Gibbs/Allison Series

City Slickers

By MChakotayParis (R. Mason)

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This is another story in the Gibbs/Allison Series, involving Leroy Jethro Gibbs, Tobias C. Fornell & Allison Grayson, so it might be a wise idea if you read the other stories first. They are in order "Gibbs' New Girl", "Switching Places", "Now it's My Turn", "Second Daddy", "Choosing Between Old & New", "Let Your Love Shine Through", "Laissez les Bons Temps Rouler", "Year of the Sheep", "Your Green is Showing", "Spring has Sprung", "Here Comes Peter Cotton Tail" , "Fiesta de Mayo", Greatest Daddies Ever", "When the Leaves Begin to Fall", "It's Scary Out There!", "Deep in the Heart of Winter" & "Off to the Adirondacks"

50 States Series: Wyoming

Gibbs and Tobias take Allison to a dude ranch in Wyoming.

Chapter 1: Guess where we're going!

Allison, Tobias and Gibbs stayed at their Adirondack home for the better part of the next two years only leaving in October to spend the winter months in D.C with family and friends then returned to New York in late April early May when everything was thawed out.

After they'd hiked, fished, even helped Gibbs build a small boat Ali started once again searching the internet for a new state to explore this time going into the north western part of the United States and exploring Wyoming.

It was while they were cuddling on the couch in the living room that Gibbs happened to look over and see what Ali was searching.

"Ali are you thinking of going to a dude ranch?" asked Gibbs as he leaned over and kissed her head.

"A dude ranch! Jethro really?" asked Tobias as he looked at the pair sitting on the couch.

He'd been in the kitchen cleaning and just walked in as Gibbs asked Ali the question.

"It's not me Tobias, it's Ali" said Gibbs with a smile

"Why not Papa, sounds like fun and I know you like to shoot and fish with Daddy?" asked Ali as she sat up and looked at her other father.

Since they'd retired both men had been active participates in all of Ali's activities, spending hours hiking, fishing and exploring the woods with her. Gibbs had taken her horse back ridding once before when they were at their beach house in Chesapeake Beach and she'd loved it.

"That's not what I'm concerned about sweetheart, but don't you think we all are getting a little old for the cattle drives, campfires and sleeping on the ground?" asked Tobias as he came over to the pair.

"I agree about the sleeping on the ground part Papa, but I bet I could still ride a short horseback trail with the best of them. And besides, that was your excuse about us going camping and look how that turned out" said Ali with a smug smile.

Two years ago Ali had mentioned that she wanted to go camping and now they all three were retired and had a beautiful log cabin home in the Adirondack Mountains were they could do all the camping out stuff without having to sleep in a tent.

"You're right little one, and I'm sure you'll find us a luxury dude ranch with big four poster beds and a Jacuzzi" said Tobias with a smile

"Well maybe not four poster beds but I did find one that has a queen size bed in the master bedroom and a full in the second bedroom, plus a large bathroom, laundry room and a Jacuzzi" answered Ali with a shy smile.

"Allison Fornell-Gibbs, you are taking this luxury retirement a little too far sometimes" said Gibbs with a smile

"And why not Daddy, you know we've earned it and like you keep saying we are all too old to be sleeping on a blanket on the ground" said Ali

"She's got you there Jethro, so where is this dude ranch Ali?" asked Tobias as he sat down on the couch next to her.

"It's near Laramie Wyoming, just two and a half hours north of Denver. And they have everything, hiking, fishing, horseback riding, even shooting and roping if you want to learn" said Ali excited.

Both men could tell that Ali really wanted to go, but couldn't help but tease her just a little bit longer.

"And what about the heat, and the flies, not to mention the smell from all those horses" said Tobias with a grin

"Oh Papa! Daddy and I have ridden before and horses don't smell. Besides I was thinking of us going in September so the weather wouldn't be all that hot" said Ali as she made a face at him

"Well then what about your clothes, you can't wear a sundress or shorts to ride a horse sweetheart" said Gibbs.

Ever since Ali's last accident and their retirement Ali had been wearing strictly sundresses, skirts or loose clothes so it was easier to change her, since she was now wearing diapers exclusively. The damage to her back and the extensive rehabilitation having rendered her totally bladder incontinent.

"I was thinking we could get me some larger jeans, that way it would still be fairly easy to change my diaper and I could still ride a horse" said Ali

"Sounds like you've thought this out very carefully little one, how about you're Daddy and I discuss it then we'll get back to you" said Tobias

"Sure Papa, I'll bookmark the web page for the ranch so you both can look at it yourselves later. And thank you both for considering it" said Ali as she threw her arms around both men.

