Title: Angelus Fortuna

Author: Crimson Rosary

Summary: After watching the near-death experience of his godfather, Harry finally decides that Dumbledore doesn't really have the power he claims to have. In order to protect himself, his family and his friends, Harry chooses to side with Voldemort. But what does the Dark Lord have to say to that?

Pairing: LVHP

Rating: M

Manipulative!Dumbledore, Ron/Hermione/Ginny/Certain Weasley Bashing! Alive!Sirius, Good!Voldemort, Characters will be a bit OOC.

Disclaimer: I do not own any characters from Harry Potter; all those belong to J.K. Rowling.




Chapter 15

~ Headmaster Removed~

"You asked to see me, Headmaster?"

"Yes, my boy! Come in, come in." Dumbledore smiled benevolently, offering his bowl of lemon drops in Harry's direction.

"No, thank you." Harry carefully sat on the seat, "Now what is it that you have called me here for? Let it be known that you have overstepped your boundaries as your restraining order states that you must keep away from me…"

Dumbledore frowned, "My boy. I was just worried about your health. As your headmaster, is it wrong of me to ask about one of my students? You disappeared from your relatives' home and I believe that you've been coerced to the wrong side of the matter at hand. Surely you understand my concerns."

Harry breathed deeply. It wouldn't do to get angry and stressed right now. Even when he was a month gone, he was still in a critical period as male pregnancies were delicate.

"Headmaster, you are hanging on by the skin of your teeth. You have no right to ask after my health, especially since your continual insistence that I return to those foul beasts. First and foremost, they're not even worthy of being called humans with the way they act towards a young child – and for over a decade? Secondly, as the headmaster, your questions should stay within the field of academics – nothing else about my private life."

"Harry, it would behoove you to know that I care about each and every one of my students."

"Is there something you called me here for? I doubt you wanted to learn about my health considering you've left me with the Dursleys for over fifteen years."

Dumbledore sat back and steepled his fingers underneath his chin, just before his beard. "I trust you've met Miss Fujiwara, our new transfer student – now Prefect – in Gryffindor."

"Of course. I met her on the train here."

"Wonderful!" Dumbledore clapped his hands jovially. "Please make it your duty to see to it that Miss Fujiwara is welcome in her new abode."

"That's hardly something to call me up here for, Headmaster. As the new Prefect of Gryffindor and as a Gryffindor myself, it would be wrong of me to segregate her from her house just because she's new to the school."

"Excellent, excellent." Dumbledore murmured. His eyes twinkled before he switched topics, "And how was your summer then?"

"Wonderful considering I wasn't anywhere around the Dursleys." Harry looked Dumbledore squarely in the eye, daring the elderly wizard to do what Harry knew Dumbledore would. Oh, the old man would take that as an opportunity to look into Harry's mind, but Harry didn't apprentice under Tom for nothing.

The Gryffindor smirked when the old wizard recoiled and winced. "Now, now. There's nothing in my mind for you to see. I'm laying everything out quite plainly for you."

"You have… married?!" Dumbledore asked, aghast when Harry's magic had unveiled the hidden wedding ring.

The wedding band gleamed mockingly in the light, as if egging Dumbledore on. If the boy had gotten married, then perhaps his little spy was not alive anymore to give him any news.

Harry scoffed. It wasn't as if he had hid it intentionally. Just a small notice-me-not charms to keep the student body away from hounding him; surprisingly that small seemingly insignificant spell had worked on the 'magically strong wizard whom had defeated Grindelwald'. And besides, the only reason Dumbledore didn't know about the arrangement was because his spy had died by Tom's hands. "Oh, I'm surprised you've just noticed. We're happily married – been for a couple of weeks now actually."

Dumbledore narrowed his eyes. "I do not mean to prohibit you from any relationships, Harry. However, how can you be certain that your spouse isn't in liege with Tom?"

"If he were in liege with Tom," Harry smirked, "It would be like comparing you to Voldemort himself. But –" He paused for dramatic effect, "That would mean you've been trying to kill me all this time, but you haven't, have you Headmaster?"

Dumbledore's mouth twitched, hidden behind the long mass of hair he called his beard. "Perhaps you can break it off – I'm certain young Miss Weasley can love you just the same."

"Don't be stupid, old man. We've used the oldest bonding ritual there is." Harry fibbed. It wasn't that ancient, but close enough. "Like I said, we're happily in love and there's nothing you can do about it."

Dumbledore mumbled underneath his breath, but Harry could make out his words, "…Perhaps this is the power Tom knows not? No. no… but the boy could have been forced into the ceremony…"

Harry laughed, "I cannot be Imperio'ed or forced into anything, Headmaster. For you to say such a thing – it's as if you didn't know that dear old Barty Crouch Jr. had placed all the fourth year students and up, under Imperio."

