Chapter Two

Rumpelstiltskin didn't bother taking the conventional way down from the tower, using magic to transport himself to his room. He'd bathed during the hour the potion had to steep, used a bit of magic to set his rooms to right – Belle wasn't allowed in there normally and he didn't want her to think him a slob – and fetched his dagger from the vault below the castle. Everything was in readiness, only his little dearie was missing. What if she had changed her mind? No, she would come, he was sure of it after her convictions that this ritual was the right thing to do.

His head swung towards the door as a knock sounded, but his call to enter was ignored. Frowning in confusion, he made his way over to the double doors of the master suite and peered out. Grand! Now he was hearing things. He closed the door and it sounded again. This time he realized it wasn't coming from the corridor outside his room, but from within. He rolled his eyes as he made his way to the full length mirror next to his wardrobe. He really didn't have time for this just now, but when did he ever have time for Regina's theatrics. He was still quite peeved over her teasing when he thought it had been she who'd absconded with his little maid.

Whipping the drape off of the mirror, he glowered silently at Regina's grinning countenance. "What d'you want, Regina?"

"Rumpel!" she giggled, clasping her hands beneath her chin. He swore he could see every one of her teeth in that smile. "I'm just dying of curiosity. Did you ever find your little maid … Belle?"

His eyes narrowed menacingly. "That's none of your concern, dearie. Perhaps you should worry more over your plight with the bandit princess and less about my own affairs."

"Oh, really, Rumpel," she replied flippantly. "I'm just curious. I mean, what type of girl would you have as your maid? Homely little trollop, is she?"

He bared his teeth at her in a snarl at her slight to Belle's character. "She's neither homely nor a trollop, dearie. You have the monopoly on that."

The smile slid from her ruby lips as she stiffened in affront. "No need to be rude. I think I'd like to meet her. Perhaps you could invite me for tea." Her face brightened almost comically. "But wait … that would mean you got her back. Did you? Your Belle?" She giggled again, enjoying the pleasure of riling him.

Rumpelstiltskin was ready to reach through the glass and wrap his hands around her ivory neck when Belle knocked on the door. His fists balled at his sides to quell the urge as he barked at the door. "Come!"

Regina's eyes widened as the petite brunette came into view, taking note of her beauty … not to mention her state of undress clad only in a silk nightdress and lacy robe. "That's her?!"

"Goodbye, your majesty," he snarled, snapping his fingers at the glass. The mirror returned to its reflective surface and the drape was rehung over the frame, barring any more interruptions.

"Oh, I'm sorry. Am I interrupting?" she asked, looking back at the now closed door. "I can come back if you wish."

He took a few hesitant steps in her direction and waved a dismissive hand. "No, don't go. It wasn't important."

Belle clasped her hands before her and stared down shyly at her feet, trying to find the courage to will the massive butterflies out of her stomach. She was being silly. This was the man she loved. He'd never hurt her, she knew, and there was no reason to be apprehensive. It was simply because she was inexperienced and not quite sure exactly what was expected of her. As well read as she was, her knowledge didn't account for a clear picture of what went on between a man and a woman. The logistics of it yes … what she actually needed to do for her part, not so much.

She peered up at him from beneath her long lashes and grinned. He appeared just as nervous as she was. Definitely not a look she was used to seeing on his weathered visage. His skin was flushed beneath the green gold hue, his eyes looking everywhere but at her. "Rumpel … you know you're going to have to come closer at some point," she teased, biting her lip in amusement as he looked up at her apologetically. He really was quite irresistible when he smiled like that, she thought, taking another step closer as he moved towards her to close the distance between them.

Rumpelstiltskin shivered, his eyes darkening with desire as her hands came in contact with his silk clad chest. Did she realize she could ask anything of him and he'd be her willing slave? She already held his heart in her delicate little hands; why wouldn't he surrender his body and soul as well? He touched her face reverently, tilting it up to his, mesmerized by the fire burning in her eyes. He still found it unbelievable that she welcomed his touch, her lips nuzzling at his palm. "Belle …"

Her fingers stroked over the triangle of flesh revealed by the deep vee of his shirt and she could almost feel him vibrating with tension as he held himself in check, afraid to allow his passion free reign. Gods, how she wanted this man, to be one with him, joined with him for an eternity and a day. She pressed a feather light kiss to the corner of his mouth, wanting so much more, but knowing she had to proceed with caution. She reveled in the little gasp which escaped his parted lips, pleased that one small whisper of a kiss could stir him. He practically purred as her hand slid over his shoulder and around his long neck to knead delightfully at his nape.

