Tirza and Severus were sitting together in the hammock in the yard. Tirza was reading a letter from Remus: "Hey kiddo! Hope your summer is going well! Sorry I haven't been able to visit yet; I miss you. -Uncle Remus." Tirza sighed. "I wish he'd come visit." Severus kissed her head. "I know, but he is very busy. I'm sure he'll come and see you before the summer is over though." Several loud cracking sounds were heard and they looked up to see six people and a baby had apparated into their yard. "Great," Severus muttered under his breath. "Daddy, who are these people?" Tirza asked quietly, before they were spotted. "Our....'family'," he said scowling at them. One of them suddenly spotted them. A woman rushed over and starting pinching Tirza's cheeks. "Aren't you adorable," she said in a baby voice. "I'm Auntie Meredith." Tirza's eyebrow rose and she shot Severus a look that pleaded for help.

Meredith was a middle aged witch, dressed in a blood red robe, her graying blond hair pulled into a bun. Tirza was still looking at Severus, hoping he'd do something as Meredith continued pinching her cheeks. "Meredith, stop terrorizing her, no matter how much fun it is," Snape growled. Meredith scowled at Severus. "A ray of sunshine as always, Severus" she snapped. Tirza scooted back into Severus' arms for protection as the others came over. "I'm woodworth, pleasure to meet you Leah." Tirza scowled "it's TIRZA." woodworth frowned. "Rather rude little thing, isn't she?" he said to Severus "No that's you; at least attempt to get her name right," Severus replied.

Millicent came forward, holding the baby. "Hi there dear, my name's milly." Tirza instantly liked the woman: she had made no attempt to touch her! "And this is my and woodworth's little girl, elviria, but we call her elvie." Tirza started to laugh, but quickly turned it into a cough. Snape whispered in Tirza ear, "Note how the only normal one is family via marriage." "She's....something else," Tirza choked out, looking at the baby. Severus was right; the baby wasn't very pretty; she was so small and already had a horrible scowl on her face. "I'm Cornelia," a teenaged girl with short blonde hair and squinty blue eyes said. "And I would like a glass of lemonade uncle sevvie." Severus scowled at the 'sevvie', but conjured her glass of lemonade anyway. He had to at least attempt to be civil.

"What no ICE?" Cornelia screamed. "Oh darling, mummy will fix that right away," Ophelia said, using to wand to put ice in the glass. Ophelia was an older version of her daughter; if they had been closer in age, they could have passed for twins. "Thank you mummy," Cornelia said sweetly. "Thank you mummy," Tirza mimicked softly. Snape chuckled and squeezed her shoulder approvingly. "I heard that!" Cornelia squeaked, bursting into tears. "Severus, make your child behave," Cornwallis Snape snapped. He had dark hair like Severus, but his skin wasn't quite so white and his eyes were green. "Only if you make yours behave," Severus replied curtly.

Ophelia silenced Cornelia by giving her teenaged daughter a lollypop. "My name is Cornwallis," he announced curtly to Tirza. Meredith suddenly grabbed her again, squeezing her tight. "Ah, such a dear little thing!" "Dad..." Tirza said, trying to wriggle away from the kisses and cheek pinches. "Meredith, leave her alone!" Severus shouted. Meredith released Tirza rather reluctantly and Tirza took off to hide behind Severus. "Daddy, your family is WEIRD" she whispered. "Look at the little baby," Cornelia said, pointing at Tirza. Tirza stuck her tongue out at the girl, who promptly burst into tears. "Lovely daughter you have there Severus," Ophelia snapped, hugging Cornelia close. "Cornelia is very sensitive... tell Leah not to tease her." "TIRZA!" Tirza shouted. Ophelia looked shocked at being yelled at by a child and the look on her face made Tirza giggle. "Severus!" Ophelia shouted "Make her stop laughing at my little girl!" "LITTLE girl? She's 15-not little. Tirza and Elviria is little-not Cornelia!"

Ophelia sniffed. "but Leah is being so rude to her!" she pouted....a grown woman....pouting....This struck Tirza as so funny that she doubled over howling with laughter, which made Cornelia's sobs increase. "I told you I didn't want to come mummy!" "See what you did Severus?" Ophelia snapped. "If I remember correctly, you invited yourselves." Severus snapped. "Oh hush Ophelia, I am so sick of your whining!" milly said suddenly. "Do I see a pool in your backyard Tirza?" Tirza nodded. "I think I'll put the baby down for a nap and go swimming with you." Tirza beamed and the two went into the house together. "Nobody invited me!" Cornelia sobbed. "No one wanted you," Snape grumbled under his breath.

"I hope you don't mind Severus, but I plopped the baby on one of the beds and put a bunch of pillows around her," Millicent said as she and Tirza appeared in swimsuits in the back yard. "No, of course not," Severus said, sitting in a lawn chair. "Tirza!" he called as she jumped into the pool. Tirza's head bobbed up a moment later. "Yeah?" she asked. "Did you remember your ear plugs?" She jumped out of the pool and ran inside, then came back out and put in her ear plugs. "Baby has to wear ear plugs!" Cornelia taunted (think of Nellie from Little House.). "Shut up!" Tirza shouted before jumping back in. Severus sighed; it was going to be a long couple of days.

