Chapter 17 Hogwarts on Strike!

The next day to the battle, all over the European Continent was informed that Lord Voldemort had died during the Battle of Hogwarts as it was started to call the fight that had happened at the Castle.

All of the newspapers had dedicated pages and pages about the fight. That information was the product of interviews from the Ministry to the students that had fought. None of them knew how it had finished.

There was a pact between the students and teachers that had been there till then. They had promised that all of what had happened and what Harry had done would never be told to anyone. No one needed to know the real powers of the teen. All what they needed to know was that Voldemort had been killed and who had done it. The how didn't matter.

Meanwhile, Harry and Hermione continued unconscious. The Doctors were confused. Their injuries weren't serious enough to slip them into a coma as they were. No one else besides the ones who had talked with Merlin and the Weasleys who hadn't been there, knew the whole truth.

Both teens were moved into a private room. There were a lot of people who wanted to see them and the neither the Doctors, the Ministry nor the Order wanted them to see the teens. At the door of the room there was always an Auror who didn't let anyone enter besides the people who took shifts to be next to them.

Those were the whole Weasley clan, Sirius, Minerva, Albus and the three Chasers. Sometimes there was more than one of them at the room, but they were never alone. Merlin had been very clear at his warning and their first priority was to protect them.

Another thing that was kept in silence was Hermione's pregnancy. Everyone knew that it was just a matter of time before it was known, but they preferred to keep it among themselves till then. Dumbledore had a feeling that the School Governors would want to expel her and if it happened they would need to be ready for it.


Two days after the end of the war, Albus called an Order's meeting to decide the next steps. Ron had been excused of it as he was at the Hospital with his two best friends and no one in their mind would try to take him to the meeting. He wasn't in conditions to be in one with Harry and Hermione Unconscious in a bed.

"How many Death Eaters had been dead or captured?" Asked Albus to Kingsley, starting the meeting.

"We have 350 of them imprisoned, 400 are dead and almost 150 are Squibs right now. The Dark Creatures have been destroyed during the battle." Informed the chief of the Aurors reading a paper.

"What about our forces?" Asked the Headmaster to Minerva.

"We have lost 50 Aurors and another 15 students and a Professor. Almost 80 students are injured, although only 15 are still at the Hospital." Said the Head of Gryffindor.

"Firenze, what about the Forest's Creatures?" This was asked to the Centaur who was at the meeting as a special guest.

"The Centaurs have lost 12 of us. The Acromantulas lost 25 of them. 5 Griffins were killed. The other creatures didn't lose anyone, although they have some injured among them." Explained Firenze. Dumbledore nodded in thanks to the three of them.

"Albus when will the classes start again?" Asked Filius Flitwick, the tiny Head of Ravenclaw and Charms' Professor.

"First we need to repair the damages that the Castle has suffered, Hagrid's Hut being the most damaged due to Harry and Voldemort's fight.

"Then I need to find a replacement to Severus as Potions Professor and Head of Slytherin. Although it's probable that this last place will be taken by Professor Sinistra." Explained the Headmaster to the Staff.

"It will be an honor for me to do it, Headmaster." Said the Astronomy Professor with a smile.

"That solves a matter. We still need a teacher for Potions." Informed Dumbledore giving a nod of acceptance to her words.

"What about Sirius Black? He was the best student behind Severus at their year." Commented Sprout after thinking for a while.

"I'll be honored to do it." Said Sirius a little surprise by this.

"Welcome to Hogwarts' staff then." Said Albus with a smile.

"Where are we going to finish if two of the infamous Marauders have become teachers?" Said Minerva with a chuckle causing a little laugh of everyone at the meeting.

"Professor, will there be any kind of problem with Hermione?" Asked Fred seriously.

"What's wrong with Miss Granger?" Asked Professor Vector who taught Aritmancy. Hermione was one of her favorites' students and also one of her best students she had ever had. "She's pregnant of two months and Harry's the father of the twins that she expects." Informed Minerva to the whole room.

"We want to keep this quiet as long as we can. At least till we know for sure the Governor's position." Said Dumbledore with a strict and serious tone of voice.

"Do you think that they might want to expel her?" Asked a perplexed Professor Sprout shocked with the news of the pregnancy and angry with the chance of Hermione being expelled for that.

"It Wills surprise me." Said the old wizard with a serious tone of voice.

"Albus, if she's expelled, Harry won't give a second thought about it. He'll leave as well and we won't be able stop him." Said Remus with a serious tone of voice.

"I know it, Remus. I will do everything at my power to prevent that. I expect the support of the staff on this situation." Informed the Headmaster seriously to the teachers.

Sirius, Minerva and Arabella pledged their support immediately. They were connected to the teens in any way and both students would always find it on them. The rest of the Professors did the same after a few moments.

"How will the Houses react when this is known?" Asked Arthur Weasley to the four Heads of them.

"The Gryffindors will never leave alone one of us." Stated Fred with his most serious tone of voice. Minerva nodded in agreement to this, showing her support to her House.

"Ravenclaw will support Gryffindor too." Said Flitwick knowing that his House and the Lion's House were very friends.

"Hufflepuff too." Added Sprout agreeing with both statements.

"Last year, I would have said the Slytherin would turn their back to the Gryffindors. This year, everything will depend of the upper years to decide what the House will do." Informed Sinistra after a few minutes of thinking.

"If the Gryffindors make some kind of protest against this, we'll have the four Houses on the protest." Summed up McGonagall, receiving nods of agreements from every Professor.

"What kind of protest would you wait?" Asked Moody seriously.

"The strike of the whole House." Stated the twins at the same time.

"THE WHAT????" Asked all of the adults at the same time, shocked with their words. The only one who wasn't shocked was Dumbledore, who looked a little amused with the chance of House on strike. But he had to admit that the chance was high and very plausible.

"If Hermione is expelled or if the Governors want to expel her, expect our House going to the strike. No classes or Quidditch." Explained George, while Fred nodded at his side.

"You have to be kidding us!" Exclaimed Sprout in shock with this.

"We are not." Stated the twins at the same time.

"Minerva, what do you think about this?" Asked Flitwick to McGonagall who looked to the twins as if she was considering the chance of this.

"If my House goes to the strike, you'll find me on the strike too." Stated very firmly and seriously the Professor.

"What???" Asked most of the members, who didn't believe what she had said.

"As Fred has said, the Gryffindors will never leave alone of ours. If the House goes to the strike, as Head of the House and former member of it, I'll support and pledge to that decision." Informed McGonagall very seriously.

"So will us." Said Sirius, Madame Hooch, Arabella and Vector with the same seriousness. They were the three Staffs' Members who had been at the Lion's House in their School times.

"We'll see what will happen when the moment comes." Said Dumbledore before anyone else could say something. He wasn't surprised at all with the chance of the strike or the pledge two of the three Teachers. He suspected that this could be one of the protests that the House could take at the situation.

"The students will return to the School in two days. With them here, we'll have a situation: what shall we do with Harry and Hermione? They can't stay at the Hospital where they are now, till they wake." Said Albus changing the subject.

"The Hospital Wing will be attested of students who will try to see them." Said Minerva thinking on this new matter.

"Let's take then to the Headquarters." Said Fred suddenly.

