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Chapter 25: Gohan Unleashed

Sacred World of the Kais

A stern-faced Gohan stared down at the grinning Kid Buu with nothing but the sound of silence circulating the air. Gohan put his hands at his sides in an attempt to power up only for Kid Buu to interrupt him by flailing his arms wildly.

'Damn, I knew it wouldn't be that easy.' Gohan thought as he narrowly dodged Kid Buu's wild strikes. 'I need to create some distance'

Gohan delivered a side thrust kick to Kid Buu's jaw knocking him back several feet. However, before Gohan could even attempt to power up Kid Buu was already recovered and right back to swinging at Gohan like an untamed animal. Gohan then grabbed Kid Buu by his ankle twirled him around threw him even further only for Kid Buu to recover and come back again in no time.

'Figures, he's the one enemy that actually doesn't want to let me power up. I'm able to keep pace with him now but if I can't transform he's going to overwhelm me in no time.'

It wasn't long before Gohan's prediction came true as Kid Buu began to land strikes on Gohan.

'Damn it, I need to do something!' Gohan thought as Kid Buu began to fully break through Gohan's guard.

But just as Gohan began to get pummeled Kid Buu was suddenly hit with a ki blast to his back. Kid Buu quickly turned around to see Videl several feet away with her right arm extended.

"Videl, no. You've already done enough. Stand down."

"Sorry Gohan, but it looked like you could use a little help." Videl replied.

Gohan couldn't really argue with her because he knew she was right.

Without hesitation, Videl began bombarding Kid Buu with a barrage of ki blasts. Videl was quickly joined by Vidalia, then Goku, and finally Vegeta as the surrounded and drowned Kid Buu in a shower of ki blasts.

"What are you waiting for, nimrod! Power up now!" Vegeta exclaimed

"Oh right." Gohan replied.

Gohan put his arms to sides and began to power up as if he were transforming into a Super Saiyan.


Golden electricity began circulating around Gohan's body with no aura after few moments the electricity ceased and Gohan stopped powering up.

"...Is that it?" Gohan said to himself as he stared at his hands. "I thought there would be more p..."

Gohan's words were cut off as a deep purple colored ki began pouring out of the cuts on his body and within seconds he was covered in a shroud of opaque ki.

Kid Buu let out a loud shriek as he put out a large energy barrier knocking Goku, Vegeta, Videl, and Vidalia down but just they went down the shroud of ki surrounding Gohan began to fade slowly revealing Gohan's new form. The cuts on his body had completely healed. His hair was now a deep dark purple that matched the color of the aura now flowing around him with golden electricity peppered throughout while his eyes became a lighter shade of purple. The volume of his slightly increased in volume while a single large bang draped over his forehead. His muscle mass while only increasing ever so slightly become severely more toned and defined.

"Unreal..." Kibito Kai stated as he felt the power of Gohan's new form.

"That's the power of a Saiyan infused with the ki of a Kai." Old Kai stated. "I think Super Saiyan Kai would be a good name for it."

Kid Buu looked at the newly transformed Gohan and then at the down fighters. His devilish grin appeared on his face once again before he began to rise into the air. Kid Buu lifted his right arm in the air before forming a massive energy ball even bigger than the one that destroyed the Earth.

"Oh no...Gohan won't be able to stop that!" Kibito Kai exclaimed.

However, Gohan looked up at Kid Bu with not a single sign of fear or panic on his face, as Kid Buu tossed his massive planet busting death ball. The ball hurtled it's way towards Gohan and the planet but Gohan stood steadfast not flinching an inch. As the ball was just a few inches away from making contact Gohan suddenly let out a loud roaring yell. The energy ball slowly began to move slowly back and upwards towards the sky before Gohan increased the volume of his yell causing it to jettison off into the sky where it exploded far outside the planet's atmosphere. The force of the explosion however still caused the planet to shake tremendously. Kid Buu tilted his head with a look of confusion on his face as he stared down at Gohan. The confused look quickly changed into the same mischievous grin as he began pounding chest while letting out a noise that sounded like a mixture of laughing and grunting as if he were excited about having a new toy to play with.

"Laugh all you want, Buu." Gohan stated. "Your reign of terror ends here."

