadn't even been entirely aware she was carrying, Caroline flipped them, throwing her head back as she took her first long drag of the energy between them.

Kol had never seemed at such a loss for words with her before. Usually baiting and incessantly quipping, now he was just anchoring her to him by grasping her hips as she rode him, growling almost ferally at her. Seeing the veins beneath his darken as Kol began to lose control, Caroline felt her own skin flush in response and she finally felt herself peak.

"Kol!" she cried, her tone almost agonized when her muscles clenched in a long, heady release. The energy around them floored her, exotic in its perfume, and Caroline froze above Kol, riding each delicious wave of her contractions around him with a soft moan.

Almost dumbstruck by the goddess taking her pleasure from him, soft golden curls shining in the Greecian sunlight, Kol found himself not far behind. Under different circumstances, Kol would have laughed at himself — making such lofty metaphors and fucking with a near reverence for his partner. As it was, Kol was so lost in the exquisite feeling of her velvet core around him that he could do little more than hang on through his own release.

He sat up, pulling Caroline into a full embrace on his lap as he came. Sentimental only in his thoughts, apparently, Kol didn't cry out her name but let out a heated groan that was muffled when he bit into her neck to drink while he came. She felt him tense up beneath her, a feeling that scent a wave of near-euphoria coursing through her — one she was all too sure Kol could feel himself. Caroline sighed into him, cradling the back of his head as he fed from him, relaxing into the sensations of her aftershocks as he drank.

They came down together like that, an almost disquietingly tender and gentle affair in comparison to how quickly and roughly they'd just gotten off together. When Kol had finished feeding, he pulled back, his hold slipping to cradle her lower back as they looked at one another. Still dewy with sweat and sea and looking as beautiful as he'd ever seen her, Kol was first reminded of his long ago promise to cum all over her and immediately thought that was a promise he'd still like to make good on.

That dirty notion led to a filthy smirk which instantly exhausted any lingering tension in the air.

With an indulgent grin of her own, Caroline asked, "And what are you smirking about?"

Before he could respond, they had both dissolved into a fit of laughter against one another. Caroline felt a rush of contentment; things were back to normal.

"If you too are quite finished now," Rebekah's voice rang sharply from inside, "Get inside! Klaus is home and things aren't good."

The moment came crashing down around them. Kol and Caroline disentangled themselves, worry now thickening the atmosphere around them. Rebekah had sounded afraid.

NOTE FOR THIS CHAPTER: The same way transitioning into a new vampire makes characters briefly emotional pubescent shit-heads that can't think about anyone but themselves… so does becoming a succubus. Cut Caroline some slack for her current relationship with Kol (and, to a certain extent, the others) cause she's still very new to all of this. Our girl grows up and gets in the game quick, I promise.

If there's a sex-track to this scene, it's Disposable Teens by Marilyn Manson. Not because of the lyrics, to any extent, but just because the energy of the song sort of matches the energy between Kol and Caroline as they have kind of an angsty make-up.

I'd mentioned when I started this series that eventually the story would break up into short little self-contained 3 to 5 chapter story arcs. This is the start of such an arc! So, next chapter? It's going to be a Kol + somebody scene. Votes?