Dark-Angel: Hey guys! I've been listening to a few songs lately and I've been inspired to write this story. This takes place one year after the D- Reaper incident and I'm going by the dub names and ages. So that makes Ryo 15 and the rest (Rika, Takato, Henry, Jeri, Kazu and Kenta) all 14. Suzie, Ai and Mako aren't really involved in this story because, yeah because. ^_^ They all go to the same school, and I decided to put Ryo in the same year level as them to make up for the time he spent in the Digital World.

I gotta warn you now, there aint much romance in it until later, so if you're a total sap, be prepared!

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Unauthorised Authority

Chapter 1

The Beginning of Something Different


The season of cherry blossoms was almost in full bloom. It was a beautiful sight if you were there to enjoy it; the sakura trees draping over the edge of a fountain, the tips of their branches dipped in the cool water.

Ryo Akiyama stared at the superb sight, but he was not thinking of the cherry blossoms. His mind was drifting back to when he had asked Sakuyamon for her energy when they were fighting the D-Reaper. Even though it had been a year since it all happened, Ryo still remembered the look on Rika's face. He still remembered hearing her voice. It was full of concern. Concern for him.

Ever since he had known her, Ryo could see right through her. The attitude, the glares that she gave out to anyone who got in her way, and even the way she talked. Some people might call it arrogance, or even hatred. But Ryo knew that it was all just a shield, a way to make people see that she didn't need any help, even though most of time she did.

"Why do you push people away, Rika? Can't you see how it hurts them, especially yourself?" Ryo muttered quietly to himself, not even noticing a dark figure vanish into thin air from the shadows. If he wasn't thinking about Rika, he would of felt something wasn't right, but he was too engrossed in his thoughts to notice.


Rika Nonaka was standing against the wall of her room, breathing heavily. She could feel the sweat that was forming on her forehead trickle down her temple, until it came to an abrupt halt when it reached the corner of her mouth. She felt as if she would faint, but she could not give in to it. Not yet. Rika summoned all the strength she had left, and forced herself to make the pain go away, like she had oh so many times before. Suddenly, everything went black. Black.

The next time she found herself awake, Rika realised that she wasn't in her room anymore. She wasn't even in her house. She was at the school! Rika looked up at the clock and saw that it was only 12:30pm. 'That's strange. I could have sworn it was way past 5' she thought to herself, as she looked around her and saw her classmates sitting at their respective desks. When she looked down, she realised that she, too, was sitting at her desk.

"What the hell?" Rika muttered under her breath.

"What did you say, Rika? Don't you understand what I just said?"

Abruptly, Rika's head shot up at the sound of her name. She looked around her, and saw everyone staring at her. Among the midst of curious faces, Rika was able to make out the apparent features of the other Tamers.

' Jeri, Takato, Henry, Kazu, Kenta and Ryo.' Her head darted back and forth as she looked at her friends.

"I can help you if you want," Rika's teacher was already moving forward, not even bothering to wait for the reply.

All of a sudden, everyone around Rika became ghostly shadows, and they began to chant words that Rika couldn't understand.

'What's happening? What are they? What do they want?' Questions bombarded her mind as she tried to get up from her chair to run. She couldn't move. It wasn't because she was frozen with fear, although she definitely looked that way. It was as if she was glued to her chair, or the Earth's gravity had just doubled or something. Then she felt like she would faint again. This time, she gave into it, thinking that it might save her from death, or at least from feeling the pain of death. Again, everything went black.

The next thing she new, Rika was being shaken by her mother, gently but firmly. "What..?"

"Rika! Thank God! You fainted. Are you ok?" Rumiko touched her daughter's forehead lightly, and then quickly took it away. "You're hot."

"I uh, don't feel so good." That was all Rika could say without sounding like a complete idiot, even to her mother.

"You should get some rest. Hopefully you'll feel better when you wake up." Rumiko kissed Rika lightly on the forehead before retreating out the door, and into the corridor. Rika watched until she reached the kitchen and then closed the door.

In her head, she was screaming out one word. One word that would never be a reality again. 'Renamon.'