Within a fraction of a second after Gohan finished his sentence, Gohan moved right in front of Kid Buu delivering a hard punch to his face knocking him down but Kid Buu managed to recover just before making contact with the ground unfortunately for the pint-sized pink terror before he could even move a centimeter Gohan was right on him laying into him with a downward elbow to the top of the head causing him to be planted in the ground head first. Gohan picked the planted pink monster from the ground by his legs like a vegetable but just as he did Kid Buu fired a ki blast from his mouth right at Gohan's face which barely fazed him but allowed Kid Buu to gain some distance only for Gohan to quickly close the gap. A look of surprise came across Kid Buu's face before it was covered by Gohan's palm.

'That's really Gohan?' Videl thought as she watched Gohan drag Kid Buu by the face across the ground before tossing him through a nearby tree. 'Gohan's power...It's like I can't even process it...But that's not all. It's Gohan's demeanor. I don't think I've ever seen him look this confident...This determined...'

Gohan attempted to capitalize on the downed Kid Buu but as he did Kid Buu suddenly fired a chocolate beam. Gohan, however, easily dodged it causing the beam to fly off into the atmosphere. Gohan then grabbed Kid Buu's antenna and tied into a square knot. "As much fun as it is kicking you around...I can't let you live any longer. I made the mistake of toying with my opponent before and it cost me dearly. I'm not making it again."

Gohan grabbed Kid Buu by his head knotted antenna and tossed him into the air before putting his hands together and charging a large


Gohan launched a massive Kamehameha wave at Kid Buu which quickly engulfed him. Kid Buu's body began to rapidly break down but when the blast cleared a single shred of Kid Buu's body remained. Gohan fired a quick ki blast to try and destroy the last remaining shred only for it to dart to the side and regenerate back into a fully formed Kid Buu.

"Damn...That blast was several times stronger than the one that destroyed Cell..." Gohan said to himself. 'Maybe I can...'

Without wasting any more time, Gohan charged at the still airborne Kid Buu but as he did Kid Buy fired an energy beam from his finger only for Gohan to deflect it back towards him causing the blast to pierce his own torso. The damage quickly healed but just it did Gohan blasted Kid Buu's left arm off with a one-handed Masenko wave. The arm regenerated just as quickly but as soon as it did Gohan blasted off Kid Buu's right arm which again regenerated just as fast without missing a beat Gohan destroyed Kid Buu's right leg followed by his left leg as soon as the right regenerated. Gohan continued to repeat this process several times within a matter of seconds even destroying sections of Kid Buu's torso and head. Kid Buu kept regenerating after each blast until Gohan eventually stopped and stared at Kid Buu's right arm which was now sticking out of his chest.

"So there is a limit to your regeneration after all."

Gohan went to attempt another blast but before he could Kid Buu stretched out his left arm, forming a large ki blast in his hand, towards Videl, Vidalia, Goku, and Vegeta.

"Oh no!" Gohan exclaimed as he moved in front of his injured comrades as Kid Buu fired his blast.

Gohan managed to deflect the ki blast but as he did he was grabbed by Kid Buu's other hand which enlarged to grab engulf Gohan's entire body leaving nothing but head popping out between Kid Buu's thumb and index finger. Gohan attempted to power out of Kid Buu's iron grip but before he could, Kid Buu began to generate a continuous wave of ki from his palm paralyzing him.

Battered to the point where they could no longer maintain a Super Saiyan transformation let alone stand, Goku, Vegeta, Videl, and Vidalia all looked up as Kid Buu held Gohan in the air. Videl managed to form a ki blast and launched it at Kid Buu's hand with Vidalia, Goku, and Vegeta managing to do the same. The blasts, however, were more akin to aluminum pellets hitting a titanium wall.

"D...damn it." Vegeta stated.

"Gohan!" Videl exclaimed.

Things seemed hopeless as Gohan began to drift off into unconsciousness but just before passing out Kid Buu's arm was cut off by a pink Kienzan. As the nearly unconscious Gohan hit the ground everyone turned to see Majin Buu standing off in the distance.

"You fight Buu now!" Majin Buu declared.

Without hesitation Kid Buu took off like a jet towards Majin Buu and began laying into him with several lightning fast jabs before sending back several feet with a massive headbutt but Majin Buu's pudgy body absorbed most of the damage and quickly bounced as he retaliated with some offense of his own. Unfortunately, Kid Buu proved too agile for him as he easily avoided all of Majin Buu's strikes.