"Harry," Dumbledore lifted his wand and the Gryffindor stiffened, eyes narrowed upon the weapon held in the old man's hands. Even the portraits of previous Headmasters were staggered that a Headmaster would dare point their wand at a student. "I just want to make sure that you are okay."

"The ritual required both participants to recite their oaths and bound themselves with their own free will," Harry hissed, his wand appearing with a flick of his wrist. "Should you turn that wand towards me, I will not hesitate to act as if it were an attack on my person."

The two were at a stalemate. Some of the Headmasters had fled their portraits to alert the Heads of Houses. Phineas Black had walked out to inform his great-grandson of the old man's actions.

Harry finally stood up and glared. "If you ever try anything on me or my friends, losing your job as Headmaster is the least of your worries."

He shouldn't have turned his back on him, but Harry did. He had full trust that the Lordship rings on his finger, and the protection spells that Tom had placed on his pregnancy belt would hold against any compulsion spells. And it did.

Harry felt the wash of foreign magic sliding off of his own in a greasy, slimy manner.

"I will see you tomorrow, Harry. Be sure to remind young Mister and Miss Weasley of your apologies. I'm sure they'll be happy to be accepted back into your fold."

Harry waited for a fraction of a second before moving. "Thank you for making sure my shields are in tact. Don't worry though," Harry grinned cheerfully upon opening the office door. "I'll make sure that every news media, the Wizengamot and even the Board of Governors knows that the Headmaster has, once again, stepped out of his boundaries."

Dumbledore's eyes hardened. "My boy, you have a prophecy to fulfill. We wouldn't want the deaths of the innocents placed onto your shoulders. Think about it, Harry; the blood of many innocents – men, women, children even."

Harry laughed, "Only a fool would believe a prophecy that comes from a drunk's mouth."

With a small click behind him, Harry made his way towards his second lesson of the day.


"Potter, stay behind, please."

Harry waved his friends off, noticing that Draco had hesitated for a fraction of a second before following as well. Eve was the last to leave, closing the door behind her before privacy spells rose up around the room. Shrugging his shoulders, he hefted his feather-light bag onto his shoulder and walked towards the front of the classroom.

"What did the old man want?" Tom asked, when he had Harry stay behind after DADA. He wrapped his arms around his young lover, settling them just at the small of his back.

"He tried to push for my location, guilt me into removing their monetary debt and also have me return to those vile beasts. Not to mention, when that didn't work, he attempted to compel me into doing what he wanted." Harry answered, rolling his eyes.

Tom frowned, sending a wave of his magic towards Harry. His young husband smiled at the protective feeling rushing over him, checking for any anomaly. Pulling the Gryffindor close to him, Tom ran a hand through Harry's rampant hair.

"You've never told me who Eve was." Harry commented.

Tom nodded his head, "What you've learned about her is her background. During my travels before returning to Britain, I've encountered Eastern countries that delved deeper into magic – were better connected with their magic – and had even advanced their technologies to be able to better lives for squibs and even muggleborns. However, returning to this small-minded country with large ideals is far too outlandish for anyone to comprehend, especially Dumbledore since he refused to take heed of my words.

Harry waited patiently for Tom to get to the point. The Dark Lord's fingers rubbed circles at the base of his back, sending soothing pulses magic at his sore muscles – something that he hadn't realized Tom had noticed during the lesson. But apparently he did, Harry thought fondly.

"After my brief stay in China, I traveled to Japan and stayed there for a good two years. My ideals were heard by many and soon, I accumulated followers. Eve Fujiwara's parents were just two of many that wanted to expand other countries capabilities. You understand that while the International Confederation of Wizards – or ICW, in short – is expansive and diverse, certain members are also reluctant for change. These members were heavily reliant on Dumbledore's success on his victory over Grindelwald. The events after to Grindelwald's defeat only hampered my goals. People began to think that anyone attempting to form a closer bond to Mother Magic herself were evil – dark, even. For no one should "control" magic other than through the spells and knowledge they've learned in the academics."

"And Eve?"

Tom looked down and patted Harry's hair, "I'm getting to that. Well, Eve's parents didn't believe in all that hogwash. In fact, the ICW was subtly segregated between the "Lights," "Neutrals," and "Darks," as well. So, considering that they were "dark," they chose to follow me and a few years before I left, offered up their future unborn child's power to my association."

Harry frowned, "Why would they do that?"

