Chapter 1: A Restart in Life

Luffy finally reached his dream…he reached Raftel and found One Piece. But why? Why was he feeling like he hit rock bottom and beyond? Was it something he ate? Or was it the fact that he lost his entire crew and allies in one night, ONE night before reaching Raftel itself. Luffy was now a bitter, hateful shell of his former self, living on Raftel for 5 years constantly training and living alone after the demise of his crew and allies. The only reason he was living was due to his comrades, his 'family' telling him to keep moving forward. However, this is about to change very soon.

"I see no purpose to be here anymore. Not without them by my side. I just can't stand being alone anymore! Hancock…Nami…Robin…Zoro…Usopp…Sanji…Chopper…Franky…Brook…Jimbei…Law…Sabo…Bartolomeo…Shanks…everyone." A very broken Luffy croaked out in sadness, tears flowing out as he walked towards a cliff for his 'final' moment. He was sad, bitter, frustrated, angry, and confused about what to do now that he was here. Even after annihilating over 90% of the Marines sent at him and wiping out all of Blackbeard's crew including Akainu, Kizaru, Blackbeard himself, and even The 5 Elder Stars which took everyone by surprise when they came at that horrible night, Luffy still felt that that wasn't enough. He was angry at the world, angry that it took everyone around him, angry that he couldn't see his family and friends here in Raftel with him celebrating.

Luffy had a pistol held in his right hand, specially created by Franky as a gift for his birthday that uses Kairoseki bullets (Looks like a Colt .45 ACP in case you're wondering). He looked towards what was left of the Thousand Sunny and with his final tears coming down, pointed the gun towards his heart. "Everyone, I'm sorry but I can't go on. If there's an afterlife, I'm hoping I'll see you soon…" Luffy whispered to himself with a hint of happiness in his tone of voice. Then he pulled the trigger…


Luffy fell from the cliff and landed on the once clean sandy beach that was below said cliff, staining his surrounding area with blood. On that day, the Pirate King died.

Unknown Area…

"Uhhh...Where am I at?"Luffy said to himself as he found himself lying on the floor in a seemingly endless tunnel with blue ethereal light orbs floating around him. He soon got up and right when he started walking, the glowing orbs moved with him as if they're guiding him. At a certain point though, the orbs expanded into his memories that lined up throughout the tunnel. It showed all of his memories, his happy ones, sad ones, and angry ones. He soon saw the end of the tunnel and found himself on what looks to be a sky island. When he reached the entrance to the island, he saw a very muscular looking old man wearing a white tunic and a halo around his head.

"I've been waiting for you, Mr. Luffy." He spoke kindly to the rubber man.

"What's going on? Who're you? Where am I?" Luffy asked rapid firing the questions to the man.

"As you can see with the halo around my head, you're in Heaven Luffy. My identity itself is not your concern, but you can say I'm a messenger of sorts for God. And as what's going on, God has given you a second chance Luffy." The man said nonchalantly

"A second chance for what?" Luffy asked not knowing what he means.

"God has reviewed your life Luffy. He's seen the goodness in your deeds, even if you do claim you did them for selfish reasons. He's also seen the changes you have done in the world, which were, for the most part, good changes. So God is willing to give you one more chance to change your future by sending you back to the past. He's even willing to ignore your suicide, which as a matter of fact, almost always guarantees your departure to Hell, but he was willing to overlook this. So, what do you say Luffy, are you willing to go for another adventure? To save your friends and family from their demise?" The man said with in a gentle and slow tone so the rubber man can absorb the recent information presented to him.

"Yes. Yes! I want to do it!" Luffy said immediately once he understood what was going on. He would finally be able to see his friends again, and change his future for the better.

"Okay then. Now before we get started, I need to tell you some things that are going to happen when I send you back. First of all, you can choose which part of your life you can go back to. Another thing is you will keep all of your abilities, knowledge and physical fitness even if you say went back to when you were three. Moreover, you will be given a backpack that has four things that you have had or seen in your first life. Another important thing, when you go back, you will be given a journal that retains what happened to you in your first life in great detail so that way you know what will happen before it'll happen. Now lastly, when you go back, there might be some changes from your original timeline, such as events happening earlier or later than when it was supposed to happen, or events that were never supposed to happen in the first place."

