AN: Thanks to Lady Nightshade and Lauren S for answering my question about G/CC house. Yay! I didn't have to change anything at all. Also, this is given a strong PG-13 rating because of certain scenes in later chapters. I've written another version of this but that one is different, longer, where it starts off with Goku falling for Chi-Chi, but they do have sex on the wedding night. I don't know why, but I was driven to write two different versions and the next one is also longer because I'm writing it to right before DBZ starts.

Falling Into You

Part One

Goku sat on the edge of the bed in his bedroom of his new home, thinking about what Master Roshi, Yamcha and Krillin told him. It was his wedding night and his friends told him he had to do something with Chi-Chi tonight. He didn't understand what they were talking about and was even more confused after they had 'the talk' with him. He decided to not think too much about it and let it happen if it were supposed to happen.

Chi-Chi stepped out of the bathroom wearing a pair of silk pajamas. Goku turned and saw her pull back the covers and got in bed. She looked at him. "Are you going to sit on the bed all night or are you going to sleep?"

Goku got up and pulled back the covers on his side and got in bed. "Um, Chi-Chi, are we suppose to do something tonight?"

Chi-Chi rolled on her side to look at Goku. "Well, normal married couples consummate their vows on their wedding night, but we're not a normal married couple, Goku."

"Huh? Why not?"

"Because we're both not in love. I love you, Goku, but you don't love me. It came to me today at the wedding when we said our vows. You have no idea what you've gotten yourself into and it's my fault."

Well, that was true. Goku really wasn't sure what he gotten himself into, but he thought getting married was the right thing to do. Goku also didn't love her. He didn't know what love was.

"You're agreeing with me," Chi-Chi said after Goku didn't say anything for two minutes.

"Oh, sorry," Goku apologize. "Maybe you're right, but we're married now and Yamcha said we're gonna have to be together for the rest of our lives."

"Yes, that's true," Chi-Chi agreed. "What I'm saying is that I think we should wait on consummating our vows until you're in love with me or until we're more comfortable with each other. It'll be better for both of us that way."

"Okay, if that's what you want," Goku said, still unsure of what she was talking about or how long it would take. He didn't even know what the word 'consummate' mean. "Um, Chi-Chi, can I ask you something?"

"Yes, Goku."

"What does consummate mean?"

"Goku, you mean we've been having this conversation for five minutes and you didn't know what 'consummate' mean?!" Chi-Chi screamed.

"Uh, yeah," he admitted sheepishly.

Chi-Chi let her head fall down and sighed. "Goku, it means having sex, making love," she was about to go on until she saw that clueless look on his face. "It means doing the thing we're suppose to do tonight but we're not."

"Oh," Goku said understanding. "So, what can we do?"

"We're going to go backwards, Goku. We're going to court each other." There was that clueless look on Goku's face again. "Um, date." He still looked clueless. Man, was this hard. "We're going to do things together, like maybe see a movie, go to the carnival, having romantic dinners together, hug and kiss. Everything but consummating our vows."  Chi-Chi almost sighed in relief when she saw that Goku understood what she was saying.

"One more thing, Chi-Chi. What is love?" Goku asked.

"Love is to care for someone unconditionally. Do you remember your feelings for your grandfather?" Goku nodded. "That's what love is like, only the love you'll have for me will be different. You'll care for me like your grandfather, but your feelings will be deeper. I know it may sound confusing right now, but you'll understand when it happens." At least I hope so, Chi-Chi thought. I hope this wasn't a big mistake. "It's been a long day and I'm tired, Goku. Can we talk more in the morning if you have any more questions?"


Chi-Chi smiled and kissed Goku on the lips. He was looking clueless when Chi-Chi opened her eyes and pulled back. "All right then. Good night, Goku," Chi-Chi turned on her side with her back facing Goku and went to sleep. She wondered if this was the best thing she did—marrying Goku, but she loved him. She really did. She hoped one day, Goku would feel the same about her.

Goku laid on his back thinking about what Chi-Chi said. Though he didn't understand everything, Chi-Chi was right. It would be best if they waited until he understood what he was getting into, waited until they got to know one another better. With that thought resolve, he fell into a lazy sleep also.