"No one except the 5 MNG, Sirius, Remus, Professor McGonagall and you, Headmaster, knows the main entrances. If Madame Pomfrey is needed, she could use the passage from your Office or we could create a new one from the Hospital to the Room." Added George to Dumbledore who started to think in the suggestion of the Weasley twin.

"They need someone to check them the 24 hours! Who will do it while you sleep or are in class?" Asked Sprout, while the rest of the thought about this idea.

"We have the best person to do it." Said Fred in a mysterious tone of voice.

"And who is that person if we can know?" Asked Arabella with confused.

"Was Dobby called?" Asked the House Elf Apparating at the meeting suddenly.

"Let us introduce you to Dobby." Smiled George while Fred explained everything to the Elf and what they would need of him.

"Dobby will be glad to do it!" Informed the House Elf with a big smile and nodding vigorously to this.

"Anything else?" Asked the twins at the same time with a smile of victory for this.

"They'll be moved to the MNG's Headquarters as soon as they arrive to the School." Said Dumbledore with a nod of acceptance to this.

"Next topic: the burial of the dead." Started Arthur while Dobby left the meeting.

For the next few hours, that and other subjects were discussed. Among them was the giving of Merlin's Orders in Second or Third Grade to the students and Aurors who had fought. The Thirds to those ones who had died and the Seconds to the ones who had stayed till the end. No one even argued when Harry was suggested to be given the First Class for the defeat of Voldemort.


A couple of days later, the Great Hall was full of students once more, talking, laughing, the upper years retelling what they had seen during the battle, and the younger what they had done with their families when they were with them.

All around the Hall there were black standards to remember the students that had lost their lives during the battle. In all of the tables there were some empty chairs to remember those students too. Those empty seats were the ones that they usually took during meals and the students respected them now.

Almost at the end of the dinner, after the desserts were served, Dumbledore stood and silence fell all over the room.

"Welcome back to all of you. This is the first day with the School open after the end of the last war that plagued the Wizarding World." Started the Headmaster.

"During the Battle of Hogwarts, as everyone calls it, Lord Voldemort was killed by one of the students, Mr. Harry James Potter, freeing the world of the Dark Lord's reign of terror."

When he said this, the whole School burst into cheers, especially the Gryffindors. It took at least 15 minutes before Albus could regain the control and the silence fell once more at the Hall.

"But not everything was happiness. During that day 15 students lost the life along one of the Teachers of the School. Those students were:

"From Gryffindor: Alex Ufther, Mathew Lopret, both of them from Sixth Year and Milo Mannara from Seventh Year.

"From Hufflepuff: Kirk Newtrix, Michael Mercury from Sixth Year and from Seventh Year, died Catherine Storm and Charles Pryde.

"From Ravenclaw: Terry Boot from Fifth Year, Mary Lebeau and Alice Murdock from Sixth Year and Roger Davies From Seventh year.

"From Slytherin: Jack Drake and Michael Rogers from Sixth Year and Steve Dent and Bruce Constantine from Seventh Year.

"Also during the Battle died the Professor of Potions and Head of the Slytherin House, Severus Snape.

"In their memory, I'll ask all of you to raise tour goblets and keep a minute of silence." Said Dumbledore raising his Goblet, being followed by everyone at the Great Hall, who did a minute of solemn silence.

"In substitution of Professor Snape, Sirius Black will teach Potions and Amanda Sinistra will be the new Head of Slytherin from now on." Explained the Headmaster after the end of the minute. Everyone clapped politely to both Professors who bowed in thanks and Dumbledore continued.

"It's been decided that no one will be named Head Boy in replacement of Mr. Davies. We think that naming someone else for the remaining time would be a little useless now that the war is over. The replacements for the Prefects of Sixth of the four Houses and Mr. Boot from Ravenclaw, will be named this summer and the students who are chosen as they will be notified when the School's letter is sent." Informed the Headmaster.

"On the last two notes of tonight, the Ministry has decided that all of the students who stayed at the fight will receive the Merlin's Order Second Class while those one who died will receive the Third Class in after death's Memory. On this, Mr. Harry Potter will receive the First Class due to his work to end the war."

As soon as these words were said, everyone burst into claps and cheers immediately. Many of the younger students congratulated those ones who would receive the Order. Said Students looked shocked with this information, but quickly the expression changed to one of happiness.

"The last thing that I'll tell tonight is that both Mr. Potter and Miss Granger are at the School in a hidden place. No one except the few ones who knows this place will be allowed to see them. We'll ask you to not try to find it. The students who built it and use it as their private place, don't like intruders at all." Chuckled Albus sending a smile to the twins who smiled back.

"They are at your secret room, right?" Asked Katie to Fred when the whole School went to their dorms.

"Don't tell anyone." Said the twin while everyone went to sleep. The Head Girl nodded and went to her private dorms while the Beater followed his year mates to their dorms.


"Whom the hell told it? It was supposed to be kept in secret al long as we could!" Asked shouting Fred to the Headmaster 2 days after the return to the School.

That morning at the Daily Prophet was informed that Hermione was pregnant and that Harry was the possible father of the child she expected. It turned into the subject of chat of the whole School.

Ron, who that day left his friend's side, almost cursed someone when they started to ask him about everything that was told in the paper. The twins and the Chasers had a lot of trouble keeping him at bay during the day. He didn't even go to dinner. He went straight to the Room.

"Fred, please. Shouting won't help at all." Said Bill trying to calm down his brother. The twin just went back to his seat not saying a word.

"I don't know the answer, but someone from the Hospital must have done it. That information didn't leave from here. And besides all of us, few people knew it before today." Explained Albus to Fred.

"What will happen now?" Asked George seriously, while his twin gave an apology to the Headmaster.

"This afternoon I was visited by two of the School Governors. As I was afraid, they want to expel her saying that it would be a bad example for the others. Besides that, they believed in what the Prophet said that Harry 'could be probably' the father. The reporter made them believe that the father could be someone else." Informed Dumbledore to the whole Council.

Fred got up from his seat and stormed of the Office, shouting: "Expect the whole House on strike for the breakfast! I'll make sure of that!"

"Expect the whole School on Strike for dinner." Said George before he left the Office after his brother.

"These two weeks will be very long." Muttered Dumbledore after Minerva, Sirius, Hooch, Arabella and Vector assured that they would go to Strike too if the House did it.


As soon as the twins arrived to the Common Room, they found some students there. They went to Katie and told her what they had been said at Dumbledore's Office.

"You've got to be kidding me!" Exclaimed the Head Girl in disbelief, when she was told that the Governors wanted to expel Hermione.

"We are not!" Said both Beaters at the same time with a serious tone of voice.

"What shall we do? We can't leave them alone!" Asked Katie to her friends.

"Gather the whole House. Gryffindor is going to the strike." Informed Fred to the Chaser.

"We are what?" Asked Alicia listening his last words while Katie sent some Prefects to gather all of the students of the House in 10 minutes.

"Everyone, listen to us for a moment! We have bad news!" Shouted George catching everyone attention.

"As all of you know, Hermione Granger is pregnant. And not matter what the Prophet says, the father is Harry Potter." Started Fred.