Tom raised an eyebrow, "As the Dark Lord, I stood for the pro-magic connection between us and Mother Magic; magic of all kinds. Unlike those of the Light, I am truly pro-creature."

"Pro-magic and pro-creature."

Tom smirked, "Mother Magic knows no classification. She loves everyone and everyone loves her. Only those that fear where magic can lead to would find an excuse to look down on those who truly understand it."

"So now here she is," Harry summarized.

Tom nodded, "Indeed, and she will be your bodyguard. She knows what her priorities are. She needn't come here for DADA nor Potions tutelage, for I could've taught her DADA and have Severus teach her over the summers. No – she is here for your safety. For after what you've told me, I fear Dumbledore will try his hand once again."

"But you won't let him hurt me," Harry said, burrowing into Tom's warm embrace.

"Never again," The Dark Lord promised.

"Of course, Tom." Harry smiled, leaning into his embrace, their hands placed protectively over his small, rotund belly.


News moved fast as far as Harry could tell. Within the next couple of days, the big headliner for the Wizarding World spoke of Dumbledore wasting the final chance he had as Headmaster of Hogwarts. Thanks to the portraits in the Headmaster's office, the hallways of Hogwarts were filled with ever-growing violent stories about dear old Dumbledore attacking Harry Potter. There were a couple of parents who've pulled their children out just to check up on their children's health; Hogwarts herself had seen fit to thrown Dumbledore out of the Headmaster's office, leaving him fuming at the gargoyle statue.

Of course, that was just more ammunition for Harry as the news went rampant. The old wizard was hanging by a thread, and he'd just cut it himself all because he thought he could overcome Harry by force. Even the Board of Governors had sent Dumbledore a howler in the middle of breakfast, the cool tone as cold as the arctic tundra, slicing through Dumbledore's protests and shaming him once again, in public.

Hah, what a laugh.

Sirius soon stepped into position as Headmaster once Hogwarts had deemed her children's safety in danger with Dumbledore still wandering her halls. It was a memory that Lord Black had gladly provided for their viewing pleasure.


"Albus Dumbledore, you are hereby removed from Hogwarts as per our instructions."

"My dear, this is all just a misunderstanding." Dumbledore said jovially at his seat. His blue eyes were twinkling and his hands were folded together in a relaxed manner. "I'm sure if we brought Mr. Potter here, he would say the same thing."

"I'm sure to you it is," Sirius began angrily. "You have violated the terms of your restraining order – and you have attempted to subdue my godson through unwanted actions."

"Sirius, I'm disappointed that you would think so lowly of me," frowned Dumbledore. "I have nothing to gain but the relief of keeping the children safe under Hogwarts protection. I always have my students' best interests at heart."

"Your words belie the activities that you've implemented for the past five years, Dumbledore." A female governor spoke up. "With the reports that Lord Black has sent in due to his position as Deputy Headmaster, you can see that it is hard for us to trust your word."

She pushed the papers towards the center of the table and watched as a multiplying charm distributed the documents to each member. The wards had been lowered since Harry Potter's entry into Hogwarts; DADA professors have continuously been swapped in and out due to the supposed "curse" on the position; Madam Pomfrey had admitted to being overworked, as have Severus considering they were the only two adults with medical knowledge; a multitude of courses had been removed since Dumbledore became Headmaster, and the number of detentions had risen due to inter-house conflict – something that Dumbledore had insisted was due to the students' childish disagreements. Not to mention the bias Dumbledore had towards Gryffindors whenever his precious lions were ever dragged into unfavorable situations.

"Dumbledore, we're not here to listen to you make excuses." Lucius spoke up. "I'm quite certain that my fellow Governors, Wizengamot members and Hogwarts staff, too, agree that your shenanigans have gone on far too long. We have given you far too many chances – it is not our fault that you choose to abide by your own rules."

With his last words, Lucius was able to soothe the guilt of other Governors. They had felt they had been too lenient in their punishments – and being blindsided by the bribes they'd accepted from the now ex-Headmaster, the punishments were lenient. Even though they had to save their own skin rather than being dragged down by the lunatic before them, this time, they could exact revenge for their Savior for the man before them had dared to control the Boy-Who-Lived. What would happen if Harry Potter left the country because of this foolish man's actions?!

"While Lord Potter isn't available, perhaps his memory would suffice?" Lucius stated, producing a single vial filled with silvery strands floating around the container.

Sirius grinned maliciously when he pulled out a familiar looking pensieve.

"That –"

"This," Sirius cut in, "Is the Potter family pensieve. Lord Potter was gracious enough to lend it to us after Gringotts had had it retrieved from a certain Headmaster's office."

"Stealing heirlooms as well, Dumbledore?"

"Have you no shame?"

