Title: Journey To His Heart
Author: Camry Maxwell
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Son Goku and Genjo Sanzo (main)
Disclaimers: Gensomaden Saiyuki characters and setting don't belong to me. ^_^

Journey To His Heart
Epilogue: To Love And Be Loved In Return

Kougaiji, Yaone, Lirin and Dokugakuji all stared at the Sanzo-ikkou from where they stood, their expressions unreadable. They had all known that this day would come, but now that they were ordered to destroy the Sanzo-ikkou so that Gyumaou's power would keep growing until he was unstoppable, the thought of killing the group that they had shared so many experiences with was hard. Each of them was going to fight with the person they either respected or loved, and that was a thought they couldn't harbor now. Kougaiji knew that for Yaone, the thought of fighting Hakkai seriously was heart wrenching. Dokugakuji was going to have to kill his own half-brother. Lirin was going to kill the monk who fed her at every opportunity, and Kougaiji...was going to kill Goku.

At that thought, Kougaiji's blood burned as he balled his hand into a fist, his eyes focused on the brown-haired boy holding his staff. Kougaiji had always considered Goku his main rival since they had met, and the thought of fighting him in this battle were no one would be left standing but the winner was a horrifying but exciting thought. He wanted to defeat Goku...and he wanted to defeat him NOW.

With a detached and cool voice, Kougaiji addressed his team and murmured, "Ikuzo."

They all nodded and disappeared.

* * * * * *

Sanzo glared at the rampaging God, his hold on his gun pointed directly at the head. When he gave it a shot, the bullet soared through the air and disappeared as Gyumaou's aura, which was made out of fire, grabbed it and destroyed it in mid-air. Sanzo cursed and lowered his gun, muttering, "It seems that the full revival of Gyumaou is almost complete."

Goku narrowed his eyes. "Full revival?"

Hakkai nodded. "Sou desu. Gyumaou's power strengthens each time he murders humans, and until he reaches the number required, he will remain this strong. But when he kills the amount needed...It would be like fighting against 100 Gods in one go."

Gojyo cursed as he place his staff on his shoulder. "Damn it...If Sanzo's bullet can't get through that flaming aura of his, what more us?"

Sanzo rubbed his head, closed his eyes, then grounded out, "I don't think we have to worry about Gyumaou first though."

Goku blinked. "Eh? Doshite?"

Sanzo opened his eyes and looked forward. "'Coz we have company."

Goku looked forward and felt his blood turn cold at the sight of Kougaiji and his 3 other companions walking towards them with slow, deliberate strides. He place his yoibon in front of him and looked at Sanzo from the corner of his eye. "Ne, Sanzo...If we fight them, doesn't that mean we'll be leaving Gyumaou all alone to kill as much as he wants to? Won't he then become a real God."

Sanzo looked at his lover with tired eyes and murmured, "Actually, there's another way to go about this, but..." He looked away and shook his head. "No...too risky."

Goku stared at the blonde for a long time, wondering what he meant. He looked back at the approaching group, then to Gyumaou, his body so big and wide that he topped Godzilla's form by a mile or two. Goku felt sweat slide off the side of his face. What do I do? What do I do?


Surprised at the new voice, everyone turned around and watched with apprehension at the person who was levitated up on air. They all stared, not knowing who he was, but Goku knew. He surged forward and shouted, "Nataku!"

Nataku smiled softly at Goku. "Konbanwa, Goku."

Goku smiled at the God with delight, memories of the times they've been friends in Heaven coursing through his mind. He reached out to hold Nataku's outstretched hand, but then, the image of Kanzeon Bosatsu entered his mind. He stopped momentarily and gazed at Nataku with a confused air around him. Hesitantly, he asked, "Nataku, what's going on? Why did Kanzeon say all those things about you betraying Konzen and the others in the past? And what are you doing here?"

"Kanzeon..." Nataku suddenly had a cold look in his face as he landed on the ground safely and looked at Goku. "She spoke to you?"

"Aa." Goku answered. Suddenly, he felt the pain emit from his brain. He grasped his head as the world began to tilt to one side. He tried to focus on Nataku, but it was as if knives were digging themselves into his head. He groaned and fell to the ground, vaguely hearing Sanzo call out his name and come close to him. Goku saw red. What?...