"Are you certain there's no way I can talk you out of this?" he asked, his breathing harsh as he fought for the last shreds of his control. It was a battle not to let the darkness consume him, to hold onto his humanity when all he wanted was to bury himself in her welcoming heat.

"I belong to you, Rum. Not because of our deal, but because you hold my heart. I want this. I want you. I desire nothing so much as to be bound to you."

"I've never used this spell before."

"Obviously," she replied, biting back a smile.

"What if something goes wrong?"

"It won't."

"You don't know that –"

Her other hand delved into his hair, her nails scraping gently along his scalp. His eyes slammed closed as he finally reached for her, his hands curling over the smooth swell of her bottom, hauling her against him and letting her feel just how much he wanted her. "I couldn't bear it if I hurt you, Belle."

The bewildered frown marring his brow nearly made her giggle as she said, "I trust you." No one trusted the Dark One and yet here she was, pledging her faith in him.

He shook his head, trying to clear it. "You have to be sure, Belle. Once we begin, there is no going back. The spell will have to proceed to completion so as not to risk your sanity."

She nodded solemnly. "I'm certain, Rumpel."

He stared down into her wide eyes, taking note of the complete lack of fear or uncertainty in her gaze. "You really do want this," he whispered, awe and wonder coloring his tone. Finally he nodded and let his hands trail along her arms over the lace of her robe, enjoying the texture of the fabric combined with the natural warmth from her body. He clasped her hand and brought it to his lips, kissing each of her fingertips. He would give into her wishes - albeit reluctantly - and create an unbreakable bond. He couldn't say he was opposed to the idea ... Just the possible side effect or the chance of failure. But he couldn't allow his fears to hinder him when his girl wanted this so much. He tugged on her hand, urging her to follow as he stepped to the table beside the bed where he'd placed the goblet containing the potion.

She regarded it curiously. "What will it do?" she asked as he pressed the jewel-encrusted cup into her hands.

"It heightens the senses and allows us to open ourselves to one another without inhibitions or reservations."

She didn't hesitate, taking a long swallow and downing half of the fiery liquid. She smacked her lips. "It tastes like spicy grapes," she said with a soft girlish giggle. "I like it."

Rumpelstiltskin chugged the remainder of the potion without much fanfare, far more interested in her twinkling eyes and beguiling smile. If possible she was even more beautiful. "How do you feel, dearest?" he asked, the endearment coming easily to his lips.

Her lips parted on a surprised gasp, pleased with his sentiment. She gave his query careful consideration, concentrating on the new sensation buzzing beneath her skin. "Hot," she admitted with a becoming blush. "And a bit odd. It's almost like there's a pull just behind my navel … drawing me closer to you."

His belly clenched as heat surged through every nerve ending in his body. He'd always had a healthy desire for his little dearie, but it was nothing compared to what he felt now. "It's the spell. There are no obstacles between us now, no fear … only need. Do you feel it?"

"I don't know. It's like nothing I've ever felt before." She reached out for him, needing his support as a wave of dizziness assailed her.

His long fingers slipped beneath the lacy collar of her robe as he sought her lips. She sighed softly, relishing the pressure of his warm mouth, the gentle glide of his fingertips against her skin, and the slightly rougher texture of her lace dressing gown ghosting over her arms as it fell to pool at her feet. He drew away from her all too soon, causing her to groan in frustration. He chuckled, stepping away to retrieve the dagger. Her eagerness only increased the ache in his loins, knowing after centuries what it was to have a woman want him. Not just any woman, but his precious Belle. He gripped the kris dagger in his hand, staring down at it mutely. This was the part of the ritual he feared the most, the thought of giving himself into her hands so completely. In the three centuries he'd lived with his curse, he'd never willingly given anyone control over himself or his power.