"My dear, it was merely given to me by James. I was holding it for when the time comes for Harry to make use of it."

"Which you never would've mentioned since Harry hadn't had any knowledge of it, Dumbledore." Sirius growled, "Not until I told him about it after I viewed his memories during fifth year."

Dumbledore sighed once more and the chamber's members hunkered down for a viewing of the memory. A few taps on the edges of the pensieve and the memory played for them like a projector.

"That spell is borderline dark!" Sirius snarled, leaping to his feet. A handful of Governors stood as well, restraining the furious Lord Black. Though the man had every right to attack Dumbledore, the old man still held enough sway to be prevented from joining the other prisoners in Azkaban.

"If it weren't for you manipulations – honest to Merlin -!"

"Lord Black, please calm down!"

"He's not worth it!" Another cried out.

"Prophecy – Dumbledore – what prophecy do you speak of?" Dowager Warren asked suspiciously. "It is strange that all your schemes seem to revolve around that main point."

Dumbledore kept mum, but Lucius was happy to divulge the information. Sirius threw in his two-cents, emphasizing the fact that Dumbledore had kept the Potters hidden just because of the dumb prophecy. But it didn't work considering the Potters were soon murdered because Dumbledore refused to speak of the prophecy – hiding all the important details away and moving each person like a disposable pawn.

"Perhaps a school isn't the right place for you –"

"He shouldn't even be allowed out of his own home –" Sirius growled, interrupting Dowager Warren.

The elderly woman took no offense, understanding how furious Sirius was on behalf of his godson. The Governors were selected to protect the students; she subtly eyed the ones that she knew had been lining Dumbledore's pockets.

There was a shift in power, she understood. Now they could make real changes that would benefit the students at Hogwarts. Her eyes cut across to the man in front of her; all these years without any positive results, and all because the man before them had been blocking all attempts at change, at every single corner.

"Dumbledore, you are relieved of your duty as Headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Lord Black will proceed you as Headmaster. And only your tenure as Transfiguration Professor before your time as Headmaster will provide you your last few paychecks – however, I don't think that will last considering you are still paying off your debt to Lord Potter."

A few governors snickered behind their hand. No one could forget the damned actions that Dumbledore had been found guilty of.

" You are no longer welcome in any teaching position, caretaking position for children, or academic areas around children. You have 24 hours remove your belongings – and only your belongings – from the Headmaster's office. The Hogwarts house elves will make sure you take your things; anything left behind will be thrown away. Do you have anything else to say?"

"Hogwarts needs to be protected. By removing me, you are dooming your children and sending them into Voldemort's hands!"

"Safe to say that even Hogwarts has deemed you dangerous." Dowager Warren shot back icily. The Governors watched as Dumbledore's mouth fell agape. "The meeting is adjourned."


Dumbledore was now unemployed, only with what little pay he'd had earned for those first couple of days. It really was anticlimactic considering it hadn't even been a week into the school year. However, with Dumbledore gone, the two youngest Weasleys had stopped all forms of harassments on Harry.

They had no back up from the Headmaster, nor did they have any support from the student body. The Wizarding World hated them, and with the criminal records following their every step, it would be difficult for them to get a job. The least they could do was to finish their education with as high enough grades as possible before moving out of the country.

Harry grinned though. With the relationships Tom formed in other countries, Lucius had in the Ministry, Sirius with his Black family connections and Harry's fame, they most they'd probably end up in is a goat farm out in the middle of nowhere where the residents of said property had no form of communication with the outside world.


"Tom? What's the matter?" Harry asked.

"Nothing," The older wizard breathed out. "Just thinking."

"Well, you're thinking too loudly," Harry huffed. He placed the teddy bear he held in his hands onto his lap and rubbed his belly. "Even your children think so."

Tom rubbed a hand on top of Harry's large stomach; at nearly six months and with twins to boot, Harry's stomach looked so big on his small frame that Tom was anxious about his health. However, the Dark Lord wouldn't forget about the day that they'd gone for Harry's checkup and both of them had found out about their little surprise.

Though it was a happy occasion for them, their babies decided to hide themselves from any gender reveals. Yet, Harry had hexed Tom for "popping two at once," which made Tom feel super egotistic with a little bit of pain. After getting over the fact that both Tom and he were now expecting two babies, Harry had gone on a shopping spree, splurging and sending off owl orders by the handful, to buy two of everything in neutral colors. He wanted to make sure everything was going to be perfect, and who was Tom to say no?

