(TMOAH) Alfred and Camille go on a date night.

AUTHORS NOTE: This fanfic contains mild sexual scenes and assumes the pairing of Alfred x Camille.

One day, Alfred and Camille were in the Hedgequarters watching some Arthur when Camille had something to tell Alfred.

"Alfred?" asked Camille.

"Yes?" replied Alfred.

"I have something to tell you" said Camille.

"What is it?" asked Alfred.

"Well, I have been thinking about this for a while." Said Camille.

"Go on" said Alfred.

"I have been starting to have feelings for you since last week, and I was thinking, would you like to be my boyfriend?" asked Camille.

"Sure" replied Alfred.

After that, Camille and Alfred went back to their homes. The next day, they prepared for their date night.

(Alfred calls Camille)

"Hello, Camille?" asked Alfred.

"Yes?" replied Camille.

"How about we go on a date night?" asked Alfred.

"Sure thing, where should we go to?" replied Camille.

"How about Black Forest?" replied Alfred.

So, after that, they walked all the way to the Black Forest-Gnarly Woods border. When they got there, they looked at a map and they deiced to stay at a Howard Johnson.

(Alfred and Camille check the room)

"Wow, this room is really big" said Alfred.

"I know right." Replied Camille.

"How about we order some room service?" asked Alfred.

(Camille calls room service.)

"Hello, Room service?" asked Camille.

"Yes, this is room service, how can I help you?" asked the clerk.

"We would like 2 pizzas and some cup noodles" asked Camille.

"Sure thing, that will be $15" replied the clerk.

"btw, do you have any condoms and tampons?" asked Camille.

After that, the clerk went to the room and gave them their food.

"This pizza is very good!" said Alfred

"I know, right." Replied Camille.

"Later, how about we have some sex?" asked Alfred.

"Is that the one where you insert your dick into my pussy?" replied Camille.

"yep, but we will use a condom to be safe" said Alfred.

(Alfred then puts on a condom on his dick)

"Oh, Alfred, I feel so horny right now." Said Camille.

(Alfred then humps on Camille)

"OH yeah!, this feels good as hell" said Camille.

"After this, we will have some ice cream" said Alfred.

(Camille becomes very horny.)

"OH, Alfred, I feel so excited and aroused right now!" said Camille.

(Alfred then thrusts on Camille)

"OH, Alfred, I have to pee" said Camille.

(Camille then walks to the bathroom)

"OH yeah!" Camille said in a sigh of relief.

(The next day then comes)

"Man, that was good as hell" said Camille.

"I know, right, let's go get some breakfast" said Alfred.

After that, they checked out of the hotel and went on a bus back to Gnarly Woods.