He had to admit he hated the damn thing, if he were being honest with himself. He loved the power it gave him, but he hated the thrall it held over him. How could he have thought it was a good idea to bind Belle to it as well? And now there was no going back. He had to forge ahead and see it to its culmination and pray it turned out as his beloved wanted.

"What's that, Rumpel?" she asked, watching the indecision war on his face. Her eyes creased at the corners as they narrowed on the blade he pressed into her hand.

Rumpelstiltskin shivered as her finger moved over the black lettering engraved into the shiny surface, her lips forming his name silently as she inspected every inch. "The source of my power, Belle. You hold my life and my will in your hands now. I am yours to command."

Belle tried to hand it back, shaking her head in protest. "I don't want to command you!"

His lips curled into a satisfied smile, tenderness evident in his warm gaze. Gods, she was perfect! His beloved, his heart. "Which is why I have never chosen to bind anyone to me, dearest." His hand came up to wrap over hers, the dagger held between them. "I never felt as if I could trust anyone that implicitly."

She felt her heart soar, never having thought he would give her so precious a gift as his trust. Not her Rumpel. "When we are bound … please tell me that I won't have control over you through this … thing," she spat, not liking the mystical object in the least.

He pressed his brow to hers and nuzzled against her nose, never having felt closer to another living soul. "You don't need to possess the dagger to have control over me because I … I …" Why did it have to be so difficult to bare his heart to her? "BecauseIloveyou," he said all in a rush.

Tears sparkled in the pools of her eyes, spilling over her lashes. "Say it again," she said, looping her free hand around his neck to toy with the ends of his hair. "Please."

"I-I love you, Belle," he whispered against her lips.

She pulled back, just a bit, so she could look up at him, to see for herself the truth of his declaration. "I love you, too, Rumpelstiltskin."

He held her tightly, savoring the moment, but he knew he wouldn't be able to bask in the simple pleasure of holding her for much longer. He could already feel the magic pressing in on him with its cloying power. The spell needed to be completed. He only hoped it didn't frighten her. "Are you ready, sweetheart? To begin?"

"Yes, I'm ready. I want to be yours, Rumpel," she said, excitement welling in her once more to almost unbearable proportions.

"Don't be afraid, Belle. Please, no matter what you experience, don't fear me," he said, pleading with her to be strong. He watched her closely as she took a deep steadying breath and nodded her consent. He took her free hand and raised it between them as he took the dagger and cut first her palm and then his own, pressing the wounds together.

Belle hissed at the mild sting, but didn't flinch away from him. It wasn't until his blood mingled with hers and she could feel his dark magic sparking through her veins that she felt her first moment of unease. It was cloying and grasping, unsettling her stomach and leaving her panting with the effort to remain on her feet. The words he murmured softly, in an ancient language she didn't recognize, barely registered on her.

He clung to her hand as she did to his dagger, his voice fierce as he asked what was required in a language she could understand. "Will you accept me as your master? To obey me in all things?"

"Yes, I am yours," she answered instinctively.

The mage stopped, his head falling back as a surge of pure light flooded his body. Just as his darkness had pierced her, so did her light touch him. His teeth gnashed together as he fought to remain lucid enough to finish the spell. But it wasn't the spell from the book he used, tweaking it to suit his purposes. He wouldn't accept her as his willing slave, his mindless servant. No, she would be his equal in all things.

"As I am your master, will you become my mistress? To help guide me as I will guide you, Belle?"

"I will," she gasped, her lips parted in surprise. What was he doing? she wondered. She moaned as his magic sunk its claws around the tender membrane of her heart, embedding itself within her, anchoring its darkness there to mingle in perfect balance with her light. It was overwhelming and she trembled.

"I willingly surrender to you," he murmured, dipping his head to place a tender kiss to her lips. "I give you everything that I am … body, heart, mind and soul … yours to do with what you will until we are parted in death. I put my unswerving faith … my trust … in you" he said, pulling her closer and curling their clasped hands over the blade of the dagger. "Will you have me?"