"You're welcome sweetheart, now how about you go check on that ice cream. I think it's just about ready to put in the freezer" said Tobias with a smile.

Ever since they'd move into their retirement house and Ali had found all the kitchen gadgets that the previous owners had left they always had several varieties of homemade ice.

"Thanks Papa, love you both!" said Ali as she once again kissed both men then ran to the kitchen to finish the ice cream.

"Well, what do you think? Think you can stand Ali at a dude ranch?" asked Gibbs as Tobias took Ali's lap top computer from him.

Tobias quickly scanned through the website then handed the lap top back to Gibbs and almost crawled into the other man's lap.

"I think that it would be fun to see those big strong thighs wrapped around a horse, squeezing…." started Tobias then stopped as he leaned in and gave his husband a kiss.

"Tobias! Ali's just in the kitchen" said Gibbs breathlessly when Tobias' lips left his.

"Oh she's still working on her ice cream Jethro, so what do you say. Think you can stand two weeks or so at a dude ranch with your husband and daughter"

"If it gets you into a pair of tight jeans and on a horse, hell yeah! I'll make the arrangements right now" said Gibbs as he reached once again for Ali's computer.

"Hold on their cowboy, we still need to call and see if they have any reservations plus can make arrangements for all the things Ali will need to take with her" said Tobias with a smile.

Traveling with Ali had turned into an adventure in its self, but to see the joy and happiness on her face when she discovered something new was worth all the extra effort it now took.

"You're right Tobias, but promise me one thing?" asked Gibbs as he pulled his husband in for another kiss

"Anything Jethro…" whispered Tobias as soon as he could breathe again.

"If we do this that one or both of us will always be with Ali" said Gibbs

Even though they both knew that Ali was more than capable of taking care of herself they still worried when she went out in public. Since their retirement there had been a few incidents of people getting loud and offensive towards Ali because of her child like behavior and even though she tried not to let it bother her it did. So both men had promised Ali and each other that they would always be with her to protect her.

"You know I will Jethro" said Tobias honestly, still remembering the hurt look on Ali's face after the last incident. It had taken her almost a month to become confident enough to go back out in public with both of them.

"Thank you Tobias" said Gibbs as he leaned in for one more kiss but stopped when he heard someone softly clearing their throat.

"Daddy, Papa! You two need to go to your room if you're going to do that!" said Ali as she walked into the living room and promptly squeezed in between the two of them.

Both men gladly moved over and made room for her then with a wink and a smile started tickling her until Ali was writhing and screaming in their arms.

"Stop Daddy, stop Papa! Please!" cried Ali as she tried to wiggle out of their arms but they each held her firmly.

"Well what do you think Tobias, should we stop?" asked Gibbs as he looked down at Ali laying in his arms.

She was breathing heavily and her face was slightly reddish but she had a smile on her face and a twinkle in her eyes.

"Well she did say please, Jethro so I guess we can give her a reprieve" said Tobias as he helped Ali sit up and then pulled her into his arms. Ali's head went instantly against his chest and she sighed as she wrapped her arms around her Papa.

"Thank you both for being my daddies, and giving me such a wonderful second chance at childhood" whispered Ali

"Your welcome sweetheart" said Gibbs as he leaned down and kissed Ali's head.

The rest of the morning was spent cuddling until they fixed lunch and then both Gibbs and Tobias put Ali down for her nap. While she was asleep they both checked out the website and made a few calls starting the arrangements for Ali's trip to a dude ranch. As it turned out the ranch was very accommodating and readily agreed to the changes that Ali would need so by four o' clock when Ali awoke Gibbs and Tobias had finalized the plans for their visit the first two weeks in September.

As they entered her room they could tell that Ali was still excited because her sheets were in a tangle and she was laying all spread out in her bed, which usually only happened when she was excited or sick. Tobias quickly checked her forehead and neck before he started changing her and found that she was cool.

After fastening the last tape Tobias moved back so Gibbs could sit down on her bedside while he went to throw away Ali's wet diaper and wash his hands.

"Hello beautiful, how'd you sleep?" asked Gibbs as he gently stroked Ali's face until she opened her eyes.

"Good Daddy, I was dreaming of us going horseback riding and then shooting rifles at those clay things?" said Ali as Gibbs helped her sit up.

"You mean skeet shooting Ali? I didn't think you'd want to do that since you don't like shooting your own gun?" said Tobias as he came out of the bathroom

"That's because I'm aiming at a person or a target, these are only clay disks" said Ali as Gibbs as he helped her out of bed and walked with her towards her clothes.