The next morning, Goku woke up with Chi-Chi's arm draped across his chest. He thought that was weird. Why was she snuggled close to him when there was an obvious distance between them when they fell asleep? Goku figured that Chi-Chi must have moved in her sleep, unconsciously. He does that a lot. Sometimes he'd go to sleep with the covers over him and wake up with the sheets half off him. Goku picked up Chi-Chi's hand and put it over her stomach. He then gently pushed her off him and a few inches over, thinking she would be comfortable that way.

Goku put his hands behind his head to think. He wondered what they would be doing today. He got married yesterday so now what? If they were going to spend the rest of their lives with each other, he hopes it'll be interesting and not boring. His stomach growled. Oh, man, he was hungry. He hadn't eaten anything since the reception yesterday. Maybe there was something in the kitchen to eat. He saw a refrigerator when he and Chi-Chi came in the home given to her by her father as a wedding gift.

Goku quietly got out of bed and made his way downstairs. He opened the refrigerator door and saw it stocked full of food. He was going to eat it all, but then he thought of Chi-Chi. Wouldn't she be hungry too since she hadn't eaten since yesterday? He really wanted to eat, but then he didn't want to eat all the food from Chi-Chi.

There was a river nearby. He'll catch a fish and have that for breakfast. Goku went outside and jumped in the river in his boxers and caught a big fish. After catching the fish, he gathered some wood and started a fire to cook the fish. When the fish was done, he ate it. He rubbed his stomach, satisfied but not completely full. Oh, well, at least he didn't eat all the food from Chi-Chi in the refrigerator.

He made his walk back to his home, and when he opened the door, a heavenly smell waft over him. What was that delicious smell? Goku followed the smell into the kitchen and saw Chi-Chi cooking over the stove. She turned to him and smiled. "Good morning, Goku."

"Good morning, Chi-Chi. What are you doing?"

Chi-Chi giggled. She thought even Goku would know what she was doing. "I'm cooking breakfast for us, silly."

Goku walked over to look at the food and felt his mouth water. Chi-Chi looked at him frowning and then smelled him. He smelled like fish.

"Goku, what have you been doing?"

"I went to eat a fish for breakfast."

Chi-Chi looked at him confused. "Why didn't you eat some of the food in the refrigerator?"

"Oh, uh, well, I have a big appetite and I didn't want to eat all the food from you so I got myself my own breakfast." He saw Chi-Chi was giving him an odd look. She was smiling but there was something about her eyes. "What?" He was even more confused when Chi-Chi kissed him. It wasn't like the kiss on their wedding day or last night. It was deeper as he felt her tongue lick across his lips. It didn't bother him except he got funny feelings in his stomach. When she pulled back, he was still confused and didn't want Chi-Chi to stop this time. 

"That was sweet of you, Goku, but you needn't worry about your own meal. As your wife, I'm gonna cook your food. I want to take care of you. Why don't you take a shower?" She sniffed him. "A long one with soap and breakfast will be ready when you get back."

"I washed up yesterday for the wedding. Why do I have to do it again?" Goku asked scratching his head.

Chi-Chi frowned and folded her arms. "Goku, you have to wash up everyday, not when you feel like it or when you start to realize you stink! Didn't your Grandfather Gohan teach you anything?!"

"He taught me how to swim, fight and hunt for food like fish and wolf."

Chi-Chi blinked. "You ate a wolf?"


She couldn't believe he ate a wolf. Still, she found herself more curious and couldn't believe what she was asking until it was out of her mouth. "What did it taste like?"

"Really good," Goku then said and then he got all excited. "Do you want me to get you one so you can eat it?"

Chi-Chi quickly shook her head. "NO! Um, I mean, not right now. Maybe another time. Just go upstairs and wash up, please."

Goku obliged and went upstairs to the bathroom. He remembered back to when he was a kid and Bulma gave him his first bath. The tub resembled the one he was in when Bulma bathed him. So Goku took off his boxers and got in.

"Now there was something else. Water came out of something." He looked at the three knobs and faucet before him. "Didn't Bulma turn one of these things?" He decided to turn the one on his left first. Water came out from above him. He looked up and saw the water coming out of the showerhead.