"Mmmmm." Majin Buu groaned in frustration as Kid Buu dodged all of his blows. "Hmmm, You turn into to chocolate!"

Majin Buu shot a chocolate beam at Kid Buu but Kid Buu but the tiny pink tyrant avoided just as easily causing it to hit a nearby rock which turned into a small mound of chocolate.

"What are we going to do?' Kibito Kai wondered. "Majin Buu can only hold him off for so long and Gohan looks down for the count."

"That's because he hasn't fully tapped into all his power yet." Old Kai replied "HEY, YOU! LOOK DEEPER WITHIN YOURSELF PULL OUT THAT REMAINING POWER AND KILL THIS SON OF A BITCH ALREADY!"

'Remaining power...' Gohan thought as Old Kai's words echoed in his head. '...Yes, it's there. How did I miss that...'

Gohan's ki began circulating around him even wilder than before a column of it burst from him completely obliterating the severed hand that was still wrapped around him. Gohan's power shone so brightly it pierced not only the clouds in the sky but several miles out into space as well.

Kid Buu began to completely overwhelm Majin Buu drilling him into the ground by moving his arms like windmills. Kid Buu arose from the hole he had just created and aimed a ki blast at it but before he could fire it and finish off Majin Buu he was interrupted by a backhand courtesy of the newly reenergized Gohan. Kid Buu's ki blast faded as he staggered backward with his face partially sunk in. Before Kid Buu even knew what hit him, Gohan followed up with a spinning back fist sinking into the rest of his face. Gohan quickly followed up with a kick to the gut followed by a knee to the chin which sent Kid Buu several miles into the air. Gohan than fired several rapid-fire Masenkos at the stunned Kid Buu causing him to rapidly regenerate until his body parts were all out of order.

"Time to end your evil once and for all!" Gohan exclaimed as he put his hands together at his side as a bright white ki formed between them. "White Nova KAMEHAMEHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA"

Kid Buu began to reform but before he could get all his parts in order he was hit by the energy White Nova Kamehameha. Despite not being fully in order Kid Buu was able to slightly push Gohan's new attack however the heat from the Kamehameha quickly began to burn Kid Buu's skin. Kid Buu's already fledgling defense completely crumbled as Gohan's Kamehameha completely engulfed him.

Something akin to"Kiikiigaaawaaaa" was all that Kid Buu managed to mutter as his body began to break down. Despite his body rapidly breaking down it continued to try and regenerate taking on various abstract shapes until the rate of the disintegration became much greater than that of Kid Buu's regeneration and within a matter of seconds Kid Buu went from a pink abstract mass to a tiny shred and then finally nothing.

With the last of Kid Buu gone a sense of calm washed over not only the Sacred World of the Kai's but the entire universe as well. Gohan stood proudly with his head held high as he basked in the serene sounds of peace.

"We won." Gohan declared before quickly dropping to one knee as his new Super Saiyan Kai form faded.

"Gohan!" Videl exclaimed as she rushed to his side. "Are you alright?"

"I'm fine, Videl. That just took a lot out of me." Gohan replied. "But I should be asking you the same question. You look like you hell."

"You saying I look ugly!?" Videl replied with a mad look on her face.

"N..No. You look beautiful. You'll always look beautiful no matter what I just meant..."

A smile formed on Videl's face before she burst out into laughter. Gohan realizing she was just trying to rile him up joined in on the laughter as the two collapsed on their backs next to each other.

"Wow, the sky on this planet is beautiful." Videl stated.

"Yeah, you're right. With all my attention focused on Kid Buu I never really noticed...But it's not home."

"I know." Videl replied as she locked hands with Gohan "But anywhere is home as long as you're there. You know, I never doubted you were alive not even for a second."

"I know. When I was told you were gone. I knew deep down you were still alive too."

Gohan smiled as he and Videl laid there taking in their beautiful surroundings however Gohan's smile soon faded upon a sudden realization.

"The other Buus!" Gohan exclaimed as he quickly sprang up.

Gohan turned to see the other three Buu's beginning to stir as they slowly regained consciousness.

'I don't know if I'll have enough energy to take them all on. I'll need to take them down before they wake up.'

"Gohan, what's the matter?" Videl inquired.

"Stay there Videl. This won't take long."

Gohan retook his Super Saiyan Kai transformation and quickly made his way to the Buu's. Gohan put his hands together in front of his face with his palms facing outwards towards the three semi-conscious buus.