"Tonight Dumbledore told us that the Governors want to expel her for this and because supposedly, no one knows who's the father." Continued his twin.

"THEY WANT TO DO WHAT?????" Shouted Ginny Weasley resembling extremely well to her Mother's Howlers. Collin Creevey, who was sitting next to her, had to cover his ears with the shout.

"Expel her. They say that it would set a bad example to the whole School if she continues here being pregnant." Explained Katie who was angry too.

"What shall we do? We can't leave alone two of us! No after everything they did for the School." Asked Angelina to her friends. All around the Common Room there were nods of agreements.

"We'll go to the strike in protest of this. If their decision of expelling her continues, the House will go on with the strike for indeterminate time." Said George seriously to his House mates.

"This will mean that Gryffindor will be neither assisting to Classes or playing Quidditch." Explained Fred.

"What does McGonagall say about this?" Asked Dean Thomas, thinking about their Head of House.

"If my House goes to the strike, I'll stand with them in the decision." Said Minerva very seriously entering at the Common Room at that moment.

"It will have to be of complete agreement of the seven years. What will do each year?" Asked Katie to the whole Common Room.

"They are our year mates! Of course that Fifth Year will go to strike!" Exclaimed Seamus, receiving nods of support from Dean, Neville, Parvati and Lavender.

"In our seven years here, we learnt that our House is our family at the School. And like in a family, any member can be left alone when there is a problem. Seventh Year will go too." Said Lee in the name of his year. The other students form the year agreed with his words.

"We can be the youngest, but we won't leave our House mates alone." Said Michael, the Gryffindor's Keeper, in the name of First Year.

"Sixth year will go too." Said the Prefect of that year, Dina Lister, after receiving the agreement of her year mates.

"So will us." Said Ginny in the name of Fourth Year.

"Second Year won't stay behind." Said Dennis Creevey in the name of his year.

"Neither will Third." Said James Casttle for his year.

"Sign the parchment and write your name and year." Said Fred to everyone, giving a piece of parchment to Alicia after he signed it.

"Ladies and Gentleman, Gryffindor is on strike!" Informed George as soon as the last of the students had signed it.

"STRIKE! STRIKE!" Began to shout someone, and soon everyone joined it.


During the breakfast of the next morning, the whole staff looked intently to the Gryffindor Table. Minerva had already informed them her House's decision. Immediately Sirius, Arabella, Madame Hooch and Sinistra had informed the other Professors and the Headmaster that, as they had promised, they would join it too.

When all of the students had arrived and the mail has been delivered, Katie Bell, Michael Netz, Dennis Creevey, Ginny Weasley, James Casttle, Dean Thomas and Dina Lister, a member of each year of Gryffindor, went to the High Table and told the Headmaster that they wanted to tell something to the whole School and asked him to call silence at the Hall.

"As all of you know," Started Katie to read a parchment when the silence at the Hall was absolute, "a member of Gryffindor, Hermione Granger is pregnant. And Harry Potter is the father no matter what is said.

"Last night we were informed that the Governors of this School want to expel Hermione Granger for this. After discussing this among all of the students, the student body of the Gryffindor House has decided the next:

"First, the whole House will be on strike since the moment this is finished of being read.

"Second, the students of the House will no attend Classes or play Quidditch as long as this strike lasts.

"Third, the strike will last till the Governors decide to retreat in their intentions of expelling Hermione Granger as we consider their intentions as unfair and of something for the 16Th centuries and not for the end of the 20Th.

"Headmaster," said Katie turning to Dumbledore, "this parchment where we inform of our decision has been signed by every student of our House. With this, we finish the duties of informing you our decision."

Said this, Katie gave Albus the parchment she had been reading and with the rest of the House, she left the Great Hall. At said place all of the students looked shocked with this, not believing at all what had happened.

Then Minerva stood and informed to the School:

"Supporting the decision of Gryffindor, the Professors Figg, Black, Hooch, Vector and myself, we pledge to the strike. As long as it lasts, none of us will teach our classes." Said this, those teachers left the Hall too.

"This will be to the hell." Muttered Dumbledore to himself while the students started to talk about what had happened with the Gryffindors and the teachers.


George had been wrong when he said that for dinner the whole school would be on strike. It happened much earlier.

For the end of the first class of that morning, the Ravenclaws, with Cho Chang as their spokeswoman, had informed their Head of House, Professor Flitwick, that in support of Gryffindor, they would go to the strike too.

"This is something of troglodytes, Professor." Had said Cho when she explained the reasons of the joining.

Flitwick had to shut his mouth when he couldn't find a reasoning against her phrase. Actually, he thought exactly the same.

The Second House to join it was, to everyone surprise and disbelief, Slytherin. Draco Malfoy, the spokesman of the House, informed Sinistra that they also considered this as unfair.

"Harry Potter was responsible of the truce that made us forget our hates. This is our way of showing him the thanks." Informed Draco when he told his new Head of House the reasons of their decision.

As well as Flitwick, Sinistra couldn't find an argument against this. She had suspected that the truce between Harry and Draco would weight a lot in the steps that her House would take during the strike, and she had not been wrong.

For lunch, the Hufflepuffs had joined it too. Their spokesman had been Ernie MacMillan one of the few students from fifth year that had been at the fight till the end, and one of the few ones that had fought at Hogwarts' Battle.

"We owe him a lot, Professor Sprout. And we can't stay behind in this. We have no reasons to turn our back to the Gryffindors." Were Ernie's words to Sprout when he told her their pledge.

For the lunch, the whole School was on strike. The rest of the staff, following their student's example, joined it and pledged them to the Strike of the Four Houses, as Professor Binns had named it when he was informed of these events.


"What does this mean?" Asked one of the School Governors, Martin Straight, to Dumbledore the next morning, showing a copy of the Daily Prophet.

For three days in a row, Hogwarts' students had been on the front page of the newspaper. This time, the Headline was a big: "Hogwarts Students Goes to The Strike!"

In the article, it was informed about the intentions of the Governors of expelling Hermione and the support that she and Harry received form the students that went to the strike.

To write the Article, the twins had convinced Rita Skeeter to do it, saying that she would have free way in everything she wrote on the article, as long as she wrote that Harry was the Father of the baby (if the people didn't know that Hermione was expecting twins, they wouldn't be the ones who would reveal it) and she told the true reasons of their decision.

Rita, seeing all the chances she would have with the deal, wrote a five- page article with interviews to some of the students of the four Houses, some Professors. She also added a little history of the relationship between both teens and words about it from their friends.

"To me it seems as if Rita wrote about what the students have decided to do." Said a voice from behind the man. Straight turned around and saw Amelia Bones, chief of one of the Ministry's Departments, was sitting in a chair, with Arthur Weasley sat next to her.

"You know," continued Amelia, "I really liked the phrase used by the student to describe the Governors. How was it?"

"I think that it was something like 'They think that they are at the 15Th or 16 Century and not at the doors of the 21St..' I think that Miss Chang, also described them as troglodytes." Said Dumbledore with a smile.

"Also I would like to know who drew that picture. It was excellent." Commented Amelia.

On the article, Rita had added a drawing made by Dean Thomas. On it, the Governors were characterized as some kind of prehistoric men opposing some people who represented the students who were carrying signals of "STRIKE!"

