Title: Angelus Fortuna

Author: Crimson Rosary

Summary: After watching the near-death experience of his godfather, Harry finally decides that Dumbledore doesn't really have the power he claims to have. In order to protect himself, his family and his friends, Harry chooses to side with Voldemort. But what does the Dark Lord have to say to that?

Pairing: LVHP

Rating: M

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Chapter 1

~ A Big Surprise ~

"Lucius, how could you lose the prophecy?" Voldemort hissed. His red eyes flashed in fury.

"My Lord. It was the boy. He dropped it before I could even reach it." Lucius admitted.

"And to think that I had chosen you to be the captain of this project. Crucio." Voldemort hissed. He watched in glee as Lucius fell to grow squirming against the black and white marble tiled floor.

As he kept the Cruciatus curse on the blonde wizard, his eyes sought out the other Death Eaters that had been members of the team. His cold gaze had them fidgeting; he knew that they were preparing themselves to be punished. None of them looked so downhearted as Bellatrix did, of course. The witch was one of his more better followers. She followed his orders down to the T, if not with the exception of her insanity that craves the pain of others.

The Dark Lord lifted the curse off of Lucius, watching as his wife, Narcissa, swallowed. She, of course, was worried about her husband, but in the face of Lord Voldemort, she knew she couldn't lift a finger to help him.

"Continue with your report Lucius."

The blond wizard slowly made his way into a standing position, forcing his body not to teeter-totter or shake from the aftereffects of the Unforgiveable.

"I had known of how important the prophecy was, My Lord. So I came up with the alternative to have Potter hand it over without any reason for a fight. His friends had joined him, you see. And so, I had thought to use that to my advantage and have the boy hand the prophecy over to me. But he had blasted me away and began to run with his friends trailing behind. The rest of the members had tried to corner them, but they ran through a doorway where the rest of the battle had commenced. Of course, I had given Potter another chance to save himself and his friends. We had taken his friends hostage. I had told him that a prophecy was not as important as their lives. But he refused, and that's when he dropped the prophecy before I can even catch it – and I –"

Voldemort perked up before turning his attention away from his follower.

"…My Lord?" Lucius had stopped in the middle of his report when the Dark Lord had looked up at the ceiling.

"It seems… someone was not invited to our meeting." Voldemort drawled, making his way over to the entrance of Riddle Manor. And what he saw there had him whipping out his wand.

Lying at the foot of Riddle Manor's entrance was Harry Potter – bruised, beaten and just barely conscious. The fifteen-year-old boy could barely lift his head to acknowledge the presence of another person, but when Voldemort stepped into his line of sight, Harry gave a weak smile before passing out.

Voldemort slipped his wand back into its holster before barking out orders to his Death Eaters whom had followed him out of the meeting room.

"Avery, call for Healer Aurelias. Tell her to be here in five minutes in the infirmary. Severus, bring the boy there. I will be back after the reports have been made." Voldemort said, returning to the meeting room.

Severus levitated the unconscious boy there and with the arrival of Healer Aurelias, the two managed to heal the boy's current wounds, but was left on pondering the treatment of the boy when the parchment of diagnostics showed his more previous and past injuries, wounds, bruises, and fracturing of the bones.

"Severus, what is the meaning of all this?" Healer Aurelias asked. The diagnostics showed that Harry Potter's injuries dated back since 1983, and with each consecutive year, the list of injuries and bruises would grow longer and longer. Though, there were slight rashes listed in the years between 1980 and 1983.

"I – I am not quite certain." The potions master was bewildered by the information they have received. Dumbledore's Golden Boy had been abused? Was the Headmaster even aware of this situation?

"Oh! And look at his weight." Healer Aurelias noted. The boy was at least ten to fifteen pounds lighter than the average fifteen year olds. And his height had such similarities as well – at least a good five inches or so sorter than the average fifteen year old boy – going onto their sixteenth birthday.

"What about the boy's weight?" A cool voice chilled the bones of the two Death Eaters in the infirmary. They turned around before bowing low to the Dark Lord, whom had finished the meeting and had entered the room.

Healer Aurelias immediately handed over the parchment paper, watching as the air in the room grew colder and colder.

"So I see Dumbledore has made another copy of me." Voldemort murmured. "Can you heal him?"

"Of course, My Lord. The boy will be out at least a week. He has been starved since the beginning of the summer. Merlin only knows how he survived with all these bruises. And his magical core is quite exhausted; his magic must have been used up trying to self-heal and the eventually arrival at the foot of your manor." Healer Aurelias murmured. "I can regrow his bones. I'll have them removed and spell the necessary potions into his stomach to further quicken his progress. He should be better by the end of the week – into the next." Healer Aurelias promised.

"Have Severus provide the potions. Keep this information to yourselves. Severus, I would like to have a word with you." The clear dismissal of the Healer had sent her to promptly begin the teen's treatment.

Severus followed along silently behind the Dark Lord as the duo made their way into his study.


As soon as Severus had turned around from closing the door, Voldemort had sent a sharp and angered, "Crucio!" at him.

