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Falling Into You

Part Four

Goku flew on Nimbus as he did some thinking. It was one of the few ways Goku could actually think and let things wonder in his mind as he found a solution for it. When flying, he often thought about his friends, fighting or wherever he was going to. This time he was thinking about Chi-Chi.

He tried to understand himself. Why was Chi-Chi affecting him so differently? When he thought about her in certain ways, he would get that problem in his pants, which was happening more than he like to count. There was an incident when he had to go to the bathroom while Chi-Chi was taking a shower. Though the glass was clear it was disfigured and he could still see her and the problem would force him out of the bathroom. The worse would be when they have intense make out sessions and his hands will wonder about Chi-Chi's body. He remembered a few times his hands would wander under her clothes, caressing her skin. He wanted to do things to her but thought that would frighten her. He thought about going over to Master Roshi's and talking to him about it, but something told him that wouldn't be a good idea.

Goku also didn't understand why he would get upset with another man looking at his wife. He remembered when he and Chi-Chi went out to dinner one night. The dinner was great, but there was a man he noticed that kept staring at Chi-Chi. Goku kept glaring at the man as if telling him to back off but he responded with a middle-finger salute. Chi-Chi didn't notice any of this. Before they left, Chi-Chi decided to go to the bathroom. The man followed her and Goku followed him. He found the man harassing Chi-Chi outside the bathroom and trying to grope her and talk her in a date. She slapped him and that's when Goku intervened. He carried the man outside by the neck, gave him thorough talk about what he would do to him if he bothered his wife again and sent him on his. By that, meaning the man thrown in the sky, where he landed was anyone's guess.

There were other times, he would feel excited when he was around her and it wasn't because it was time to eat. He liked having her close to him and he liked doing things for her.

Unlike his other friends, he feel he could talk to Chi-Chi about anything. She would sit up in bed and listen to him as he tell her about his early days with his grandfather before he died and the adventures he had after he met Bulma. He guessed one of the reasons why he never talked to them was because he never had the time. He was always off on another adventure, and he wasn't sure they would be that interested in it anyway. Chi-Chi always was. She would ask him tons of questions about his exploits.

Chi-Chi also sparred with him. She wanted to get stronger and in the mornings, he would train her. Chi-Chi would get mad when Goku laughed at her and she would just attacked harder. There was something about Chi-Chi being mad that made him like her even more—the fire in her eyes. It sometimes brought the best fighting in her, but not the best when she tried to kick him between the legs. Aside from trying to kick him between the legs, Goku liked it when she got mad during their sparring.

Nimbus stopped. Goku tore himself from his thoughts to why Nimbus stopped. "Hey, Nimbus, why did you stop?" He looked at where he was. "I don't believe it. It's been years since I've seen this place. With a little cleaning, it'll be perfect for Chi-Chi to see."


"Can't you give me one hint as to where we are going?" Chi-Chi asked blindfolded as she held on to Goku as they rode on Nimbus.

Goku laughed. "What fun with that be? Then you will know the surprise. We'll be there soon."

Chi-Chi sighed and leaned against his muscled back and decided to take her husband's advice. It started off as a normal day for Chi-Chi. She was outside line drying some clothes when Goku came to her on Nimbus, happily smiling. He told her he had something to show her and before Chi-Chi could say anything else, he pulled her on the cloud and they were heading for this mysterious destination.

For the past week, Goku has left the house without saying where he was going. When he came back home, he would just grin as if he knew the biggest secret in the world. When Chi-Chi asked why he was grinning, he'll just grin wider and tell her she'll see soon.

Suddenly Nimbus stopped and she felt Goku pulled himself from her.

"We're here, Chi-Chi."

"Here where?" Chi-Chi asked still sitting on the cloud. She felt Goku's hands on her waist lifting her from Nimbus and setting her on the ground. He removed the blindfold. Before Chi-Chi's eyes was a small home. "What is this?"

"It's my home—the home I grew up in. I wanted you to see it," he smiled. Goku took her hand and led her inside.

"How long has it been since you were here?"

"Actually, a week. When I first came here, the grass were like a mile high and there was dust and cobwebs everywhere, so I cleaned it up. I know how you like things clean, but I hadn't really been here since Bulma came when I was a boy."

"That was a long time ago, Goku," Chi-Chi noted as she looked around the small home. "You mean in all your adventures, you haven't came back?"