"Mr. Dean Thomas is the responsible of that picture, Amelia. I must admit that I found it very good." Said Albus with a smile.

"The teachers joined the strike too?" Asked Arthur to the Headmaster.

"The whole staff, Binns included; all of the paints except the ones that are the access to the Common Rooms, although they have informed me that they support this; and also all of the Ghosts, with Peeves being the first who did it, something incredible if you ask me. All of the residents of this School are on the strike." Informed the old wizard.

It was true. For the end of the lunch, all of the Staff's Members joined it. The Portraits and the Ghosts had informed Dumbledore before the dinner their joining.

"This is ridiculous!" Shouted outraged the Governor.

"Maybe it's ridiculous, but when you decided to try to expel Miss Granger, you gave the students the reason to bury their differences, supporting her. What had started with Voldemort's attack to the School, this finished the job." Informed Dumbledore with a calm tone of voice.

"Did you really think that the Gryffindors would cross their arms with this? They are the bravest, but also their sense of loyalty, especially to one of them, is huge. The rest of the students showed support to them joining the strike." Said the Minister seriously.

"Here you were the stupid, Straight." Commented Amelia.

"We are following the rules and doing what they say!" Shouted the Governor.

"I read the rules from the beginning to the end and it says nothing about expelling a student for becoming pregnant." Commented Katie Bell entering at the Office at that moment holding a thick book at her hands. Then she said to Dumbledore: "Excuse me for coming without being invited, Headmaster."

"You are welcome to join the meeting as the spokeswoman from your House, Miss Bell." Said Albus dismissing the matter easily.

"Madame Bones, Minister Weasley, Mr. Straight." Greeted Katie to the adults taking a seat near them. The three of them greeted her with a nod.

"How is that about the rules that you just mentioned, Miss Bell? That caught my attention." Commented Amelia curious.

"When we started the strike, I went to the Library and asked Miss Pince the book with the rules of the School." Said Katie before he turned to the Headmaster and said: "The trio broke all of the rules. They are far ahead from the twins in that category."

"Thanks for confirm my suspicions about that matter, Miss Bell." Chuckled Albus, while Arthur tried to hide a little smile, as well as Amelia.

"Returning to the matter, at the whole book, there isn't a single rule against students going to the strike." Continued Katie before she said to the Governor: "In other words, any kind of punishment can be given to us for doing it."

"We were aware of that matter." Informed Arthur, while the others nodded to this.

"I was just making sure that any reprimand was done against us for it." Said Katie before she returned to the main problem:

"In the whole book, there isn't a single mention about what would happen if a student became pregnant. In other words, what you are trying to do is illegal, Mr. Straight."

"Did this situation happen ever before?" Asked Amelia, while the Governor looked at the Chaser with hate and rage.

"Thinking in that, we asked Professor Binns to make a little research about this subject." Informed the Head Girl before she added in a low tone of voice: "No one who assisted to his classes remembered if he mentioned it. Probably because most of us were asleep at his classes."

"Continue." Said Dumbledore with a soft chuckle by her comment.

"Binns informed us that there have been 12 cases of students pregnant during their times at the School." Started Katie taking a parchment and giving copies of it to the adults, who started to read it while the Head Girl continued:

"Of the 12 students, four gave birth to their children or became pregnant during the last term of their Seventh Year. As they would finish soon, any action was taken against them.

"Another student became pregnant during her Fourth Year and was taken by her parents. This was mostly due to the fact that the girl was raped by a Professor who was sent to prison for this.

"Of the last seven cases, four gave birth during their Sixth Year and the other three during the summer before or the beginning of their last year. Again any action was taken against them. The School provided help to them so they could raise their child while they continued their education. None of them failed their exams and three were chosen as Head Girls." Finished the Chaser with a serious tone of voice.

"Mr. Straight, You have no basement for doing what you want to. In all the years that Hogwarts has been open, any student who became pregnant was expelled for it." Said Katie finishing her explanation.

"This doesn't mean that it's immoral and illegal!" Shouted the Governor as if the facts that the students had told were a minor detail.

"What's immoral? That two students who love each other go to another part of their relationship?

"Mr. Straight, I've known Harry and Hermione for five years, though I know more to Harry because he has been my Teammate since his First Year. If I can tell something about them and don't fear to be wrong is that they are very responsible of their actions. I'm sure that having a child being so young wasn't in their plans, but it doesn't mean that they won't put their best efforts to be the best parents they can.

"Hermione has been the best student of this School since her first day here. Ask any teacher, and with the exception of Professor Trelawney, you won't find any complain about her. You'll hear a lot of good things about her. Except when she went with Harry and Ron to save this School, she never broke a rule. She's one of the persons whom most follow them.

"Harry may not be a great student if we talk about marks but he never stopped putting all of his efforts on them. You might hear complains about his work at the classes, but if he is Prefect, it's for something and not because he's the Boy-Who-Lived.

"What it's immoral and illegal is what you are trying to do, Mr. Straight. If you continue with this, you'll find the School going on with the Strike." Finished the Chaser with her most serious tone of voice.

"I want her at my Department as soon as she is graduated!" Exclaimed Amelia to Arthur pointing to Katie.

"The Ministry in one of my options and your Department is at the head of the list." Said the Chaser with a smile.

"Get good marks at the NEWTs and you are in." Assured the Head of the Law Department with a very serious tone of voice.

"I will." Promised Katie.

"This is ridiculous! We are going to set an example and you come to tell me what's immoral? What do you know about it, nigger?" Asked Straight, and hitting a nerve on the Head Girl.

The next moment after he said those words, he found himself on the floor with a Black Panther over him showing her teeth in a very dangerous way, and breathing on his neck.

"Miss Bell!" Exclaimed Albus trying to calm down the Chaser taking her form away from the man while Arthur and Amelia tried to recover from the shock of the incident.

"Let me go, Headmaster! I'm fine!" Said Katie changing back to her human form.

"Repeat something like that again against me, Mr. Straight and you'll feel the teeth on your body!" Said the student before she stormed out of the Office slamming the door behind her.

"How many students were trained to become Animagus this year?" Asked Amelia to Dumbledore.

"Hermione Granger, Fred, Ron and George Weasley, Katie Bell, Draco Malfoy and Blaise Zabini. Harry Potter got his own training during the summer." Explained Albus with a smile.

"I want her Badge! She attacked me!" Shouted suddenly Straight recovering from the shock of the attack.

"You insulted her by her color of skin and you expected her to be quiet and to not take any action?" Asked sarcastically Arthur, looking to the other man as if he was insane.

"Excuse me, Headmaster, but I came here for a reason and I would like to do it." Said Amelia while the Minister and the Governor started to discuss with shouts about the incident with Katie.

"Let me see if I can get the permission. Reach to Harry and Hermione is not easy, Amelia." Said Albus before he contacted to Ron through the link and asked if the things were quiet at the room for a visit from Amelia, Arthur, Straight and him.

"As long as you let me sleep and you don't disturb Dobby, do whatever you want." Answered Ron with a sleepy tone of voice that told Dumbledore that he had woken the redhead with his call.

"How is that of getting permission to see them?" Asked Bones curiously while the four adults entered at the passage that went from the Headmaster's Office to the Room.