The two were enjoying their quiet time in the comforts of Tom's quarters. Three months had passed since Dumbledore's removal and everything was going smoothly. No one had dared to harm Harry; all students were rallied with him. It was so simple to spread a few words about how Dumbledore had created Tom's 'alter-ego' Voldemort in order to divide Wizarding Britain into 2 factions rather than Tom's goal of assimilating both groups into one.

With Hermione backing up Harry's stories of Dumbledore's biases against Slytherin, safe to say, no one went against the Boy-Who-Lived. Harry had been surprised by her actions; she had responded with a tentative smile on her face.

Not even when Harry had openly befriended Slytherin's Ice Prince, Draco Malfoy, did anyone protest. They were all gobsmacked with the news circulating about Dumbledore, their beloved Leader of the Light. Tom had been leery of the alliance between both "princes" of their respective house, but he couldn't deny that it helped to move his plans forward. It also brought in the Slytherin house to watch his lover's back when he was unable to; only when he had introduced himself to the snakes did the Slytherins fall back into their places.

The two youngest Weasleys had protested of course. When the eldest of the younger two stormed up to Harry, Eve had moved to get up but with a subtle wave of Harry's hand, backed down. She felt the underlying magic feeding from the raven's rampant emotions. Harry needed to release that anger, but her Lord had told her to keep Harry's blood pressure low. She flicked her wand from her wrist and readied her stance just in case.

"You're a Dark Lord, Potter!" Weasley screamed. "Why else would you have befriended Death Eaters?!"

"Because they have more brains than you do, for one thing." Harry drawled lazily on the couch. He'd placed his quill into the inkwell before looking up.

"Now that you've thrown Dumbledore out, you plan on taking over Hogwarts!"

Harry scoffed, "If I planned on taking over Hogwarts, I'd have asked the Sorting Hat to put me in Slytherin instead of placing me in Gryffindor."

"Ahah! So you admit that you are a slimy snake!" Weasley crowed. "There's no reason why Dumbledore would've been kicked out of Hogwarts if it weren't for you being dark! I'm sure you used your dark magic to influence the Governors to remove him!"

Harry hadn't planned on revealing that secret in the middle of the Gryffindor common room where every lion was present, but now that that was out in the open, why waste the opportunity?

"Did you forget, Weasel, that Pettigrew was a Gryffindor who ratted out my parents?" Harry sneered. "For all the good you spout about Slytherins being dark, I wonder how you plan on defending the cause of my parents' murder."

The Gryffindors paled. A Gryffindor had ratted out Harry's parents to the Dark Lord? Not a Slytherin?

Weasley fumed, face glowing red. "He probably had a good reason for it! If you're anything like your father, then Pettigrew did it for a good cause! We don't need another fame-grabber in the house of the brave!"

In a flash, Harry had his wand out and directed at Weasley's throat. The tip was glowing a bright green like the color of Harry's eyes. Harry didn't even speak a word, yet the fury of his magic was felt all around. The Gryffindors paled at the color – everyone knew what it was – the Killing Curse, yet it was impossible since the appearance of an Unforgivable would've set the alarms, sending professors running to their common room.

"How brave are you when you run away with your tail between your legs?" Harry hissed. "You were my first friend, Weasley. Brothers in all but blood. Does that mean nothing to you? Is money so important? Have you forgotten that my fame meant my parents are dead? I would've thrown it all away just for a family Ron," Harry pushed at the redhead, sending Weasley tumbling a few steps back. "FOR A FUCKING FAMILY THAT WAS ALIVE! BREATHING! A FAMILY THAT WOULD ALWAYS BE THERE FOR ME! AND YOU THROW OUR FRIENDSHIP AWAY FOR A FEW GALLEONS?! GALLEONS THAT AREN'T EVEN YOUR OWN?!"

The redhead ignored his sister's insistent tugging and opened his mouth, hissing, "You wouldn't have needed those galleons anyway."

Harry brought a fist back and in a blink of an eye, the redhead was lying on the ground in a fetal position, howling with a bloody and broken nose.

"You better clean up your act. If you think you'll get by in life just sitting on your fat ass and moaning about how hard work is, you might as well give up your education to someone else who's piss poor and homeless. AT LEAST THEY WILL WORK HARD TO GET PLACES! So what, Weasley?" He took a deep breath and spoke softly, his volume increasing with each word that left his lips. "Bill's a curse breaker. Charlie's a dragonologist. Percy works in the Ministry. Fred and George have a business up and running! You think they sat down and complained like you did?! Think they threw their academics away because it was hard?! NO! THEY DIDN'T. SO CHECK YOURSELF BEFORE YOU GO RUNNING YOUR MOUTH ABOUT PEOPLE WHO DESERVE THEIR POSITIONS BECAUSE THEY'VE DONE SOMETHING TO GET THERE!"