"Okay, I'm ready right now! I have everything planned!" "That fast!" "So when do I go?"

"Right now."


Luffy was soon engulfed by the orbs that were following him around and they shot up in the sky along with him.

Foosha Village: 17 years ago…

"Huh? Was that a dream?" Luffy thought as he got up. He then noticed he was in a far too familiar place, Foosha Village. "Never mind. Let's see if what that old man said was right." Luffy said to himself as he looked over to an olive green backpack. He went over to that green backpack and found that this was too good to be true. The things that he wanted to bring were actually there: his pistol which is made out of wapol steel that came along with extra magazines, A Den-Den Mushi, Nami's Sorcery Clima-Tact and weather eggs along with instructions on how to use it, and Zoro's Shusui. He also found the journal in his backpack, and it he opened it to the first page, which also happened to be today.

"Today, Luffy will attempt to convince Red-Haired Shanks that he is strong enough for him to be a pirate, utterly failing in the process. Later, in Partys Bar, Shanks will continue to mess with Luffy when mountain bandits led by Higuma come inside for some alcohol. While Shanks and Higuma are having a 'confrontation', Luffy eats the Gum-Gum fruit…blah blah blah" Luffy read to himself as he now knew what he had to do. Before leaving, he realized that he had no scars on his body, so he was back to square one. He soon left towards Shanks' ship, knowing he can change his future right now if he so choose to, but decided to just follow what the book has said. He then thought of something important that was told to him on the second-to-last island before reaching Raftel.

'Don't hesitate to kill, for your enemies give two shits about chivalry and your nakama. They don't play fair, and if given the chance, they can do more harm by being kept alive.'

"I think I should go by those rules this time around." Luffy said to himself as he reached the ramp up to Shanks' ship


Everything happened the same for the most part, right now he was sitting in a chair just finishing to eat the Gum-Gum fruit, watching Shanks get hassled by Higuma. For some reason however, Higuma did something that he knew he hadn't done before, smack Shanks' hat off his head. Just seeing his precious hat get smacked off his role model caused something within Luffy to snap.


"Huh? What do you want kid?"

"You got 5 Seconds to pick up Shanks' hat, apologize, and have you and your gang leave or else…"

The world around him suddenly froze. When time started revolving again, on the first second, Higuma and his cronies were just silent. In the second, third and fourth second, they were laughing hysterically. Finally on the fifth second, Higuma reached for his sword…

…At the same time, Luffy vanished.

Luffy reappeared behind Higuma, who suddenly felt cold and an unfathomable amount of pain to where his heart is…or where it used to be; the gaping hole was profusely bleeding out impossible amounts of blood. Everyone stood there wide-eyed and shocked at these series of events; Makino stood there covering her mouth with both hands while Shanks stood up assessing the situation seriously while not believing what he saw. He looked towards Luffy or what appeared to look like Luffy and saw his blackened arm covered in blood while holding Higuma's heart…wait blackened arm?!

Luffy continued walking behind Higuma approaching his grunts with a glare that make even an admiral flinch.

"G-give it back…" Higuma coughed out as he turned around to see Luffy holding his still beating heart. Luffy turned around to see Higuma clutching his chest while approaching him slowly as if each step only brought him closer to death. Luffy looked at him in the eyes, and surprisingly, gave what looked like a very sincere and kind smile. Luffy then raised up the blackened hand holding the heart as if he was going to give it back.





Luffy crushed the heart into a red mush of tissue, still giving that innocent looking smile.

Higuma went wide-eyed as he knew his death was near. He died. Died against a seven year old kid, who he now believed in his final moments as he plopped on the ground, was not human. Moments later, Higuma fell face flat on the ground, still outstretching his arm. Luffy went on to put Higuma's crushed heart into his outstretched hand.