"It's a long story." Said Albus mysteriously before he opened the door and entered at the room.


The first thing that the Gryffindors noticed as soon as Katie entered at the Common Room, was that she was furious and looked ready to kill anyone. All of them walked away from her while she went to the twins, Alicia, Angelina, Lee and Ginny who were talking at a far corner of the Common Room.

"That well went the meeting?" Asked Fred ironically.

"I'm not in the mood for your jokes, Fred!" Said Katie still angry.

"What happened there?" Asked Alicia worried. In her seven years with Katie, she had seen her in that state few times and it happened only when someone said something about her color of skin.

"Let's say that Straight is only alive thanks to Dumbledore's reflexes to stop me." Said the Head Girl with a flat tone of voice before he asked to the twins: "Can I see them? I need something to remind me what I'm fighting for."

"Let's go." Said the twins standing from their seats and going to the exit. They were followed by the Chasers, their sister and best friend.

"You know the rule." Said Fred handing them five handkerchiefs. The group nodded and tied them to their eyes and followed the twins and entered at the room.

As soon as they entered, Dobby made them a signal to keep their voices down and pointed to one of the beds where Ron was sleeping. They nodded and went to the beds where their friends were sleeping.

"They'll find a little hell when they wake." Commented Angelina, petting Marauder, who was sleeping at Harry's feet.

All of the pets of both teens were there. Crookshanks and Marauder slept at their masters' feet, Hedwig and Athena were in a perch that was created for them, while Lily, and Fawkes when he went there, rested on her own perch.

"Someone's coming." Said George to Fred when the light at the door of Dumbledore's Passage turned on. The lights were created to tell the MNG if someone was entering through one of them. If the room couldn't be used in that moment, the MNG, who was using it, always left a sign at the other side of all of the doors saying that it was busy.

"Which door is that one?" Asked Alicia not recognizing it from her visit at Christmas.

"It goes to Dumbledore's Office. During the battle, this place was used as the Order's Headquarters so we built it." Explained Fred while the door was opened and Albus entered with the other adults that had been at the meeting in his Office.

"Headmaster, Dad, Madame Bones, Mr. Straight, be welcome to the MNG Headquarters." Greeted George with a smile while the other teens did the same with a nod.

"Ronald gave me the permission to come a few minutes ago." Said Albus to the twins before they could ask who let them come. Both redheads nodded in acceptance.

"So he was the person that you had to ask permission to?" Asked Amelia while she watched the room in amazement.

"I'm not the owner of this place. They are." Explained the Headmaster with a smile pointing to the 5 MNG.

"I thought that they were extinct!" Exclaimed Straight seeing Lily, who was sleeping.

"Lily is the last of her species." Explained Albus petting her and his own Phoenix.

"Is she yours?" Asked Amelia to the old wizard watching the Phoenix at awe.

"She's Harry's pet." Answered Fred while he followed all of their movements from the armchair where he was sitting.

"Incredible." Said Bones while she went on watching the room.

Straight then went to the teens' beds to check them but he found both cats in defensive position looking to him with not good eyes. Crookshanks looked ready to jump, while Marauder followed his movements ready to do it too if it was necessary.

"I wouldn't disturb those cats if I were you, Mr. Straight. They don't act friendly with the people that they don't like." Said Ginny petting Marauder.

"I didn't plan to do anything. I just was checking them, Miss Weasley." Said the Governor with a flat tone of voice. Then he turned to Dumbledore and asked, pointing to the five students: "Why are they here?"

"I think that the fact of being the ones who built this place and use it more than anyone else, gives us more right to be here than you, Mr. Straight." Answered Ron angrily, getting up from his bed. Then he turned to Dumbledore and the adults and said: "Out the four of you!"

"Excuse me?" Asked the Governor shocked, while Amelia and Arthur looked at him confused.

"As one of the MNG and builder of this place, I can decide who comes or not. I gave you the permission to come here and check Harry and Hermione as long as you let me sleep, a thing that obviously you didn't." Ron's tone was one of anger.

"You know the rules here, Headmaster. We decide who stays or not." Said Fred supporting his brother.

"Is this a joke?" Asked Straight to Dumbledore while the old wizard started to walk toward the door that he had used to come.

"No, it isn't. The rules at this place had been set by them and I have to follow them as they follow the School's rules when they are out of here. We came to see Mr. Potter and Miss Granger. We have already done it. It's time to leave." Informed the Headmaster, motioning the three adults to leave with him.

"It's a nice place the one that you built here." Said Amelia leaving the room with the others. Ron and the twins thanked her with a nod. "Am I asking too much to you when I say that I want to sleep a few hours without any disturbance?" Asked Ron to his friends with a tone of a plea.

"No, we are leaving anyway." Said Fred motioning to his friends to leave with him and George. All of them knew that Ron needed the sleep more than anyone else, being there all the time watching Harry and Hermione.

"Dobby will be staying here, right?" Asked George to his little brother.

"Yes." Mumbled Ron before he fell asleep at his bed and the other Gryffindors left the room.


During the next week, Straight went on with his intentions of expelling Hermione. Also, the Strike continued at the School. None of them seemed to change their position easily. If anything, they seemed to harden their positions.

Arthur Weasley had decided to take this to a Ministry hearing that would be done at the School 2 weeks after the battle. Madame Bones would be in charge of it. The hearing would be done at the Great Hall with all of the students and Professors there to listen to it and testify if it was necessary. Also, a lot of reporters had informed that they would be there for the Hearing.

The night before the hearing, Ron was at the room reading a book on his bed, when he heard a noise coming from his friends' beds. Turning around, he saw that Hermione was starting to stir slowly.

"Dobby, go and tell Dumbledore!" Instructed the redhead to the House Elf, who nodded and disappeared from the room, while the teen went to her side.

When Hermione was awake, Albus entered running at the room coming from the passage that went to his Office. A few moments later, Harry began to stir too.

"Dobby, go and fetch Madame Pomfrey." Said Dumbledore to the Elf who nodded and disappeared once more, while Harry began to wake up.

"Welcome back to the land of the consciousness." Said Ron giving them a little hug.

"How was the trip?" Asked Albus with a smile while Poppy entered at the room with Dobby and began to check them.

"It was a roller coaster." Summed up Hermione with a laugh, when the nurse finished with her and started with her boyfriend.

"How are they, Poppy?" Asked the Headmaster seriously.

"Miss Granger is very well. Her pregnancy is in order and these two weeks didn't cause her any kind of problem with the babies." Informed the Nurse with a smile to the teen.

"Mr. Potter is another story. His magical levels are very low. They are at the 25 - 30% of his usual level. These two weeks helped him to get them up. When he left the battle, they were near the 5%. I think that they should be again at his normal levels in two or three weeks." Explained Madame Pomfrey to the three teens and the Headmaster.

"Merlin said the same." Informed Harry sitting better at his bed.

"Thanks, Poppy, you can go." Said Dumbledore. The Matron nodded and left the room using the passage from the Headmaster's office.

"What happened during these two weeks?" Asked Hermione to her friend and Headmaster.

"The School has been on strike for more than a week. We had only two days of classes since the battle." Informed Ron.

