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Somewhere in Atlas….

"So far so good" a guy in pieces of silver armor grumbled.

The guy was Brandon SilverSchnee, a distance member of the Schnee family and one of the best sword fighters and security in Atlas. Brandon is a 16 year old guy that is 6 foot tall and he is a thin person that carries two custom swords called Light Switch and Sin Slayer and his powerful revolver called Silver Angel. Anyways, he's in a train making it's way to a major city in Atlas to drop off Schnee dust crates and the Atlesian combat droids. Brandon was asked by his uncle, the guy in charge of the Schnee Dust Company, to protect it from any grimm or White Fang members. Of course he accepted because he's doing it for his family, and for the lien his uncle would be paying him if he succeeded. He was sitting around doing nothing when he heard an engine and multiple footsteps above him." let's get this show on the road" Brandon huffed as he got Light Switch, his templer styled sword that has the dust revolver mechanism, and placed his earbuds in his ears and played Lift Your Spirits by Unlimited Gravity (cue the song)

Brandon climbed a ladder and leaped onto the roof and found five White Fang members, all armed with swords, lifting two dust containers.

He smirked and placed his custom silver helmet on and ran towards the robbers. The thieves saw him and they all raised their swords, but Brandon Got past them all and stabbed Light Switch into the ground between all of them. A click can be heard and the dust cylinder shifted to an ice blue color, which spawned a circle of ice spike that surrounded Brandon and impaling the five White Fang members. As fast as the ice spikes came, they disappeared and the the five members dropped to the ground. That wasn't all because a bullhead just arrived and more White Fang members arrived with a guy wearing a mask covering his eyes and wearing a black trench coat and has red hair. Him and the other White Fang members dropped from the bullhead and made their way towards the dust containers. Brandon just yawned and pulled out Silver Angel. The revolver was a silver revolver/ desert eagle design and has a blade under the gun and can switch into a knife in a press of a button. He fired a round and it hit one of the White Fang members and sent the person flying two feet back. the rest drew their weapons and ran towards Brandon as he pressed a button and the hand cannon switch into a huge knife. The first member tried to hack him to pieces, but Brandon grabbed the handle of his attackers sword and stuck the knife into one of the attacker's shoulder and pulled it out. Instantly dropping the attacker and he looked to see a few more of them left especially the one in black. The grunts started to shoot at Brandon, but he threw one of the swords that he picked up at one of them and running towards the group of thieves. The sword hit one of the closest members and Brandon began to slice the other members until he reached the one dressed in black.

" Who do we have here" the guy in black questioned him as he drew his sword.

" I'm just a guy defending a train" Brandon answered as he sheathed Light Switch and brought out Sin Slayer.

Sin Slayer is a sword that has a blade made entirely out of crystalized fire dust and the handle is shaped as a T and its made out of silver and ebony metal. " You want to strike first or should I" Brandon asked the stranger as he got into his ready pose.

The stranger struck first and forced Brandon into his defensive position, but he was able to counter attack and launched his attacker a few feet back by directing some of his aura to his hand and done a palm strike at the guy's chest. The guy in black came back again, and this time, he was faster with his strikes, but Brandon was able to block them. Then he drew Light Switch and drew a symbol. Soon a beam of light fired at the attacker. It would of disintegrated him, but he blocked and absorbed the attack. "You're more skilled than I thought" the unique White Fang member commented as a bullhead arrived. The guy then unleashed a powerful strike and Brandon only had enought time to draw a defense symbol. The guy got on the bullhead and was about to leave when the guy spoke. "Next time, you won't be so lucky" was the only thing he said before the bullhead flew away.

It was a quiet ride from that point on with Brandon doing nothing but listen to music all the way there. Once he arrived at the train stop, he was greeted by a man with silver hair and wearing an expensive suit.

"Hello, are you looking for somebody?" Brandon asked the man.

"Yes I am, are you Brandon SilverSchnee?" the man asked him.

"Yes I am, who are you?" Brandon questioned the man.

" I'm Ozpin, the headmaster of Beacon" Ozpin told him as Brandon's mouth flew right open.

"As in the headmaster of Beacon Ozpin?" Brandon questioned Ozpin again.

Ozpin told him yes and handed him a letter. Brandon opened the letter to see an acceptance letter for Beacon. He looked at the letter and back to Ozpin for a few seconds. Brandon was about to ask why he got accepted, but Ozpin was gone. The silver knight got his scroll and called his family that he got accepted to Beacon. His family congratulated him and told him that they were proud of him. He thanked them and hung up and called Weiss about the good news. Weiss is one of Brandon's favorite cousins and Brandon is the only person Weiss can talk to without going into her snoby attitude.

"Hello, this is Weiss Schnee, who is this?" Weiss asked through the scroll.

"Its me Weiss, Brandon, anyways I got accepted into Beacon" Brandon told Weiss as Weiss began to ramble about how he was only 16 years old. " I got the acceptance letter from Ozpin himself Weiss" he told her as Weiss finally congratulated him on his acceptance. " well see you at Beacon in three days" Brandon told her as he said goodbye. He hung up and got on an airship that leads to Beacon to get an early tour. Once he got on one of the airships, he started to cheer in excitement.

"I got accepted to Beacon!" Brandon yelled in excitement as people all around him looked at him. Brandon apologized and placed his earbuds into his ears and played This Will Be The Day by Jeff William. " lets see what life will take me" Brandon mumbled under his breath as he continued to listen to his song.

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