Nataku shook his head slowly and murmured, "Let's talk later, Goku. Gyumaou's fully revived now, and I need you to turn into your other form."

Other form? Goku felt Sanzo hold him, his fingers digging into his arms as visions started flying before his eyes. Then, he saw one wherein he had long hair, a serious face, and weird clothes. He understood now...He understood the alternative Sanzo was talking about.

To turn into the Great Sage Equal of Heaven.

At that, Goku felt his Youryoku Limiter break, and hell was unleashed once again.

Sanzo jumped back as Goku was surrounded by white light. He knew what was happening, and as he stepped forward to try to replace the broken Limiter, Nataku stood in front of him and muttered, "Leave him alone."

Sanzo glared. "Get out of my way."

Nataku snorted at that reply and answered, "Never." When Sanzo raised his gun up to Nataku's forehead, the Fighting God simply smiled and said, "Shoot me all you want, but remember that it'll have no effect whatsoever." Then, he turned around. "Goku and I will handle Gyumaou together. You and your companions will take care of his son and his companions."

Sanzo glared. "No."

Nataku smiled. "Don't worry. I'm not saying we work as a team. Just that I want to get this battle over with and return to Heaven." He nodded his head towards Goku and murmured, "Besides, I think that Goku is in the mood to fight to the death."

Sanzo followed Nataku's gaze, saw Goku, and felt his system shut down. Goku was glowing again, just like when they were in the inn, but now, he had changed his form fully, from the hair to the claws in his hands. But that wasn't what shocked Sanzo. He had gotten used to seeing Goku's alternative form, but this Goku was different. He had...extreme power. So much that his aura was flowing from his body to the ground, the force making the Earth sink. Sanzo saw Goku look up at him and felt that he was in the presence of a demon. This wasn't Goku anymore...

Nataku stepped up to Goku and whispered, "Let's go, Goku."

Surprisingly, Goku didn't attack Nataku. Instead, he smiled that evil smile of his, and in a second, both he and Nataku disappeared to reappear beside Gyumaou, fighting the revived demon using their powers.

Gojyo shook his head, looked at Kougaiji and his group and murmured to Hakkai, "It seems that the other party is impatient as well."

Hakkai nodded. "So it seems."

Sanzo wasn't paying attention to them. His eyes were still focused on Goku's form as he flew from one area to another, hurting Gyumaou as much as he can, but since Gyumaou was fully revived and had the strength of 100 Gods, it wasn't going to well. Gyumaou was fighting back, and every time Goku got his with an attack, Sanzo felt like running towards the demon himself to help out. He clenched his teeth as his hold on his Shou-Re-Jyu tightened until his knuckled turned white. He felt so useless...

Gojyo noticed Sanzo's expression, shook his head and looked at Dokugakuji. "Guess what, bro? Me and Hakkai over here are gonna kick you and your friends asses!"

Sanzo snapped out of his stupor and looked at the redhead.

Gojyo winked at the monk and said, "Go to him. Hakkai and I can take of these guys."

Lirin cried out indignantly, "NANI?!"

Dokugakuji glared at his half-brother. "Are you belittling us, Gojyo?"

Gojyo laughed. "Belittling? No way."

Kougaiji crossed his arms over his chest. "Are you prepared for all of us?"

Hakkai's face turned serious as he said, "Always have been."

Gojyo stared at Sanzo's annoyed face and realized that the monk thought they were shunning him out of the picture or labeling him as a weakling. Sighing, he reassured the monk as best as he could. "Listen, don't think we don't need you. Believe me, me and Hakkai are going to have a tough time dealing with these guys, but...you don't want to lose Goku, right?" When Sanzo looked at Gojyo with a surprised expression, Gojyo looked at his own lover and murmured, "I feel the same way. If I'm going to die, I'd want to die protecting the one I love using all my strength." He gave a cheeky smile and asked softly, "Don't you want to do the same to Goku?"

Sanzo stared at Gojyo's face, turned to Hakkai, and found the green-eyed man smiling at him. He turned to stare at Goku's form, felt his heart break as the conversation he and Goku had a few minutes before they fell asleep and Gojyo and Hakkai burst in on them.

"Na, Sanzo..."


"Atashi...anata wa no aishiteru..."

"And I you."