Luffy dropped his smile and turned towards the scared stiff mountain bandits. To the mountain bandits themselves, it looked like they were in the face of the embodiment of both the Devil and Death itself.


The mountain bandits did as they were told and ran out as if their lives depended on it (which it did). Luffy then walked back seriously towards where Makino was, which caused her to flinch visibly. He then gave the grin that everyone was accustomed to, not the one he gave to Higuma.

"Shishishishshi! Makino! Looks like I earned 8 million beli!" Luffy said while rubbing his head with his bloodied hand sheepishly.

"WAAAIIITT! LUFFY! HOW DID YOU DO THAT?! WHERE DID YOU EVEN LEARN THAT?! WHY DID YOU DO IT?!" Shanks exclaimed to Luffy rapid-firing each question to the rubber boy.

When Luffy was going to respond, he felt three presences he knew all too well in the same direction. "It's 2 years early for this! He's already there!" His gaze darkened when he sensed the strongest of the three, and started walking towards the exit of the bar.

"I'll be right back...There's something I need to take care of..." Luffy monotonously said while he took his backpack.

"LUFFY WAIT! YOU HAVEN'T ANSWERED MY QUESTION YET! AND WHAT'S IN THAT BACKPACK?!" Shanks yelled at to Luffy to try to stop him, but to no avail.

Luffy then exploded into steam as he activated Gear Second, again surprising and shocking everyone in the bar. "I'll explain when I get back." He then proceeded to use a mixture of both the Soru and Geppou techniques to reach the direction of the presences quickly before it was too late.

In a matter of minutes he was already in front of a group of islands. He could see a ship that is docked on the coast and his anger skyrocketed.

He was in the Conomi Islands, and the Arlong Pirates appeared to have been here for a while. Luffy prepared Shusui to strike when needed.

"Don't worry Nami...I'll make sure your mom doesn't die like before..."

Meanwhile with Nami and the rest...

"Mommy!" Nami and Nojiko screamed as they ran towards Bellemere to hug her.

"I'm sorry mommy! I didn't mean what I said!" "Please don't leave us!"

"Don't cry girls...I wish I could've...I could've provided for you better. I wish that I could've been a better mother to the both of you."

"Don't say that!" "We don't need anything, just don't die!"

"Please don't leave us" "You need to see the map I'm gonna draw of the whole world!"

"Yes...Your map...Go ahead and make your dreams come true...for me..."

"Bellemere no!" Nami cried out as she doesn't want Bellemere to die.

"So these are your daughters." Arlong questioned menacingly as he towered over the embracing family. The daughters yelped in fear as they realized who were with them the whole time.

"Yeah that's right! And you have to promise me that you'll leave them alone!" Bellemere spat out at Arlong

"Yeah no problem! As long as you die like a good girl!" Arlong retorted back.

"HELP US!" Nami screamed as Genzo brought out two pistols to shoot at Arlong, only to have them be deflected by Kuroobi and get sliced across his torso by him. Nami could only watch in horror when many of the villagers came to fight against Arlong and his fishman crew.

"Well then...Don't kill them boys. Just...Teach them a lesson" Arlong commanded to his crew. "Now then to set an example..." Arlong then began to approach Bellemere and her two children. Seeing this, Bellemere pushed her two daughters inside the house. "Heh...You ready to die?" Arlong said as he pointed a pistol towards Bellemere.

Meanwhile we have a curb-stomp battle involving the fishman and the villagers, it's obvious whose winning.

Time seemed to stop as Bellemere proceeded to say her 'final' words to her two daughters.

"Nojiko! Nami!"

The two girls could only watch in shock and horror in watching their mother get killed.

"...I Love you."

Time seemed to stop again right as Arlong was about to pull the trigger to shoot point blank directly towards Bellemere's head with his right hand.

The next instant, there was blood flying everywhere. No gunshot rang out and all you could see was Bellemere shocked, Arlong shocked as well holding his right arm, and a black-haired boy in between them holding a black sword that's too big for his right was an olive green backpack and right next to his left side, was Arlong's hand, still holding the pistol.