"Mm, my favorite," Tirza said as a large chocolate cake was brought into the dining room at supper. "I despise chocolate! I want something else!" Cornelia stated. "Of course sweetums," Ophelia said. "Severus, have the house elves make something else for her." "Cool, more cake for me," Tirza said, helping herself to a large piece. "I will not," Severus replied, scowling at Cornelia. "They have already made this meal and I will not interrupt them from theirs to make you something. If you don't want the cake, then you are finished eating," Severus said. Cornelia had been whining about everything all day long and he was about ready to wring her neck. Cornelia burst into tears and Ophelia looked enraged. "Severus, you are such a beast!" "SHUT UP HE IS NOT!" Tirza shouted, throwing a large chunk chocolate at Ophelia. It went splat on her head, and slid down her face and onto her snow white robes. Cornwallis grabbed Tirza and hauled her up from her chair; Tirza's face went pale.

Severus was on his feet in an instant. "Let go of her!" Severus growled. Cornwallis dropped her to the floor, and she ran to hide behind Severus. "Get out of my house!" Severus shouted. Cornwallis looked shocked, and then his face became hard. "Apparently you are not the man your father was Severus; HE never would have taken that off of anyone!" Cornwallis shouted. "He has nothing to do with this! I will raise my child how I see fit. NOW LEAVE!" Severus spat back. Meredith, Ophelia, Cornelia and Cornwallis apparated away.

Severus turned to Tirza, who was still hiding behind him. He sat down and pulled her onto his lap. "Did he hurt you? If he left a mark on you, I'll hex him into oblivion," Severus said. Tirza shook her head. "He didn't hurt, me but I thought he was going to," she said softly. "Am I in trouble?" He shook his head no and kissed her. "Good for you Tirza!" Milly said suddenly. Woodworth looked at his wife like she had lost her mind. "I would have done the same thing!" she said. Tirza smiled. "Really?" Milly nodded. "I would have been just as upset if someone had said that to someone I loved; I think you were great! And the look on Ophelia's face was too funny!" Tirza giggled. "He was right though about your father," Woodworth said to Severus. Severus' face grew dark. Tirza saw the looks that passed between the men and stored it away to ask about later. Right now, she wanted cake.

Elviria may not have been the cutest baby in the world, but she was rather sweet. She allowed Tirza to hold her and even smiled nicely at Severus. "Isn't she sweet daddy?" Tirza asked, holding Elviria with Milly's help. Severus smiled slightly at the baby, and patted its head. At just that moment, Elviria spit up... all over Severus. Tirza giggled and Milly and Woodworth laughed. "This... is... disgusting," Severus said, a sour look on his face. He carefully got up from the couch and went to shower. Tirza was still giggling as Milly took the baby back. "How long are you gonna stay?" Tirza asked Milly. Milly smiled at her. "Tomorrow night we'll head back to our place."

Severus returned a little bit later, having showered and changed. "Alright Tirza, bedtime," he said. Tirza sighed. "Do I have to?" she asked. "I'm not tired." Severus pretended to be stern with her. "You will go to bed or else little miss!" Tirza giggled and stuck her tongue out at him. "Oh, now you're going to get it!" Snape said. He grabbed her and slung her over his shoulder and headed for the stairs. "You are going to get so tickled when I get you upstairs," Woodworth and Milly heard Snape say. They heard Tirza's giggles fade away as Severus took her into her bedroom.

It was the last week of July and Tirza was pacing back and forth impatiently in the living room. "That's not going to make them come any faster," Severus said, not looking up from his book. Tirza scowled and continued pacing. She had been waiting for what seemed like forever for Harry, Ron and Hermione to come for a week and Severus had finally agreed. Now, she was waiting for them to finally come. A moment later, a rustling in the fire place made her start to bounce. A moment later, Hermione appeared. Tirza rushed forward and nearly knocked her over hugging her. Harry and Ron followed and both blushed a little bit as she hugged them. The kids started talking a mile a minute and Severus groaned. "Please, another room please, you're going to give me a headache." Tirza giggled. "Come on, I'll show you around!"

Tirza gave them the grand tour of the forty-room Snape manor. "Wow, this is a lot bigger then my house," Ron said quietly. Tirza shrugged. "I bet your house is even cooler though Ron. Your family is cool; I'd love to live with all your brothers; 'cept maybe Percy." They all laughed. "Yeah, Percy does get annoying!" Ron admitted. "Here's where you guys can stay," Tirza said, opening a bedroom door. "I'm staying with you, right?" Hermione asked. Tirza nodded. "Of course!" "Hey, let's go swimming!" Harry said. "Yeah!" the others yelled. They went to their separate rooms to change and then dashed outside. "Daddy, we're going swimming!" Tirza yelled as she ran past the living room. Severus just waved in reply, thankful that they were moving the noise outside!