"I will." Gooseflesh erupted on her nape and traveled over her skin as heat unfurled in her belly, spreading its warmth as tears continued to flow unchecked over her ashen cheeks. A choked sob escaped her throat at the sheer magnitude of what his vow must have cost him. "Will you have me, Rumpelstiltskin? Will you in turn claim everything I am and hold it always? Will you cherish my body and nurture my heart? Will you feed my mind with knowledge and cling to my soul with your own? Will you love me always?"

"I will, my Belle … forever," he breathed, still unable to quite believe she was his. He pulled her to him, the dagger glowing with a faint golden glow between them, his lips claiming hers in a gentle kiss to seal their spoken bond, their open acceptance of one another. Magic buzzed beneath the surface of their skin, strong and powerful. There was still the last part of the spell to complete, and his fears came back in full force. What if he couldn't please her? His first marriage had been an abysmal disaster, a fact of which Milah had never failed to remind him. He set the dagger on the bedside table and took her bloody hand to heal the long cut on her palm. "Are you alright?" he asked worriedly when she didn't say anything.

"I'm just … it's so hard for me to believe you're finally mine," she murmured, her fingers fidgeting with the open laces on his shirt.

Rumpelstiltskin's face relaxed as some of the coiled tension released from his shoulders. She really wanted this and he simply couldn't understand why. Why would she wish to bind herself to a monster? Why couldn't she see that his darkness would eventually destroy her? He regarded her steadily, his gaze searching her face. She was happy and all he could do was endeavor to make sure she remained so. His Belle smiled lovingly up at him, her hands sliding over his silk clad chest, curling around his shoulders to toy with the ends of his soft hair, waiting patiently for what would come next.

"I promise to be gentle with you, dear one," he whispered fervently, his skin already burning with need as his hands came to rest on her waist. "I won't hurt you more than is absolutely necessary."

She bit her lip to stifle the moan which bubbled to her throat. "I know that, Rumpel. I trust you," she said, her breath fanning over his lips as she pulled his head down to meet her. "Make love to me."

Her command washed over him, the need to obey her sharp and sweet in his belly, a delicious pressure behind his navel. It was a compulsion which commanded his entire being. What surprised him was his desire to obey her so completely. Because she was a part of him now, if he tried to resist there would be no pain, no discomfort to punish him for his resistance. It was his choice. She was his choice. He would have to remember to ask her later if the bond affected her in the same way.

He began slowly, reveling in the simple pleasure of kissing her. Had anything ever tasted so incredibly sweet? His hands fisted in the silk of her gown and he had to fight down the urge to rip the offending garment from her body. Her tongue tentatively touched the seam of his lips, her eyes flying open to seek permission for her boldness. He couldn't imagine anything more precious at that moment than her shyness and uncertainty.

His own tongue darted out to meet hers, curling sinuously about it and drawing it into his mouth to suck on it greedily. Her fingers fisted in his hair, the sting in his scalp only increasing his pleasure. The beast within him purred loudly as Rumpelstiltskin plundered her honeyed mouth. He pushed at one of the thin straps on her gown, sliding it slowly over her shoulder to catch on her upper arm, tearing his mouth away from hers to follow the motion with his lips.

Belle whimpered softly as his teeth nipped sharply at her flesh, leaving a trail of red marks from her shoulder to the crook of her neck where he suckled roughly, drawing her skin into his mouth, worrying it with his teeth and tongue and lips until it darkened into a tiny bruise, his mark, his proclamation to the world that she belonged to him. His hand rose to cover her exposed breast, his fingers toying idly with her nipple until it ruched into a hard bud, begging for more of his touch. She keened as he rolled it between thumb and forefinger and writhed when he pinched it gently, the pleasure more than her innocent body could endure. He caught her firmly about the waist as her knees gave out beneath her.

Rumpelstiltskin drew back just enough so he could take in her flushed features, her lips swollen from his kisses, her eyes the color of sapphires, bright with desire. "Shh, my Belle. It's ok." He dipped his head to nibble softly at her lips. "Am I going too fast?"

"No. Rum, you've got to do something. I feel as if I'm burning and I don't know how to make it stop." She slipped her arms about his waist and pressed her body flush with his. He groaned as his erection wedged hotly against her belly.