Eve and Neville ran up to Harry, attempting to placate his boiled-over anger. It wasn't good for him or for the babies in such a stressful situation. His blood pressure had risen – Harry knew this – but the fact that the git cowering below him had dared to bring his parents into their fight… Harry would be sure to put him down the next time the redhead dared to do so again.

Hearing his friends' pleas, Harry did breathing exercises to calm down. It was all for naught. Though he had calmed, his magic hadn't. It was visible to everyone in the Common Room as it snaked around the redhead dangerously. There were pops and cracks heard from his magic.

"Dumbledore wouldn't have been kicked out if you didn't turn to the dark, Harry!" Ginny shrieked. She ripped a long strip off her robes and pressed it up against her brother's nose. "Don't you see?! You're jumped up on potions. I bet Snape did this to you! That's the only reason why you've gone against Dumbledore's wishes! Don't worry, Harry," she simpered, "We can save you. If only you'll come with us." She extended a hand, which Harry sneered at.

"I don't need saving. I've realized at the beginning of the summer that those that supposedly were my friends, were stealing from me. Not to mention the Headmaster orchestrated the entire situation to benefit himself and those aligned with him. Why else would he put Harry Potter, Savior of the Wizarding World, in a home with abusive muggles?"

Weaselette withdrew her hand and sobbed chest-heaving cries, "We were only doing it for you, Harry! If you had fallen to the dark, they would've used you! Don't you see?! You're married to someone other than me! We were promised to each other! Snape must have done something to you over the summer! He's a spy, Harry. A double-spy!"

"I would never marry a gold digger," Harry looked disdainfully at her.

"The Ministry would never allow you to marry your teacher," The youngest Weasley retorted in a last attempt at Harry.

Harry smiled, "Well thankfully, we all know that the Ministry is incompetent – so is the man who heads it. After all, who were the ones that allowed Skeeter to produce such fictitious papers and still listens to idiotic rumors?"

Weasley spat a glob of blood onto the carpet, "You're the reason why I've lost Gryffindor so many points – the reason why I've received so many detentions. I can't even go to Hogsmeade anymore because of you!"

Harry rolled his eyes. Trying to go for a different angle was he? "And this is my fault? Did you ever think about your own actions? I'm not the one starting all the fights and getting caught."

"Dumbledore always did cater to your every whim," Weasley snapped. "Probably to make sure that you wouldn't go dark if you didn't get what you wanted."

"Oh give it up, Weasley. You're sounding like a record now. What did Dumbledore do for me? He sent me off on stupid life-endangering quests to see how malleable his pawn was. On the other hand, to make sure you stayed besides the Boy-Who-Lived and prevent him from befriending anyone that might lead him astray, he made sure to reward you handsomely for it. If it weren't for Hermione, you wouldn't even have made it past first year."

Weaselette screamed profanities at the witch standing besides Harry. A quick glance at Eve showed that she was near the end of her patience. It was hard to tell if you didn't know her, but ever since Eve had become his bodyguard, Harry had gone about picking at her character and learning more about her as an individual. The tip of her wand was starting to glow.

"Shut up," Neville's voice cut through.

The lions were understandably stunned. The shy chubby Gryffindor had never sounded so cold. His tone was frosty and sharp; his eyes reflected the hatred he'd bundled up inside of him after all these years of excusing the two redheads below them – all for Harry's sake. It helped that he had drawn his wand and had pointed it at the two redheads.

"I won't put up with you two any longer. The world isn't in black and white." He glared disdainfully at them, looking like one more word would set him off. "Don't think I don't hear you two talking about how to get Harry back on your side. Your ideas are far more insidious than the entirety of Slytherin combined. I may just be a so-called squib, but I'm sure you're aware that I pick up spells just as quickly as Harry does now that I've got my own wand. I'm sure you know where I'm going with this."

Ginny's fanatic protests had escalated into stalking, death threats and creepy staring that had Harry uncomfortable being in the lion's den. That was one of the reason why after Sirius had become Headmaster, he'd allowed Harry's and Tom's relationship, as the two were Lords, considered adults, and married. Though there was an issue regarding a student-teacher relationship, those problems were doused when Harry's work was to be graded by another professor.

There weren't many outcries from the student population; two guesses who did. The Slytherins already knew, the Gryffindors had stood beside Harry, the Hufflepuff were all for Harry's happiness after fifth year's fiasco and the Ravenclaws didn't mind it as long as they were able to procure more information about Professor Slytherin. Safe to say, Harry had moved in with Tom after Neville had promised to watch out for him in Gryffindor dorms. After all, the Weasleys were still living there; Hermione had done the same too for the female Weasley.