"And I don't care if I die when we reach Gyumaou."

"Don't say things like that."

"But it's true...I don't regret anything now."


"I'm with you now. That's all that matters."

"It matters more if you were by my side forever."

"I know..."




"I really love you..."

"...I know."

Sanzo woke up from his daydream, looked up at Gojyo and Hakkai's eyes, and nodded. "Thank you."

Gojyo nodded, smiled at the blonde, and joked, "What are ya waiting for? Go get your sex slave, Sex God!"

For once, instead of brandishing his paper fan, Sanzo merely smiled and took off, leaving Gojyo and Hakkai staring after him. When they turned back, they saw that Kougaiji and his companions were ready. Shrugging, Gojyo drew his staff forward and said to Hakkai, "Ikimasuyo."

Hakkai chuckled and returned, "Hai!"

With that, the battle began.

* * * * * *

What am I doing?

Goku aimed another blow towards Gyumaou's head, but then, the aura or the demon-God reached out and grabbed hold oh his leg, making him scream as the fire burned through his clothes and touched his skin. He struggled against the hold, his eyes flashing angrily as he barred his teeth. He released a great amount of energy towards Gyumaou just as Nataku sliced the cord-like hold away from Goku's leg. Nataku then proceeded to attack the demom-God with millions of blows centered at the heart, but it didn't do much damage. Goku wiped the trickle of blood trailing at he side o his mouth and shouted as he stretched his yoibon towards Gyumaou's eye.

Who am I?

Gyumaou cried out in pain as the staff imbedded itself in the eyes, blood gushing out of the wound. Goku smiled to himself, but that smile quickly disappeared when thousands of tendrils made up of Gyumaou's fiery aura swept throughout the area, burning all the trees in sight and making more smoke rise up to the clouds. Goku levitated himself from the ground, hoping to find a way to kill the freakish demon, when all of a sudden, a white light passed before his eyes, and Gyumaou cried out in pain again, placing both his hand sto cover his two bleeding eyes. Goku narrowed his eyes, looked down, and saw a blond-haired man looking back at him, his gun pointed at the demon-God's face.

Sanzo...what are you doing here? Get out and save yourself...

Goku glared at the monk and moved forward, wanting to prove that someone as strong as he was didn't need help from a human being. He started attacking the neck of Gyumaou, hoping to dislocate it and end this stupid battle so that he can kill the blonde who shot Gyumaou's other eye. He started harrying the demon at every angle, hearing annoyed groans, and occasionally, shouts of pain, but the pain inflicted on the God was not comparable as to what Goku released whenever the demon's aura grabbed hold of him and set that area on fire, or electrocuted him. Tiredly, after being electrocuted for the second time, Goku drew back, watched as Nataku dove down, and wiped the blood from his eyes.

Why won't you die already?

Nataku attacked Gyumaou with an air of arrogance, each of his blows timed and calculated. Gyumaou's fire aura couldn't catch up with Nataku's speed. Goku felt a smile tug on his lips as he thought to himself that this God would make a great opponent. Deciding that after he killed the blonde-haired man, he would kill this one next. He giggled at the thought. Then, when he looked down to see where the human was, his eyes widened when he saw that the blonde was in front of Gyumaou, his gun raised and ready. Goku watched impassively at first, wondering what the puny human planned to do with the gun, but he was surprised when the human turned to look at him and shouted, "Goku! As soon as this shot hits the chest, attack the heart!"

Goku narrowed his eyes. How dare HE order me what to do?! He planned on diving down and killing the human at the very moment, but then, his body stopped. Vexed, he tried to move forward again, but his body wouldn't obey. Mentally, he shouted at his other self, What are you doing?! Let me go!

I won't let you kill Sanzo.

Oh really?

Yes. Because I love him. Because we both love him.

Hah! Love is for weaklings, and I am not weak!

You were weak for Konzen.

At that name, Goku stopped and stared at Gyumaou for a while, his heart-beat steady. Then, Goku sho back angrily, I was not.

Yes you were. Even though you weren't released from my body, you loved just as much as I love Sanzo.

No, I didn't.

Yes, you did. Stop denying it.

