It was a cold monday morning i wore my regular attire: a trenchcoat with many mud stains around the bottom,some regular boots for the day ahead of me. As i had walked in a familiar feeling of happiness and curiosity. Right as I had entered a young girl had greeted me with a nice expression on her face and had asked me "would you like to witness my magic?". After that I had looked around and had seen a tiny magic show was going on so i had just replied "um i think I'm at the wrong place sorry for the confusion" I felt like an idiot. Just as I was about to leave a voice had said "Trucy you know I was expecting a new member of staff today right?". After that Trucy had gone back to her magic show and my employer known as Mr Wright had gestured I go to his desk to talk about working here I had handed in my resume and he had instantly bolted up and said "you're hired". I was shocked because he had accepted me so fast most people had just rejected me and kicked me out as fast as they could. I had asked Mr Wright "w-why did you hire me so fast?" and he had just looked at me and said "I see potential in you and if you want to go watch my daughters last minutes of her magic show she loves an audience" so I had went out put my coat on the coatstand (Duh) and sat away from the 2 laywers at the other seats because who doesnt get nervous from time to time. The moment I had sat down the one in the red suit had whispered something to the yellow girl (she was kinda cute though) after the red suited man stopped talking to the yellow girl she went and sat next to me and tried making small talk like "where ya from?" and "what made you come here?" I dont want to delve too far into this but if you are wondering my name is Aaron Aaron Mills Defense Attourney at the Wright Anything Agency and this is my story.