Harry only visited from time to time when Tom was busy grading the students' essays. Tonight was one of those nights, but Hermione knew that every time the redheads saw her friend, their anger and obsession escalated into immeasurable scale.

Eve stepped up and threw a few galleons at them. It was against her tradition to spit at the pitiful, but Merlin did she want to spit at them so bad; so, she looked down at the two and sneered something awful. "If galleons are what you value over any true friendship, then you are no friend at all."

"You –"

"Fuck you," Hermione interrupted. "I'm sure the Headmaster would enjoy reviewing Ronald's work since first year until now. And as for you, I'm sure he'd love to know all the plans you've made to drug his godson. I'm sure Headmaster Black would love to hear all those nifty little spells, potions, and charms that you have in store for Harry. He has a large repertoire concerning all things dark – after all, he did come from a Dark family."

The Weasleys paled and quickly scampered off to the hospital wing with muffled threats, leaving the untouched galleons on the ground.

With a tone that would've cut through diamond, Hermione turned her gaze upon the rest of the lions. "What are you looking at? Curfew ended three minutes ago. First years go to bed."

Even without her Prefect badge, she made for a scary individual and the Gryffindors dispersed. Eve smirked and waved her wand, retrieving the galleons and putting them back into her purse. She eyed the trio standing there and nodded her head once in Harry's direction, heading up to the dormitories to make sure the first years were in their beds.

Harry breathed a couple of more times and with each following one, felt his shoulders getting lighter and lighter. "Thanks for that, Neville." The Longbottom heir nodded his head. Then he turned to look at the only other individual left in the Common Room beside himself and Harry. This prompted the Potter heir to turn his head to stare at Hermione, wondering why she'd done what she did. "Thanks…. Hermione."

The brunette smiled, "It was time I stood up for myself and my friends. Now, where were those copies of Weasley's assignments?"


With Dumbledore out of the way, Sirius was given the title of Headmaster, Tom was in the DADA teaching position, and Dowager Warren was revisiting all the educational proposals Dumbledore had rejected. With the help of Tom's minions, the Governors had appointed Lucius as an ambassador between them and Hogwarts – which meant the blond wizard had become the Deputy Headmaster. Not to mention that Tom's plans of running against Fudge in the upcoming election for Minister was going great. The wizard had found it amusing that Fudge had tried to valiantly defend himself against the public-private backlash that happened over the past five years, in regards to Harry Potter, Hogwarts and Dumbledore.

"You're doing it again," Harry said, poking at Tom's furrowed brows. "Keep that up and you'll start to look your age."

Tom raised an eyebrow, "And that is… 26?"

Harry laughed, "You and I both know that you're older than that." He moved a bit and grimaced.

"Sore back again?"

Harry nodded.

Tom stood up and held out a hand, "Come, I'll work out the kinks from it."

Harry smiled and allowed Tom to pull him up, walk him to their bedroom and lie him down on his side. Tom helped Harry out of his shirt and proceeded to summon a bottle of massaging oil before rubbing down Harry's back.

"Is it here?"

"Lower," Harry answered, sighing in relief when Tom's magical hands seemed to sooth the pain. "They're getting so big," He stated, rubbing a hand over his stomach; his smile grew when small bumps came up to meet his hand.

"They know their mama's voice," Tom mused, continuing with the massage.

Harry giggled once more when his children knocked against his stomach, "Well, what do you expect when they hear it every day? They know their papa's voice too." As an afterthought, Harry elbowed Tom in the gut, "And don't call me mama."

Comforting silence blanketed the room as Harry continued to enjoy Tom's devoted caretaking.

"Will you talk about it now?" Harry whispered.

Tom rolled the question around in his head for a few moments. "Everything's going according as planned. The school is more united after Dumbledore's removal; the Ministry realizes that the Minister is a complete moron and the Wizarding World understands that they've listened to the wrong man."

"Easiest takeover ever?" Harry snickered.

"You have no idea."

"All because of little old me." Harry grinned.

"Have I thanked you for that?" Tom purred.

Harry's eyes widened and his pupils dilated, "M-Maybe once or twice," He replied breathlessly.

"Let me thank you again," Tom grinned, leaning down.


Another howler from the Weasley matriarch had been sent to Harry, but the Gryffindor had set it on fire before it could open its flap.

It was the same old vitriol – accusations that Harry was going dark, that the Headmaster was dark, that it was Harry's fault that Ron was now on academic probation. The last one wasn't his fault, since the redhead refused to do his own work. Plus, Weasley's academic probation was due to the fact that all his assignments were returned with Troll's. He'd have to return to first year, but not even the first year Gryffindors wanted him in their bunk.

