The Plan

Author's note : This is just a short ficlet that I've been playing with. It's my first Ron / Hermione fic so be kind! Read and Review!

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Chapter 1

In a small medical ward in the middle of Saint Mungos, a young woman with long bushy brown hair sat staring at the whitewashed wall. A nurse bustled over and handed the shocked woman another glass of water, which she took automatically.

"You're sure… there's no mistake or chance of error…" she stumbled, although she knew the answer to the question. There was no mistake, at the age of only 22, that she, Hermione Granger, was pregnant.

All plans for the future came to a screaming halt, and her world suddenly felt like it was spinning out of her control. A baby.  This wasn't in her plans! She wasn't even married yet! Images of screaming babies and dirty nappies sprang to her mind and for a long time she couldn't move.

And what about Ron? she thought. He was hoping to get that promotion in a couple of months, he'd be a top auror, he didn't want to be tied down with children.

"If you don't mind my asking Miss Granger, but erm is it that Ron Weasleys…? Because the papers have been saying…" the women stopped, blushing, but watching closely for Herimone's reaction. It dawned on Hermione that the papers where going to have a field day if they found out she was pregnant, they had a field day with her relationship with Ron as it was.

"That's none of your business," said Hermione standing up, spurred into action, "and if I read anything about this in the paper – I'll have your job."

The woman looked surprised and was obviously somewhat dismayed that she wasn't going to be able to spread the news and Hermione shot her a look before going towards the apparating point to get back to work.

* * *

That week, Herimone threw herself in to her job, avoiding everyone and anyone, by hiding away in the many rows of shelves at the British Library in London.  Ron always joked that the job had been made for Hermione; she was one of the Head Researchers and her skills where renowned through Britain, there was nothing she couldn't find catalogued in the centuries old library.

She avoided Ron like the plague, making excuses about having too much work on when he asked to meet her for lunch, working late and leaving early.

However, when Thursday evening arrived she knew avoiding him was out of the question. They were attending Neville's engagement party. He'd finally (after almost four years!) worked up to the nerve to ask Hannah to marry him. Almost two hours after officially finishing work, exhausted and irritable, she apparated home, where Ron greeted her with a hug and a kiss.

"We're due to arrive in half an hour, are you hungry?" he queried.

"No, no, I'm fine!" she said rushing in to their bedroom and pulling out a tidy set of robes. She sat on the end of the bed and sighed happily in comfort, the weight removed from her feet.

Ron stood leaning against the doorframe watching her.

"Are you ok?" he asked.

"What? Oh yes, just a busy time at work at the moment," she said lying back against the bed in defeat of tiredness. 

"Do you want to stay home?" he asked, moving to sit next to her on the bed.

"No," she said closing her eyes, however tempting it was to curl up and sleep; she should go support her friend.

She felt his hand on her shoulder massaging gently.

"Dear Merlin you're tense!" he said in surprise.

"That feel's good…," she mumbled.  Ron reached towards her, pulling her up so that he could work away the knots. Almost fifteen minutes later Hermione had to drag herself in to a cold shower to wake up. She pulled on clothes blindly and plated her long hair.

They apparated to Neville's and Hermione felt herself sway uncertainly on her feet.  Ron steadied her, looking at unsurely.

"Hey guys!" waved Ginny as they weaved through the crowd towards Ginny, who stood with a baby in the crook of her arm. Lavender sat looking pale on a nearby settee, smiling happily.

Ron lifted the edge of the blanket up, and peered at the sleeping child.

"She's beautiful Lavender, you and Seamus must be very proud," he said smiling fondly at the baby. Hermione felt her heart jump and she sat down next to Lavender.

"Ginny!" called Harry across the room, making motions to her.

Ginny smiled and handed the baby to a surprised Hermione, and skittered off.

Hermione froze, looking down at the sleeping baby, who was oblivious to the world.

"She won't bite, she hasn't got any teeth yet!" joked Ron.

"Oh, right," said Herimone, as he sat next to her on the arm of the chair, rubbing her shoulder.

The baby opened her eyes and yawned. Hermione felt her heart melt. Shifting the bundle to one arm, she moved the blanket from the babies face. Her little hand reached for Hermione's finger as it came in to view and clutched automatically.

"She's gorgeous," she heard herself mutter.

Lavender chuckled and Ron leaned over to kiss her temple.

"Not at all hours of the morning screaming for food she isn't," said Lavender fondly.

"Your older daughter is almost two now isn't she?" asked Ron.

"Yes, they grow up so quickly! I'd enjoy the freedom while you can, no doubt you'll have your own in a few years," said Lavender.

"You regret having kids so young?" asked Hermione quickly, steering the conversation.

"No, not really," said Lavender absently.

"Oh," said Herimone in a small voice, glancing back to the baby, before handing her over to Lavender.

Hermione relaxed after she had mingled and talked with her friends for a while. Unusually, Ron never strayed from her side, not until much later in the evening when he disappeared with Harry. Everyone kept looking at her strangely and The Weasley Twins commented that she was starting to look like Snape. Which, understandably, she didn't take kindly too. Eventually Hermione realised that she could not take much more and that she was going to fall asleep standing if she didn't go to bed soon.

She wandered into the kitchen and recognised Harry and Ron's voices coming in through the back door.

"I owe you one mate, she's a beauty!" said Ron.

"You're actually going to go through with it then?" asked Harry laughing slightly.

"Yep," said Ron.

"Did you talk to Hermione about leaving?" asked Harry seriously.

"No, she's been looking so tired and drawn all week – Well you saw her this evening."

"She definitely looks tired," agreed Harry.

"Do you think maybe she found out I'm leaving?"

"Na, How would she?"

"I think she'll understand that we never considered other options… Oh hi Neville! How are you mate?"

Hermione stood frozen to the spot, Ron was leaving her?

To be continued…