Goku looked at her and shrugged his shoulders. "No. I was so busy exploring and just going places, learning how to fight, train, and when I decided to go home, another adventure started, so it became that once I left this home I never looked back."

"It's nice," Chi-Chi said looking over the small home. "Where did you sleep?"

"Oh," he took her hand and led her to the bedroom. "This is where me and Grandpa Gohan slept."

Chi-Chi looked around. It was a small room, smaller than the other room they were in and on the floor was a few blankets. "You didn't have a bed?"

Goku shook his head. "No. Grandpa and I always slept on the floor. Sometimes I slept in his lap."

Chi-Chi nodded. She was beginning to understand why Goku is so naïve and wondered what his grandfather was thinking. Didn't that man know anything about life, like it's much better to sleep on a bed than on the floor? "I don't see a bathroom, Goku."

"We didn't have one. We just go outside to do our business and if we wanted to wash up, we would go in the lake down the mountain."

"You really were a wilderness man," Chi-Chi said wryly.

Goku just rubbed the back of his head. "I guess so."

Chi-Chi smiled at him and took her hand in his. "It's nice to come back here and see where you came from and how far you've gone and grown, huh?"

"Yeah, but I really wanted to show it to you. I spent hours in the days cleaning it up for you, so you would like it."

"You cleaned…for me?" Chi-Chi blinked. She was stunned that Goku could clean and that he did it for her. It really touched her that Goku would go through the lengths for her like that. She was very honored that Goku wanted to take her to his home where he grew up.

It was then that Chi-Chi realized Goku was in love her. He might not know it but he was and Chi-Chi was going to show him.

"Well, yeah. Grandpa Gohan and I didn't live in a dirty home. We cleaned the house when it got dirty." He took her hand, leading her out the house. "Come on, I want to show you the trail outside."

Goku and Chi-Chi walked down a trial a mile from the house on the mountain he grew up on. "This is the trail Grandpa and I took when we had to go down the mountain to hunt for fish and wash up when we need to. I also fell on this trail too."

Chi-Chi stopped causing Goku to do the same since their hands were joined. She looked down at the trail alongside the mountain. Any normal person would've died from such a fall. "You fell off here and survive? How?"

"I fell on my head."

"Where?" Chi-Chi asked.

Goku raised his hand. "Somewhere along here," Goku answered rubbing his head through his hair.

Chi-Chi tilted his head down and ran her fingers through it looking for a scar or something. "Hey, is this it?"

"Yeah, I think so."

"You still have a scar here." Chi-Chi noted.

Chi-Chi pulled her hands away and looked up and screamed as a pterodactyl came flying down towards them. Apparently the dinosaur was hungry and was going to have Chi-Chi and Goku for dinner. The dinosaur opted for Chi-Chi and picked her up with his claws.

"Goku!" Chi-Chi screamed.

Goku saw the dinosaur leave with Chi-Chi and became angry. How dare that dinosaur take him from her? Goku growled and flew in the sky after the dinosaur. "Let her go!" Goku ordered.

The dinosaur laughed. "No way. I'm hungry and this woman looks to be a tasty treat." Chi-Chi just screamed and struggled to get herself free from the dinosaur's claws.

"I'm not something to eat!" Chi-Chi screamed.

Goku flew towards the dinosaur and punched the dinosaur in the stomach, knocking the wind out of him. The pterodactyl released Chi-Chi and she screamed as she plummet through the sky. Goku swooped down and caught Chi-Chi in his arms.

Chi-Chi gasped and wrapped her arm around Goku. "Are you all right?"

Chi-Chi looked at him, smiling, happy like a woman in love. "I'm fine now that I'm in your arms again."

Goku called for Nimbus and held her close to him until she was safely on Nimbus.

"Stay here." He told her.

Goku flew back towards the dinosaur and used a Kamehameha Wave on it to kill it. The fried dinosaur that looked tasty enough to eat plummeted to the ground. He thought about eating it, but then shrugged it off. He didn't want to eat something that tried to eat his wife.

He flew back to Nimbus and sat besides her, wrapping her in his arms again. Goku felt his heart racing. He was so frightened when the dinosaur took Chi-Chi from him. Hearing her screamed like that scared him and he didn't want that to ever happen to her again. He cared for her a lot, more than he ever cared for anyone.