Oh! You want to play match-maker that much?! Well then, let me match you up! Goku fixed his eyes on Sanzo and shouted harshly, "Hey Sanzo!" When Sanzo looked up, Goku laughed out cruelly, "You're a fucking whore and useless asshole! I don't love you and never will love you! You know why? Because there's nothing about you that's worth loving!"

Stop! What are you doing?!

Shut up, weakling! You wanted to play matchmaker, well, here's a dose of your own medicine! With that, Goku drew closer to Sanzo and said loudly enough for the blonde to hear, "Hell! I don't even know why I had sex with you! Boy, you're such a loser! You can't even thrust right! Hah! Aren't you some worthless piece of shit!" Goku laughed evilly as he landed right in front of Sanzo, his hands on his hip s as that smug smile remained frozen on his lips. The other Goku was crying his heart out at the back of his mind, but Seiten Taisei Son Goku could care less. He wanted to destroy something now, and he planned on destroying the heart of Goku's lover.

Sanzo knew that it wasn't really Goku who was talking and saying all those things to him, but he still couldn't help feeling as if his heart was breaking into two. His lungs were operating well, so he felt as if he was suffocating. Seiten Taisei Son Goku gave him that evil smirk again, and Sanzo felt tears prickling behind his eyes. He's not the real Goku, dumbass! Don't cry!

Goku stepped up and purred evilly, "What's the matter, Sanzo? Lost your voice?" Then, he gave a maniacal laugh, making Sanzo's hair stand on ends.

Goku... Sanzo shook his head, mentally counting to three, then looked up again, his voice somewhat steady and strong. "Never mind that now. Please, just attack Gyumaou's heart when I hit his chest. We need to end this battle now."

Goku raised an eyebrow and murmured, "Oh no, Sanzo. The battle has only begun."

Not comprehending what Goku meant, Sanzo opened his mouth to ask, but then, a loud scream came out instead as Gyumaou's hand wrapped itself around Sanzo's body and carried him up. Sanzo cried out as the fire burned through his clothes and made contact with his skin, the aura too strong for him to handle. He cried then, feeling his muscles contract as Gyumaou gave an experimental squeeze which left him boneless. Sanzo screamed again, but when Gyumaou's aura strengthened even more, he fainted, feeling the heat of the fire cloud his mind.

Nataku landed beside Goku and smirked together with the already smirking Goku. "You gonna let him die just like that?"

Goku shrug. "It's not like he's someone important."

Nataku sighed and winked. "So does that mean that you'll be going back to Heaven with me?"

Goku shrugged again. "I guess. This Earth is filled with vermin. They all deserve to die."

Nataku chuckled. "My sentiments, exactly, but, we have a duty to protect it anyway."

"Hmph! Pathetic."

Nataku mentally gave a cry of joy. He had done it! He had finally won Son Goku! He looked at Goku's face and felt his old love resurfacing again. He knew that what he had just done wasn't right in a sense, but he wanted Goku. Goku was the only one who understood him, the only one who befriended him...the only one who treated him as someone and not something. He had given up Goku before, but he won't repeat the same mistake again. He managed to make Goku's Seiten Taisei form come out fully that he was able to think for himself, so he didn't care if the other Goku still loved Sanzo, because he had this one, and when they went back to Heaven, Goku would also forget Sanzo and come to love him instead.

Goku smiled as he watched the blonde go limp in Gyumaou's hand. Hahaha...serves him right...

Sanzo...Sanzo... The inner Goku cried pitifully.

What are you crying about?

Sanzo...my Sanzo...

Goku snorted. Forget him. Love is for the weak.

That's not true! You loved Konzen before!

I didn't.

Yes, you did! You loved him so much!

So what? He died for me in the past, and now this Sanzo will die for you in the present. Goku smiled at that thought. History is simply repeating itself.

But we don't need to make history repeat itself! We can change his fate!

Oh? And why would I want to change his fate?

...Because you're me...


Because I fell for Konzen before, and now, I've fallen for Sanzo. You and I are one...

Don't be ridiculous. I don't even know this Sanzo.