"No!" A familiar voice suddenly rang out.

Gohan stopped the formation of his Masenko as Majin Buu ran in front of the pink trio.

"What are you doing?"

"They no bad." Majin Buu replied.

"They've all killed several innocent people. They need to be stopped now."

"Evil gone. They no bad." Majin Buu replied.


"I think he's right, Gohan." Videl stated as she limped over to him.

"Videl, I told you to stay where you were."

"I'm not feeling that...that sense of corruption from them. I went toe to toe with that one and I felt the same overwhelming sense of evil that I all the other ones had and it's not there anymore."

"...You're right." Gohan replied as he powered down.

"Of course mah daughters right." Mr. Satan stated as he approached Gohan and Videl. "Just like her mother, she's always right. And I trust Majin Buu's judgment. He says they're alright then they're alright with me. Oh by the way Dende and Kibito-Kai are healin everybody up. You might head over there. You both look like you could use it."

"Yeah, I guess so." Gohan and Videl replied in sync.

"Jinx you owe me a Hetap." Videl chimed in before Gohan.

"Aw, crapbaskets."

Several minutes and several healed fighters later.

"So we're letting them live!?" Vegeta exclaimed.

"Yes, Vegeta." Gohan replied.

"I'm not sure I'm a hundred percent comfortable with it myself but if that's your choice, Gohan than I will back it." Kibito-Kai replied.

"It's a shame, Kid Buu had to be evil." Goku stated. "I think he would have made for a great sparring partner."

"Shall we contact Namek now?" Dende replied.

"Contact Namek? What for?" Old Kai inquired.

"We're gonna use the Dragon Balls to bring back the Earth and revive those who were killed by Buu."

"What!?" Old Kai exclaimed. "That's blasphemy! Dragon Balls aren't mean to be used all willy-nilly. They're precious and sacred relics that..."

"Elder calm down." Kibito Kai interrupted. "I'm sure in this instance it will be alright."

"...Fine, do whatever you wish."

"Alrighty then." Goku replied. "King Kai! King Kai can you hear me!?"

"Yeah yeah, I can hear you Goku. How many times do I have to tell you, you don't have to shout?"

"Oops sorry. I was wondering if you could contact New Namek for us?"

"New Namek? That's a piece of cake."

"Mmm cake." Majin Buu spoke up as he rubbed his belly. "When Earth comes back, can Buu have cake?"

"Sure, Buu. I'll buy you all the cake you want." Mr. Satan replied.


"Let's see New Namek...New Namek...A little to the left. A little to the right and bingo. I've opened a channel for you. So talk when ready."

Goku began to speak up before being interrupted by Dende.

"Let me do the honors." Dende stated.

"Sure thing, go right ahead."

"Grand Elder Moori? Grand Elder Moori, can you hear me?"

"Loud and clear, Dende." Grand Elder Moori replied. "It is very nice to hear from you again."

"Likewise. Listen I was wondering if we could possibly..."

"Use the Dragon Balls?"

"Yes, how did you..."

"It doesn't take a sage to figure that out." Grand Elder Moori replied with a chuckle. "Yes, you may indeed use the Dragon Balls. We already have them gathered. Gar, please fetch the Dragon Balls from my quarters."

"Yeah yeah. I'm on it." Gar, a young Namekian, somewhere between Piccolo and Gohan's height and around Gohan's age replied.

"Oh Dende, I think you'll be pleased to know that Porunga is able to wish back multiple people."

"That's great!" Dende exclaimed.

"What a relief." Gohan stated.

"Here are your balls." Gar stated as he placed the last Dragon Ball down. "Gotta say they're not as old and wrinkly as I'd imagine."

"Funny, Gar." Grand Elder Moori replied. "Takkaraput pop porunga pupiritt paro!"

The Dragonballs began to glow brightly, Clouds began to swirl, the sea became uneasy as The Namekian sky turned blacker than Mr. Popo after sunbathing. After a few seconds, a bright golden energy shot forth from the Dragon Balls before taking the form a large green muscular dragon (Who skipped tail day.)

"You have collected all seven dragon balls." Porunga stated. "State your wishes and I shall grant them."

"State your wishes, Dende."

"First, wish. Please restore the Earth to before it's destruction."


In an instant, the Earth popped back into existence albeit void of any living inhabitants.

"State your next wish."

