I'm such a sucker for sassy Haise, so that is why I'm writing this fic however the timeline that Kaneki and Touka acting for the Tokyo ghoul TV series at the moment is along the Tokyo Ghoul original manga and before Tg:re starts

At the library

"Seriously Kaneki Ken, why the heck did you drag me to a library?"

"Why don't you like it, it's quiet and peaceful here so we could discuss about the script for the next shooting"

Touka let a small mumble under here breathe

'And here I'm thinking he asking me out, what a joke'


"So Touka-chan are you free for the weekend?"


"Well I was thinking if we could hang out and have chat or something like that"

-End of flashback-

'I'm such an idiot'

"You're not, what makes you think so?"

Shit did I said it out loud?

"I'm just saying that I'm such an idiot agreeing to go out with you to a library!"

"Aw touka-chan, I didn't know you hate library that much, I guess you like it lesser than you used too then? I just thought it was a perfect place for us to recalled back our childhood days…well if you hate it then we can go out wherever you want as long not in the library, I'm fine it" kaneki closed the book he was reading.

"No, no that's not what I mean, I'm just…well I don't think we can really chat in a library can we?"

"Do you want to grab something to eat or a coffee maybe? Ah I remember that your dad's cooking was the best! How is he doing?"

Touka face fell for a second before lifting up again

"Well, he and mom passed away in a car crashed few years back…just me and ayato who survived"

"Oh…i'm sorry for your lost, I guess you still lucky to have your little brother by your side…."

Unlike me

Touka abruptly stand up and grab whatever things on the table and dragged kaneki along

"You see, today's weather is so beautiful it's a waste for not enjoying it, let's have some fun under the sunny day!"

Few minutes later

Both kaneki and touka trapped under a coffee shop and it was raining heavily outside

"Uh actually the weather reports says it's going to be a raining the whole day, so that's why I choose indoor activity for today outing"

Touka narrowed her eyes and said

"Why don't you tell me sooner shit-head"

"I just don't have the guts to kill your excitement! And your smile when you dragged me was charming, I like it"

"Hah, is that so? Did you read too many sappy romance novels that you finally become a smooth talker?" Deep inside touka's heart she tries her best not to blush by kaneki's flirty word

"What, i thought my vast knowledge in vocabs that makes me smooth, want to hear a gory pick up line then?"

"No, thank you"

"I guess, the rain won't stop in any minutes, why don't we get back inside the shop and try some other pastries?"

"I guess you're right"

Back in the coffee shop

"Sasaki Haise is so damn good looking, I love all his movies and tv series…too bad that he's too private in real life! Rumours said that Sasaki haise is not even his real name! can you imagine?"

"I know,but some fans who met him outside shooting scene said he such a sweat heart, unlike all the badass tragic hero that he playes"

"That heroine in Tokyo ghoul tv series, who's is that new comer again? Kirishima touka is so lucky to co-star with him"

"I can't deny that those two somehow have some kind of chemistry, are they…."

"Wait isn't that Sasaki haise and kirishima touka, are they on a date!?"

"Oh god, that can't be true!"

Once kaneki and touka stepped in the coffee shop, the fangirls all scream and rushed towards them

"What's even going on here? They're not like this few minutes ago"

"Don't underestimate fangirls, they are pretty scary sometimes!"

"What should we do now?"



Once few fangirls started to get closer to their personal space, touka just reached kaneki's hand and dashed out from the coffee shop and run and the heavy rain

"Touka-chan wait!"

"There's no time to wait, hurry!"

"But where are we going?"


They just run aimlessly under the rain, both hand gripping each other's tightly and the smiles never seems to fade away

Few days later

"What did you guys actually do last weekend?" Yomo asked the two of them who was falling sick in a hospital

Author's note: I'm just aiming for light story, so nothing drama whatsoever and focusing on these two lovebirds, prompt and ideas are welcome!