Pyrrha Nikos is a champion, a being without peers, hailed as the Invincible Girl. Yet for all her prowess on the field of battle, winning tournament after tournament… outside of that however…


Pyrrha looked down at her board, shakily picking up the red pin, her head slumping in defeat: the day had been lost.

"Y-you…" It was hard to admit defeat, yet the silver eyes that stared at her compelled her to be truthful "…sank my battleship…"

"Yahooo!" Ruby jumped up and did a fist a pump, as Pyrrha sadly put the last hit marker on the game piece. Mischief glinted in Ruby's eyes and a shit-eating-grin greeted Pyrrha as she looked up. "You know what that means?"

Pyrrha knew she should be angry with the sheer level of arrogance displayed by her girlfriend, but the fact was, Ruby had won fair and square. "I…I… don't get to be the big spoon tonight."

It was a fact that Pyrrha preferred being the big spoon when the two slept, it made sense even; Pyrrha was a full ten inches – despite Ruby saying she had grown a few since they had started dating – taller than Ruby. Plus it just felt more natural to Pyrrha for be the one protecting the shorter red head. For several months that happened; Pyrrha was the big spoon to Ruby's little spoon.

Ruby, however, thought they should trade off every other night; spoon equality. After much well-meaning debates, they had figured a game of chance should decide it. Naturally this led to their current predicament, where they played a board game or had a contest to decide who would win.

Problematically, for Pyrrha this meant she tended to lose. A lot. Like a lot a lot. Like why in the hell was Ruby so good at board games and rock, paper, scissors!?

The one thing Pyrrha was, above all else, was determined. After the light had gone out and Ruby clung to Pyrrha's back, Pyrrha waited.

Waited until Ruby's soft sound of snoozing filtered into the room, showing that she was, and truly was asleep.

It was times like these that Pyrrha felt a little… devious.

Slowly, as to not wake up her cute sleeping girlfriend, Pyrrha twisted her body around, so she was no longer facing away from Ruby but rather facing the top of her head. Gently, ever so gently, Pyrrha put her arms around Ruby, pulling her off of her pillow and towards the older red head's chest, where a much more comfortable set of pillows awaited the younger red head.

Pyrrha knew it was only a matter of time until Ruby would turn around in her sleep, putting her back to Pyrrha and nestle against her. After all, it had been a few months before Ruby had decided to be the big spoon, she was far more used to being the little spoon.

After all, I am the 'Invincible Girl', I don't lose. Pyrrha triumphantly thought as she comfortably floated off to the land of dreams, her girlfriend snoozing in her protective embrace…

And I want to be able to protect my rose.

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