Title: Journey To His Heart
Author: Camry Maxwell
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Son Goku and Genjo Sanzo (main)
Disclaimers: Gensomaden Saiyuki characters and setting don't belong to me, no matter how much I wish they were. ^_^

Journey To His Heart
Chapter One: The Journey Begins

"Me yo akete, Son Goku..."

Goku opened his eyes slowly and innocently, noting that he was somewhere under the sea because of the beautiful corals and multifarious fishes that were swimming around him. He was stark naked, but this thought didn't bother him one bit. His arms held his knees to his chest as a group of fish swam past his lithe form, the cool water brushing up against his warm skin once in a while. He vaguely saw a big, dark shape which resembled a whale move under his form, but his posture didn't change one bit. He lifted hazy eyes up towards the surface of the water, watching the play of the sun's rays dancing with the movement of the sea. He smiled, but then, remembered why he was awake in the first place. He looked for the source of the voice, turning his head languidly to every side, but to no avail, he found no one. Shrugging, he closed his eyes and buried his nose in his arms, wanting to be surrounded by the calming sounds of the ocean as he dreamt.

"Son Goku... Great Sage Equal of Heaven... Open your eyes..."

"Dare ga?" Goku asked silently, his eyes choosing to remain close and idle.

"Son Goku..."

Goku opened his eyes at that pleading tone, looked up slightly, and his gaze remained fixed on the person suddenly hovering in front of him. The first thought that entered Goku's mind was that he was in the presence of an angel. She had silvery-white wings on her back and her long, chestnut-brown hair moved around her small, naked body. She looked as if she was only 11 years old, but when she opened her eyes and fixed her amethyst orbs on Goku's golden one's, Goku knew that his girl was way older than 11. The emotions found in her eyes were one of someone who had undergone great pain and suffering, one that no one else had experienced or even imagined.

She held a blue orb in her hands as she floated closer to Goku, a small smile gracing her pink lips. Goku unwound his arms from his knees and stood up straight just as she stopped in front of him, their bodies separated only by a foot or so. She held out the orb towards Goku and nodded.

Confused, Goku received the orb, and was startled to see it fade right in front of his eyes. Not knowing where it went, he looked back at the girl and asked, "Where'd it go?"

The girl moved closer and cupped Goku's face in her arms. Without moving her lips, she told him mentally, "You're the only one who know's where it is." Before Goku could ask her what that meant, her entire body was suddenly shining, as if she was made out of the sun. Goku was momentarily blinded by this, his arms coming up to shield his eyes from the sudden light that invaded his eyes, but as his eyes remained closed, he heard her airy voice once again.

"Only you know where it went, Son Goku. Only you can decide who to use it for."

With that, white light exploded everywhere, enfolding everything with silence.

* * * * * *

Goku jolted out of his bed fast, his arms reaching out for something as his heart rammed repeatedly against his chest. He drew in a couple of shaky breath's, and when his heart finally slowed down a notch, he place his hands on his face, feeling sweat slide from his forehead to his palm as it gathered by his nose. His body was still shaking from the dream as he tried to sort out his thoughts. His gaze traveled around the room, and in an instant, the sense of foreboding disintegrating when his eyes landed on the 3 figures around him.

Sou ka... I remember now. After defeating Homura one month ago, he and his companions had continued on with their journey towards the west. They, of course, had their occasional squabbles over the simplest things - in Goku's case, food - but nothing out of the ordinary has happened yet. True, they still had to fight demons, but most of them were just crazed because of the occurrence at Togenkyo. Kougaiji sometimes sent his own sqad of followers, but knowing that Sanzo and his party were too strong, he rarely did this. He knew that Sanzo's mission was to stop the revival of Gyumaou, so he just sent his followers to slow Sanzo down. Right now, they were still far from where Kougaiji and Gyokumen Kosyu had set up their lair, but somewhat closer than when they had started off.

Goku ran a hand through his hair as he stood up, carefully passing Sanzo as he opened and closed the door that led to the balcony. He leaned out of the balcony railing, breathing in the clean scent of the night as a cool breeze brushed past his body. When he saw the millions of stars glittering above his head, he looked up at them and murmured softly, "What the heck was that dream?" An image of the angel flashed before his eyes, and then, he looked down at his hands, remembering all too well the orb that she handed him. He continued to stare at his hands as her voice rang in his ears again.

"Only you know where it went, Son Goku. Only you can decide who to use it for."

"... Great Sage Equal of Heaven..."

His mind stalled on that sentence. Great Sage Equal of Heaven... He didn't understand it. Why did she call him that? It didn't make any sense. Hell, the dream didn't make any sense. For the past how many years, he has dreamt of nothing but pork buns, meat buns, beef, steak, ramen, the works, and all of a sudden, he gets this dream. It was disturbing.


Surprised, Goku turned fast and his eyes met Sanzo's hard gaze. He released a sigh of relief and gave Sanzo a small smile. "Mou, Sanzo, you scared me."