He eased the strap from her other shoulder and let it slip off to pool about her feet, leaving her blessedly bare to his gaze. "It's alright, dearest, I know what you need. Just be patient and let me make you feel good." Her blush deepened as she raised her arms to cover her breasts. His lips curved into a slow smile as he allowed her maidenly shyness, his hands tightening on her waist as he lifted her onto the bed. "Don't be afraid, my sweet girl … just let me love you."

Belle nodded jerkily as his lips found hers once more. She lost herself in his kiss as his tongue delved into her mouth once more, tracing over her soft palate and deeper, seeking out the places which made her shiver and moan. Her hips wriggled on the bed, trying to quench the burning flames licking at her core. She'd never felt so consumed by sensation and she didn't know what to do, which brought her no end of frustration. "Rum … Rumpel, please," she begged, her eyes bright with fresh tears.

He bit the inside of his cheek as he tamped down on his own desire. He couldn't allow her desperation to weaken his resolve. He would not have her look back on her first experience with love making as something traumatic or unfulfilling. He knew the magic was riding her hard. It was affecting him as well, urging him to hurry and take what now belonged to him, but he ignored it, determined to show her only pleasure. He stepped between her parted knees and pulled her to the very edge of the mattress so his cloth covered erection could press against her heated core.

She made the most delightful sounds in the back of her throat as she rocked her hips against him. "Ummm, yes," she moaned, the friction just what she needed. Her fingers wrapped tightly about his upper arms, using her hold to anchor herself. She plucked at the fabric as his lips descended to her collar bone, his tongue lapping at the hollow of her throat.. "Rumpel, take this off. I need to feel more of you and it's in the way."

He froze, his lips stilling in their ministrations. The thought of bearing his unnatural flesh to her gaze made him queasy, but there was that pull again, the compulsion to give in to her demands. "Belle, sweetheart, you don't want to see more of me than necessary," he breathed, refusing to lift his gaze to see the rejection in her eyes should he accede to her wishes.

Belle reached for the hem of his shirt, slipping her hands beneath to trace her nails over the taut plane of his belly, reveling in the muscles contracting under her touch. "I want to see you … to feel you. Don't hide from me." Her hands moved steadily upwards, the soft fabric catching on her wrists until the shirt was trapped under his arms and would rise no further. "Please, Rumpel."

He could deny her nothing, and it was with sheer force of will that made him pull the shirt over his head and discard it to land atop her nightdress and robe on the floor at his feet. He closed his eyes as her hands mapped a delightful path over his chest, her fingers pausing over his flat nipples to explore them at her leisure. He ground himself against her as her nails scraped over his sensitive flesh, a low rumbling growl sounding deep in his throat.

"You're so beautiful, Rumpel," she breathed, closing the distance between them to lick at the bud she had just been teasing with her fingers. "Want you so much, my love." She forgot her shyness, pressed against him as she was, allowing her feelings to sweep her along on a fresh wave of bliss. His skin was so hot where it brushed against hers, his touch so amazingly tender, all she could think of was pleasing him in return, giving him a measure of what he'd given her thus far.

He threw his head back with a growl, his hands delving into the luxuriantly silken strands of her hair as she continued to tease him, her nails tracing over his sides and belly. He could have come from her words alone, her praise still ringing in his ears. He shook his head, several damp curls clinging to his brow as he looked down at her. How had this happened? How had he ever won her love? It was all too much to think about while her perfect little rosebud mouth was ravaging a path of fire over his stomach.

Rumpelstiltskin could feel tears sting at the backs of his eyes as he claimed her mouth once more and laid her gently back on the bed. He'd never felt so loved, so cherished as he did now in his beloved's arms. He nipped gently at her lips, his body sinking into hers. He wriggled happily, rubbing himself against her like a cat seeking affection from his mistress, her pert breasts pressing into his chest. "Belle … I love you, dear heart," he purred as her hands kneaded at his nape, her nails scoring his back and drawing him closer as she arched beneath him.

"I-I love you, too," she panted. She planted her feet on the mattress and pushed up, grinding her sodden core over his arousal. She sucked in a breath as his hand trailed over her breasts and lower over her belly, the muscles there quivering in anticipation. His eyes burned like twin amber gems, an inner fire alight behind them as he lifted his head to gaze down at her. His fingers danced hesitantly beneath her navel, lightly brushing over her mound and she knew then what he wanted. "Yes! Please, Rumpel … please touch me."

