Jonas' heard the bullets explode from Major Carter's P-90, and immediately ducked as low as he could, covering his head with his good arm, closing his eyes tightly.

He heard the scream of the Goa'uld as she was hit again and again. He heard the ringing of the knife as it dropped to the floor close to him.

And then the silence.

Jonas looked up then, just as her body slumped to the ground, ravaged with bullet-holes.

He breathed heavily, shuffling away from her, and starting slightly when a hand landed on his shoulder behind him.

He looked up, seeing Carter glancing down at him, seemingly a little shocked herself.

Jonas turned back to the dead form of Anta; her lifeless eyes stared up at the ceiling of the chamber.

He took some small satisfaction in knowing that she would never bother them again... but he knew a human had died too. The host had lost her life as well as the symbiote.

Jonas shook his head, remembering there would have been nothing they could have done about that anyway. Well... the Tok'ra may have been able to help, but not before Anta had ended quite a few lives.

A voice boomed from behind them. "What have you done?"

Jonas stood, looking over at Chancellor Veran and one of his younger politicians, who went by the name of Yola. He looked infuriated at the sight of the dead woman.

"Hey," O'Neill retorted, "we saved your asses, that's what we did!"

Yola strode into the room, and over to the still form of the Goa'uld. "Do you know what this means for our people? We will be attacked. They will know what has happened. She kept us safe!"

Jonas spoke then, his voice quite quiet in the cavernous room, echoing slightly off the walls, "They never even knew she was here. She's been missing for years. You'll be fine."

Chancellor Veran moved into the chamber, and stood beside his young aide. "Yola, these people have freed us. Anta never intended any good for our people. She was an evil being, one who wished for nothing but war."

Jonas nodded in agreement.

"Your world is safe once again," Teal'c told the Chancellor as he approached.

Veran bowed his head slightly in thanks, and looked over at Jonas with a gleam of regret in his eyes, "I am sorry for what I did to you. I should have warned you of her presence. She followed you back through your Stargate, and I knew she was here all along." He stepped up to the Kelownan, and said in a weak pathetic voice, "Please forgive me."

"It's alright," Jonas told him, cradling his arm, "I don't blame you. You were afraid of her."

Veran nodded vigorously, moving off again. "Please accept our most sincere apologies. We never intended to do your people any harm. I hope this will not end the friendship between our worlds."

O'Neill came to stand beside Jonas and Carter, and mumbled quietly, "Well, I don't know about that."

"We don't hold you responsible," Carter told them, and then added, "but you know you never have to be afraid of the Goa'uld. They're just as mortal as you or me."

Veran gave a nod, and moved off silently, just as Teal'c called to him, saying, "Please send my apologies to the guard who was standing watch."

O'Neill smiled.

Jonas understood that Teal'c had stunned someone upon entrance... he just hadn't known who.

The Chancellor and his contingent moved off out of the chamber, and down the corridor.

O'Neill looked to Jonas. "Are you okay?"

Jonas nodded. "Yeah."

"That was a stupid thing you did," he continued, removing his cap and running a hand over his grey hair.

"I know. I just didn't expect Anta to follow me back," Jonas responded, looking over at the dead woman behind them.

Carter was removing the hand device, knowing it could come in useful in the future, considering she herself was able to work such a weapon.

"Come on," O'Neill began, sighing and shouldering his weapon, "let's get outta here. This place gives me the creeps."

Jonas smiled, and followed O'Neill out of the chamber, shadowed closely by Major Carter, Teal'c bringing up the rear.

* * *

Sam sat with Jonas in the briefing room, the man's arm back in a sling. He looked much happier now, after his recent ordeal. She wasn't surprised. A run in with any Goa'uld wasn't a pleasant experience. At least he knew what to expect next time.

O'Neill and Teal'c entered the room, followed by a very relieved looking General Hammond.

"Well, people, I think it's safe to say we're in the clear," Hammond announced, taking his place at the head of the table, whilst the Colonel and the Jaffa seated themselves opposite Carter and Jonas.

"Let's hope so," Jonas said quietly, staring fixatedly at the polished wooden surface, his left arm rested on it lightly.

Sam looked across to him, and saw he seemed distant. His gaze was vacant.

She touched his arm slightly, and said, "Hey, she's dead. Trust me."

Jonas nodded in acceptance, and with a sigh, settled into his chair further.

Teal'c looked very content to know that the universe was free of yet another Goa'uld. Every time they succeeded in bringing one down and out of action, he got that same look in his eye, and just a hint of a smile on his face.

Sam thought back on the whole experience, and found that once they pieced it all together, it really had been quite an intricate plan to trap them.

Why Anta hadn't killed the four in the first place was still a mystery, but Sam supposed that the Goa'uld had wanted to intimidate the four for a while. She had entered their minds using microscopic devices Dr. Fraiser had located after quite a while. They had been so tiny and fragile that upon removing them, she had managed to completely destroy all but one.

That one was in Carter's lab at that very second, just waiting for her to start studying it.

She knew that Anta had gone to a lot of trouble. She also knew that it had been a close one.

Would they be so lucky next time?

* * *

Jonas sat in his room, on the edge of his bed, and sighed. His eyes travelled around the room slowly, searching for signs of intrusion.

When he was satisfied it was safe in his room, he lay down on his bed, and flicked off the lamp.

Staring up into the darkness above him, he cast his mind back. Their latest mission had been a lot more eventful than they had first intended.

But no one -least of all Jonas- had expected a Goa'uld to show. And the odds of that one Goa'uld bearing such a phenomenal grudge against SG-1 were mind-blowing.

Anta had been a very intelligent being, and she had worked out a whole plan to destroy those who had done her such a terrible wrong. But in all her rage and feelings of revenge, she had set herself up for a fall.

She should have known O'Neill and the others would arrive to save Jonas within no time, so why had she stalled? She had had a chance to simply kill the Kelownan five times over in the space of time they were alone in that chamber.

Not to mention the opportunity she had had when knocking them all out so that she could implant them with the devices they had discovered.

Jonas suddenly didn't feel so tired. He was worried about what would enter his mind during his dreams... whether or not the device was really gone.

He sighed, and firmly told himself he was being foolish.

It was over. There was nothing to worry about... for the time being anyway.

Slowly, his eyes closed.

He slept soundly that night.