Then look... And in a second, images were flashing before Seiten Taisei Son Goku's eyes, making him wince with the intensity of the emotions in them. He saw the first time Goku met Sanzo, how the chains binding him to the floor were taken off. He saw how Sanzo took care of him despite all the ruckus he's caused. He saw Sanzo hitting him with a paper fan when he ate too much food in the temple. He saw Sanzo bring Goku with him on a journey to meet Gojyo and Hakkai. He saw Sanzo save Goku when Rikudo was about to kill him. He saw Sanzo replace the broken limiter despite his being poisoned. He saw Sanzo place his hand on top of Goku's head when Goku started crying. He saw Sanzo hold Goku close to his chest when he had replaced the limiter once more...Everything...every memory was special and precious...and all had Sanzo intertwined in them...

Seiten Taisei Son Goku grasped his head as pain coursed through his body. Nataku was shouting at him, asking what was wrong, but all Goku could hear was his counter-part.

You loved him as much as I loved him...You cherished him as much as I cherished him...


Is gone, but we have someone who loves us once again...

Goku' chest was starting to swell with emotions as the realization dawned on him. He looked up at Sanzo's battered body, saw a vision cross the face of Sanzo, and he smiled wearily. Goku...


Goku closed his eyes and fell back to sleep as he whispered. I think Konzen's still alive...through Sanzo... Then, even softer, he said. Please say I'm sorry to Sanzo for me... With that, he fell back to sleep.

Nataku watched with wide eyes as Goku's hair shortened to their normal length, watched as the claws shrank and disappeared, and Goku looked at him with pure, golden eyes. Nataku shook his head, knowing all too well what had taken place. "No..."

Goku drew his eyes away from Nataku, glared at Gyumaou, and shouted, "LET SANZO GO!"

Gyumaou roared back at Goku, egging the brown-haired boy by squeezing Sanzo's body even more, making the weak blonde scream out in agony.

Goku locked his eyes with the demon and grounded out dangerously, "I'm warning you, let Sanzo go."

Gyumaou shook his head, shook Sanzo's limp form in front of Goku, and Goku disappeared. A second later, Gyumaou cried out in pain as the hand that held Sanzo was cut off from his arm and fell down. When the piece of flesh landed on the grounded, Goku followed, carrying Sanzo in his arms carefully. Goku felt like crying hard. Sanzo's body was badly burnt. His shirt was gone, while his jeans were reduced to shorts. Goku place Sanzo down on the grass, brushing the blond hair away from his lovers face as he whispered, "Sanzo..."

Sanzo slowly opened his eyes, saw Goku's eyes, and knew that this was the old Goku. Tiredly, he whispered, "I...love...you..."

"Shhh...I love you too." Goku felt a tear slide down his cheek, and he hastily rubbed it away. "Stay here, okay? I'll just kick some Gyumaou ass."

Sanzo smiled softly and whispered, "Good luck."

Goku smiled back. "Thanks."

When Sanzo's eyes closed once more and his body relaxed, unconsciously wanting more of the cool feel of the grass, Goku knew that he had to get the monk to a doctor fast. Goku looked up, saw Gyumaou still writhing in pain, and wondered if maybe he could carry Sanzo to the village nearby and leave him there. No, too risky...He looked at Sanzo worriedly, wishing that he could do something. "If only Hakkai was here..."


Surprised, Goku stood up and jumped in front of Sanzo's body, but when he saw Hakkai leaning heavily against Gojyo, their bodies in bad condition, Goku lowered his defenses. "Oh my God...you guys okay?"

Gojyo winced as they sat down beside Sanzo. "Ah...obviously not." hen, he noticed something. "Hey...you're not wearing your Youryoku Limiter."

Goku nodded. "It seems like I don't need it anymore." Then, he looked at Hakkai. "Hakkai, I know you're very weak, but do you think you have enough power to heal Sanzo?"

Hakkai looked at Sanzo's state, back at Goku's hopeful look, then gave a small smile. "Yes, I think I can."

Goku smiled back. "Thank you."

Then, Gyumaou emitted a very loud roar, obviously looking for Goku. Goku, Hakkai and Gojyo all looked up, regarded the demon-God with disgust, then nodded to each other.

Goku stood up, felt something stir in him, and knew what it was. Closing his eyes, he jumped in the air, got Gyumaou's attention, and felt everything go in slow motion. Gyumaou's hand reached out for him, Gojyo was yelling at him, Nataku jumped towards him, but he blocked all the noise out. Instead, he pulled out the blue orb from his heart, opened his eyes, pulled out his yoibon, and merged the orb with it.