"Please bring back all those killed by Ma..."

"Wait." Videl interrupted. "If we revived all those killed by Majin Buu that would bring back Babidi too."

"You're right." Dende replied. "He could prove to be pretty troublesome."

"So then what do we do?" Kibito-Kai wondered.

"Yeah, we can't just let everyone stay dead." Vidalia stated.

"We might not have too." Gohan replied.

"Do you have an idea?" Dende inquired.

"Yes. We revive only those who were good when they died."

Towa's eyes lit up after hearing Gohan finish his sentence.

"But if we do that then Dabura..."

"Don't worry, Towa. I have a feeling Dabura will come back just fine." Gohan replied

"Yeah, I think meeting Gohan caused something to change inside him." Videl seconded. "Just like something changed inside you."

"I'm personally worried about Prince Vegeta." Vidalia said jokingly. "He did kinda kill a bunch of people earlier. Eh, I'm just kidding I know you were..."

"She's right..." Vegeta replied sternly. "I'm not sure If I deserve to be brought back."

"I was just joking Prince Vegeta. I know you were under the influence of Babidi's spell when that happened."

"Yes but...There was a part of me deep down that wanted it. That yearned to be...ruthless again. I..."

"It's fine, Vegeta." Goku interrupted. "Whatever evil part of you there was, I don't think it's there anymore. I think you proved that when you gave your life for your not only your family but everyone on Earth even me."

"I...I didn't do it for you, clown!" Vegeta replied.

"Ah, I think the prince is embarrassed. How sweet."

"Stuff it! Get on with the wish."

"Alright." Dende replied trying to hide his laughter at Vegeta's embarrassment. "Porunga, please bring back all those who died because of Majin Buu and Vegeta but only those of good hearts."

"It shall be done."

And just like that the Earth with was brimming and bustling with life again.

"He's there...I can feel him." Towa declared.

"Told ya so." Videl quipped.

"Wait I thought you couldn't sense ki?" Gohan wondered.

"I'm a quick learner." Towa replied.

"State your third and final wish."

"We've already brought back everyone. So what should our third wish be?" Dende inquired.

"You haven't brought back everyone." Goku replied.

"Dad, Do you mean..."

"Yep, I think it's time for me to return home."

"That's great!"

"Then Porunga, please bring Son Goku back to life!" Dende exclaimed.

"Your wish has been granted. All three wishes have been granted. Farewell."

"Well then, Whataya say we head home?" Goku inquired.

"Wait!" Mr. Satan suddenly exclaimed.

"What is it, Dear?" Vidalia inquired

"Well, it's just that everyone on Earth knows what Buu looks like. If he came back with us. It could cause a panic..."

"Maybe Buu should just stay here with the others." Kibito-Kai stated.

"Buu don't want to stay here. Buu want to go with Satan."

"I know Buu..." Mr. Satan replied. "But maybe it's for the best."

"Actually, I have an idea on that too." Gohan stated.

Earth (Near The Still Destroyed Lookout)

While Porunga brought back the Earth. He brought it back to the exact state it was before it was destroyed. Meaning the lookout was still destroyed meaning. 18, Bulma, Chi-Chi, Marron, Ox-King, Yamcha, Puar, Chiaotzu, Oolong, Master Roshi and Mr. Popo were all revived in mid-air. Which was fine for those who could fly but not so fine for Bulma, Chi-Chi, Marron, Ox-King, and Master Roshi

"Hey! We're alive!" Yamcha exclaimed which was immediately followed by screams from Chi-Chi, Bulma, Marron, Master Roshi, Ox-King

18, Yamcha, and Mr. Popo all scrambled to catch their falling friends while Oolong changed into a bat and Puar and Chiaotzu just kinda floated shouting "Oh no!" at the top of their lungs.

Master Roshi was caught be 18 who immediately gave him a death glare to stomp out any attempt at him trying anything funny. Mr. Popo caught Chi-Chi and Yamcha had the unfortunate task of catching The Ox-King. Things didn't look too well for Bulma and Marron though as they were on route to set the record for the shortest time to die after being brought back to life. 18, Yamcha, and Mr. Popo all tried to catch them but were slowed down by the people they were already carrying. It seemed as if Bulma and Marron were about was about to become Bulma-Marron-pancakes but just before they hit the ground they were caught be Dabura and Krillin respectively.

