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Title: Five Years Changed

Summary: During a mission, the Teen Titans are taken five years into the past. They run into a team of young superheroes and are shocked when they see a younger, happier Robin on the team. With constant fights between Batman and the older Robin, multiple team conflicts, Robin's secret identity, and a brewing romance between Robin and Raven, the Titans are unsure if they'll ever get home.

Pairings: RobRae. One-sided RobStar.

Time Warp

It started out as a normal day. Then again, anything crazy that happened with the Titans started out on a normal day. Like usual, Cyborg and Beast boy were playing video games, Raven was reading in the corner, and Starfire was flirting with Robin. Well, flirting was a broad term. She most likely didn't realize her actions were flirtatious, but to anyone on the team, it came across that way. "They're flirting again," Cyborg whispered to Beast boy, who snickered in response.

"When are they going to seal the deal?" Beast boy wiggled his eyebrows. "They've been dancing around it for so long! Maybe we should give them a push?"

"They'll figure it out soon enough. We just have to be patient."

"Beast boy? Patient? Does he even know what that word means?"

Both boys turned to Raven, who was sitting on the other side of the couch. She didn't even take her eyes off of the book when she made that statement. Beast boy flushed and stuck his tongue out at her. "Raven!" he pouted. "I know what patient means! And I can be patient!"

"You? Patient? Do you even know what that means?"

The three teammates turned to Robin, who was smirking at them. Raven attempted to hide a smile while Beast boy whined about how everyone was against them. Robin merely chuckled and gave Raven an amused glance. Trying not to blush, Raven rolled her eyes and went back to the book. "What happened with Beast boy?" Starfire asked curiously.

Robin chuckled. "I have no idea. Anyway, what were you saying?"

Starfire continued happily chatting away as Robin listened closely.

The rest of the day continued along those lines until the alarm went off. Immediately the Titans jumped up and rushed to the computer. On the screen was the description of the problem and Robin glared at it. "Warp," he stated in a serious manner. "We'll need to be careful with him. If he opens a portal, don't go into it!"

As if on queue, the Titans turned to Starfire, who blushed at the direct command. None of the team members forgot the story she told of how she travelled to the future and saw how their friendships ended. "I will not," she answered carefully.

Robin nodded at her and turned to the rest of the team. "Alright Titans. Move out!"

They arrived at the museum in minutes. Instantly they prepared for the time travelling villain, but no one was in the room. Robin frowned and looked around the room for anything that would give the criminal away. Cyborg frowned, "Um guys… was this a false alarm?"

"Looks like it," Beast boy sighed, relaxing his body from his previous stance.

"Don't relax," Robin barked at him, and Beast boy tensed up. "This could be a trap. Search the room!"

"Come on man! No one's here," Cyborg whined, but he quieted down when Robin turned to glare at him. Sighing, Cyborg started scanning the room with his right arm to detect any movement or heat waves. Starfire flew up and searched from the air with Raven as Beast boy turned into a mouse. So far, nothing was found.

"Robin," Starfire said as she lowered herself to the ground. "I do not believe anyone is here."

Robin narrowed his eyes but didn't say anything to agree or disagree with Starfire. Instead he slowly walked around the room as if Warp would spring out of nowhere. "I don't like this," Robin mumbled.

"I don't sense anyone," Raven commented.

"He's from the future. His technology is advanced, so he could hide himself." Robin stated.

The team inwardly sighed but didn't say anything. Secretly, they hated it when he behaved overcautious or too obsessed with solving the crime. He was far too serious for his own good, and it resulted in multiple problems in the past. The immediate criminal that came to mind was Slade, who Robin obsessed over to the point where it was unhealthy. "I wonder if he got all this seriousness from Batman," Beast boy whispered to Cyborg, who instantly shushed him.

"Dude!" Cyborg warned. "Don't talk about the big Bats in front of Robin! He's tense enough as it is!"

"Oh right… sorry."

Raven rolled her eyes and moved past them, walking right behind Robin, who was still tense. "Robin," she stated. "What is it?"

"They specifically said Warp was here," he mumbled under his breath, turning to her. "Why would they say that unless they saw him? Something's wrong. Can't you feel it?"

Raven shook her head. "I can't feel anyone else here besides us," she admitted, "but you're right. His technology is advanced and could undermine my powers. Still if this was a trap, wouldn't he have done something by now? We've been standing here for a while."

Robin opened his mouth to argue but then shut it. He sighed, "I'm being crazy again, aren't I?"

Raven smiled slightly. "Just a bit," she teased. "Come on, let's go—"


All of the Titans whipped around to see Warp standing there with a bright grin. It appeared as though he came from out of nowhere. "Warp," Robin narrowed his eyes.

"Robin," Warp laughed in reply. "You know, you Titans have been causing us criminals trouble: thwarting our plans, sending us to jail, and worse! I've decided I'm going to get rid of you all!"

"Get rid of us?" Robin smirked in amusement. "Go ahead then."