Luffy transcended to an emotion beyond lividness. He got up and stood up against Arlong who was still clutching his amputated hand. Luffy glared at him while giving a controlled haki blast affecting every fishman, Not enough to knock them out (Except for Hatchan, he gave him a stronger dose), but just enough for them to be petrified with fear.

"Do you know those moments when you know you fucked up? Well, this is one of them, and it WILL be you last." Luffy said in a low tone that can only be heard by Arlong and Bellemere. Luffy sliced off the rest of Arlong's limbs in such a speed that it would even make Kizaru jealous and envious. With Arlong now on the ground screaming in pain and agony trying to wiggle away from what cut off his limbs, Luffy cold-heartedly stabbed Arlong through the middle of his spine through the ground so that way he couldn't move anymore. Seeing the opportunity, Luffy proceeded to walk over the shark fishman and whispered into his ear.

"You tried to take a mother away from her daughters. For what you were about to do to them as well as these defenseless villagers, I will now kill your crew in front of your very eyes. So please, enjoy the show." Luffy spoke sinisterly towards a wide-eyed, trembling Arlong. All fishman were looking at the 7-year-old kid (24 years mentally) who brutally stabbed a limbless Arlong to the ground. Not wanting to leave their captain to his inevitable demise by himself, the fishman mustered up all they can and charged at Luffy.

"Armament" Luffy muttered to himself as Armament Haki covered his entire body with his haki armor.

The next 20 seconds were the most brutal things the villagers have ever seen in their entire lives. Limbs were flying everywhere as Luffy went through the fishmen like a hot knife through butter, their screams echoing around the vicinity of the island. When he reached the officers Kuroobi and Chew, he took his time with them both as went for Chew first. Chew was readying his water cannon when Luffy came up towards Chew and ripped off his lips and crushed his throat. Kuroobi tried to slice Luffy while he stood there towering over Chew who was struggling with breathing, but the swords broke when they hit him. Luffy slow turned around, grabbed his arms and knocked him down on the ground. When Luffy was on top of Kuroobi, he overrode his body's movement by infusing his body with haki so he can't move, with the exception of where his shoulders and arms connect. Luffy gave Kuroobi the same smile as he gave Higuma, but Kuroobi saw what was beneath that smile: Insanity. Luffy then slowly, but surely ripped off his arms for everyone to see. A shrilling scream pierced the sky as he was writhing in agony. Chew got up as soon as he heard Kuroobi screaming. His decision to get up ended up being a fatal mistake in his part as Luffy dug his haki-infused hand into Chew's torso, ripping out his stomach violently in the process, instantly killing Chew. Kuroobi was trembling in fear, and started making a run for the cliff so he could jump into the water to escape. His futile efforts were of course, stopped by Luffy who brought his trembling body in front of Arlong face down. Arlong's and Kuroobi's eyes were filled with fear and tears for one another as Luffy proceeded to get on top Kuroobi again to pin him down while he gripped his head. Arlong can only watch in horror as Kuroobi gave his final scream as Luffy ripped off Kuroobi's head and displayed it for everyone to see (Think how Kratos ripped off Apollo's head in God of War).

"YOU WORTHLESS HUMAN! HOW CAN YOU DO SUCH A THING! THEY WERE MY COMRADES! MY BROTHERS!" Arlong screamed at Luffy who was still standing on top of Kuroobi's twitching, decapitated body.

"You brought this on yourself you racist fishman, you also wouldn't have shown pity to humans if you did the same things to them." Luffy said in a tone of voice that obviously showed no remorse. He then went on to deliver a flurry of Shigans all over the fishman's body, hitting him in all the non-fatal areas. Luffy then took out his own pistol and pointed to Arlong's head.

"Heh...You ready to die?" Luffy said to the mortified fishman.


Arlong's head dropped dead as Luffy's shot hit him between the eyes.