Her lips formed a perfect little 'o' of pleasure as his clever fingers drifted along her cleft and dipped inside to caress her slick folds. She bucked against him, trying to gain more friction, more heat … MORE! He smiled against her silken skin as his lips closed over one turgid nipple, drawing her deeply into his mouth as his fingers circled around the tight ring of muscles at her entrance. Her breathing grew even more ragged as his thumb lazily circled her clit.

He pressed his burgeoning erection against her thigh, needing the pressure to take the edge off and alleviate some of the pain in his cock. He wanted her so badly, wanted to drive himself into her welcoming warmth, but it was too soon despite what his body was demanding. He had to make sure she was ready for him. He let her nipple go with a slight pop and she shivered as his tongue made a long swipe along the valley between her breasts. "So wet … so perfect … all for me. Mine! My Belle." His voice vibrated deliciously against her neglected nipple. Again she cried out as he took her into the hot recesses of his mouth and carefully pressed one long finger into her.

Her nails dug into the small of his back as she thrust her hips against his hand, drawing him further into her heat. "Oh, Rum! My husband," she sobbed, overwhelmed with sensation as he thrust gently into her as his mouth continued its slow torture at her breasts. The pressure in her womb built until she felt she would die from it, and then she fractured and fell over the precipice into the realm of bliss, her walls convulsing around his talented fingers.

Rumpelstiltskin gasped, releasing her breast to stare up at her rapturous expression. As the wave crested on her, he felt her. Every quiver of her orgasm, every jolt of electricity which teased along her spine, transferred to him and it was all he could do not to spill himself in his trousers like an untried youth. He hadn't thought it was possible to want her more than he already did …

His heart swelled with love as he moved over her, cradling her face in his hands are he kissed her with a gentleness he hadn't known he possessed. It took him a moment to realize her hands were pushing impatiently against the waistband of his cotton trousers. "Take them off! I need you, Rumpel," she whispered hotly in his ear. His entire body shivered from her words as much as her sweet breath ghosting over his neck.

Rumpelstiltskin used a burst of magic to rid himself of the rest of his clothes, unwilling – or unable he wasn't sure – to release her long enough to do it otherwise. He groaned as her fingertips dug into the firm cheeks of his arse, bucking against her as if his will had been stolen. It had truly, since the moment he'd told her he cared for her. Now he had one purpose which drove his soul … her happiness, her pleasure, her love. He embraced them as if they were his own and nothing could have made him happier.

When he didn't move to enter her soon enough, she reached between them and took him in hand, smiling in satisfaction as his eyes slammed closed and a low growl erupted from his throat. Her own eyes widened as she stroked him from root to tip, her thumb spreading the moisture gathered there. "Rum?"

He whimpered, incapable just then of coherent speech.

She tapped impatiently at his shoulder. "Rum? Are you going to … um … fit?"

His fingers closed over her wrist and dragged her hand away from his throbbing shaft, smiling lazily at her despite his roiling desire to take her. "Yes, dear one, it will fit," he murmured against her lips as he kissed her again. He took himself in hand and rubbed the head of his cock through her folds, spreading her moisture over himself before probing gently at her entrance. "Plant your feet on the bed, love, and let me in."

Belle didn't hesitate to do as he asked. She moaned softly, holding tightly to his shoulders as he pushed into her slowly. It felt foreign and her breaths quickened, a sudden unexplainable fear gripping her. With alarming clarity, she remembered the stories she'd been told to her by her maids, and she was wracked with fear. A fear of the unknown, fear of pain, all crowded in on her until she could hardly breathe. Why hadn't she thought of this before she'd thrown herself at Rumpelstiltskin and convinced him this was a good idea?

He could feel her panic ripple up his spine and see it in her wide eyes. He lowered his head to hers, capturing her lower lip and sucking gently. "Shh, my Belle. I'll be gentle, sweet. It's alright," he crooned, swiping his tongue along the soft pink flesh on the inner part of her lip.

