Hi there readers;

I just came up with this story, had to put it on here...

This story is going to be my first ever Twilight/Tinkerbell crossover, and so I hope that you all will like it.



Once upon a time, on a cold night a couple, who were in charge of their home land, a place called Pixie Hallow, stood outside in the cold air. One, who was a lady, was dressed in a small green dress, with bright blonde hair, and blue eyes. The other, who was standing beside her, had short blonde hair, he was dressed in a red suit, with brown boots. The small couple were fairies.

The lady, who's name was Tinkerbell, or 'Tink' for short, said to her partner, "I don't want to give her up, it's going to be way too dangerous for her."

Her partner, Terrence, said, "I know, darling... But it's for the best."

As Tink flew over to the doorstep of a huge two story human house, she placed a small child, who she was carrying in her arms, on the doorstep, but as she started to fly back, she noticed that the child started to grow, and soon, the two fairies were faced-to-faced with a human-sized baby girl.

And so after watching their sleeping little girl on the doorstep, the two fariies flew back to their home.

While the little child slept peacefully, not knowing about her true parents, not know anything about her real home. And not knowing anything about Pixie Hallow.

For this child was to be the next ruler of Pixie Hallow.

But little did her newly-found parents knew, their child was about to become the very first ever fariy-born child.

For their child had been born to two fairies.