"Oh, so that's where the water comes from. I thought it came out of this faucet here. Oh, well." The water was warm. Goku smiled. He did it right. Now to find the soap. What exactly was soap and why would he need that to clean himself? He would just jump in a lake or river and that would be his bath. He saw an oval bar in the bar handle in the tub. He smelled it. It was a nice smell. He figured that was soap. The water coming from the showerhead was getting warmer and warmer and steam was rising from the tub. It started to get hot and all off a sudden Goku was screaming.

Downstairs, Chi-Chi heard Goku scream. "Now what has he gotten himself into," Chi-Chi wondered as she went up the stairs and to the bathroom. She opened the bathroom door. Steam hit Chi-Chi and she waved it away annoyed. "Goku, what have you—" she screamed and turned her back on Goku. "Goku, what are you doing?!"

Goku was standing out of the tub naked. "I was trying to take a shower, but the water is too hot. How can you take a shower in this hot water? What kind of skin do you have?"

Chi-Chi growled and moved closer to the tub. She turned the water off and moved passed Goku and opened the window to let the steam out. She turned back around and turned her back on him again. She had forgotten he was naked. "Goku, could you please put on a towel?"

Goku looked around. "Where is it?"

"Just look in the closet. There." She pointed to the door near the tub.

Goku opened the door and put a towel on around his waist. "I did it."

Chi-Chi turned to face him, keeping her eyes on his face and not his chest.

"Um, Chi-Chi, can I ask you something?"

"What, Goku?" she asked annoyed.

"How come you have a problem seeing me naked? I mean, if we are suppose to live together and get used to each other, wouldn't we see each other naked sometime?"

"Yes, Goku, but now is not the time." It might never be the time if we keep going on like this. "Answer me this, Goku—have you ever had a bath inside the house?"

"Um, well, let's see," he said as he started to think. "I had one when Bulma bathed me when we first met. I had one when I entered in tournaments and stayed in a hotel with Master Roshi and Krillin,  but I just let the water wash on me. I never used soap. Most of the time if I felt dirty I would just jump in a lake."

"Well, that's going to change," Chi-Chi said with hands on her hips. "The way you have cleaned yourself isn't proper hygiene, Goku. From now on, you're going to take baths in here, not in the river or lakes, got it?! And you're going to do it everyday. How in the world you got this far in life without catching some disease is beyond me. I bet you haven't even brush your teeth, have you?"

Goku scratched his head. "Um, no. I don't think so."

Chi-Chi opened his mouth and examined his teeth. She stuck her fingers inside to feel if they were loose. They weren't. They looked normal and surprisingly white. "You have to clean your teeth everyday. I'll have to show you that, too." Chi-Chi reached and pulled Goku's head down so she can smell his hair. Ugh, it reeked of seawater and fish. "And you need to wash your hair, too. Maybe a nice scrub would keep your hair from defying gravity."

Chi-Chi released Goku and he stood looking at her confused. Chi-Chi saw that he had a bar of soap in his hand. "Well, at least you figured out what soap is."

Goku looked down at his hand and smiled. He then shot that smile at her. Chi-Chi sighed, never been able to resist his smile and one curved up her face.

"All right, Goku. Pay attention. If you want to take a bath—that is sitting in the tub and letting the water fill up, you turn on this middle knob here and you put the plug down. Okay?" She looked back at Goku, who just nodded. "To take a shower—that is standing up and letting the water come out of the showerhead, you just turned the middle knob back. Okay?" She looked back at Goku again, who just nodded.

"Do you know what you want to take—a shower or bath?"

"I'll take a shower," Goku answered.

"All right. The knob on the left is the hot water and the one on the right is the cold water. I think you should turn on both and wait until the water is just right for you before you get in. Now try it."

Goku turned on the hot water first slowly and then the cold water. The water came out of the showerhead and Goku waited until it was just right. "I like the water now."

Chi-Chi went into the medicine cabinet and took out a bottle of shampoo. She put this in Goku's other hand. "You wash you hair with this. You can read right?"