"Well then I guess we'd better look into getting you some denim skirts and a couple of larger sized blue jeans so you can go horseback riding" said Tobias

"Really Papa, Daddy! You mean it, we can go to the dude ranch?" cried Ali as she suddenly threw herself at both her fathers

"Ali! You need to be careful little one" said Tobias as he staggered a little under her weight then started rubbing her back

"Everything's all set for us to spend the first two weeks in September at the Lazy L Dude Ranch" said Gibbs

"Oh thank you Daddy, thank you Papa! You two are the greatest!" said Ali as she once again hugged them.

"You're welcome sweetheart, now how about we celebrate with some of that homemade ice cream of yours as a snack" suggested Tobias with a smile

"Really Papa, oh thank you!" said Ali as she quickly turned and went to get her clothes. "Can we maybe call everyone and tell them that were leaving for a little while?"

"I thought you might want to do that so I put in a request for a video conference with the team for tomorrow" said Gibbs

"Oh thank you Daddy!" cried Ali as she came running out of the bathroom wearing her sundress and only one shoe

"Whoa there little one, slow down! Wouldn't want you to hurt yourself before your big trip to the dude ranch" said Tobias as he grabbed Ali around the waist

"Sorry Papa" said Ali softly

"It's alright little one you just need to slow down a little. Now how about you sit down and put your shoes on then we can go and get some of your ice cream" said Tobias as he sat Ali down on her bed.

"Yes Papa, and thank you"

"You're welcome little one" said Tobias as he kissed her head then went to get her matching hair bow.

When Ali was completely dressed Tobias and Ali left her room and went to the kitchen and found Gibbs getting out the bowls and spoons for Ali's snack

"Go and choose your ice cream baby girl while Tobias and I get the rest of your snack ready" said Gibbs with a smile

"Thanks Daddy!" cried Ali then ran to the freezer to pick her ice cream

"Do you really think ice cream is a good snack right now Jethro?" asked Tobias as he watched Ali race out of the kitchen

"She's been good since we got here Tobias and I figure if she gets to hyper we can always take her for a hike or something. Beside you know it's mostly excitement about our upcoming trip, and she has waited two years before she even asked to go anywhere else. I think she deserves to be a little excited" said Gibbs with a smile.

"You're right, I just hope we can keep her calm until we leave in September" said Tobias with a smile

"Oh I'm sure we can, you know we can always threaten to cancel the trip. That always keeps her inline" said Gibbs with a smile

A few minutes later Ali returned with a large plastic container of her homemade chocolate chip ice cream. As Gibbs and Tobias scooped up Ali fixed her a glass of juice and then sat at the counter quietly waiting for her snack. When they were finished they took Ali outside to play on the back patio for a while then spent the rest of the afternoon until dinner time playing with her in her playroom. After dinner they spent the evening watching old westerns and at Ali's bed time she went to bed dreaming of all the western fun they would have.


By the time their video conference call was scheduled Ali was once again bouncing around the house, just barely sitting at the computer before she'd bounce up to do something else. Gibbs and Tobias both had gotten stir crazy just watching her bounce around the house and had tried to get her to calm down and go fishing with them but she'd declined so they went without her.

At the predetermined time Ali sent the video conference request through then waited with baited breath until someone in MTAC answered her. Meanwhile at NCIS Director Vance checked his watch and with a smile got up to leave his office. Gibbs, Tobias and Ali had been back at their Adirondack retirement home for almost a month now and except for the occasional phone call no one in D. C had heard from them.

When he got the call from Gibbs yesterday asking if he could set up a video conference call with everyone for Ali he had a feeling something big was up. It had been a surprise that they'd stayed in New York for a long as they had but considering the house and property they'd bought for their retirement he'd not really been surprised. Last year Gibbs and Tobias had invited everyone up to their house for a long Fourth of July weekend and even with three days they'd still had been able to see all of the property.

This call probably meant that Ali had finally chosen another state for them to explore and he couldn't wait to find out where they were going next. As he walked out onto the catwalk that was above the bull pen he looked down and smiled. NCIS and the dynamics of the lead MCRT team had changed a little but they were still a very close knit family. Ducky had retired himself and DiNozzo had been promoted to Lead Special Agent, former NSA Agent Eleanor Bishop had joined the team as their Probie and so far was fitting in very nicely.

"DiNozzo, you and you're team in MTAC now!" called down Vance in his best Director's voice

"Yes Director" called Tony as he stood up and lead the way upstairs.

"Bishop, would you bring Ms. Sciuto and Mr. Palmer to MTAC as well" asked Vance just as she cleared the bull pen

"Uhhh, yes Director" said Bishop then hurried towards the elevator.