She shifted her hips, pressing upwards and taking a little more of him. He didn't pressure her, giving her the time to adjust to his size. All the while, he plundered her mouth with the utmost tenderness, his fingers gently teasing her breasts until her desire mounted once more. Heat curled through her, driving her fears away as she lost herself to his touch. Inch by inch he slowly sank into her silken folds until with one swift snap of his hips he pierced her barrier and pressed his hips flush with hers. She gasped against the stinging pain, a single tear escaping the corner of her eye.

Rumpelstiltskin peppered her face and neck with soft kisses, apologizing. "I'm sorry, sweetheart. It was unavoidable." He kissed away her tears, the effort he expended to remain still making tiny beads of sweat dampen his brow. It was doubly difficult with the magic heightening and riding him hard. "Belle …"

The tension receded from her body as she moved experimentally against him, feeling his cock slide sinuously along her folds. The pain had abated, leaving nothing but the sweet pleasure pain of his intrusion and the feeling of being filled completely, joined with the man she loved. He whimpered as she did it again, drawing her hips back and slowly riding back up his pulsing length. Gods, had anything ever felt this good, she thought, biting down on her lip as she looked up into his warm amber gaze. "Move, Rumpel. I'm ready … please."

He howled in satisfaction as he began to move, remembering to keep his thrusts as gentle as possible. His hand drifted up to cradle the back of her head, his fingers twisting in her hair. He tightened his grip and she moaned, enjoying the new sensation. He buried his face in her neck, quickening his pace as she moved with him, urging him on. His teeth scraped against her flesh, drawing her sweet flavor into his mouth, marking her as his. Her thighs quivered where they wrapped around his waist, her orgasm building.

The bond opened completely between them and magic surged hot and powerful, each able to feel the other's pleasure. Darkness and light battled one another fiercely and his control shattered. She clung to him as he surged into her with more force than he'd shown before, and she relished every powerful thrust, every bite, every touch until she shrieked her pleasure, her cries filling the room.

She sank her teeth into the curve of his shoulder as her walls clenched him tightly, clamping down around his cock until he saw stars and spilled himself within her. He gathered her in his arms, crushing her to him as his hips continued to move with the force of his climax. He peppered her shoulder with hot open mouthed kisses, his actions conveying to her what he wasn't able to put into words. LoveyouLoveyouLoveyou mine my Belle my love

"I love you, too, Rumpelstiltskin," she whispered breathlessly, her eyes closed, her body sated and replete.

His head snapped up to stare at her in wonder. "Y-You heard me?"

She glanced at him sleepily as he rolled to his side and brushed her damp hair away from her brow. "Of course. You didn't render me deaf, y'know," she teased. "What is it, love? You're acting strange."

He kept his lips firmly closed as his eyes bored into hers. You heard me, Belle.

Her lips fell open in shock. Does that mean you can hear me as well?

Rumpelstiltskin wrapped his arms around her and rolled her atop his chest, his hands roaming freely over her back in a gentle caress. "Well, this should make things interesting." He twisted one long curl around his finger. "When we were making love … did you feel the bond open?"

"I don't know," she replied honestly. "You made me feel so much, Rumpel, I really couldn't tell." She ducked her head shyly. "It was the most amazing experience of my life."

He tugged on the curl and pulled her down for a lingering kiss. "I'm pleased to hear you say so, sweet. Forever is a long time."

Belle yawned and nuzzled her nose against his throat. "Might we have a nap before we embark upon that forever? I'm a bit worn out, my husband. I just want to lie here in your arms and sleep."

He squeezed her gently and stroked his fingers through her hair. "It will take your body time to adjust to the magic, I'm sure. You'll be tired for several days at least. Hungry all the time … "

"Magic? I'll be able to do magic?"

Rumpelstiltskin reached for the dagger on the bedside table and turned it over so she could see her name emblazoned on the blade. "Indeed. We're bound right and proper." A frown creased his brow. "I just hope you don't come to regret it."

She leaned up to press her lips to his, her hand over his heart. "I love you. I'll never regret being bound to you. You're mine, Rumpelstiltskin, forever. I'll not be letting you go now that I finally have you."

He set the kris aside and rolled her beneath him, tucking her head beneath his chin as her eyes closed sleepily. "Aye, dear heart … forever. That's how long I'll love you."

The End …

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