Chi-Chi began to wonder how well he could read and wondered if Goku can handle this task by himself. "I'm turning the stove off. I don't want our breakfast to burn. Switch it so a bath is running Goku and wait for me." Chi-Chi said and went downstairs to turn everything off. It looks like she was gonna have to show Goku more than she thought. She began to ponder what kind of man Gohan was to have raised Goku without a proper bath.

When she went back upstairs, she saw Goku sitting on the tub looking sad. "I'm sorry, Chi-Chi."

Now she wasn't expecting that. "Sorry for what, Goku?" She asked going to the medicine cabinet for some bubble bath. Once she found it, she poured some in the tub.

"I'm not sure. I think I should apologize since I can't bath right and making you mad."

The sound of his sad voice was breaking her tough exterior down. Chi-Chi sighed and spoke softly, "It's not your fault, Goku. You just weren't raised properly." She looked over at the tub and patted Goku on his lap. "Go ahead and get in."

Chi-Chi got a small towel and showed Goku how to properly clean himself and that he would be doing it everyday. She let him wash between his legs. Chi-Chi poured shampoo in her hands and scrubbed Goku's hair some before she let him take over. She was amazed at how soft his hair was but was slightly disappointed to discover that the shampoo didn't smooth out his gravity defying hair. She told him to rinse, dry off and meet her downstairs for breakfast.

Chi-Chi resumed her cooking and when it was done, Goku was coming down the stairs in his fighting gi. He smelled the food and smiled at her.

Chi-Chi frowned when she saw him in his fighting gi. "What?" Goku asked.

Chi-Chi shook her head. "Nothing. Breakfast is ready. Dig in."

Goku happily oblige and munched down on the food that was on the table. Afterwards, he patted himself on the stomach. "Wow, Chi-Chi, that was great! It had to have been the best meal I ever ate."

Chi-Chi blushed and smiled gratefully. "Thank you, Goku. I'm glad you like it." She gathered the pile of plates and put them in the sink and started washing dishes. "Goku, when I'm through here, I want us to go to the store so we can buy you some clothes."

Goku walked to the sink with the rest of his plates and looked at her confused. "Why?"

"I think you should get other clothes. You can't keep wearing the same outfit everyday, Goku. It's not proper hygiene. You're not a cartoon character where you can wear the same outfit everyday and get away with it. This is reality."

"All right," Goku said looking at his clothes. "I guess it would be a good thing for me to get some new clothes, but I really like my fighting gi."

"I'll make you some, but I still want you to wear some regular clothes, okay?"

"All right."


"How do you feel about that one?" Chi-Chi asked Goku as he stepped out in another set of clothes.

Goku was dressed in jeans, a short sleeve shirt and sports jacket. "It's fine. It's better than that suit you wanted me to wear."

"All right. Take that off and we'll try one more outfit. Are you sure there isn't anything you prefer?"

Goku shrugged his shoulders. "The clothes you showed me are fine. I only like wearing my fighting gi." Goku said taking off his shirt in the store. Chi-Chi sighed to herself. He was handsome all right with muscles everywhere to boot.

A woman working in the men's department saw Goku. She started to saunter over to him until she saw the death glare Chi-Chi was giving her. She turned around and went back to her own business.

Goku, unaware of anything, put on the next outfit and then they paid for the clothes. They also bought hygiene products Goku didn't know about, like deodorant, toothbrush and toothpaste. When they got home and put the items up, it was almost dark. Chi-Chi suggested they catch a movie at the theatre.

"Which movie do you want to see, Chi-Chi?" Goku asked as he read the movie titles on the large board in the theater.

Chi-Chi thought best for them to watch a movie that was rated PG-13 than R. Goku may look old enough to watch a movie rated R but he wasn't mentally ready for some of the adult scenes and she didn't want to explain it to him just yet.

"How about we see 'The Warrior'? It's about a reclusive warrior who is hired by the king to rescue his daughter from an evil wizard. The warrior fights all these fighters and rescues the princess. The wizard still hunts for them so they have to take the back roads to return home. During this, the warrior and princess get lost and go on these amazing journeys. Eventually, they fall in love with each other, and at the end, there is this great battle between the wizard and the warrior."

"Oh, sounds fun. Have you seen it?"

