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He entered the room quietly, preparing for the battle. Buffy needed him to
do this, he'd fought plenty of battles for her, this was no different.
His foe lay before him, he was much smaller then Spike. He knew better
then to be fooled by small stature. Buffy herself proved that small did
not mean weak or an easy fight

Arms and legs flailed and kicked at him as he attempted to complete his
task, a scream pierced the air as he removed the object emitting the
offensive odor. Now for the cleanup detail, that always seemed to be the
worst part of the job. As he attempted to finish the task at hand he was
suddenly sprayed by a stream of foul smelling fluid. He jumped back and
looked at the front of his shirt now wet with the fluid. He shook his head
as he attempted to regain control of the situation. It would never do to
let her see him like this, he began to wrestle with the small creature
again, more kicking and squirming were his reward.

He sighed when he heard her enter the room, her laughter filling the room,
as if on cue the infant in front of him joined his mother's laughter, "So
are you going to change your son's diaper or not?" She asked between
laughs, noticing, the pile of dirty wet wipes around him and the wet

He sighed as he picked up the still bare bottomed baby and handed him to
Buffy, "This is embarrassing, the former Big Bad bested by a baby."

She kissed him then and lay the baby down expertly changing the diaper.
"You'll get the hang of it."

And then she kissed him......and suddenly the
diaper incident meant nothing.