Dear reader. This is my first fan fiction and I'm super pumped about finally writing it. If you haven't already figured it out, this is a fan fiction based upon the popular 2003 T.V show "Code Lyoko". If you have never heard of the show and want to get some background information, take a look at this website before continuing: wiki/Code_Lyoko.

Just a disclaimer. This Fan fiction takes place 30 years after the events of the "Code Lyoko" TV show. The characters in the old show will have some involvement, but will not be the main characters. Other than that, I got nothing else for ya'll. I hope you enjoy my story! Sincerely Seedative.

"No, No, No" Robert says, adjusting his glasses and taking a bite of his peanut butter- and- jelly sandwich.

"It could totally happen!" Seth replies back to his friend, crinkling up an empty chip bag wrapper.

"Seth, there is absolutely no physical way that a person could be digitized into a video game. Its anatomically impossible, skin and bone cannot be turned into pixels. It's preposterous!" Robert shot back, shutting down his friend's theory. It was an absurd idea, turning one's body into a computer program. How his long-time friend had gotten that idea in his head was beyond Robert, but it was far from an abnormal occurrence. Seth was getting these ideas all the time, ideas that are ridiculous and destined to fail before they happen. Robert thought of how lucky Seth was to have a friend to add logic into his life. After all, Robert was the smartest person he knew.

"All I'm saying is that it would be awesome if I was able to go inside of a video game. I could fight monsters, save princesses, conquer worlds," as he was saying this, Seth had picked up a stick from underneath a tree in the courtyard they were sitting in. he would spin it around and pretend to fight invisible monsters, hitting imaginary targets with the side and end of the stick. "it would be interstellar!" he says, throwing his arms up as he says his signature word.

At that very moment, a shattering sound echoes throughout the courtyard as the stick Seth was holding went through the Art room's window. Seth, upon hearing the sound, lowers his hands and looks at them, wide eyed seeing that the stick is no longer there. He hangs his head in disappointment as a loud, angered voice calls out "SHAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRPPPPPP!" Seth, in hearing his last name called out says to Robert "I'll meet you at your house later" he says before he jogs over toward the schools principle. Robert could see them arguing before Seth is escorted to the principles office.