"WHAT?????" Asked both Prefects in shock with what he had said.

"The Prophet informed everyone about the pregnancy and the Governors have been trying to expel Hermione for that. The main reason for this, is that supposedly, no one knows who's the father of the child. They wrote that Harry could possibly be the father." Explained Albus seriously.

"Is this some kind of bad joke?" Asked Harry not wanting to believe what he had been said.

"I would like to tell that it is a joke, but I'm afraid that it isn't." The words that the Headmaster spoke had a lot of seriousness.

"What will happen with me now?" Asked Hermione with fear.

"With us. I'll never leave you alone in this. If they expel you, I leave the School with you." Said Harry very seriously. The other three occupants of the room knew that he wasn't joking and that he would leave.

"Tomorrow there will be a hearing here at the School. In it, the future of both of you will be decided. I'll suggest you to sleep and rest. If I know you as well as I do, anything will stop you from being there." Said Dumbledore before he left the room.

"Goodnights, guys." Said the three teens to each other before they went to sleep. ****

The next evening the Great Hall had been prepared for the Hearing. Besides the 4 House Table and the Professor's, there was another one for the press and another for Madame Bones and the Governors.

After the dinner, the tables were moved and a round of seats appeared near the High Table, they were for the Governors and Amelia for the Hearing.

While everyone was getting ready for it, many people began to wonder where was the Headmaster. He hadn't been at the Hall for dinner, and neither was Ron. Everyone thought that they would be there.

"I'll ask silence to everyone so we can start." Spoke Bones, ending every chat at the Hall.

"In this Hearing, we'll decide what will Happen with Miss Hermione Granger. As everyone knows Miss Granger is expecting a baby . . . " Started Bones but someone stopped her.

"Twins. We are expecting twins."

Everyone at the Hall turned around to see who had spoken and saw the group that had been at the room last night. Dobby leaded the way walking at the front. Harry was walking helped with a stick to give him support. Madame Pomfrey had insisted to him to use it, so he wouldn't tire himself too much. At his right was Hermione who had his hand in her. Ron walked at his left, in case the black-haired boy needed support form that side. Dumbledore closed the way at the back, in case that Harry fell back and he had to help him.

It was immediate, everyone started to cheers as soon as they saw Harry who continued walking to his seat at Gryffindor Table. As he walked through the Hall, many people clapped his back. His only answers were some smiles.

"We offer an apology for the lateness, Madame Bones, but I don't walk very quickly and it took us some time to reach here." Said Harry while Ron and Hermione took a seat at his sides and Dumbledore went to the Staff's Table and the House Elf returned to the Room.

"It's good to see you standing, Mr. Potter." Smiled the Ministry worker.

"It's nice to be awake." Said Harry with a laugh.

"What did you mean with twins?" Asked a Governor.

"I'm pregnant of twins. A boy and a girl." Said Hermione simply. Poppy had made her some exams during that day about the pregnancy and told them the sex of the babies.

"Have you chosen the names?" Asked curiously another Governor.

"David James for the boy and Lily Marianne for the girl." Said Harry with a smile.

"After our parents." Explained Hermione before someone could ask the reason of the names.

"The Godparents?" Asked Sprout curiously.

"Ron and Ginny Weasley for David. For Lily, we haven't decided yet." Said Harry with a smile to his best friend and his little sister.

"We accept!" Exclaimed both redheads at the same time with a smile as wide as their face.

"We came here for something not for chattering!!" Shouted Straight angrily.

Suddenly the Governor found himself just in his underpants and his black hair turned into a pink punk-crest. Everyone, including the Governors, burst out in laughter with that.

"I must apologize for that. My magic is still a little out of control and I don't like when someone shouts so loud." Said Harry trying to hide a guilty smile but failing. Immediately, Straight was wearing his clothes again, but his hair continued with the crest.

"He looks better like that." Said a Governor to Amelia in a whisper, trying not to laugh. Amelia just nodded, hiding her mouth under her hand trying to hide her laughter too.

"I'll suggest you to not shout anymore. Next time you do it, you can finish naked or transformed in something. I don't control my magic completely." Said Harry to the Governor when he opened the mouth again, obviously to shout once more.

"As I was saying," Started Amelia, continuing from where she was stopped when the group entered at the Hall, "we are here to decide the future of Miss Granger, since some of the Governors seem to think that a student being pregnant can be a bad example for the others. A thing that I not agree with, I must say.

"A few days ago, the Head Girl of this School, Miss Katie Bell, informed me that there is no rule against this. The Governors supported their intentions based on the fact that they were following a rule against that. So, please someone explains me why you want to expel her. If I don't hear any good reason for that, I'll dismiss this matter forever." This was said to the Governors who listened to her in silence, alike the rest of the School.

"Madame Bones, could I speak before we hear the stupid reasons and poor excuses that the Governors will say? If they say something intelligent for this matter, I'll give 1000 Galleons to that person." Said Harry with some sarcasm on his voice, a thing that was caught by everyone.

"I agree with you. It'll be a miracle if one of them, especially Mr.Straight, says something intelligent. These past two weeks he has shown that his mouth can't be shut or say anything intelligent when he opens it to talk." Agreed Amelia with a hard look to the pink-haired Governor.

"Thank you." Said Harry standing from his seat helped with the stick and going to the front of the Hall so everyone could listen to him:

"Most of the people here know me enough to know how I am: prankster, beakless, rule breaker and a long etc. But those ones also know how much I love Hermione and are sure that she is expelled, I'm leaving with her and anyone will stop me. Am I wrong on this?" Asked the teen to the students and teachers.

"You are right." Answered most of the people, nodding in agreement.

"We didn't plan to have babies. If you ask Madame Pomfrey, she'll tell you that the morning of Valentine, the night when the twins were procreated, I went to the Infirmary and asked her preservatives. As a wizard who was raised in the Muggle World, I've heard about many sexual illnesses like AIDS. I lost a friend last year due to it." Continued Harry his tale.

"He did." Nodded the nurse before someone could ask if the teen's tale was true.

"When I finished the battle and fell unconscious, I knew that she was pregnant. And she also did know it. Actually she fainted when she knew it." Chuckled Harry with a smile to Hermione, who blushed a little with the memory.

"We may be young, someone could say. But these children will be wanted and loved, you can be sure of that.

"If you expel her for being pregnant, you are punishing in some way to every couple who had their first sexual time at the School. And I'm sure that many of the students from sixth and seventh year, are not virgin." Continued the teen, before he asked to the four tables: "I want that the students from the last two years who are still virgin to raise the hand."

"You get my point." Said Harry watching around the Hall and not seeing any hand up from seventh and a few ones from sixth.

"If two students have sex in a consent way like me and Hermione had, it means that their love can go to a superior stage. Being parents is the highest. All of the adults who are parents can say it." When he finished these words, Harry went to his House Table and got a goblet of juice and drank it of a sip, while all around the Hall the adults who had children nodded in agreement to his words.

"Like Madame Bones had said," went on Harry, "there is no rule against being pregnant during the School years. But even knowing it, the Governors still wants to expel Hermione.

"This makes me think that the pregnancy is not the only reason behind this hearing. And I hope that I'm wrong on this." Said Harry watching intently to Straight, who looked defiantly to the teen.