Luffy then went to grab Shusui, cleaned its blade using one of the dead fishman's cleaner clothes, and sheathed it back into its scabbard. After putting Shusui back in its place, he put his pistol back in its holster.

It was around this time that Hatchan woke up from the brief knockout he had. He was petrified with shock and fear to the scene he saw. He then felt a monstrous and terrifying presence and subconsciously turned towards it. He then saw a very bloody Luffy who has just finished cleaning his face and arms from the blood walking towards him.

Luffy looked at Hatchan seriously and motioned him to sit down, which he complied to do.

"Why would you, the only one of these fishman who doesn't hate humans, be with them? What would Jimbei think if they found out about this? What about Rayleigh?"


"Seriously think about what you're gonna say."

Hatchan was quiet for a while when he said that until something clicked inside his head. "How do you know I know Jimbei and Rayleigh?"

'Shit! I did not think this through.' Luffy thought to himself as he tried to think of a good enough answer. Realizing that he has no possible answer to his question, he responded with what he thought was next best thing.

"I'm the one asking the questions here! What I know and I don't know is none of your business! Now answer the question!"

"I-I don't think they'll exactly appreciate to what I was gonna help Arlong do to this place."

"Exactly! I know you're one of the many fishman out there who want peace and equality with humans out there, but had I not stepped in here, Arlong could've messed that up not just for everyone here on the Conomi Islands, but in the East Blue as well. I know you're a good guy, so I won't kill you. Just leave for now, and quickly. I'll take care of everything else here."

Hatchan bowed gratefully and left to departure. Before he left, he could've sworn he heard Luffy murmur "I'll see you in the Grand Line."

After Hatchan left, Luffy began to lump all of the bodies into a pile, with the exception of Arlong, who he just left there to the side. Everyone just looked at Luffy with awe and fear as Luffy approached the villagers which also included Nami, Nojiko, and Bellemere. Seeing the fear in their eyes, Luffy smiled at them with sincerity and much to their surprise, apologetically bowed to them.

"I'm sorry for what I have done, especially in front of those two girls. There are some things that people shouldn't ever see, especially experience."

"I-it's alright kid. Thanks to you, pirates won't be a problem here anytime soon." Bellemere said as she was being tended by the village doctor. "May I ask what your name is boy?"

Luffy smiled at the question. "My name is Monkey D. Luffy, Future Pirate King." Luffy said proudly while he puffed his chest outwards.

Bellemere was surprised when she heard his name. "You wouldn't happen to be related to Vice Admiral Garp would you?" she asked curiously.

"Shishishishishi! Yeah! He's my gramps!" Luffy responded wholeheartedly as he removed his very bloody shirt.

'That explains everything…' Bellemere thought to herself as she approached the black haired boy with Nojiko and Nami carefully following her. 'From their strength and power all the way to their childishness and goofiness.' The villagers on the other hand, were shocked by this revelation and murmured amongst each other.

Luffy noticed a piece of paper sticking out of Bellemere's pocket. "Can I see that piece of paper in your pocket?" Luffy politely (as he could) asked.

"Umm... I guess so." Bellemere shrugged as she gave Luffy the piece of paper.

Luffy stared at the map with nostalgia as he remembered those times that Nami tried to teach him how to navigate just in case anything happened. "This map is amazing! Who drew it?"

Nami came forward, pride emanating from her body, no longer fearing the boy in front of her. "I drew that map! Do you like it?" she asked happily.

"Like it? I LOVE IT! You have real talent! You should keep going at it. You could become the best navigator in the world!" He exclaimed happily as he gave back the map to a now blushing Nami, who in turn gave it back to Bellemere. "Hey, what's your name? When I have my crew, do you want to be my navigator?"

Nami thought for a while. Here is a boy who somewhat scared her at first as she saw what he did to those Arlong and his crew, but he did end up protecting and saving her mother and the villagers and seems to be really kind and cheerful. Weighing her options, she smiled and gave him her answer. "My name is Nami. And yes, I'd be happy to."

"Yes! I already got a crewmate!" Luffy exclaimed happily as he jumped in the air.