"Daddy!" Marron exclaimed as she held her father tightly.

"I got you sweety."

"T...Thank you." Bulma a very confused but thankful Bulma stated. "Whoever you are."

"It was my pleasure." Dabura replied in a surprisingly flirtatious manner.


Vegeta suddenly punched Gohan in the arm.

"Ow! What was that for?"

"Sorry, I just felt an overwhelming urge to hit something..."

Back to Earth

Everyone landed safely in the village directly below Korin's Tower.

"Is everyone alright?" Krillin inquired as he set his daughter down.

"Yeah, I think we're all good." 18 replied.

"Krillin?" An unfamiliar voice rang out. "Krillin, is that you?"

Krillin turned around to see a buff shirtless native man walking towards them with several other villagers standing behind him.

"Bora?" Krillin replied.

"No, it's me. Upa." Upa replied.

"Upa!?" Krillin exclaimed. "Man, you really grew up."

"You not so much." Upa chuckled.

"Yeah, yeah I know." Krillin also chuckled.

"It's been awhile."

"I know. Been busy with my family. Also trying to stop the world and or/ universe from being destroyed from time to time."

"So did Goku save the world again?"

"Maybe. I'm not sure about the details but I'm pretty sure we're all safe now."

"Where's my baby!?" Chi-Chi suddenly exclaimed. "Where's Goten? Where's Gohan?"

"Trunks! Trunks, where are you!?" An equally worried Bulma exclaimed.

"Don't worry, they're close." Yamcha stated.

"Yeah, I can feel them too." Krillin seconded. "Actually it feels like they're getting closer..."

Just as Krillin finished his sentence Goten and Trunks along with Piccolo and Tien.

"Mom/Mommy?" Trunks and Goten stated respectively.

"Goten/Trunks!" Chi-Chi and Bulma exclaimed as they ran and embarrassed their children.

"So where's Goku?" Tien wondered.

"And Gohan." Piccolo wondered.

"And...Vegeta!" Krillin exclaimed as Vegeta, Goku, Gohan, Videl, Vidalia, Mr. Satan, Bee, Majin Buu and Dende appeared in front of them with Vegeta appearing directly in front of Krillin.

"Goku! Gohan/Big Brother! Daddy!" Chi-Chi and Goten exclaimed as they ran and embraced them.

"Not so hard, Chi-Chi." Goku replied as Chi-Chi held him tight. "Goku where's your Halo? Are you really..."

"Alive. Yep, sure am."

As Chi-Chi began crying tears of joy Bulma marched over to Vegeta and laid a hard slap across his face before planting a nice big kiss on the fully reformed Prince.

"Hey, Bulma. Do you happen to have the Dragon Radar on you?"

"Yes. Why do you ask?"

30 minutes later

"I swear finding these things gets easier and easier every time." Krillin stated.

"So it was Gohan who saved us all again huh." Master Roshi stated.

"Yep. He's a real chip off the ol' block." Goku replied.

"You've become strong, Gohan." Piccolo stated. "Not just strong but there's a confidence in you now like I've never seen before."

"Thank you, Piccolo." Gohan replied.

"Shall we summon Shenron now?" Dende inquired.

"Alrighty, Gohan care to do the honors?" Goku inquired.

"Sure thing, dad." Gohan replied. "Rise eternal dragon!"

Just like on Namek the sky turned black and all the flashy stuff happened and out popped the eternal dragon Shenron.

"You have summoned me. State your wishes and I shall grant them if they are within my power."

"First wish. Please repair all the damage caused within the last 48 hours." Gohan replied

"Your wish has been granted. Please state your next wish."

"Please make the people of Earth, besides us, forget about Majin Buu reign of terror."

"I cannot grant this wish. Complete memory erasure to that extent is beyond my limits."

"Oh no. Whataya we do now?" Mr. Satan wondered.

"I can, however, make it so the people of Earth remember things differently."


Gohan thought for a second before deciding on what to say.

"Then please make it so the people of Earth think Babidi caused all of the death and destruction by himself."

"Your wish has been granted. Until the next time. Farewell."

And with the last wish granted the Dragon Balls scattered throughout the globe.

"We're going to need someone to take credit for saving the world again." Gohan inquired. "And since I'm not really one for the limelight. I know just who it should be."

"Y...You mean me?" Mr. Satan replied.

"Who else."