"Which would be that reason, Mr. Potter?" Asked Madame Bones while she followed the looks between the teen and the Governor.

"That the problem here isn't that she's pregnant of me. The main problem is that she is a Muggle born and is pregnant of the . . . " Here Harry turned to his teammates and asked: "tell me a few things that the press said about me during these two weeks."

"The Greatest Wizard of the History." Said Fred remembering what the newspapers had said about Harry after he killed Voldemort.

"The Savior of our world." Added his twin.

"The Defeater of You-Know-Who." Added Katie.

"I'm sure that those three are enough to expose my point." Said Harry thanking his teammates with a nod.

And those words were more than enough. When his words sank in the minds of everyone, many of them started to dislike Mr. Straight. A general boo started and continued around the whole Hall.

"Silence!" Shouted Madame Bones banging her hammer at the table asking silence, but not getting any result at all.

"I haven't finished!" Shouted Harry, making shut everyone immediately.

"Thanks for getting order here, Mr. Potter." Thanked Amelia, before she signaled him to continue with his talk.

"I want to finish this asking one question." Informed Harry before he went to Hermione's side and taking a box and opening it, he asked: "Hermione Elizabeth Granger, will you give me the pleasure of being my wife?"

Around the Hall, everyone waited the answer of the marriage proposal with bated breath. Those ones near the teens, saw that in the box there were the two rings that Harry had received at Christmas from Dumbledore. "Of course I will." Answered Hermione kissing him passionately in the lips.

The cheers that followed those words were deafening and Madame Bones didn't even bother asking silence, she knew it would be practically impossible to get it.

"He's right." Said someone catching everyone's attention. All of them turned aroun to find out who had spoken and saw that it was one of the Governors.

"Was I right when I said that the Governors wanted to expel her because she's a Muggle born and is pregnant of me?" Asked Harry watching the woman straight to the eyes.

"Mr. Straight is the one who wants her out of the School and yes, you are right in that." Said another of the Governors seriously, while the others nodded to these statements.

"Madame Bones, did I tell you that my magic is out of control?" Asked Harry before Straight was turned into a chicken with red fluor feathers.

"For the next 10 minutes, if someone else has the magic out of control like Mr. Potter, that magic will be ignored by me and the Governors. That's of course unless it is an Unforgivable." Informed Amelia to the Hall who looked ready to shot hexes, curses and jinxes to Straight. Before anyone could do anything, she added: "Please whatever you do, be careful that it's reversible."

As soon as she said these words, a barrage of lights appeared from almost everyone's wand with one destiny: Straight who started to run as fast as his chicken legs could. His escape didn't last very long before the first of the attacks hit him.

"Are they trying to set some new record?" Asked Madame Bones to Ron Weasley going to the Gryffindor Table, where Harry and Hermione started another snogging session.

"Do the same that we do and just ignore them. Nothing will stop them till they decide to stop." Said Ron while Sirius, Minerva, Remus and Albus went to where they were.

"When did they wake and why weren't we told?" Asked McGonagall sternly to the redhead.

"They woke up last night. And we didn't tell it because we had decided to come here and we didn't have any wish to ruin the surprise." Explained the Prefect while the teens decided to stop for a while and take some air.

"Hi." Said Harry with a sweet smile to his Godparents and the werewolf.

"You were unconscious for two weeks and the first thing you tell us is 'hi'???" Shouted Sirius hugging his Godson.

"Do you prefer me saying bye?" Asked Harry laughing hugging Minerva.

"The time is over!" Shouted Amelia suddenly to everyone who was still cursing the Governor.

"What a pity!" Pouted Fred going back with George and the girls to their seats while Madame Pomfrey took Straight to the Infirmary to fix him.

"A question: when will you finish the strike? Miss Granger will remain at the School as a student." Inquired Dumbledore to the Gryffindor House, after the twins, Ginny and the Chasers had hugged Harry and Hermione.

"The Strike is over now but we won't return to classes till we are told that they can return to them." Said Katie after discussing it with the other members.

"Another week then." Said Albus remembering that Poppy had said that Harry needed at least a week of rest using as less magic as he could. He had to have his magical levels at the 50% at least to return to classes and be able to cast the spells of them with normalcy.

"Why don't we go back to the room? I want to sleep." Said Harry to his best friends with a big yawn and a sleepy tone of voice.

"Goodnights." Said the trio before they left the Hall with the twins, Minerva and Sirius and went to the room to sleep.


Three days after the Hearing, Harry and Hermione appeared at the Great Hall for the breakfast for the first time since they had woken. They were received by a loud wave of cheers and shouts of support. Ron and the twins went with them to open them a way to reach to the Table, thing that took them almost 20 minutes.

"As you can see," Said Dumbledore standing form his seat, when the 5 MNG had taken a seat on the table. "Mr. Potter and Miss Granger have returned to the School's life. Although it will take another few days before they can rejoin the classes once more.

"Now that the Strike is over and the classes will start soon, I would like that the four Houses choose a spokesman to meet with me and the other Teachers to decide how will be recovered the lost classes while it lasted.

"Now, enjoy your breakfast and try to give Mr. Potter and Miss Granger some space to walk." Finished the Headmaster before the four Houses started to eat the breakfast.

"Hey, Katie, I guess that you'll continue as the spokeswoman of Gryffindor, right?" Asked Lee to the Head Girl.

"I guess so." Said the Chaser with a shrug of the shoulders.

"We still have to give them the mail." Said suddenly Dennis Creevey to the other students pointing to Harry and Hermione.

"How many letter, packages and Howlers did we get?" Asked Harry not sure of wanting to her the answer.

"You received almost 1500 letters, more than 650 packages and 50 Howlers. Dumbledore stopped the Howlers before they came to the Hall." Explained Ron.

"That's the amount of things that you received without counting the packages, sweets, gifts and everything else from the students of the School. It's worse than in your first year." Added George.

"Where are those things?" Asked Harry, remembering that they weren't at the Room.

"My rooms. We thought that they would be better there than any other place." Said Katie, before the mail arrived.

Among the owls, everyone saw one that went to Harry. It was big and brown and had a letter tied to her legs. When he untied it and offered her some juice, the owl flew away from the Hall.

"Who sent it?" Asked Hermione while the teen read the letter in silence.

"Bagman. He says that I can wait some more time before I start the practices for England. I'll join them after my Birthday." Said Harry writing a short reply in another parchment and tying it to Hermes, who was waiting an answer from Ginny. After Percy's betrayal and death at Ron's hands, Ginny had taken his owl for her and used it for mail with her mother.

"You can use Hedwig later." Said Harry to the redhead before she could protest for that.

"I'll take that promise." Said Ginny before she started to talk with Collin.

"Who will be the spokesman?" Asked McGonagall going to the Table.

"I will, Professor." Said Katie standing from her seat.

"The meeting will be tonight after dinner at the Headmaster's Office. Don't be late." Informed the Head of Gryffindor before she returned to the High Table.

"Now, Harry's it's time to step in the Tower. None of us will let you hid anymore." Said Fred standing at his right, while George did the same at his left.

