The last thing he had remembered was collapsing to the ground, coughing violently. The gas had been filtered into the room before any of them had noticed, or been able to avoid it. Shortly after that, he had passed out.

Now he could hear faint voices, and although it hurt to open his eyes to the harsh light above his head, he forced himself to, wincing immediately.

"Sir, I think he's coming around," he heard a woman say, and after the initial registration of someone's voice, he recognised it as Doctor Janet Fraiser.

He raised a hand to his head, rubbing his eyes gently to try and clear them. Then he glanced to his right, the direction of the voices.

He could see two figures standing, one of which was Dr. Fraiser. The other was larger in build, a reasonably tall man with a blue shirt, decorated with stars on the shoulders.

General Hammond.

The two walked over, and he rubbed his eyes again, coughing once.

Fraiser came to his bedside, and checked a monitor, writing something on a clipboard before she set it down. She leaned over him slightly, and in a quiet voice asked, "How are you feeling?"

"Confused," was his rasping reply. He cleared his throat, and then continued, a little louder, "What happened?"

General Hammond was the next to speak, coming closer to the patient lying on the bed, "We sent SG-7 through when we didn't hear from you. You had been gone nineteen hours."

He raised an eyebrow. "Nineteen hours?"

Jonas Quinn pushed himself into a seated position, feeling his body protest to the sudden activity he was forcing onto it. He ignored it, and successfully achieved a sitting position. He could look the General in the eye properly now.

Dr. Fraiser handed him a glass of water, which he took and sipped at slowly.

He glanced across the infirmary then, and saw the three other members of SG-1 lying unconscious on other beds. His eyes snapped back to Dr. Fraiser.

"Are they alright?"

She nodded twice. "They'll be fine. You inhaled a dangerous amount of some sort of anaesthetic. Once we got you back, it was just a case of clearing your systems of it. Can you tell us what happened?"

Jonas shrugged, unsure himself of the details. He took another sip of the water, and set it down, saying, "We got to the coordinates where the chancellor had told us to meet him, and there was no one there. Just a plain room. When we tried to leave, the doors had locked." He shook his head, continuing, "The Colonel tried shooting the doors, but nothing happened. After that, I just remember the gas filtering into the room, and then passing out." He gave one final shrug, running a hand through his ruffled hair.

General Hammond nodded. "You were in that very same room when SG-7 found you. They had to blow the door in with C4. That very same chancellor is not pleased, to say the least. He wants us to reimburse him for the damages."

Jonas cocked his head pensively. "Has he given an explanation as to what happened to us?"

"No," Hammond replied. "He refuses to acknowledge the situation. He's denying all knowledge of the situation, and won't admit to having any part in the incident."

Jonas sighed restlessly, wishing to get out of the bed. He was having a sudden craving for food of any kind, and above all, sleep. He did not wish to sleep though, and shrugged off the urge.

Fraiser moved off then, probably to check on her other patients, without saying a word.

The Kelownan watched her go, glancing momentarily at the other members of his team.

What had happened?

* * *

Approximately thirty minutes had passed, and Jonas was stabbing at what remained of his less than appealing dinner. He had managed to force down most of it, after Dr. Fraiser had informed him he needed to get his strength back up.

Teal'c had stirred not long after Jonas, and now he was undergoing some routine checks, as Jonas had shortly after waking. Blood pressure, pulse, temperature, and so on.

Jonas let the fork go, hearing it clatter quietly on the plastic tray set over him on the bed, and slumped back onto the comfortable pillows behind him, his head suddenly feeling very heavy. He took a sip from a carton of juice, and then placed in on the cabinet beside his bed.

"Jonas Quinn," he heard Teal'c call to him.

His green eyes travelled the short distance to meet Teal'c's, and he saw curiousity there, and perhaps a little anger. The Jaffa never did like to feel overpowered.

"I do not have any knowledge of the events following being locked in the room," Teal'c told him.

"Me either. Hammond told me they sent SG-7 through after we'd been missing for nineteen hours."

"That is a very long time indeed," Teal'c noted, looking to the nurse as she removed the device from his arm that measured his blood pressure. He bowed his head slightly, and then turned his full attention back to the Kelownan.

"Yeah. A little too long really," Jonas mumbled in confusion, crossing his arms over his chest as he lay there, back on two pillows rested up against the backboard.

"What is your meaning, Jonas Quinn?"

Jonas looked to the Jaffa for a short time, and then said, "Well, we were scheduled to return three hours after setting out from Earth, right?"

Teal'c gave a single nod.

"Then why did they leave it so long before coming to get us?" Jonas asked, narrowing his eyes in serious thought.

Teal'c did not have time to reply, as Colonel Jack O'Neill suddenly shot upright in his bed, nearly tumbling off it in the suddenness of his action. He looked around in a daze, and then groaned, rubbing his face roughly.

At about the same time, Major Samantha Carter stirred, a lot more discreetly than her commanding officer. She sat up after a brief moment, and looked at the rest of the team, puzzled.

Jonas looked over at them, and then to Dr. Fraiser as she approached. She crossed immediately to the two latest team members to regain consciousness, and began checking them over, as she had with the alien half of the team.

Teal'c gazed at Jonas for a while, and then called to the Colonel, "Are you alright, O'Neill?"

The Colonel groaned loudly, and then replied agitatedly, "Yeah, just peachy."

Jonas sighed discreetly, and felt his eyes yearn to close. He rubbed them, failing to awaken himself fully. He yawned, and slouched further in the covers, the warmth comforting.

After a few more moments, he had fallen into a peaceful sleep.

* * *

Sam let a nurse measure her pulse, and then smiled gratefully as she passed on to O'Neill, who looked less than comfortable with their latest situation. Something had happened to them on that planet, and none of them could remember what that particular something was exactly.

She cast a glance in Teal'c's direction, who was now sitting on the edge of the bed, eager to leave.

It was then that she noticed that Jonas was fast asleep on his bed, breathing slowly and rhythmically. She raised an eyebrow, and the shrugged loosely, turning to the Colonel.

Before she could say anything, Jonas shot up in the bed, and then leapt out of it, in a panic. His eyes were wide, and he looked around in fright. His breaths came raggedly and swift, and he nearly collapsed.

Teal'c was on his feet, and had caught the young alien before he had fallen completely to the floor. Jonas sat on the bed again, hugging his head for a moment, and letting out a deep breath.

"What is wrong, Jonas Quinn?" Teal'c inquired, even as Sam and O'Neill crossed the room to him. Fraiser was by his side within moments.

Jonas swallowed, and looked at them each in turn. He shook his head, and calmly said, "I... I have no idea. I had a nightmare... it seemed so real."

Fraiser checked him over quickly, and satisfied that he was alright, moved off silently.

"Are you sure you're okay? You scared the hell outta me," Sam stated, looking him in the eye.

He nodded wordlessly.

"What was the subject of your nightmare?" Teal'c inquired, linking his hands loosely behind his back, looking down at Jonas.

Jonas cocked his head pensively.

"I'm not entirely sure. One minute we were coming through the Stargate, and the next, the room was filled with..." he looked at them, slightly embarrassed, before continuing, "with spiders."

"Spiders?" O'Neill repeated, hands akimbo.

Jonas nodded. "Yeah, spiders. I can't stand spiders. The room was filled with them... and it frightened me."

Sam patted him on the back gently, smiling. "Well, no spiders here, Jonas."

He smiled thankfully at her comfort, and then fell silent.

Sam moved back off to her own bed, just itching to be released. She wanted to get out of here, and into a nice warm shower.