"Really?" Sanzo leaned against the side of the door as he pulled out his pack of cigarettes from his jean pocket. "What are you doing up at 3 in the morning?"

"No-nothing much." Goku blushed slightly as Sanzo grabbed his lighter from his other pocket and lit one cigarette. He didn't know why, but ever since Sanzo started wearing jeans instead of his usual monk-attire because he complained to the Three Gods that he couldn't fight as well if he wore robes, Sanzo became more and more handsome. This happened when they had to fight the youkais on water and his robes pulled him down. The Three Gods gave him permission, and the jeans he bought were so fit that it was as if it was a second skin. The shirt was no different. It was light and airy, not too fitted, not too loose. Once, Gojyo whistled when Sanzo came out of the shop with his new attire and called him a 'Sex God'. Sanzo nearly killed him with his Shou-Re-Jyu.

Despite that, Goku's views on Sanzo started changing DRAMATICALLY. He couldn't go to sleep as fast as he could before if ever he was roomed with Sanzo. He couldn't leave Sanzo alone whenever the monk insisted he wanted to go out alone. He turned scarlet whenever Sanzo's hand and his would brush 'accidentally'. He was a mess. He denied his attraction to Sanzo a couple of times, but it always came back at full force. Now that he and Sanzo were all alone in the balcony, he felt a shiver run down his spine when the moonlight hit Sanzo's hair, making it shine in an unearthly manner.

"Kirei..." Goku whispered to himself.

Sanzo looked up suddenly. "Nanda?"

Goku blushed deep red as he shook his head and waved his hands around energetically. "Ah! Nandemonai, nandemonai! Haha! Just talking to myself about the-uh-stars! Yeah! Look at the stars, Sanzo! Aren't they pretty?" Goku babbled as he pointed up at the sky, turning away from Sanzo's gaze.

Sanzo watched the back of the baka saru with an amused grin on his lips. He sighed, wiped the grin off his face and watched Goku's hair moved with the breeze. He had heard what Goku said, and he knew it wasn't about the stars. Ever since he started wearing normal clothes, he noticed Goku's actions around him becoming tense and jumpy. At first, he thought that the saru was sick or something, but when Goku whispered his name one night when they were roomed together, that was all Sanzo needed to know that Goku had a crush on him.

The thought didn't bother Sanzo at the least. In fact, he was glad that Goku felt that way about him. For the past month and a half, ever since Goku was abducted by Homura, the exact same thoughts were going through his brain. He debated with himself that a monk such as himself shouldn't have any feeling towards anyone, least of all a BOY, but his body never did listen to his mind.

Sanzo leaned back casually against the door and watched the stars with Goku. He didn't know what woke him up, just that when he looked over towards Goku's bed and found the saru missing, his mind sent fire-alarms off, but when his eyes landed on the figure outside the window, he calmed down. Now, as he watched Goku's eyes shine with happiness at the sight of a falling star, Sanzo felt a smile tug at his lips. No matter how many times he stole glances at Goku, the young boy always seemed to look beautiful and magical.

Sighing, he threw his cigarette away and said in his usual, cold voice, "Go back to sleep, baka saru. We've got a long way to go tomorrow with no stops in between."

Goku woke up from his trance and stared at Sanzo in aghast. "Eh?! What about breakfast?! Lunch?! Dinner?!"

"Not having any of those."

"Sanzo! I'll starve to death!"

"Then starve. I doubt you'll ever die, anyway."

"Demo Sanzo, haraheta!!"

WHACK! "Urusai, kono baka saru!" Sanzo yelled, his paper fan on Goku's head.

"Ite! Why'd you do that, you corrupted monk?!"

"Don't question me and go to sleep!" Sanzo retorted as he walked back in the room. He heard Goku shouting curses and threats at him, but he didn't pay any attention to them. He simply smiled as he lay down on his bed and closed his eyes, feeling that today was going to be a VERY good day.

Goku, in turn, was also smiling when Sanzo finally disappeared. He stretched his arms over his head and skipped back towards the room, already hearing a groggy Gojyo waking up because of the commotion he and Sanzo made. The dream that he had just had slipped out of his head at the voice of Sanzo, unconsciously making him relieved. For some reason, that dream made his heart and mind heavy, as if he was suppose to remember something very important, but with Sanzo's fan, he was back to not worrying about anything at all.

Determination written all over his face, he opened the door and started pestering Sanzo about eating somewhere before they set out. Sanzo continued to whack him on the head with the paper fan, their argument waking Hakkai, while the already groggy Gojyo became even groggier. Gojyo started to curse at Sanzo, saying the 'Sex God' was having trouble with his 'Sex Slave', which earned him two shots from Sanzo's handgun and a whack from Goku's yoibon. Hakkai tried his best to lower their voices, but to no avail, the manager came in and started shouting with the Troublesome Trio too.

Unknown to all, a black form was huddled at the tree next to their room, and in an instant, it disappeared into the night.


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