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Pairing: Snape/Hermione

Rating: R

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Notes: This is set in the 7th year in Hogwarts, making all the kids around 17 years old of age.


Halloween - or more accurately - the day after, Draco was situated in the Slytherin common room toasting his comrades in crime (Vincent Crabbe, Gregory Goyle) after having succeeded with a prank that had outdone most in Hogswart's past.

A sleeping potion had mysteriously mixed itself into the pumpkin punch drunk by both one head of house and one student, whereupon they'd been transported unseen back to the private chambers belonging to one of them. It had been long planned, and had succeeded with next to no hiccups.

"Hagrid would have been funnier" Goyle commented, gulping down his butter beer with a content smile on his lips

"Hagrid? Don't be perverted; trust me on this, when Granger awakens, and if she ever recovers from the shock, she wont dare to show her face in potion class again, let alone be able to leave the room without having half her house's points deducted", Draco replied, nibbling absently on a chocolate digestive biscuit.

"Won't it look bad for Slytherin, if this comes out?" Crabbe tried

"What? That Snape shagged a mudblood? There isn't a respectful wizard out there who would comment. It would be worse for Granger's reputation. Just imagine: they would probably question how she got all her high grades, she would probably lose her head of house title -- she might even be expelled. The plan is perfect!" crowed Malfoy.