"W-wait!" A new voice piped in. Nami and Luffy turned to the direction of the new voice.

"Can I join your crew as well? I just want to be there with my sister to see her dream come true." Nojiko said shakily as she didn't know what his response would be.

"Shishishishishi! Of course you can join! The more nakama, the better!" Luffy said even happier now that he already has two crewmembers onboard.

Bellemere came back in the conversation along with Genzo, both either in a cast or bandaged respectively. "Now more importantly," Genzo chimed in. "What about these dead fishman here in our village? What will you do to them?"

Luffy shrugged. "I was thinking of having Nami's mother call in some marines and collect this prick's bounty." Luffy said as he looked towards Arlong's fly-attracting carcass. Luffy turned to Bellemere. "Do you have a den-den mushi?"

"I believe I have one stored in my chest of old marine junk." Bellemere said as she went inside her house to bring out her old den-den mushi. When she came back, she looked at Luffy questioningly as she realized that he wasn't from around here.

"How did you get here anyway?" She asked curiously.

"Oh, I flew here." Luffy deadpanned.

Everyone was wide eyed as they looked at the rubber boy with disbelieving eyes.

"HOW CAN YOU FLY?!" they all exclaimed to Luffy.

"Like this." Luffy proceeded to jump in the air and started using Geppou, causing him to hover as in the air, making everyone stare at him in disbelief.

"HOW CAN YOU DO THAT?!" The all exclaimed comically to Luffy once again.

"It's like kicking the air as fast and as hard as possible I guess. I'm not good at explaining stuff." Luffy explained to the villagers as he stopped using Geppou.

"We can see that." They all deadpanned.

"Anyways about that den-den mushi?"

"Here it is."

"Do you have Marine Headquarters' number?"

"Yes, I do, but I'm not sure if they changed it or not."

"Won't hurt to give it a shot." Luffy shrugged as he proceeded to call Marine HQ.


"Hellooooo! You have reached Marine Headquarters. This is Vice-Admiral Borsalino, why have you called?"

Memories flooded of Sanji and Viola's untimely demise when he heard his voice. He subconsciously used Armament Haki on his left fist when he heard that name. Bellemere noticed his reaction and wondered if there was any bad blood between them. Luffy however, managed to cool himself quick enough as to not leave Borsalino hanging on the phone.

"…I would like to speak to Vice Admiral Monkey D. Garp."

"Ohhh…And who might you be?"

"Monkey D. Luffy."

"Ohhh…Garp's grandkid. Gimme a moment." Luffy proceeded to give the den-den mushi to Bellemere.

"*Snort* hello? Who's this?" Garp asked with a tone in his voice that gave Luffy the premonition that he recently woke up.

"Hello Vice-Admiral Garp? This is Bellemere, former Marine Captain. I have the dead bodies of Arlong and his crewmates here in the Conomi Islands."

"How'd they die?" Garp asked seriously as they were pirates from the grand line. Garp knew full on well that only someone else from the Grand Line is capable of that, and apparently came in the East Blue under his nose. Luffy meanwhile was doing some sort of charades trying to tell Bellemere to not mention him. This of course was fully ignored by Bellemere as she didn't understand what he was trying to do.

"Your grandson Luffy killed them all." She deadpanned.

Garp was silent. 'Luffy? Luffy killed fishman from the grand line at the age of 7? How and why is he at the Conomi Islands?'

"Is he there?"

"Yes. He's right here." Bellemere then proceeded to give the den-den mushi to a mortified Luffy.

"H-hey gramps…"


"W-well gramps, "I-I came here by running through the air from Foosha Village when I sensed someone in danger and I k-killed all of them by m-making my arms b-black and plowing through them." Luffy said feigning fear in his voice.

'Luffy knows haki and one of the Rokushiki techniques? What's going on here?' Garp thought to himself as he tried to think what to say next to his seven year old grandson.

"Where did you learn those techniques? Luffy…You better answer honestly."