He wasn't given until the end of the month, which Harry didn't think was fair considering there wasn't only a week until their winter break. Tom had explained to him that Weasley's homework for the break would be graded and used as an assessment as to whether or not he would be kept in sixth year. Should he receive a failing grade, he would be placed into first year.

The redhead's mother had been forewarned not to help him with his homework. With only his work ethic to help the redhead, Harry didn't think Weasley was going to stay in sixth year. Not that it mattered considering Harry stayed with Tom, but for Dean, Seamus and Neville, it meant that the three boys would have more room in the dormitories. That was something all three of them wanted.

"How do you feel, Harry?" Dean asked. The teenager was quite alright with the news when it had came out about Harry's relationship with the DADA professor. There was no point in making Harry depressed when he deserved the best after defeating You-Know-Who. He deserved happiness, even if that meant he was shacking up with a man.

"Tired and sore," Harry groaned, reaching behind to massage his back.

"Well, we just have to get through today and you can go home tomorrow," Seamus leered at him. "You and Professor Slytherin can stay together for a good two weeks."

Harry smiled, "Yes. That sounds about right."

"It's time to go, Harry. DADA first thing." Neville said, helping him up out of his seat. Harry silently thanked him for his assistance, accepting the hand and even the plate with extra food. The teen had gotten hungrier throughout his pregnancy; it wasn't unusual to see him snacking on something when he was walking through the halls.

Eve had surprisingly joined their little group, becoming more like a friend to Harry than a bodyguard. However, she did have a lighter workload than any of them, so Harry supposed he could see why Tom wanted her there.

"Mr. Potter, please head upstairs to my office and read chapter 7 and 8. Answer the questions on the parchment provided by the end of the lesson's time." Tom said, watching his pregnant lover waddle up the stairs. He remembered how he'd made a passing comment on his lover's waddle – ended up on his couch for a good two hours before Harry woke him up with tears in his eyes, feeling distressed, because his pregnant lover couldn't sleep without his warm presence.

Once Harry closed the door, Tom turned to his class and began his lesson.


Harry was dead on his feet by the end of the day. After dinner, Neville bracketed him with Luna on Harry's other side and the two walked the pregnant teen back to his rooms in the dungeons.

"Thank you, Mister Longbottom, Miss Lovegood." Tom nodded his head and accepted his lover into his arms.

"Bye, Nev, Lulu." Harry yawned. The duo waved and left the corridor. Harry entered the rooms and slumped down onto the sofa. "Are the clothes packed?"

"Everything is packed. You don't have to worry about it." Tom said. "Dippy, please prepare some pumpkin juice –"

"- and a plate of finger sandwiches – " Harry interrupted.

"- and a plate of finger sandwiches for us." Tom finished.

Dippy returned a moment later with the order and popped away.

"Mmm, I love Dippy's handmade sandwiches," Harry hummed happily. He munched on them and reluctantly allowed Tom one – just one – and pulled the plate closer to him. He sighed happily when his babies moved under the plate. "Seems like they love the sandwiches too."

"I'm not surprised," Tom mused. "You've been having it since the start of your second trimester."

"Only because someone couldn't slice the pickles and olives correctly."

Tom rolled his eyes, "Merlin forbid I slice the pickles vertically instead of diagonally." He took a large bite out of his own sandwich and hummed approvingly, "However, I will say that Dippy definitely makes the best sandwiches I've ever had."

"He'd love to hear you say that," Harry smiled. "You should compliment him more."

Tom nodded his head. It was better to agree with Harry than argue with him, especially since having high blood pressure would be bad for him right now.

"Are you done?" Tom asked awhile later.

Harry hummed softly, eyes already drooping. The pregnancy was taking a lot out of him and the teenager was always taking naps between classes whenever he could. He'd taken Pepper-Up potions specific for pregnancy, but he'd stopped when he realized he was getting too attached to it and was getting frayed at the edges by the end of every week. Although potions were great, it had nothing on actual rest and sleep.

"Come, let's get you to bed."

"But I haven't –" a large yawn nearly unhinged Harry's jaw, " – haven't finished my pumpkin juice."

Tom handed the goblet over and waited patiently for Harry to finish his drink. "All finished?"

"Mmm, good night Dippy." Harry yawned once more.

"Good night Master Harry! Good night Master Tom!"

"Good night Dippy," Tom bid his house elf good night and entered their bedroom.

Tom looked down at Harry fondly when his lover slept peacefully beside him. It would be an hour later that Tom would turn off the lights, wrap his arms around both Harry and his unborn children, and sleep with happy dreams.


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