Was this it then? Was he in love with her? He thought about what Chi-Chi said about love and the difference between her and Grandpa Gohan. He cared for him, but this feeling for Chi-Chi wasn't like he felt his grandfather. It was different. It was deeper and stronger. He always felt different with Chi-Chi. Chi-Chi let him do things and made him feel funny things, which he liked it a lot. He smiled. He did it. He fell in love with her. Now to tell her.


Chi-Chi looked in Goku's eyes. "Yes."

"I love you."

Chi-Chi smiled widens. "I know." 

Goku was confused and pulled back from her to look at him. "You know? How come you didn't tell me?"

"I just found out today when you brought me to your home and how you cleaned it for me."

"That's when you knew?" Goku asked again.


"So this means we can comumumate our vows?" Goku asked.

Chi-Chi laughed and kissed him. "Consummate, Goku and yes."

Goku smiled but then he frowned. "But I still don't know exactly what we do."

"Don't worry, Goku. I'll show you. It won't take long for you to catch on. Trust me." Chi-Chi said and kissed him again.


After an intimate dinner, Chi-Chi thought it was time they went to bed. Goku took off most of his clothes except his undershirt and boxers while Chi-Chi changed in the bathroom. She told him she had a surprised for him.

The door opened and Chi-Chi stepped out in a silky, white gown that fell to her knees. She got in bed with Goku and wrapped her arms around his neck. "I've been saving this for our first night. I love you, Goku."

"I love you, too, Chi-Chi," Goku said and kissed Chi-Chi.

Goku licked his tongue across her lips, prying Chi-Chi's mouth open. Chi-Chi moaned as his tongued teased with the insides of her mouth. He pulled back so Chi-Chi could breath and planted kisses to her neck.

Chi-Chi let her head drop giving Goku better access to her neck. Goku ran his fingers through her hair smelling it and growled. Goku's hand went to the straps on her slip and he ripped it off.


"Oh, um, sorry," he apologize. "It's doesn't really matter since you said it was for this night only, right?" He said and before Chi-Chi could say anything kissed her, ending the conversation. Strapless, the gown fell to her waist, and with a growl, Goku ripped the rest of it off.

Goku was into this more than Chi-Chi ever expected and his growling…it was more like an animal than human and it was enticing Chi-Chi all the more. She pulled Goku down with her onto the bed and wrapped a leg around Goku's and rubbed her leg up and down his leg. Chi-Chi felt the bulge between his legs, and while Goku looked worried, Chi-Chi smiled and kissed him to assure him it was all right. Goku smiled back and resumed his kissing trail down her chest.

Chi-Chi ran a hand up his lower back and grabbed his shirt. She worked it upwards and Goku pulled back to let Chi-Chi remove it. Chi-Chi rubbed her hands all over his chest and pushed him on his back while she made her own trail of kisses, making sure to explore each muscle on his chest. The sounds of moans, heavy breathing and discarding with the rest of Goku's clothing were the only thing heard in the room.

Chi-Chi then yelped in surprise as Goku rolled back on top of her, smiling wickedly. He kissed her passionately while Chi-Chi rubbed herself against him, enticing a moan from both of them. Chi-Chi whispered instructions for Goku to test her. Goku was confused about Chi-Chi's request and how it was to be done but he did as he was told. Chi-Chi told him she was ready and gave him one final instruction for their lovemaking to be complete.

Goku slowly entered her. Contrary to what she was told, there wasn't a mild discomfort for Chi-Chi or enormous pain when he broke through her barrier. There was nothing felt nothing but pure desire for both of them. As he moved in her, Goku began nuzzling and planted kisses on her neck.

Goku was overcome with a strange feeling. He had the sudden urge to bite Chi-Chi's neck. He never felt like doing that before, but now it was as if his body was willing him to do it. He licked her neck, causing Chi-Chi to giggle. Chi-Chi jumped in shock as Goku bit down on her neck. She felt herself bleeding and Goku licking the blood. Chi-Chi should feel freaked out and do whatever she could to get Goku off her but oddly, she found it…arousing.

It wasn't much longer after that before they spilled into each other and they laid sated on each other breathing heavily. Goku then realized how special this union was and understood why Chi-Chi wanted to wait. If they didn't, then he wouldn't have understood what they were doing and the importance of it.

He rolled off her but kept her close to him. "I love you, Chi-Chi."

Chi-Chi threw her arm across his chest and nuzzled closer to him, smiling. "I love you, too, Goku."

The End