Warp maniacally laughed. "Oh no Robin! I couldn't possibly fight you all… so I decided to do something else. It took time, but I finally figured out what to do with you all. Say goodbye, Titans, because you're never going to see your precious city ever again!"

Before the Titans could even move, a large portal opened beneath their feet. As if hands were pulling their ankles down, they slowly started sinking into the portal. Starfire and Raven attempted to fly away, but it was too late. Darkness closed in around them and strange clocks appeared out of nowhere. Ticking noises filled the air, but only for a few seconds.

Suddenly they were dumped onto the ground, piling on top of each other. Groaning in pain, the Titans slowly dissembled themselves and glanced around. "Um… Rob…" Cyborg sheepishly said, "I think we accidentally fell into one of his portals."

Judging by the glare Cyborg received, this was not a good time to joke with Robin.

"Friends…" Starfire whispered. "Where are we?"

The Titans frowned and began taking in their surroundings. Instead of an art museum, they seemed to be in an abandoned factory. Normally they recognized any suspicious looking building since most crimes took place in them, but this one was foreign to them. "Guys," Raven hissed, "there are people coming."

The warning didn't give them enough time. Suddenly multiple men in strange uniforms burst into the room and ran straight for the Titans. Robin narrowed his eyes, "Titans!" He shouted. "Go!"

They broke into their usual fighting strategy. Starfire and Raven flew up while Cyborg and Robin stayed on the ground with Beast boy as backup. Soon they started slowly beating the men in strange uniforms. It was rather easy considering they were all human. The strange part was Robin felt as though he recognized the uniforms they were wearing, and in the back of his mind, he tried to identify it. If they were in the future, how could he know what they were wearing?

"There's someone else there!"

A new voice came in, and Cyborg frowned. Out of nowhere, a group of teenagers sprang from the ceiling into the middle of the fight scene. Beast boy quickly morphed back into his human form and blinked at Cyborg. "Um… are they on our side?"

A quick blur of yellow and red started taking out the soldiers, swiftly knocking them out. "Our side!" Cyborg answered, blasting some of the men away.

Starfire quickly flew down and hurled starbolts at the men. As she was aiming for them, another body slammed into hers. Flying back, Starfire blinked and rubbed her head. Raven never ran into her! They fought with each other often enough to know when to avoid each other in flight! She was about to ask Raven what happened but closed her mouth when she realized it wasn't Raven! A green alien was blinking at her. Like Starfire, she had long red hair, although the other girl's was a little browner.

The alien gasped, "Who—"

The alien ceased talking, and it appeared as though she was lost in her thoughts. Without saying another word, she flew off, leaving Starfire to just gape at the space where she once was. What had just happened? Who was that?

Cyborg quickly dashed over to Robin, who was fighting the uniformed men. "Robin!" he shouted, and the leader of the team turned to him. "There's another team of superheroes!"

Robin frowned, his eyes focused on Cyborg even as he was fighting the men. "That's impossible! There's no other—"

A cackle filled the room, and Robin froze up. The rest of the titans noticed the cackle and frowned. It was a sound filled with such amusement and innocence that it seemed out of place in the battle. Robin clenched his fists and whirled around, punching one of the men coming behind him. "I think I know where we are," he gritted out.

Cyborg frowned. "You do?"

"Warp didn't send us to the future. He sent us to the past." As he said that, the last man fell onto the floor. Since the fighting stopped, each team immediately went to their side, so the two teams were facing each other. Raven blinked in surprise at the teenage team standing across from them.

The man standing in front was clearly the leader. He was one of the older members. He had darker skin and black tattoos running down his arms. His hair was in a buzz cut, and it was pure white. Judging by the gills on his neck, he was not from the land. Behind him stood a green alien with reddish brown hair and wide brown eyes. A blonde girl in green was next to the alien, and she had a bow in her hands. A boy who looked like a younger version of Superman (he was even wearing a Superman t-shirt) stood on the other side of the alien girl and was glaring at the team. Another boy in yellow and red was there as well, and he was blinking at the team in obvious confusion.

"Who are all of you?" the leader asked.

Robin spoke, "You won't believe us if we told you."

The leader looked at Robin up and down, and his eyes landed on the "R" on his chest. "Are you some sort of copy cat?"

Before Robin could speak, Beast boy exclaimed, "Copy cat? Dude, this is the real Robin!"

"Well that doesn't seem probable."

The team, except for Robin, gasped and whirled around. The youngest member of the team stood behind them with a smirk on his face. His dark hair was spread over his forehead, and his uniform was red and yellow with black gloves. Cackling, the boy walked over to the other team and stood beside the leader. "Wait…" Beast boy blinked. "You're…?"

"Robin," he cheekily grinned.

The team, except for Robin and Cyborg, glanced from the older Robin to the younger Robin in confusion before understanding dawned on them. They were in the past, not the future!

Or, more specifically, they were in Robin's past.

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