All righty! I know, I said October, but I suck at waiting. I guess that's not a bad thing for you guys though! I bring to you, Staccato! It's Crescendo from Patch's and other points of view (but mostly Patch's).


Finally making it out of the maze of mirrors, I reached them. Time slowed as I took in the scene.

Rixon. My best friend. My cunning, calculating, betraying monster of a best friend. He lifted the gun at her head confidently and without hesitation. I would have known his full intentions with or without prior suspicion; Rixon never missed.

Scott Parnell. Lying temporarily dead on the ground, bullets in his chest. I couldn't muster any sympathy for him, because I was willing to bet he hadn't even tried to keep her safe. The coward. No time to waste on him, not with my Angel protecting him.

Nora. Breathing heavily, her body was arched around Scott, shielding his body from Rixon's aim. It was pointless, because we all knew who the bullet was really meant for. Her eyes were terrified, yet defiant. She knew she was going to die, and yet she still looked him in the eyes, daring him to shoot. Why? I was practically choking on my fear for her. I walked in closer, and her eyes twitched towards me and for a moment, they lost their defiant look.

I knew I'd have to do something, and it was tearing at me inside.

Rixon was my best friend. He'd always been there, and I owed almost everything to him. But I would try to save Nora at any cost, Archangels be damned. I loved her, and I wanted her back more than anything.

Whatever I did, whatever decision I made tonight, one outcome was certain.

I was going to lose someone important to me tonight.

This is definitely the most...not depressing, but upsetting of the series for me because it's like they went through so much together, and then shit hits the fan and then there' Nora. Well, to be fair, the Archangels, but Nora definitely helped. Now, I'm posting this now, because it's finished, but I also have school work as well and a heavier schedule so forgive me if I'm ever inconsistent posting. That being said, enjoy!