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With Robin…

A cloaked Robin looks on through the busy streets of Rainbase as she heads back into the casino Rain Dinners, Crocodile's Base.

She's been working under this man for the past four years, and it's no longer mainly because Luffy asked her too.

No, something else is at stake here.

Something far more valuable to her than this hot arid kingdom, the island it's on, and the ancient weapon Crocodile is looking for.

It's her fault for being in this position. Had she not done what she had done, had she not tried to keep it a surprise, and had Crocodile not found her in her one day of weakness, their 'partnership' would've been of equals with mutual respect for one another.

Instead she is being blackmailed to do his bidding.

Because of this, she really has no say in the matter to what he wants her to do. Thankfully, he thinks himself above sexual pleasures, so he has never forced her to anything of the sort, but the things she was made to do under his command utterly disgusted her, though she showed no emotion whenever she did it.

Assassinations of people associated with the Royal Family, sabotage on both the Rebel Army and the Royal Army, Information gathering, giving false information that further prolonged the war between both sides…

Anything within those lines she did, and she did them extraordinarily well.

And in her hands, is the deciphered message that tells the very location of the very ancient weapon Crocodile has so ever desired.

It may have taken a bit longer than she had anticipated, but with the power to put eyes anywhere and everywhere around your vicinity and even beyond, it was only a matter of time before she found the Poneglyph and all the secrets it entails.

Secrets Crocodile is willing to sacrifice anything to get a hold of.

She ignores the stares she receives from some of the men around her, no doubt admiring her beauty from a distance, but not choosing to act on their carnal desires because she is the right hand man to the so called "Savior of Alabasta".

'If only they knew.' She thinks to herself as she heads into the casino, being greeted by four members of the Billions who are currently in their guises as greeters for the Rain Dinners. She ignores them, holding the briefcase in her hand tightly as she heads towards a backdoor that leads to a series of staircases before eventually reaching the meeting room, there in which sat Crocodile, waiting for her expectantly.

"Welcome back Ms. All Sunday. I believe the Mission is a success." He states, looking at the suitcase in her hands with well hidden glee.

Robin ignores this and says nothing, walking up to the man and setting the briefcase down on the table for him to see.

Crocodile opens up the briefcase, seeing the document in it before taking it out to read it. Robin can see his eyes widen ever so slightly as he keeps reading down every single passage that she had written on those pages, no doubt planning even more things for this group to do once he finishes reading.

After a couple or so minutes, Crocodile puts down the papers, a satisfied predatory grin on his face as he looks towards Robin. "As always, you exceed my expectations Ms. All Sunday." Crocodile says, with a cross-armed Robin maintaining her stony expression.

"I held my end of the deal. Now it's time to uphold yours." Robin speaks, her eyes slightly narrowing as her hands clench her cloak-covered arms.

"Ah yes, not to worry. I am a man of my word." Crocodile assures as he takes out set of keys from one of his pockets and presses a button under the table, causing a hidden door within one of the walls of the room to open, revealing…


…a white-haired four year old girl running towards Robin joyfully as she jumps into her arms giving her the strongest hug her little body can muster.

"Hello Olivia. Have you been having fun since I last left?" Robin asks her daughter in a motherly tone, rubbing the top of her head as Olivia gives a excited nod in return.

"Yes! Me and Auntie Bon went to a carnival and had lots of fun!" Olivia exclaimed happily as gives Robin a thumbs up, the golden bracelets around her wrist clinkling as her arms made motion, reminding Robin exactly why she did every order she was told to do above and beyond.

Her daughter's life.

Crocodile throws the keys to the bracelets to Robin, who fervently puts them in the bracelets, taking them off much to her daughter's confusion, since she has always had them on for as long as she can remember. After doing so, Crocodile stands up from his chair and walks towards Robin, who also stands up from her crouching position, wary of what Crocodile might do next.

Crocodile merely puts his hand out, much to Robin's surprise before he begins talking. "As much as I would like for you to continue working for us, a deal is a deal, and I am a man of my word. You may leave Baroque Works."

Hesitantly, Robin takes Crocodile's hand and gives a firm handshake before picking up Olivia and leaving the meeting room to go get their belongings. 'Finally, after so long, We're finally free!' Robin thinks to herself as a single tear leaves her eye.

"Are you okay mommy?" Olivia asks, wondering why her mom has that look on her face.

"Yes. Yes I am Olivia. Never been happier." Robin replies, giving Olivia her backpack filled with her belongings while Robin takes the rest in her own backpack.

As they leave, Crocodile has a small smile on his face. "It's quite sad to see you leave Nico Robin…" Crocodile mutters the moment he sees her leave the casino through his security feed. "It's such a shame that you know too much." Crocodile pulls out a remote with a button it, having the camera feed focus on Nico Robin's daughter in particular.