"No, a friend of mine did and said it was a good movie."

They paid for the tickets. Goku held the three super large buckets of popcorn while Chi-Chi held their drinks as they went to find their seats. Chi-Chi found the perfect movie seats in the middle. Goku munched on most of the popcorn while previews of other movies were being shown. Chi-Chi explained to him that he shouldn't talk loud during the movie. Finally, the lights went out and the movie began.

The movie was a pretty good one. There were amazing fight scenes that engrossed Goku through the movie. The storyline was pretty easy to follow as well. Chi-Chi began to worry when it came to the love scene. The warrior kissed the princess but soon the kiss deepens. Chi-Chi looked over at Goku. He wasn't as excited looking when he was watching the fight scenes, but there was a curious look about him. Chi-Chi saw the warrior began opening the front of the princess' dress and continued his kissing journey from her neck and going lower. Chi-Chi wasn't sure about how Goku would take it so she panicked and purposely dropped her drink. Goku tore his eyes from the screen and looked down at the drink.

"Um, Goku could you please get me another drink?" Chi-Chi whispered.

"Okay," Goku whispered and got of his seat. Chi-Chi kept one eye on Goku, hoping he wasn't seeing the scene on the screen now. The warrior had pulled the rest of the princess' dress off and was still kissing her. Thankfully, Goku had left by the time this happened.

Chi-Chi wasn't sure if what she did was the right or wrong thing. Being right, Goku would see an example of what they are suppose to do, but it would wrong be for Goku to see such things until he was ready. Besides, this was suppose to be a fight movie. Her friend never told her about the love scene being this explicit. It may mean nothing to her, but Chi-Chi was taking Goku, a naïve man with the innocence of a little boy to this. And the movie was rated PG-13. This is what was passed for PG-13 these days?! The rating system said it was rated PG-13 for the action violence and mild sexuality. Having a woman straddle a man as he made love to her was what passed as mild sexuality?!

The scenes were making Chi-Chi blushed. She never saw anything like it before. Chi-Chi kept looking for Goku as the love scene continued. Thankfully, by the time Goku returned the love scene was over and it was onto to the next day where the princess and warrior were waking up. Goku had more than Chi-Chi's soda. He had another bucket of popcorn and some candy.

"Did I miss anything?" Goku asked as he sat back down and handed Chi-Chi her drink.

"Nothing important."

The movie ended with a fantastic fight with the wizard and the warrior and at the ended the king granted his daughter permission to marry the warrior. All in all, a good movie.

"That was fun," Goku said as he and Chi-Chi walked out of the movie theater. "I really like the fight scenes. Too bad none of those guys were at the World Martial Arts Tournament. They would've proven a challenge to me."

"Um, Goku, it wasn't real. The wizard was an actor. All that magic he displayed was special effects, make believe."

"Oh," Goku said understanding. "Well, what about the warrior?"

"He's an actor, too, but I think he knows some Martial Arts, except he can't shoot ki blast like you. Those were special effects, too."

Goku nodded his head as he got it. "One thing, I don't understand, Chi-Chi. Why did the warrior and princess get in a fight when I came back? I left and they were kissing and when they came back they were arguing."

Chi-Chi hoped Goku wouldn't ask about that because that would lead her back to the love scene. "Well, Goku, the warrior and the princess had sex and the next morning, the warrior thought what they did was a mistake since a princess can only marry a prince. He pushed her away to protect her or so he thought but then the princess ran away from him in anger and got captured by the wizard again. The warrior had to save her and he realized he was in love with her."

When they were away from the crowd, Goku picked Chi-Chi up and flew the rest of the way home. "So does having sex make you in love with someone?"

Chi-Chi tried thinking of the right words. "It depends on the person Goku. Some people have sex with someone just to do it and others do it because they actually love each other."

"And that's why were waiting—for me to fall in love with you."


"How will I know I'm in love with you, Chi-Chi?"

Chi-Chi began to wonder that herself. Goku wasn't the brightest man in the world. She wondered if he knew what love was if it came and slapped him in the face. There was nothing to do but to let his instincts tell him. "You'll know, Goku. That's all I can really say. Only you will know."