Noah was ready. He was more than ready. Even though it had only been a day or so, it had felt like he had been waiting for this fight his entire life. He put pressure on the balls of his feet and in a flash, he was rushing towards the crawling creatures. Not only was he stronger in Lyoko, but he found himself faster and more agile. He ran at a breakneck speed towards the machines just as they began firing. Their aim was shotty, only a few shots hitting remotely close to him. One shot headed right toward him, but he blocked it with his fist. His eyes searched, scanned for his first victim. He found it. A lone Kanklarat, trying to flank the two of them. He punched the ground. The force of his fist made a slab of dirt come shooting out of the ground. He used his other fist to punch the solid mass of soil towards the creature. The projectile hit the small creature and sent it flying off the edge. One down, eleven to go. He turned around just in time to see Seth jump out of the way of two lasers. These laser beams intersected, bounced off each other and went right back to their shooter, destroying both on impact. Nine left. Noah looked to his left, and then to his right. Seth had his trident drawn, backing up towards him. Five of the little monsters were in front of the two boys and four of them were behind the duo. The boys went back-to-back. "Ready for this?" Noah yelled out, confidently. Seth smiles and turns over his shoulder, saying "After you!"

Noah smirks and opens his arms wide. Bringing his gauntlets together in a thundering clap, a shockwave rippled through the area, sending the creatures soaring backwards in the air. Seth jumped up into the air and began attacking. Stabbing and slashing as he jumped, he tore through the group of five creatures. When the Kanklarats fell to the ground, only two members of the group Seth attacked still stood. Noah was upon the other four creatures in a matter of seconds as well. Grabbing two of the little monsters, one in each of his powerful hands, he slammed them together and crushed them between his grip. Four left. He ran over to another monster in the vicinity and punched it straight on, sending it crashing into the tree Seth had tried to climb. There was one more left in Noah's group. He ran over to the creature, but it was already on it's feet. It fired two shots at Noah. He jumped up and over the two shots, dodging them efficiently. Rolling when he landed, he brought a powerful fist down on the creature, making another crater and effectively smashing the tiny monster. Standing up, he turned to look at Seth. The boy was circling around the two monsters, challenging them silently, his trident bared and shining in the sun. Noah smirked and rushed at the two monsters that still remained, but then something happened that made him come to a skidding halt.

A piercing, high-pitched sound echoed through the area around the two boys. As Seth and Noah covered their ears, the two Kanklarats still standing began to vibrate violently. Sputtering and bouncing around, they almost looked like little popcorn kernels getting ready to pop. Noah watched, utterly confused and baffled. Suddenly, the loud, shrieking sound stopped. As soon as it did, the little monsters stopped bouncing around and got to their feet. They looked at Seth and Noah for a second before turning 180 degrees and walking back the way they came. Noah growled and began to rush after them. However, an arm on his chest stopped him. Seth, looking at the creatures, said "No… I think they were just given an order by X.A.N.A. It would be beneficial to follow them." A familiar voice crackled in Noah's ear, saying "Actually, Seth is very correct. That loud noise you guys just heard was a signal emitted from a tower not too far from your position. If i had to take a guess, X.A.N.A is calling his minions to guard the tower he's activated. I would suggest following them. They might lead us right to the activated tower." Noah sighed and de-activated his Cliffbreakers. "Well, stealth isn't really my forte, but i guess we could tail those little monsters." Seth retracted his trident and strapped it on his back. Shaking his head, he turned to Noah and said "Well then. Guess it's a good thing you have me!" Noah punched Seth across the arm. "Shut up and lead the way." And with that, the two boys began trailing the two remaining monsters, leaving a mess of mechanical parts behind them.