A lump of some sort of dark, sludgy substance plummeted from the high branch of an otherwise unassuming tree along an equally unassuming walking path, landing on the ground with a sickening splat. It remained immobile for a bit, then inexplicably seemed to slide uphill. As it slid, it began to find and gravitate toward more bits of dark substance similar to itself, engulfing the stray bits and becoming larger as it did so. An unnatural energy radiated from the dark object as it grew, an energy that would set anyone on-edge if they were near.

The object stopped for a bit, then a thin appendage shot out from its side, a spindly arm ending with a clawed hand. An identical arm shot from the other side, then two piercing red swirls lit up on its front like eyes. A sickening grin spread on what could now be properly described as its face. The creature was a ball of undiluted emotions, full of sick glee and exhilaration, but mostly it was full of one very strong emotion in particular.


Luigi was making his way down the well-worn path, carrying a grocery bag and shaking his head in disbelief. "I can't believe you forgot the chicken on alfredo night, Mario," he muttered to himself. He thanked the stars that he was already in town, otherwise they would've either had to have a late dinner or drag out some frozen dinners from the freezer and put off alfredo night again.

As Luigi continued on his way home, he had a sudden and jarring sensation that stopped him in his tracks. He thought at first it was just an odd smell, a smell like something had died nearby. Something about being an unwilling ghost hunter makes you recognize the smell of dead things, though, and unless the dead whatever in question was a particularly rancid thing in life, this was a MUCH worse smell than just death. Shortly after recognizing the smell, Luigi realized he could feel every single hair standing on end, like static shortly before a thunderstorm. Something about the combination of the sensations had a twinge of familiarity, but Luigi couldn't quite place it. Either way, it made him incredibly nervous.

It was then that he finally saw it. A strange, vaguely child-shaped, humanoid thing was laying along the side of the road. There were dangerous-looking black sparks radiating from all over its form, and it seemed to be missing a limb or two. As Luigi approached it, he could see there were spindly black limbs in their place. Something made him uneasy about this, and not just the fact that a supposed unconscious disfigured child was on the ground in front of him that he now realized seemed to be the source of the ominous aura he had walked into. "Uh...hello?" Luigi asked nervously. "Are...are you okay?" The figure made a small, unintelligible noise that was muffled by its face being practically shoved in the dirt. "Uh, excuse me?"


Something about the way that sounded struck a chord in Luigi's memory. He felt he should leave, but at the same time he couldn't bring himself to just abandon someone who was clearly injured. "Wh...what did you say?!" he gasped.

Shakily, the figure stood up, laughing in an incredibly creepy manner. Luigi realized far too late that he should have run when he saw the figure's green skin, the nearly opaque swirled glasses, and the horridly demented toothy grin that gave the impression of a dislodged jaw. "I...had the saying..." the now familiar person in front of him chuckled darkly, "...I...have...FURY!" A scream rang out, though it was unclear whether it had come from Luigi or the maniacal Bean that had suddenly lunged at him in a rage.

"F-Fawful—?" Luigi gasped partially from disbelief, but mostly due to having been knocked onto the ground. "How are you back? Just...how?!"

"Green mustache!" Fawful shouted, his words dripping with the fury he had declared his possession of, ignoring Luigi's barely audible question. "The first delicious step to my comeback will be the ending of you!"

Fawful made to punch Luigi in the face, but Luigi twisted his head away just in time and countered with a kick to the stomach. Fawful rolled off the green-clad plumber, the wind having been thoroughly knocked out of him. Luigi jumped back up to his feet. He mentally cursed himself for not taking his hammer with him wherever, but it's not like he was one to expect a sudden attack at any time, especially from someone he had presumed well and truly dead for years. Besides, it seemed that Fawful was unarmed as well, so they were on equal footing...at least, he hoped that was the case. He ran at Fawful, prepared to do whatever it took to neutralize this returning threat before anything got serious.

It was then that he felt something pierce his brain. The blackened, spindly arm of Fawful was jutting out of his own skull, dark energy sparking all around it. The sadistic grin on Fawful's face noticeably faltered. Whatever he had planned to do with that strike, this clearly wasn't what he had in mind. "Have letting go!" Fawful shouted in a panic.

"I would if I could!" Luigi screamed in an equally panicky state. "Get your freaky arm outta my head!"

Fawful tried desperately to pull his disfigured arm out of Luigi's head, and in equal desperation Luigi tried to push Fawful away. They both propped up a leg to use as leverage to separate themselves, and it was only when they started to tilt over that they both realized that had been a terrible idea for either of them to execute. Before they could rectify their mutual mistake, the two fighters toppled over and began to roll down the surprisingly steep hill they had been on, Fawful's residual darkness swirling as they rolled with increasing speed.