The potions master fell to the ground letting out a cry before clenching his jaw tight to prevent any more sounds. Voldemort let off on the spell and waited for him to stand up.

"My Lord. I did not know such a thing was happening." Severus implored. "Dumbledore has always told us that he was living with loving relatives, that he had had a happy life style." Severus's body wracked with shudders from the lasting effects of the Cruciatus curse.

"I see the old man has yet to speak the truth, especially to his own followers." Voldemort murmured. He could tell that Severus was mindfully watching the movement of his wand as Voldemort rolled his 13 inch, Yew, Phoenix feather core wand.

"Do not be scared Severus. I shall not punish you, unless it is necessary." Voldemort said. "The boy is not to be touched or harmed, Severus. Do you understand?"

"Yes, my Lord. But the arrival of Potter means that Dumbledore will soon be searching for him."

"But of course. To lose the Savior, the weapon that he had so honed to kill me, well, I'm sure the Order must be losing their minds right about now. Do inform me of what they speak of at the next meeting."

"Yes, My Lord." Severus stood to leave the room.

"Remember Severus. This is an opportunity that Fate has given us. We must not overlook it."

Severus nodded silently before he closed the door behind him.


Severus returned to the infirmary to see Healer Aurelias bustling about. Various potions were floating in the air, trailing behind her.

"Oh good, Severus you're here."

"Is everything all right?"

"Mr. Potter needs these potions. Could you brew them for me? I've circled the ones that are needed first." Healer Aurelias said, handing him the parchment paper.

"Calm down, Angela. I can do this much. Is there anything else you might need?"

"Can you summon my medic bag for me? Oh, and also purchase some more bandages, alcohol wipes and IV drips." Healer Angela Aurelias was probably the only healer in Voldemort's arsenal that the Dark Lord would allow such muggle treatments to cleaning wounds and the link. That and the fact that the healer did not believe even the best Scourgify could keep the infected area clean and germ free.

Casting a quick Accio, Severus left the infirmary to brew the required potions and to owl order to required materials Healer Aurelias needed.


A week had passed before Harry resurfaced to the conscious world. He looked around blearily, his emerald eyes slightly dazed. The raven noticed a floating orb besides his bed, blinking rapidly in green and soon a clacking of heels was heard coming his way.

"Are you all right, Mr. Potter?"

"I-I'm fine. Where am I?" Harry asked. He tried to sit up, but the joints and bones in his body protested at the movement. So, he simply lied back down and the bed was reclined for him. "Who are you?"

"My name is Healer Aurelias, but you can call me Angela. You've been out for a week, Mr. Potter. But I've healed all your past and present injuries. You will still be in bed for a few days, before your body fully replenishes itself. Might I ask what you were thinking when you appeared at our Lord's home?"

Harry look away, trying to remember what had happened the last time he was awake. Vernon had punished him when Dudley had exclaimed that Harry had broken his phone – the second one in about three weeks after Hogwarts had let out. Of course, Vernon was already and still overwhelmed by the whispered threats the real Alastor Moody had given him. The fat walrus had beaten Harry near the brink of unconsciousness before dragging his body up the stairs and thrown him onto the floor of his bedroom. There, Harry had closed his eyes to take a breather, allowing his senses to magnify the extent of his injuries. His hand twitched at his side, and he felt his wand in his pocket. Thankfully, his leg was not bent at such an excruciating angle that would have broken his wand. Lying on the carpeted floor, he thought about Riddle Manor and where Voldemort would definitely be. His magic had apparated him directly to Riddle Manor, without the use of his wand. Harry had been wanting to do so – to talk to the Dark Lord, and tell him about his change in the sides of the war.

The hours after the Ministry of Magic fiasco, the Order of Phoenix had taken the children back to Hogwarts. It was then that the trouble started. After Dumbledore had reprimanded him for his thoughtless charge into the Ministry of Magic, Molly Weasley's shrill scolding of leading her children and others into harm's way and Hermione's berating of almost causing Sirius to die, Harry's magic had violently acted against them, shattering all the magical objects in Dumbledore's office, sending everyone slamming against the walls, and blowing up Dumbledore's desk. Though Harry was feeling quite exhilarated at the use of his magic, Dumbledore had immediately sent him to bed like a child before telling him that he would be watched closely.

In fact, when his magic had subconsciously apparated him out of 4 Privet Drive, he was surprised that an alarm had not gone off. Did that mean that Dumbledore, the Ministry of Magic and the Order of the Phoenix did not know he was gone? Did not know that he had used magic?

"Mr. Potter?"

Harry jolted before turning his attention back to the Healer. "I'm sorry, I was lost in thought. I was actually thinking of Riddle Manor before I saw Voldemort and fainted." He said. "After that, I wake up to find that I'm… in some sort of infirmary?"

"The Riddle Manor infirmary, Mr. Potter. The Dark Lord will be seeing you after you have finished your meal."

With that, Healer Aurelias set the breakfast tray onto the bed's adjustable table and walked off, making sure Harry had started eating before she left the premises.