Ever since the Digimon left, Rika had felt a loneliness she could never get rid of, no matter how hard she tried. Even when she was with her friends, not a moment passed without a thought of her partner, her friend, her life. Even though she wanted to, she couldn't cry. Something always held her back. Something she could never put her finger on.

A flashback replayed over in her mind. It was when she and Renamon were going to find Impmon and bring back him back to the Real World. Rika recalled Renamon's exact words.. "Every wave begins with a drop of water.."

Rika thought deeply into those words, to try to find some significance in her own life, which might be worth living for now.

'What about your family, your friends? How unhappy and worthless they will feel if you leave them. You have learnt to depend on them, just as they depend on you!' A voice in her head cried out in desperation.

"Look at how weak you have become over the past year. You depend too much on your 'friends'. You were ruthless when you were the Ice Queen. You gave no mercy because you believed that you were never given any. You even consider the other Tamers as your friends. Friends. They are not your friends. They are merely acquaintances that you have met during the year. You can rely on nobody in this world. You are destined to be alone for the rest of your life. Just accept it. You will never know true happiness!" A harsh, deep voice was heard over the constant flashing of cameras and questions being bombarded at her so-called 'famous' mother.

"Who are you and what do you want?" Rika asked with fear and confidence both present in her voice.

"You want to see Renamon again, don't you?" The voice continued to speak with sheer confidence, completely ignoring Rika's questions. When Rika didn't say anything, the voice continued. "I know how you can see your partner again. I don't even know why you consider her your partner now. Before, you just treated her like any other living thing. As a tool to get what you want. Why did you change Rika? Why did you leave everything you had behind? If you had kept on going with your eternal struggle for perfection, you would have superior power over everyone around you. Why did you give it all away?"

"Because I've changed. I'm not the cold person that I was anymore. I've learnt to love, and to depend on others besides me. I love my friends and my family." 'What's left of my family.' She added bitterly in her mind, as she remembered that her father had left when she was very young.

"But why do you care for these mere humans?"

"Because I am human! Whatever you are, whether human or not, there is no way you are going to change who I am!" Rika yelled to the voice that was making her mind go crazy, emphasising on the individual noun.

"Come with me and you will see Renamon again." 'Maybe this child has more anger and pain inside than I originally thought. She could ascend quicker than we expected'. The voice laughed quietly to itself, seemingly enjoying the sight of Rika holding her head in her hands, on the verge of breaking.

"Why should I believe you? What proof do you have of what you say?" Rika managed to say, still holding her head with her hands.

"Your will power. Isn't that enough proof in itself?"

By now Rika's head was spinning rapidly. How could she believe this 'thing' when it did not give her any proof of what it said, but how could she give away a slim chance of seeing Renamon again, for if what this voice is saying is true, then it must know where Renamon is.

'What do I do?!' Her head screamed in confusion and anger, both intertwined in each other.

"Come with me, Rika! I will show you true power! I will take you to a place where you will surpass any other mere human. I can see that in your mind, you want to come with me. You want to ascend far beyond what anyone has ever been before. Accept it! You will come with me!" Before Rika could do anything else, she was hit in the temple by something exceedingly sharp. She felt it pierce into her head, then she could no longer see, nor hear anything. She could not feel her body anymore. She had gone completely numb.

'Am I still alive?' She wondered. Rika felt as if she was being swept away by a dark wind, into nothingness.

*I'm an opportunity

And I knock so softly

Sometimes I get loud

When I wish everybody'd just get off me

So many players

You'd think I was a board game

It's every man for themselves

There are no teammates

This life gets lonely

When everybody wants something

They'll smile up in your face

But they'll get their's eventually

And I hope I'm there

Surrounded by familiar faces with no name

None of them know me

Or want to share my pain

They only wish to bask in my light

Then fade away

To win my love, to them a game

To watch me live my life in vain

When all is done and the glitter fades, fades away

They'll get their's eventually

And I hope I'm there

I drank your poison

'Cause you told me it's wine

Shame on you if you fooled me once

Shame on me if you fooled me twice

I didn't know the price

You'll get your's eventually

So what good am I to you

If I can't be broken

You'll get your's, yes

You'll get your's eventually*

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