At supper that night, Severus reached for the sugar shaker to put a little sugar in his coffee. He took a sip and spit it back into the cup, then realized that all the kids were watching him. They burst into laughter at the sour look on Snape's face. Harry and Tirza laughed so hard, they fell right off their chairs. "Very funny," Severus said with a half scowl. He poured himself another cup of coffee. "Pass the salt shaker Mr. Weasley," he asked, assuming the two had been switched. "His name is Ron daddy," Tirza whispered. Severus sighed. "Do any of you object to using first names since we are not at school?" he asked. "No, that's cool," Harry said. "But do we still call you Professor?" Ron asked. Severus thought for a moment. "Mr. Snape would suffice," he finally decided.

Severus poured the contents on the salt shaker into his coffee and feeling confident it was sugar, took a large drink... then spit it out. Severus scowled and dumped the coffee out as the kids howled with laughter again. "Daddy, you should have scene your face!" Tirza said, her face turning red with laughter. He gave her a small smile. "I suppose it was amusing," he said. He suddenly grabbed Tirza from her chair and started tickling her. "No fair!" Tirza said, squealing with laughter. "Oh yes, it's very fair," Severus said, out and out smiling now. Harry and Ron looked a little stunned, but Hermione smiled. Severus stopped tickling Tirza and took out his wand, using it to squirt water at Hermione and the boys, who responded by throwing food back.

Within several minutes, everyone and the walls were covered with food. But Severus, much to the surprise of Harry, Ron and even Hermione, was laughing; and laughing loudly. "See, he can be fun!" Tirza insisted, looking at the boys. Severus chuckled as he quickly cleaned the room. "Alright, everyone go get their suits on and we'll go swimming," he announced. The kids took off upstairs. "HE goes swimming?" Harry asked. Tirza nodded. "Uh, duh," she said, and then giggled. "WHO TURNED MY POOL ORANGE?" Severus yelled from the backyard. "I told them you'd like it," Tirza said, grinning mischeviously. Harry picked her up and tossed her into the pool. "It was all her idea!" he insisted. Severus rolled his eyes and used his wand to change it back.

"Anyone for lemonade and ice cream?" Severus called from inside the house. The kids were still playing in the pool; he had gotten sick of the splashing. The kids scrambled inside, blue from head to toe. Severus' eyebrow rose. "Do I even want to bother to ask?" Hermione, Harry and Tirza pointed to Ron, who gulped. "I was trying to turn the pool blue and missed," Ron said softly. Severus started laughing. "Stay here," he said, still laughing. "I'll be right back." He returned a moment later and snapped a picture of them; all four kids stared at him. "Excellent blackmail material, don't you think?" he said with a wink.

Over the next week, the kids plagued Snape with pranks. Harry and Ron were amazed at this more human side of Severus and wanted to see how long it would last. Tirza of course, had no problems playing pranks; Hermione just sighed and followed along. The pool changed colors every day, as did Severus' bath robe. Pink dye appeared in his shampoo, but he took it all in stride...

Until the day his slippers were nailed to the bedroom floor. After much convincing, Hermione had put a charm on the muggle nails, making it very hard to get them out. In fact, it took him over an hour to get them out and his slippers were much the worse for wear. "Ooh, dad, time for new slippers," Tirza said when she had seen them. She and the kids burst into laughter and Severus groaned. Severus took off the slippers and threw them at the kids. "You just wait, one of these days, I'll get you for back... and you won't know what hit you!" he warned. The kids easily ducked the flying slippers and disappeared outside, making him sigh in relief. "Never again," he muttered to himself. "All four, too much."

The morning of the day that Harry, Ron and Hermione were to head back to the burrow, all four kids woke up as a magical bucket poured water over their heads. The girls screamed, the boys shouted. Severus just stood in the middle of the hallway, looking pleased with himself. All four kids ran out into the hallway in drenched bed clothes, dripping on the floor. "You!" Hermione said, pointing an accusing finger at him. Severus nodded a smug look on his face. "Three...two...one," as Severus said one, a large tub of caramel poured all over them and several of Tirza's whip cream cans began covering them in whip cream. They yelled, but were stuck to the floor.

"Oh dear," Severus said when the whip cream cans ran out. "What a mess you all are." The next thing they knew, they were floating outside and were unceremoniously dropped into the swimming pool, which was bright yellow and dyed them yellow. "Your dad is mental," Ron said as they climbed out of the pool. "Is that REALLY Snape?" Harry asked. Tirza giggled. "Well duh! We didn't get taken back to our home planet by the Big Giant Head, now did we?" she said sarcastically. The boys stared at her for a moment, trying to figure out what she was talking about; after a moment, they shook their heads and went back inside the house. "We are now even," Snape announced as they squished into the house. "And if you tell a SINGLE solitary person about this...you will NEVER pass Potions," he threatened before turning and leaving the room.

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