Without a care in the world, he presses the button down.

While this is all happening, a cloaked Robin is walking down the streets with her very own daughter for the first time ever. She's never had the opportunity considering those bracelets would explode and kill her daughter if she was a certain distance away from Crocodile. Now though, her daughter is free from his clutches and therefore She can do all the things she has ever wanted to do with her daughter since the day she was born.

All of a sudden, she hears a loud click coming from Olivia's person before a slight consistent beep is heard.

Her eyes widen as she immediately deduces what is on her only daughter, she takes of her daughter's cloak and her backpack to see if the bomb is on any of that. Upon closer inspection, she is hearing the beep from the necklace around Olivia's neck. Acting as fast as she can, she rips off the necklace from her daughter and throws it in the air. Unfortunately, the small, but powerful bomb hidden in the necklace explodes only a couple of meters away from Robin's position.

In the span of milliseconds, as Robin is trying to protect Olivia as best as she can from the explosion, the instinct to survive clicked in somewhere in Olivia's head, and thus she thrusts her arm out towards the explosion as she subconsciously desires for nothing to harm her mother.

Then, as if rewriting reality itself, the explosion suddenly poofed itself from existence.

Robin just laid there, trying her utmost best to comprehend what had just happened. Looking at her daughter and her outstretched arm and then looking back to where the explosion happened, she put two and two together and realized something.

Her daughter ate a devil fruit.

Which one it is she doesn't know, but at this moment, she doesn't have the luxury to find out seeing as she and her daughter were almost assassinated by her former boss. Getting up as fast as she can, she grabs her daughter hastily, grabbing their belongs using her flower-flower fruit powers as she runs as fast as she can before using her devil fruit powers to grow a set of wings for massively improved speed and mobility.

Back with Crocodile, he can only look on at what happened in shock.

That did not just happen.

It shouldn't have happened!

And yet it did.

They should've died in that explosion!

And yet they didn't.

The explosion should've engulfed not only them, but a couple of blocks as well!

But it didn't.

No, he will not have his plans undermine just because of a failed assassination, even if he has to do the deed himself.

With barely restrained fury, he goes to the den-den inside his office and sets his call to every single Officer Agent and Billions on Alabasta at the moment. "Priority Orders, Ms. All Sunday has betrayed us. I want her eliminated as soon as possible. Anyone and everyone assisting her is to be eliminated as well." Crocodile growls out, turning the wooden chair beside his desk into dust, absorbing the moisture out of it from sheer anger alone before sprinting out of the meeting room to try and catch up to his former partner.

"Understood." is the collective response received back from the den-den mushi.

In the Spider's Cafe, Mr. 1 and Miss Doublefinger look at each other, not saying a word before immediately heading towards the direction of Rainbase, hopefully getting in contact with the traitorous woman as they head over there so as to not waste time trying to find her.

Following up with them is the impatient Ms. Merry Christmas and her slow partner Mr. 4.

"Hurry the hell up Mr. 4! This is no time to be slow! The entire organization is at risk!" Ms. Merry Christmas exclaims as she tugs Mr. 4 by his scarf.

"Ooooookaaaaaay~." is Mr 4's rather slow reply, coming thirty seconds later after Ms. Merry Christmas yells at him.

In the coast of Nanohana, inside a rather flamboyant ship, Mr. 2 Bon Kurei looks on at the den-den mushi with a conflicted look on his face. While Mr. 0's orders are absolute no matter what, He has come to know Ms. All Sunday and her daughter Olivia personally, to the point that she even considers him the only one that she can truly trust with her daughter.

"Your orders sir?" one of Mr. 2's henchmen asks, curious to know what their captain will do and ask of them.

"They are our friends, they must have a reason to betraying Baroque Works. We will try to find them and get the whole picture." Mr. 2 states resolutely as he then commands his men to sail around the port towns of Alabasta, in hopes that in case Ms. All Sunday does make it to one of the port towns, they'll be the ones to find her and one of the more unsavory members.

With Mr. 3 and Ms. Goldenweek, they were currently enjoying themselves in the outskirts of Rainbase at a hotel when they received the message.

"It appears that our Second-in-Command has turned traitor." Miss Goldenweek says, getting her paints ready and putting them in her backpack.

"So it would seem my partner, And while no doubt that Ms. All Sunday A.K.A Nico Robin is indeed someone who shouldn't be trifled with, considering that she will prioritize her daughter's safety over her own, we can use that to our advantage to obtain victory over her." Mr. 3 explains as he walks into the hotel towards his room to get the necessities to travel across the scorching deserts of Alabasta, not really realizing how close Ms. All Sunday really is.

In the ancient ruined city of Ermalu, there is Mr. 5 and Ms. Valentine who were originally going to depart towards Cactus Island to deal with a traitor in their ranks, but considering their new orders, this one seems to be of higher priority.