"Only you know where it went, Son Goku."

"Only you can decide who to use it for."

In one move, he made the yoibon stretch out to its entire length, lifted it, and brought it down on Gyumaou's body, slicing the demon in half before it exploded. The force of the explosion sent Goku falling to the ground hard, but he knew that it was all over. Everyone covered their eyes as the light went in every direction, showering the world with its dust. Slowly, all the demons around the world that started to act crazy for no reason woke up from their trance and looked around, not knowing had had happened. The humans rejoiced and thanked the Gods for the miracle.

When Goku came back to himself, he was staring at a large expanse of land with nothing on it. He sighed and planned on falling on the ground to rest, but then, remembered. "SANZO!" He stood up, ran all the way to the end of the clearing found on his right, and saw his friends. Gojyo was sleeping on the ground, his arms around the sleeping form of Hakkai. Goku smiled at the two, looked at Sanzo, and felt tears stream down his face.

Sanzo looked so much better. He still had a few bruises and scratches here and there, but that aside, he looked burn-free. Goku fell to his knees, hugged Sanzo's body to his, and whispered happily, "I love you...Sanzo..."

Sanzo didn't reply, but instead, he smiled in his sleep.

* * * * * *

Nataku stared at Goku and Sanzo, tears falling from his eyes as he thought, I lost to a dead man once again... The irony of it all...No matter how many times he's tried to get Goku's heart, it always chose to go with Sanzo/Konzen in the end. No matter what he did, no matter how much he sacrificed...it was clear that he'd never get Goku's heart. Sadly, he turned towards the sun, felt his body disappear into nothing, as he released all the emotions he harbored in his body.

He looked at Sanzo's sleeping face, felt a small smile cross his lips as he whispered, "Congratulations, Sanzo. You've completed your real journey at long last."

And with that, he disappeared and was never seen again.

* * * * * *

Kanzeon Bosatsu looked through the files on her table, signing here and there every once in a while. Her head was buried in her work that she didn't even look up when someone knocked on her door. "Come in."

Jiroushin entered silently, noted the work Kanzeon had at the moment, but he knew that since the Goddess had also become the new God that was currently ruling Heaven, her patience has strengthened and lengthened. He sat down on the chair in front f her and commented lazily, "So...I heard that you changed the world dramatically from the moment I left."

Kanzeon grinned. "Sou desu."

"And I realized that you took away all kinds of boundaries in the world. You made everyone one, even Goku, who isn't human or youkai, become human like the rest."

"Sou desu."

"And that you fixed the lifestyle of the people. No more mix between old and new, you settled on the present."

"Sou desu."

Jiroushin smiled at her kindly. "It also means that the humans down there are starting to doubt our existence. Since they all have the same brain and abilities, they think too highly of themselves, thus, they might throw Gods and Goddesses out of the picture." Jiroushin sighed. "Are you sure about the changes you made?"

"Of course."

"But aren't you worried that they might change to much?"

At that, Kanzeon lifted her gaze, regarded Jiroushin with calm eyes as she smiled and said, "Why would I be worried. I made this decision knowing all the consequences." She stared at the vase filled with roses in front of her and murmured, "Remember, I find unchanging things boring."

Jiroushin smiled at that and relaxed. "Yes...I noticed."

Kanzeon smiled and leaned back to relax herself. "How are they, by the way? It's been a year already, hasn't it?"

Jiroushin looked outside the window and smiled. "They're just great."


* * * * * *

Goku laughed happily as he ran around by the shore of the beach, his puppy, Kuma-chan, barking after him as he wagged his little tail, trying to bite the end of Goku's yellow swimming trunks. Goku laughed again and an around, making the dog chase him. Goku accidentally tripped over his own feet and yelped when Kuma-chan jumped on him and used his special licking-attack. "AH! Yamete, Kuma-chan! Ahahahahaha! Yamete!"

Gojyo, Hakkai and Sanzo were seated under the coconut tree, watching Goku play with Kuma-chan with identical smiles on their faces. Sanzo was wearing black swimming trunks while Gojyo and Hakkai wore red and green respectively. Gojyo laughed when he saw Goku trip and commented loudly, "Hahaha! That was a stupid move, baka saru!"

