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The moral of the group was as low as it could be. The girls were terrified, and so was Buffy, to be honest. She did have a kind of plan, but it all depended on her. If she failed, the girls would die. Everyone would die.

The Potentials kept arguing among themselves at the dinner table, with Willow back on her seat at one end, while Buffy occupied the other. They were trying to keep the girls calm, but it was basically impossible. They were facing their imminent death, after all.

A thump shut them all up. Buffy glanced up from her absent staring of the table, and Willow turned around on her sit, looking toward the foyer. Where did that noise come from?

Another thump followed the first. Buffy straightened up just as Dawn jumped from her seat, trying to put as much distance between the foyer and herself while the Potentials looked at them like confused puppies.

Three thumps later Willow and Xander were also backing away from the doorframe, and Buffy was as tense as she could be. The Potentials were all standing, too afraid to question what was happening. If the veterans were backing away, they should back away too.

A pair of military boots and jean clad legs appeared first, followed by the brunette most of the new residents had taken to calling 'comatose girl'.

Ally looked around the room, taking in all the new faces, feeling the power beneath. When her eyes landed on Buffy, she saw the senior Slayer visibly relax, comforted by the familiar colour of her eyes.

"Alls." Buffy breathed, the corners of her lips lightly curling upwards, some of the weight of the coming battle lifting off her shoulders. She wouldn't have to fight alone.

"Woah, woah. Wasn't she tied?" Rona asked, her voice much higher than she intended it to be.

"It's okay. She's okay." Buffy assured, walking around the table. "Alls, these are…"

"Potentials. I know. I can feel it." Ally cut her, scanning the new girls with her eyes. Then, as if they were no more than specks of dust on the furniture, her gaze travelled toward the kitchen and her jaw clenched. "Where is he?" She ground out, her chest tight. He was nowhere near. She'd felt it since the moment she'd opened her eyes. He wasn't there.

"The Bringers took him. They attacked the house and took him while we were fighting." Dawn explained, nearing her sister once she knew she was fine. "Are you okay?"

"I'm hungry." Ally declared before making her way toward the kitchen, ignoring all the curious faces.

Two minutes later, the meeting had moved from the dining room to the kitchen, where the brunette sat, stuffing herself until her stomach had stopped grumbling.

"There's a creature…"

"A new type of vampire is coming for us tonight…"

"We got to stop it before it kills us…"

"You're a Slayer too, right? Two Slayers will be able to kill the uber-vamp…"

"We have to get ready for sunset."

Ally set her spoon down and glanced at the group almost screaming at her, trying to get her to listen to them. "I'm getting Spike back. Then I'll deal with the uber-vamp."

The statement raised an uproar among the Potentials, while the Scoobies stared at her in disbelief.

"The Turok'Han could kill us! You're gonna go help a vampire instead of keeping us safe?!" One of the new girls screeched, making Ally's gaze land on her.

"Let me make this one thing clear." The brunette Slayer stood from her seat, placing her hands on the counter and leaning forward to get closer to the Potentials. "Spike's with me. He's not here, I don't work. If you have any complaints, save them." Grabbing her empty bowl and spoon, she turned to wash them but halted mid-way, looking over her shoulder at the small crowd. "I pity whoever tries to get in my way."

Not sure what to make of this new attitude, Xander stepped closer to Ally, trying to stop her from glaring at the already scared girls. "We don't even know if he is alive, Alls."

"He is alive." She knew. She could feel it. Faint, and far away, but there.

"What kind of priorities do you have? You are a Slayer!" Another girl screamed, voicing everyone's thoughts.

Ally's eyes narrowed as she looked over Xander's shoulder, her patience running thin. "You don't get it. If Spike dies, the connection breaks, I lose control and kill you all. You need him alive and safe as much as I do."

"Control?" Rona intervened, trying her best to 'understand' given the situation.

As she left the dinnerware on the sink, Ally blinked and gazed at the group, her eyes turning black in a split second. A collective gasp filled the kitchen as everyone took a step back, before Ally blinked again and her eyes returned to their natural grey. "Control."

As the sun went down and the Bringers surrounded the house, Ally paced in the living room, an axe in her hand and fire in her veins. Only a couple more minutes, and she'd be able to go get Spike and bring him back home without taking the risk of him turning into a fireball.

"There is more of them now." Dawn warned them from her spot beside the boarded windows, watching the Bringers surround the house.

"Good. It's payback time." Ally snapped, finally heading toward the door. It was dark enough already. "You guys stay here."

"Alls, no!" Buffy tried to stop her, only for the brunette to rush out, straight toward the robed figures.

"You wanted a Dark Slayer? Here's your Dark Slayer!" The junior Slayer screamed as she charged against the Bringers, swinging her axe when four of them tried to jump her. The blade traced a half-circle, slicing air and flesh just the same, a splatter of blood staining the pavement as three figures went down, a forth managing to draw two curved daggers before his head was separated from his body.

Instead of stopping to deal with the rest of the Bringers, Ally ran in the direction of the pull, where she knew her vampire to be.

She didn't know if it was luck, or just that it wasn't specifically after her, but she didn't come across the Turok'Han.

Lucky bastard.

She was almost surprised when she didn't find any resistance on her way to the tunnels. It did take some time, but the pull was quite clear, more and more the closer she got to her target. With all the Bringers and the Turok'Han after the Potentials, the tunnels were deserted when she got there.

Not completely, though.