"I saw some marine and a guy in a black suit use those techniques." Luffy half-lied. He can tell a half-lie as easily as telling the truth, but full on lies…he could use some work there. Since he kind of found out of these techniques through CP9 and some Vice-Admirals, he wasn't really lying.

"When did you see them Luffy?" Garp was trying to get as much information as he could from the rubber-boy since he shouldn't even be capable of doing these kind of techniques with such proficiency at such a young age.

"…I don't actually remember gramps. Anyway, can you bring a ship over here to the Conomi Islands? And have them give the bounty to Bellemere. She needs it more than I do."

"Ugh…Fine you win Luffy. I'll go there myself since I'm actually here in the East Blue. But stay there! I'll take you back to Foosha Village."

"Okay! Bye gramps! Love you!"

"Heh…Love you too Luffy…"


As Luffy proceeded to hang up the den-den mushi, everyone noticed the rubber boy sweating bullets. Sure, 17 years into the future, he could easily beat Garp, no questions asked, but that was when Garp's age caused him to lose basically 60% of his strength. Now, he was somewhat still in his prime, Luffy had his doubts.

"As you've heard, gramps is coming. And I need to go fast so he doesn't kick my ass for wanting to be a pirate. Before I go however, I want to leave something for you guys." Luffy then turned towards Nami as he reached inside his backpack. "Nami, here's a gift from me to you. There's instructions on how to use it as well." Luffy then gave the Sorcery Clima-Tact to Nami, who accepted whole-heartedly. "Now for my last gift, I'm gonna give you guys the gift of haki."

"Haki?" asked Bellemere

"Yes. I'm going to teach you how to utilize it. May you villagers leave please, this is something I have to do privately." Luffy asked politely while giving them his trademark grin. The villagers obliged by his wishes and left, leaving only Bellemere, Nojiko, Nami, and Luffy.

"What's this haki that you speak of?" Nojiko asked as she sat on Luffy's backpack, much to Luffy's dismay.

"Haki is basically the willpower of a person that is manifested to do certain things." Luffy said as he prepared a demonstration. "Now the first one I'm going to show you is observation haki. Observation Haki essentially allows you to sense the presence of others, such as humans or animals." Luffy then looked at Nami. "Nami, I want you to assemble and hit me with the weapon I gave you." Nami hesitantly did as she was told and assembled the blue staff.

"Are you sure about this Luffy?" Nami asked hesitantly. Luffy nodded and motioned her to proceed as he closed his eyes.

"A downward strike to my left shoulder." Luffy announced as he moved slightly to his right to dodge the strike. "A low sweep towards my legs." He announced again as he jumped from the attack with his eyes still closed.

The three females just stood there amazed after seeing Luffy's demonstration.

"This kind of haki also helps you with dodging attacks. Now you can only dodge attacks if they're thinking about certain attacks, if it's just random strikes or if they're faster than you it won't really help. Now the next one I'm going to show will be Armament Haki." Luffy then proceeded to turn his right arm black with haki. "This kind of haki will allow you to go through devil fruit defenses as well as enhance your physical attacks." Luffy then grabbed Shusui. He then channeled his haki onto the sword. "You can also use it to strengthen your weapons."

"How will we learn this?" Bellemere asked.

"I'll show you two training exercises that help with unlocking and training your haki. For Observation Haki, one person will be sitting down blindfolded while another one will strike them from behind and the blindfolded will try to dodge as much times as possible. For Armament Haki, just try to focus your willpower onto a certain part of your body like your arms or legs. It takes a lot of time to unlock your haki, so don't worry if you don't unlock it within the first week or so."

"Thank you…thank you so much Luffy." Bellemere said slightly bowing at the boy with her daughters doing what her mother did in gratitude.

"Well, I best be off. I'll visit every now and then, but I'll pick you two up in ten years." Luffy said as he pumped his blood faster through his legs, and proceeded to Soru himself off of the Island along with his belongings.

"Well, what are you waiting for girls? It's time to train!" Bellemere happily exclaimed at her two daughters who just stared at the place where Luffy once was.