"I'm not a saru, kono ero kappa! You try running away from Kuma-chan! She's getting better with tackling!"

"Hah! I'm sure not to get caught."


"Only monkeys get caught."


"Goku." Sanzo interrupted smoothly as he stood up and brushed the sand off his swimming trunks. When Goku looked at him questioningly, Sanzo cocked his head to the left and said, "Let's go for a walk with Kuma-chan."

Goku smiled happily and nodded. "Yay!"

Gojyo and Hakkai watched with calm eyes as the two walked away from them. When they were finally gone, Gojyo stood up, offered a hand for Hakkai and grinned cheekily. "Let's go."

Hakkai raised an eyebrow. "Where?"

"To our room."

"You're not saying that your horny self is acting up again, are you?"

"That's exactly what I'm saying."

Hakkai chuckled. "Horny youkai."


"Huh?" Hakkai looked up at the redhead, and blushed when Gojyo's eyes traveled down Hakkai's body.

Gojyo pulled Hakkai up and murmured against his lover's lips. "We're both humans now, Hakkai. Remember?"

Hakkai smiled sweetly and kissed Gojyo as he threaded his fingers through Gojyo's hair. "Aa...We are one now."

* * * * * *

Goku looked at the setting sun in front of him and laughed with delight. "Na, Sanzo! Mite! Kirei desho ka?"

Sanzo smiled and came up behind Goku. When Goku received no reply from Sanzo, he turned around to ask what was wrong, but instead, he found his head buried in Sanzo's chest as the blonde's arms snaked around his waist. Goku blushed when Sanzo patted his butt, and lifted his gaze into Sanzo's already burning one. Sanzo smiled at him and asked, "Goku?"

"Hmmm?" Goku responded, feeling drugged by the hold of Sanzo.

"I'm going to ask you something very important. If you don't give me the answer I'm expecting, I might as well die."

Goku blinked. He didn't know or understand what kind of question Sanzo was going to ask, but at this moment, he didn't think he could answer the blonde. "Sanzo, look, I don't think-"

"It'll be okay."

"Not if you die!"

Sanzo grinned as his hand went in his swimming trunks to search for something. Goku looked at Sanzo with a confused face. Sanzo knelt down in front of Goku, causing the poor boy to become even more tense. Sanzo laughed. "Why are you so nervous?"

"Don't you dare perform hara kiri!"

Sanzo laughed out at that answer, clutching his stomach as he laughed harder.

Goku fell down on the ground beside Sanzo and shook the blonde. He had lost it. That was all Goku had in his mind. His lover had lost his brain and now wanted to commit suicide. "Look Sanzo, what did I do?! Don't kill yourself just because I give a wrong answer, because you know that I'm not that smart! I'm willing to admit that I have a monkey's brain, so please, please, please, don't kill yourself! In fact, just don't ask the question, okay? That way-"


Goku closed his eyes, wishing he could disappear.

"Open you eyes."

Goku shook his head.

Sanzo chuckled again and said, "Open them."

Knowing that he could never go against whatever Sanzo said, Goku opened his eyes, saw his hand, and felt like he died. There, on his ring finger, was the most beautiful ring he has ever seen. It had a diamonds around the bad, and the design was so intricate and elegant that it looked like two lovers holding hands. Goku lifted his gaze and stared at Sanzo, shocked.

Sanzo merely smiled that smile he only showed Goku and asked softly, "Will you marry me?"

Goku felt tears fall form his eyes as his lips broke out into a wide smile. He threw his body on Sanzo, vaguely noticing that Kuma-chan threw herself on his back, and sobbed happily on Sanzo's neck. "YES! Yes! Sanzo, yes!"

Sanzo smiled back, lifted his own hand, and showed Goku his own ring, which was identical to Goku's. Goku threaded his hand with Sanzo's marveling at their joining, and hugged Sanzo hard. They both kissed passionately in front of the setting sun, smiles on both their faces as they held on to each other. The greatest lesson they had learned during their journey together was that no matter what the consequences, as long as they had each other, they could go through anything. Now, they were going to go through it as husband and wife...or was it husband and husband? No, that sounded wrong. Guess it was husband and wife, though Goku was not too keen on being the wife. Despite that little problem, they knew that their journey was only beginning, and that...

Everything was perfect.

Owari... ^_^

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