"My Lord. Harry Potter has awakened." Angela said, bowing low. She had caught the Dark Lord in jus the nick of time right before he was going to leave his study.

"I see." said Voldemort. "I shall speak with him then." The two of them made their way over to the infirmary after Voldemort had called upon Severus with the aid of a house elf. There, the three met up at the entrance and entered the infirmary to see Harry Potter lying on the small cot.

"Harry Potter." Voldemort breathed. "To what do I owe the pleasure of Dumbledore's Golden Boy visiting my home?"

Harry scowled. "I am not Dumbledore's Golden Boy. Not after what happened."

"After what happened?" The older wizard intoned.

"He had Weasley and Granger send me letters stating that they were not allowed to speak to me for the rest of the summer. Then he had Alastor Moody threaten my uncle which lead to him –"

"It's quite all right to tell us Harry. We've seen what happened." Angela softly whispered.

"They beat me. The Dursleys have always abused me. I can't live with them any longer. I CAN'T HANDLE IT!" He screamed, heaving his frustrations out at the three people before him.

"And what is it that you have come to my manor for?"

"I've come to ask you for asylum."

"Oh? And what makes you think that I will allow refuge in my home?"

"Because I know what the prophecy says." said Harry, as he stared at Voldemort's red eyes. "I'm sure your precious Death Eaters cannot say the same."

"What is it?" hissed Voldemort. "Tell me now, boy!"

"You must grant me asylum or I shall not speak of it."

"How about I kill you now and get this war over with?"

"Because, I can tell you the members of Dumbledore's Headless Chicken Order." With that, Harry watched as Voldemort's eyes took an interest. "You must promise not to hurt those I trust either. You must swear it."

"I, Thomas Marvolo Riddle, also known as Lord Voldemort, Lord Slytherin of the Noble and Most Ancient House of Slytherin, do hereby grant asylum to Harry James Potter. I shall not hurt those that Harry Potter trusts. So I say, so mote it be." A bright glow enveloped the Dark Lord before he whispered, "Lumos." and his wand lit up brightly like Christmas Lights.

Harry let out a sigh in relief, sinking back into the fluffy pillows. "I, Harry James Potter, do hereby change my alliance in the Second Wizarding War to join Lord Voldemort and shall not take part in harming him. I promise that whatever I have to say about Dumbledore and the Light Side is true to the extent of my knowledge. So I say, so mote it be." The same bright glow enveloped the young wizard before he whispered, "Lumos." and his wand lit up just as bright.

"Do you know what you've done?" asked Severus.

"I've just handed Voldemort the war and the Wizarding World. I did not ask to be the Savior. I did not ask to be the hero. I did not want any of this. It's because of magic that I've been abused for all these years. I've had it." Harry sighed, staring at the ceiling.

"The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches… Born to those who have thrice defied him, born as the seventh month dies… and the Dark Lord will mark him as his equal, but he will have power the Dark Lord knows not… and either must die at the hand of the other for neither can live while the other survives… The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord will be born as the seventh month dies…"

"What was that?"

"It's the prophecy. I promised to tell you if you granted me asylum." Harry whispered. "And you know what's funny? You've already died by my hand once – when I was a baby. Yet, this stupid prophecy insists that it must continue on. Well, did you ever ask Malfoy how many of those stupid prophecies were in that hall?" Harry gave a laugh. "Hundreds! Thousands! Maybe even millions! Yet none of them were fulfilled! No one had come to retrieve them. So why does fulfilling this prophecy matter? It doesn't! Only those stupid enough to believe it want it fulfilled. Only those who are power hungry wish for it to be done. Which all fell down to the one person that keeps throwing us into battle – Dumbledore."

"And you're saying, Potter, that Dumbledore has thrust you and the Dark Lord together to gain more power?" sneered Severus.

"Of course. If the battle between Voldemort and I eventually leaves one to die and the other weak and tired, he can make his move. Of course, Dumbledore will slay the last one standing. If it were me, he will say that I was possessed by Voldemort. The second year rumors of me being the Heir of Slytherin and my ability to speak Parseltongue will support him. If Voldemort lives, he will be hailed as the Savior and Hero of the Wizarding World – slaying Voldemort when I cannot."

"I think Harry needs his rest now." Angela whispered.

"No, I'm still awake!" insisted Harry, waving his heavy limbs around to prevent Healer Aurelias from coming closer.

"We shall speak another time." Voldemort promised, nodding to Angela. The Dark Lord left the room, hesitantly followed by Severus.


"My Lord. If what Potter says is true…" trailed Severus.

"Yes. Then it is fortunate that he has joined our cause." finished Voldemort.

"But what about Dumbledore? He will soon be searching for the boy."

"Then I shall hide him Severus. If what the boy says about the old wizard is true, then we must check Potter's inheritance. Severus, you will take him to Gringotts tomorrow. We must not dilly-dally. Time is of the essence if Dumbledore has his Order tracking the boy down." ordered Voldemort.

"Yes, My Lord." bowed Severus before the potions master retreated to his lab.

Voldemort was left to his study to ponder on what a miracle Fate had written for him.


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