Hanging from ropes attached to the stony rocky walls was her vampire. Bloody, wounded, barely hanging on. But he was there.

She dropped the axe, the noise making Spike's head whip toward her, his swollen eyes widening with hope before his face fell again. "An axe, now, is it? What'll...what'll that...you… you can't hurt me. You're… you're just a bloody figment, you are. You're just..." Ally approached him, restraining herself from running so as not to scare him anymore. She unsheathed one of the daggers he'd given her on her birthday party from her boot and cut his ropes, freeing him. Weak and unused to having to keep himself upright by then, he collapsed, and involuntarily braced himself on her shoulder. Realizing he could touch her, he stared at her in amazement, finally able to tell deception from reality. "You. Oh."

She lightly smiled, sheathing the dagger again. "Missed you, baby. Let's go home." She grabbed one of his arms and threw it over her shoulders, happy to take him out of there at last.

As they slowly made their way home, Spike halted, his eyes looking around, alert. "They're close. That way. The other vampire too. Can smell them all. The fear…"

Ally bit her lip, indecisive. She wanted to get him to safety, but maybe… "Will you be okay while we deal with him?"

"I really wanna see you kick its butt."

She smirked, moving a bit faster in the direction her friends were supposed to be in, or as fast as Spike's limp would allow them to.

The lights turned on over the construction site of the new Sunnydale Public Library, where the Scoobies and Potentials backed away from the Turok'Han. Buffy stood looking over the area, arms crossed, staring right at the uber-vamp.

Willow led the Potentials to the scaffolding, clearing the area for the senior Slayer and her opponent.

"Looks good, doesn't it? They're trapped in here. Terrified. Meat for the beast, and there's nothing they can do but wait." She somersaulted to the ground level, closer to the monster. "That's all they've been doing for days. Waiting to be picked off. Having nightmares about monsters that can't be killed. But I don't believe in that. I always find a way. I'm the thing that monsters have nightmares about."

"We're the monsters' worst fears come true." Came Ally's voice from behind the Turok'Han, who had slowly been approaching the blonde Slayer. "We're not alone. We fight together." The brunette locked gazes with her sister. "Even die together. Let's show him what Summers women are made of, huh, Buff?"

Buffy smirked, new energy surging through her veins now that her sister fought beside her. "It's time. Welcome to Thunderdome."

Both Slayers moved in synchrony toward the Turok'Han, who got ready to fight them both. Instead, they somersaulted over him, switching sides and confusing the creature before attacking. Combined kicks sent the uber-vamp to the floor, but it recovered fast and was on his feet by the time the Slayers charged again, Some kicks landed, some punches missed their fast moving target, but overall the sisters seemed to have the upper hand.

One well-aimed punch from the Turok sent Ally flying twenty feet across the construction site, giving the uber-vamp the advantage again.

Alone once more, Buffy picked up a metal tube from the scaffold, using it to hit the creature, alas, not very effectively.

"Ally!" Spike called from the other side of the site, leaning weakly against some bricks, his gaze set on his fiancée.

A short moment later, Ally raised her head, her black gaze set on the fight. Oh, that hideous thing was going to pay.

She jumped to her feet just as Buffy tumbled backwards, poorly deflecting the Turok's hits. As the uber-vamp got ready for one big strike, Ally intercepted its fist, grabbing it with her hand and using the initial surprise of the creature to land one high-kick to its head.

The Turok stumbled away from the Slayers, giving Buffy enough time to recover for the moment.

"You okay there, sis?" Ally asked, her eyes still pitch black, yet in control.

"Yeah, you?"


The uber-vamp roared, ready to charge again, and the Slayers got into defensive positions, side by side. "Let's get this over with." The senior Slayer declared.

Ally crouched, sweeping the vampire's legs off the ground, while Buffy received the Turok with a high kick, both hits landing at once. The creature fell with a loud thud and Buffy took the chance to grab the axe near their position as Ally kicked the monster once more. It rolled around, crashing against the scaffold, the metallic ringing echoing across the site.

"Ready, Buff?" Ally asked out loud, not taking her eyes off the vamp and the long chain beside it as she ran toward it.

"Ready!" Came the response, close behind her.

Ally dropped to the ground, sliding past the Turok and between the metallic rods of the scaffold, picking the chain on the way. The vamp jumped up, glancing between both Slayers, each on one side, before Ally threw the chain at him. The metallic leash went around him as Ally slid between the rods, picking the other end of the cable and pulling, crushing the vampire against the scaffold as Buffy reached it. The Turok struggled against the pumped up Slayer's restrains, but its arms were attached to its sides, leaving the creature defenceless.

Buffy swung the axe in a half-circle, the blade slicing through the vamps neck, effectively killing it before it turned to a cloud of dust.

Ally dropped the chains just as Buffy let the axe fall to the ground to hold her hand out to her sister. Both of them neared the group of Potentials and Scoobies that been witness to the first slaying of Turok'Han in millennia, determination in their faces.

"See? Dust. Just like the rest of 'em. I don't know what's coming next, but I do know it's gonna be just like this. Hard. Painful. But in the end it's gonna be us. If we all do our parts, believe it, we'll be the ones left standing. Here endeth the lesson." The eldest declared, new bruises adorning her face.

Ally let her eyes turn to grey once more, letting the audience see they could trust them, follow them. They could protect them and teach them. They were the Slayers. She nodded once before turning around and going back to her vampire's side, who smiled at her through his own bruises, pride in his gaze. "That's my Ally Cat."