"Is there a problem Director?" asked Tony as he came to stand beside the man on the cat walk

"Just follow me, you'll see" said Vance with a smile then lead the way into MTAC.

A few minutes later Bishop, Jimmy and Abby entered and soon the whole group was standing before the big screen.

"Bring her up" said Vance and instantly Ali's face appeared on the large plasma screen

"Hey squirt!" called Tony as he saw Ali whirl around and smile at the assembled group

"Tony! Tim! Ziva! Abby! Jimmy! Uncle Leon!" called Ali as she gave one of her normal Ali squeal then quietly added "Hi Ellie"

At his comment Leon cleared his voice but had a sly smile on his face.

"Sorry Director Vance" said Ali as she calmed down a bit and sat looking at her hands.

"It's alright Ali, now where are Jethro and Tobias?" asked Vance

"Ohhhhh there out doing daddy stuff or something, they should be back in a few minutes" said Ali as she cheered up and started bouncing again.

"Allison! What did we tell you about saying where we were?" asked Gibbs as he came up behind her and placed a hand on her shoulder

"But they asked directly Daddy, and since you knew who they were I didn't think you'd mind" said Ali as she turned around to look at the two men. "Ewww Daddy! Couldn't you have cleaned them before you brought them into the house?"

"That's your job little one" said Tobias with a smile

"Not on your nelly Papa! You know I'll catch them and eat them but I WILL NOT clean them!" said Ali emphatically.

On their very first fishing trip to the lake after they'd got to the house Ali had caught her first fish but had gotten so excited that when she tried to remove the hook, the fish bit her finger and got away. After that she had no problem catching or eating fish but she would emphatically never touch the fish, so Gibbs or Tobias always helped her when they went fishing.

"Don't worry little one, I'll clean them after we finish our video conference" said Tobias with a smile.

"Thank you Papa" said Ali then turned back around and looked at her assembled family before her. "Guess where Papa and Daddy said we could go next?"

"Where Ali?" asked Abby

"Wyoming, to a real life dude ranch, like the one in city slickers!" exclaimed Ali excitedly

"Really Boss! A dude ranch, now I can see you there since I know you've been on a horse before but Tobias... I mean..."

"DiNozzo!" yelled both Tobias and Gibbs, then nodded just in time to see Director Vance head slap Tony

"Thank you Leon, now why do you find that so funny DiNutzo. I've been on a horse before" said Tobias

"Oh well, if you say so. Ali sweet, take lots of pictures okay" said Tony then moved out of the way just in time to side step another head slap from Ziva

"When are you going Ali?" asked Abby trying to hide the mirth in her voice.

Since they all knew that one of their earlier cases had taken Gibbs to Arizona they all knew he could ride a horse but Tobias, well that was another story. They'd bet that the last time he'd gotten on a horse was at a pony ride when Emily was little.

"The first two weeks in September guys, and I'll send you lots of emails and pictures while were there I promise!" said Ali happily

"Well you have a wonderful time and we look forward to hearing all about your trip next time we see you Ali" said Leon

"Thank you Director Vance, and tell Jared and Kayla that I'll bring them something back from Wyoming along with everyone else" said Ali

"Will do Ali" said Leon with a smile then signaled for the connection to be cut.

MTAC was only supposed to be used for NCIS business but none of them had talked to Ali, Tobias or Gibbs in over a month so he made an exception. As he looked at his extended family he smiled then walked out of MTAC wondering what Ali would bring back for Kayla and Jared.

"Wow! Is she always that hyper?" asked Bishop as he looked at each of her other team mates.

She'd only meet Ali a few times since she'd join Tony's team and she and Jake were slowly working their way into the Fornell-Gibbs extended family. They'd both gone to a couple of movie nights over at the Fornell-Gibbs residence and last Christmas went to Morning Mass with them before they opened their presents.

For the most part Ali had been "big Ali" when Ellie and Jake had been around, only really experiencing the real "little Ali" once when Tony and Abby talked them into coming with them to the extended Fourth of July weekend at their retirement home. Ali had been so bubbly and excited the whole time everyone was there that she'd almost forgotten what she could be like.

"Yep Bish, you've just experienced our Ali in full "little Ali" mode. She was actually sort of calm during our visit on the Fourth of July" said Tony as he led the other's out of MTAC

"Really?" asked Ellie questionably

"Oh yeah, she knew that she had to behave or Gibbs and Tobias wouldn't ask us to come back" said Abby

"Wow, she is one special lady then isn't she?"

"That she is Bishop that she is" said Tony as the door closed behind them.