Their vision had been obscured by the dark swirling vortex surrounding them shortly before the impact with the rock made them both black out.

He slowly opened his eyes. The sky was a vibrant orange and the sun had nearly set; clearly a considerable amount of time had passed since the scuffle knocked him out. Damn, exactly how long had he been out? He tried to stand, but was having a difficult time of it, as if he weren't used to his own body. He rubbed his temples, his head aching considerably. He looked around, but the other guy was nowhere to be seen. That could be either good or very, very bad. At his feet he saw the package of chicken hanging out of its bag, nearly torn apart in the fight. Strange, while half of him felt extremely disappointed by the loss of the meat, which had been fairly expensive for what it was, another part of him didn't really care. He managed to break his oddly indifferent gaze from the now-ruined chicken, adjusted his hat and glasses and—

Wait. Hat and glasses?

It was then that he took the time to do what he should have done before anything else and examined himself. He seemed uninjured, though there was an unidentifiable tingling all over. That wasn't what was making him start to freak out, though. There was a foreign weight on his shoulders which he soon identified as a cape. A cape and overalls, which...also seemed foreign. He took off the somewhat-familiar hat and looked at it. The emblem on its front, once a bright green "L" on white, was now a creepy grinning face with swirled eyes. Part of him was disturbed, another part somewhat amused, but his entire being knew this was just another addition to the piling up signs of something having gone horribly wrong.

He then noticed a small creek that he had woken up beside. He approached it and nervously leaned over to look at himself. To his horror, though not necessarily unsuspected by now, what he saw was neither Luigi nor Fawful. The shape of his face was mostly Luigi-like, with the large nose and mustache from the green plumber present, but his skin was the bright green present in the complexion of most Beanish people and his hair was much darker, almost black. He opened his mouth and, to make sure his reflection wasn't further screwing with him, ran his tongue across his overly large teeth. What startled him most about his new face were the eyes, clearly visible through the transparent glasses he now wore. Despite the obvious confusion in the expression, they had a soft, warm gaze, yet with an unsettling sense of mania hidden within. One eye was a friendly blue, while the other a piercing red.

He wanted to scream. In fact, he already was screaming—two voices in his mind, shouting and panicking in a discordant maelstrom of fright-fueled thought. Problem is, he was afraid to speak, afraid of what sort of voice would be made from his now singular larynx, and in what syntax. He knew he wouldn't be able to hold back the urge to verbalize what the dual voices were shouting for long, though. "W-what is on-going—er, going on?" he asked breathlessly. "How does this have possibility?"

"This is all on you, Fawful, I just know it!" he shouted to...himself? "What was even up with your freaky arm?!"

"Have the up-shut, fink-rat!" he retorted, again to himself. "I was not knowing the capabilities of the darkness which still had presence." Both minds within his shared head then realized how strange he looked talking to himself like this. "I have gladness no one is around to be seeing this," he admitted. "We would have the appearance of silliness, or insanity."

Is that really too far from the case for you? Luigi's voice snarkily said in his mind. Apparently he had decided to take their conversation to the mindscape.

Again, have the up-shut, Fawful mentally snarled. How will we gain separation?

Luigi groaned. I can't believe I'm stuck having to listen to your strange brand of language for...as long as we're gonna be stuck like this.

"There has to be some way we can have fixing this problem..." he murmured to himself. "Maybe we should go find Mar—" He couldn't even finish the sentence without realizing how terrible that would be. Not only would Mario be incredibly suspicious of the Fawful qualities to his combined form, the Fawful part of his mind would just LOVE the opportunity to get rid of one of the fink-rats that had ruined his life and would probably force some sort of mental dominance play to achieve that, and while that sounded pretty good he didn't feel he'd be able to pull it off in this state. He then got a better idea—or rather, half of him did. "E. Gadd!" he shouted.

Who is being this E. Gadd? Fawful asked, sounding genuinely curious.

A scientist and inventor, Luigi responded. You'll love him, I can guarantee it. Er, maybe.

"We'd better get going," he said to himself. He looked up at the hill they had rolled down when they were still separate people. "There is being a fork off that path that has direction to Evershade Forest. That's where he had his last stable laboratory." He dusted off his cape and overalls and climbed back up the hill to make his trek to E. Gadd's lab.

The package of chicken remained behind and would likely feed several grateful wild animals.