"Y-your orders Mr. 5?" Ms. Valentine asks nervously towards her new partner, not wanting to get his ire.

This Mr. 5 is different from Ms. Valentine's last partner, with this one murdering the first Mr. 5 so fast that she didn't even see him do so. To make matters worse, this one also took Mr. 5's devil fruit and appears to have a greater mastery to it than the old Mr. 5 himself. Add all of these and the fact that she has seen his true strength in action, she will do whatever he asks if it means that she will continue living.

"Orders are orders. You stay here in case she somehow escapes my grasp. I will search for her." her partner states emotionlessly, disappearing and leaving a strong shockwave in his wake.

Back with Robin, even with all of her training, Crocodile is in his zone, being a sand logia in a desert means that she is in a severe disadvantage and she must use everything she has in order to escape.

"Desert Spada!" Crocodile roars out, sending a massive blade of sand towards Robin's direction, with her dodging just in time for it to pass by her and not do any form of harm to her or her daughter.

In retaliation, Robin takes out her copy of Luffy's pistol and shoots four rounds of kairoseki bullets towards the desert logia.

Unfortunately, though his mastered use of his devil fruit, he dodges the bullets while making it seem like they have no effect when they hit him.

"Sables: Pesado!" Crocodile yells out as he hurls all of the sand in the vicinity before creating a huge dense sandstorm to rip her and her stupid daughter to shreds.

Olivia, never before seeing this side of Crocodile in all of her four years of life, along with the fact that the man is trying to kill her mom, makes the girl cry in fear of her mother's life. "Don't hurt mommy!" she cries out, as she tightens her hold of Robin before they suddenly blink out of existence, fortunately right before the massive sandstorm hits them.

Noticing their presences disappear faster than a blink of an eye, Crocodile stops his sandstorm, not believing what just happened.

First the explosion, now this!

It's as if destiny wants him to fail.

He lets out a livid roar of primal fury at the fact that not only did he not kill Robin, but that she and her daughter have devil fruits that would no doubt be useful if her were to have them and give them to those truly loyal to him.

'Grrrr… looks like I'll need a change of plans. I need to round up all of my officers and members and end this farce of a civil war.' Crocodile thinks to himself as he begins to head back towards the casino Rain Dinners. 'Once that is over, we're headed to Water 7 to get those blueprints!'

With Robin, the fist thing she notices is the sudden change of temperature turning from from intense heat to unbearably cold, and it doesn't help either considering that both her and her daughter are dressed for the hot desert climate of Alabasta, not the freezing cold climate of wherever they are. Looks like her daughter took them to a random island that is far enough that Crocodile won't be finding them anytime soon.

Speaking of her daughter, she looks incredibly exhausted, not doubt with everything that has happened today affecting her quite a lot. "Don't worry, Mommy will keep you safe." Robin whispers to Olivia, as she holds onto her tightly so as to keep her as warm as possible.

"Okay mommy…" Olivia tiredly replies, trying her best to stay awake for her mom so as to keep her company.

Using her flower-flower fruit powers, she uses her powers to fly at short intervals so as to not tire herself out, but also so that she doesn't catch any frostbite. Eventually after enough hours of searching, an exhausted Robin finds a cabin with smoke coming out of its chimney and a warm lighting coming out of its windows.

'Shelter… Finally… I don't think I can keep going any longer.' Robin thinks to herself as she lands on the front porch of the cabin, not bothering to knock on the door and instead opening it so as to give her rather cold and unconscious daughter the warmth that she so desperately needs. As she heads inside of the cabin, she finally collapses from exhaustion, though through her parental instincts, keeps her daughter from hitting the floor herself and uses her body to cushion her fall.

Judging by the sound of footsteps getting ever so closer, it looks like she made enough noise to get the owner's attention.

"What in the bloody blazes is going o- Chopper get over here right now!" a young lady with a rather hoarse sounding voice exclaims in alarm before she notices a tiny bipedal reindeer coming out of one of the rooms. 'How cute…' she thinks to herself as she gets a good look at the hat wearing, blue nosed bipedal reindeer.

"Please… Help my daughter first…" Robin pleads as she reaches out to the young woman, who now that she has a better look, has a really wrinkly face.

"Ah shut your trap lady, no need to worry about your baby girl. What you need to worry about is yourself!" the lady chastise angrily as she picks up Robin from the floor. "Just by carrying you, I can tell that your body is roughly 88 degrees fahrenheit! How you are alive is a miracle in itself! I need to see what else you put your body through before I even give you permission to worry about someone else!"

"Thank you… May I ask who you are?" Robin asks politely, so as to know the name of the person who will either save her, or put her and her daughter in danger.

As the old woman lays her down on a bed, the woman responds. "Name's Kureha, now will you shut up and rest!"

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