A Few Minutes Later at Foosha Village…

In the 30 minutes that Luffy has been gone, Shanks and his crewhelped Makino clean up the mess Luffy had made in Makino's bar. 'What's taking that boy so long?' Shanks thought as he sat down on a chair as Makino gave him some water. 'That boy has some explaining to do when he gets back.' As if responding to his thoughts, Luffy appeared in front of them, making a decent-sized crater (for an above-yonko level pirate turned 7 year old.) as he landed.

"Okay…So where were we?" Luffy asked as he got out of the crater he created.

"Maybe you can explain who you really are Luffy, if that's who you really are. I know for a fact that Luffy would never EVER kill someone, much less display the level of skill you showed when you killed Higuma. So tell me. Who are you?" Shanks asked cautiously as he and the rest of his crew prepared their weapons just in case this Luffy really is an imposter with the ability to use haki. To their surprise however, Luffy just suddenly started to tremble, and realized that he was crying.

"I-It's been over 17 years Shanks." Luffy said as he tried to stop himself from crying, but just couldn't.

"17 years? W-what are you talking about?"

"I'm Luffy, but at the same time I'm not. You see, I'm from 17 years in the future."

"What!? How!? Why!?"

"Well…I came back to change what I can because all of my nakama died. As to how I came back…I guess you could say God gave me a second chance."

"What happened?"

"Teach and Sakazuki." Luffy spat in anger and distaste. Shanks knew all too well about Marshall D. Teach and Vice Admiral Sakazuki. After all, Teach gave him his trademark scar and Sakazuki was a very brutal marine to say the least.

"So what now Luffy? What are you planning to do?"

"Change as much as I can for the better. Even though I came from the future, the messenger of God told me that my adventure would be different in some areas. Meaning not everything will happen as last time."

"What do you mean?"

"An example to this is why I left 30 minutes ago. Arlong came from the Grand Line 2 years earlier than when he was supposed to. I left to stop him from killing my navigator's mother, and ended up killing him in the process."

"Wait hold up. YOU killed Arlong?" Shanks was bewildered, he knew about the Sun Pirates and some of their crew members. 'Jimbei must've sent him off the Grand Line so he could live or something like that. Looks like his efforts though were wasted.'

"Yes, if kept alive, he would've done so much harm in the East Blue."

"I see…"

"OH SHIT! I forgot! My gramps is coming! You should leave before he comes!"

"WHAAT! VICE-ADMIRAL GARP IS COMING?! EVERYONE! WE'RE LEAVING NOW!" Shanks and his first mate Benn Beckman exclaimed as they got supplies to leave Foosha Village. Right when they finished loading everything and were about to leave, Shanks went up to Luffy and put his hat on his head.

"Luffy…" Shanks said suddenly.

"Yes Shanks?" Luffy responded to the red haired pirate.

"Give me your den-den mushi number." this request astonished Luffy.

"How'd you know I have one?"

"Lucky guess."

"Well here you go." Luffy said as he pulled out a piece of paper with his number.

"Now we can keep tabs on each other. Well now, it wouldn't be fair if I left without giving you something now wouldn't it?" Shanks said as he reached for his straw hat.

"Huh?" was all Luffy could say as Shanks placed their treasured hat on his head.

"Keep that safe for me Luffy. Maybe this time around, your adventure can go without problems." Just hearing that sentence made Luffy lose it.

"SHAAAAAANKS! I WILL BECOME THE KING OF THE PIRATES!" Luffy yelled to the departing pirate crew, crying for a good 5 minutes.

'Don't worry guys, I'll make sure we're stronger than ever before!' Luffy thought to himself as he headed back to the village. Then he saw something very important. "Oh yeah! I should cash in Higuma's body before it rots."

Hope you guys enjoy! This is my first FanFiction story so please be easy with the reviews. If you find any errors or anything of the sort, please feel free to tell me so I can change it whenever possible. I'll try to upload whenever I can, so no regular uploads like some other people. I would if I could though, but College-Prepping High School is such a bitch with the amount of homework given.


September 5, 2015