Cindy has long since recovered from her stomach virus; she is happy that it's the weekend again. Her sleep over party was back on; her best friends Madison, Ava and Emily are happy about it. Cindy was at home waiting for them to arrive at the house.

"I am so glad to be having my sleep over; last weekend was a bust," Cindy said.

"Yeah; I'm just glad you were well enough for school on Monday; and host the party tonight," Carol told her.

Cindy smiled.

"Did you tell Alice that Ava is a vegetarian?" Cindy asked.

"Yes I did; Alice is prepared to make anything; even vegetarian meals," Carol answered.

Moments later, the doorbell rang. Cindy walked over to answer the door and in came her best friends.

"Hi girls; you made it; come on in and start having fun; we got plenty of records and a working record player in the family room," Cindy explained.

Soon enough, the girls noticed Carol and Alice.

"Hi Mrs. Brady, Alice," Madison said.

"Hi girls; Ava; Mrs. Brady told me that you're a vegetarian; there will also be plenty of snacks that are for everyone," Alice explained.

Ava smiled.

Soon enough, the party got started.

The girls were eating their dinner; the older Brady kids were at their friends houses while Cindy was hosting her sleep over.

"This is so great; Alice; you are such a great cook," Ava claimed.

The other three girls all agreed.

Moments later, Mike came home to see that the party started.

"There's my big girl; you finally get to have your sleep over; nice to see you girls," Mike said.

"Nice to see you too, Mr. Brady," Madison responded.

Once dinner was done, the girls began to play some music on the record player. Madison brought some vinyl records from home; a Pink Floyd album and a Rolling Stones album. The music was enjoyable even for the grown ups. The girls were snacking on popcorn and chips while they were dancing.

"This is even more fun than I thought; me with my three best friends hanging out; and a surprise breakfast tomorrow," Cindy exclaimed.

"Ohhhhhhh! I wanna know what it is now," Ava complained.

"Sorry girls; we'll just have to wait until tomorrow," Cindy told them.

After a while, it was time for bed. The girls had their sleeping bags set out in the livingroom. They all took turns brushing their teeth and then helping Alice clean up. Once everything was done, they all went to sleep.

The next morning, Alice was making a big surprise breakfast in the kitchen.

"Come get it girls; breakfast is ready," Alice called them.

After that, the girls walked fast into the kitchen and saw their meal on the table.

"Oh boy; chocolate chip pancakes; my favorite!" Madison exclaimed.

"Mine too," Emily added.

Cindy and Ava nodded in agreement.

They girls thanked Alice for the breakfast and started eating. Carol and Mike came downstairs to the kitchen.

"Morning Mr. and Mrs. Brady; I saved some pancakes for you two if you're hungry," Alice said.

The girls all nodded since they were too busy enjoying their breakfast.

"Thanks, Alice; those look delicious; and I see you used chocolate syrup instead of maple syrup," Carol claimed.

"Only the best for such great friends," Alice admitted.

Mike and Carol smiled and helped themselves to some chocolate chip pancakes. Once breakfast was done, Carol told the girls that she would help Alice with the dishes; since they were so helpful the previous night.

"Come on; let's go play Checkers," Madison said.

The other girls nodded.