"Nah, I couldn't steal your thunder again."

"It's alright, dad." Videl replied.

"Well if you insist." Mr. Satan replied without further hesitation.

"Hey, Dabura. You're just going to leave without saying goodbye?" Gohan inquired as he noticed Dabura and Towa getting ready to take off.

"I have no more business here." Dabura stated.

"Honestly, I have no idea why we stayed this long." Towa chimed in.

"I didn't get a chance to say thank you."

"Don't get take things the wrong way." Dabura replied. "We are not friends nor are we allies. What I did was merely a means to get rid of a potential threat to my world. One day I will finish what I started with you."

"Whatever you say, big guy."

"Hey, look Gohan's got himself his own Vegeta!" Krillin teased.

"What!? I am nothing like that blowhard!" Vegeta and Dabura simultaneously exclaimed.

Dabura didn't say another as he and Towa took off while everyone but Vegeta broke out into laughter.

Satan Mansion – One Week Later

"So glad you all could make it our um humble little get together." Vidalia said to the Son family as they entered the backyard which was filled a fondue fountain larger than Goku's house, multiple food stands, (All of which made Goku very happy.) a bouncy castle, a miniature go-cart track, a large wave pool, a 'small' 12 loop roller coaster, and an entire circus complete with fire jugglers.

"You know if we held this party at Capsule Corp I could have had two wave pools and a dozen roller coasters." Bulma stated to Videl.

"Haha, I know Bulma but my dad insisted on having the 'Big world celebration extravaganza bash party' here. I...Excuse me for me a moment." Videl stated as she excused herself upon seeing Gohan.

"Hey, Videl."

"Hey, Gohan." Videl replied before kissing him on the cheek.

"Hey, not in front of everyone." Gohan replied with his face redder than a sunburned albino Namekian.

"You're gonna have to get over your shyness about kissing in public eventually, Gohan."

"I don't know I find it pretty adorable." Erasa stated as she approached.

"Hey, Erasa. Glad you could make it." Videl replied. "Where's Sharpner?"

"He got another speeding ticket so his dad grounded him. Boy, I can't wait till we graduate and go ta college so we don't have ta worry about stuff like that anymore."

"I bet you'd be the first one to cry homesick, Erasa." Videl teased.

"Nuh-uh." Erasa replied sticking out her tongue.

Gohan, Videl, and Erasa all shared a laugh as they continued on to enjoy the party with their friends and family.


With peace restored once again thanks to the efforts of a Half-Saiyan warrior, his Half-Saiyan soul mate and their friends and family. Gohan, Videl and the rest of the Z-Warriors look on towards the future with hope but should another threat arise they will be ready and willing to defend the life of the planet and the universe they hold so dear.


Somewhere in the far reaches of space on a distant barren planet, a lone figure cloaked in the darkness of the planets night sky save for a small ray of light that shown over his blue chest.

"I have been biding my time. Growing stronger with each passing day, each passing month, each passing year...Each pathetic life but his newly found power may prove to be too much right now...Two years. Yes, Two more years and I should have more than enough power to take my revenge..."

To be concluded in AZURE'S REVENGE!


That's a wrap, folks. After over two years Majin Unleashed has come to an end. I hope the final chapter didn't disappoint and if it did I hope you still at least got some enjoyment out it and Majin Unleashed as a whole. I poured all of my creative brain juices into this chapter and I hope it shows. I may not be the best fanfic writer (Hell I don't think I'm anywhere close) but I always write to the best of my abilities. Thank you to anyone who's followed this the whole way through since the days of Not Alone, to anyone who's followed since the days of Majin Unleashed, to anyone who just decided to read this now, and to anyone who goes right on into Azure's Revenge. Thank you all. And a big thank you to thedarkpokemaster who's been rocking with this series since damn near the beginning. I always appreciate your constant feedback. I hope to continue to entertain all of you with Azure's Revenge as I have with Not Alone and Majin Unleashed. I plan to get started on it within the next month or two. I have some other things to do as well besides my writing but rest assured I will continue to write and write and write, and once again, thank you for writing and as always, have a great day. ~TheUltimateMystic

P.S: I also hope you liked Gar. An O.C requested for me to use in this series by Nuke'em 23. He will feature more prominently in Azure's Revenge. Where I'll provide a more detailed description of him. I do accept story requests and O.C requests, provided I can find a natural fit for them within the story.