"I guess that I don't have a choice here." Laughed Harry leaving the Hall with the twins, Ron and Hermione. The rest of the House had left earlier, and the teens suspected that it was to prepare a surprise for them.

During all the walk to the Tower, Harry and Hermione received greetings from the ghosts, armors and paintings as they passed them. They stopped to talk with some of the ghosts. This also gave him the chance to rest a few moments before he continued the walk.

"Mr. Potter, Miss Granger, welcome back to the Tower." Greeted the Fat Lady when the group reached to the entrance.

"Thank you." Said Harry before he asked to the twins: "Which is the Password?"

"Lions on Strike." Said Fred to the portrait, before he added to Harry: "We'll change it soon, don't worry."

As soon as they entered, they were welcomed with a deafening "WELCOME BACK!!!!!" that was shouted by everyone. All around the Common Room, the students were getting ready for a welcoming party for Harry and Hermione.

"Thanks for this." Said Harry with a smile taking a seat, with Hermione and Ron next to him.

"BRING THE MAIL!!!" Shouted Katie to the twins and the Chasers after 20 minutes of party.

When the four teens returned, Harry and Hermione looked at the bags with wide eyes. There were at least 15 bags full of things there. The twins and the girls placed them next to the three friends.

"Dobby!" Shouted Harry suddenly, when he recovered from the shock.

"Was Dobby called?" Asked the House Elf appearing near Harry.

"Take those bags to the room please! We'll see them later." Said Harry pointing to the bags. Dobby nodded and made them disappear before he was gone too.

"It'll take us a long time." Said Hermione, recovering from the shock.

"You have a personal House Elf, Harry?" Asked Dean curiously going to his year mates with the rest of the students of Fifth Year.

"You could say so." Laughed Harry petting Marauder who had gone to him, while Crookshanks went to his Master.

"Now, besides the Strike and the mail, what happened after the Battle?" Asked Hermione to the group of friends.

"It was decided that all of the students who stayed at the School for the fight will be given the Merlin's Order. Third Class for those who died, the Second for the ones who survived and Harry will get the First Class for killing Voldemort." Explained George.

"With the strike the Houses made the peace and the old hates and differences were buried." Said Fred with a smile.

"You were right, remember?" Said Alicia to Harry suddenly.

"It happened before your graduation and it took less time than the thought." Nodded Harry remembering the two talks that he had with the Chaser about the hates of the Houses.

"What are you talking about?" Asked Ron with confusion, not understanding anything. The others were feeling the same.

"Nothing to worry about. An old chat that we had some time ago." Said Alicia dismissing the matter and going to get a Butterbeer.

The party at the Common Room lasted till dinner when the whole House went to the Hall for dinner. Now all of the members were at the School again and the House was complete and nothing could separate them.


A few days later, at Whitehaven, James, the servant of Hermione's Grandmother, went to answer the door, still hearing the shouts that came form the old woman's private office.

Ken and his family had taken residence in the House, augmenting that Angela might need some company now that Marianne and David had died. Angela didn't believe those reasons but, she couldn't deny that she could need some help.

This had happened almost three weeks ago and those days hadn't been very pleasant. The arguments between Ken and his mother were things of every day. They got worse when Angela found out that the man was having some money problems and that they had been kicked out of their House and they had gone there because they didn't have any other place.

Martin and Liz were impossible to deal with. They hated Angela for defending Hermione during the Christmas break and not to them. Angela plainly ignored them and had removed them from her last will. Obviously any of the two teens liked this too much.

"A moment please." Said James when the bell rang again, almost reaching to the door.

"Is my Grandmother at home, James?" Asked Hermione when the man opened the door to reveal her and Harry.

Being Hermione's last relative, both teens decided that she had to know about the pregnancy and the wedding. She would be the first guest who would receive an invitation, though they hadn't decided the when and the where of it.

"She's with Master Ken." Said James before another round of shouts was heard.

"What is he doing here?" Asked Harry curiously, still walking helped by the stick. He would need to use it at least for another week under Madame Pomfrey's orders.

"Master Ken and his family has taken residence at the House." Explained simply the servant leading the way to the Office and knocking the door.

"Come in!" Was the answer from inside.

"Miss Hermione and her boyfriend are here and they wish to see you, Madame." Informed James to Angela before both teens entered at the place.

"Hermione! Harry! How nice to see you again!" Exclaimed the old woman hugging them. Then she turned to Ken and said: "We'll continue later." The man nodded and left the Office angrily.

"It's nice to see you too, Grandma," Said Hermione while the three sat down.

"What happened?" Asked Marianne to Harry pointing to the stick.

"I'm still a little weak from the last battle of the war and I need it to not tire myself when I walk." Said Harry before he and Hermione retold her what happened at the School a few weeks before.

"It's good to get some good news for once." Smiled Angela to the teens. When she noticed the ring on her Granddaughter's hand, she asked: "Are you getting married?"

"Although we haven't decided the date of the wedding, yes. We came here to invite you and give you another news." Said Harry with a big smile.

"Which one?" Asked the old woman curious about this.

"In November, you'll be the great-grandmother of twins. I'm pregnant of two months." Smiled Hermione placing a hand on her stomach, and chuckled seeing the shocked face of her Grandmother.

"I'm too young to be a great-grandmother!" Exclaimed Angela with a mocking frown hugging the teens, after she recovered from the shock.

"Get used to that idea!" Laughed Harry when they finished the embraces.

"Do you know the sex of the twins?" Asked Angela sitting down.

"A boy and girl, the couple." Chuckled Hermione.

"The names are David James and Lily Marianne after our parents." Informed Harry before the old woman could ask the names.

"Have you decided the Godparents?"

"The only sure are our two best friends, Ron and Ginny, for David. We haven't decided yet for Lily. Although all of our friends, have asked that honor." Said Hermione with a soft chuckle.

It was true. The Chasers, the Twins, Lee, some friends of other Houses, Sirius, Remus, Minerva and many others had asked them to be one of the Godparents of the girl.

None of them were surprised when they had named Ron as the Godfather of one of them. After all, he had been their best friend since their First Year. And many people were betting that he would be chosen as Harry's Best Man for the wedding.

"Congratulations! I'll admit that I think that you are still too young to have family, but you'll find my support always." Promised Angela seriously, before she added: "As long as you take those twins to visit their great- grandmother, of course."

"Deal!" Laughed Harry along Hermione and Angela.

"I know that it's not out business, but why is Uncle Ken living here? James told us that he took residence at the House." Asked Hermione curiously.

"They were kicked out of their House and they decided to come to live here. I've had more arguments with him and his family these three weeks than in 10 years as President of the Family's Company." Said Angela angrily taking a package of cigars and offering one to Harry.

"Too strong for my liking." Declined Harry politely. Angela nodded and turned on her cigar.

"We have to go back. Madame Pomfrey wants to check you before dinner before we rejoin the classes tomorrow." Reminded Hermione to Harry who nodded and stood from his chair.

"Send me the invitation for the wedding. And thanks for this news." Smiled Angela hugging them and going with them to the door to say goodbye.

"Which news?" Asked Ken listening his mother's words.

"I'm pregnant of twins and I'll marry soon." Said flatly Hermione before she and Harry activated their Portkey to return to the School.

"What did she say?" Asked Ken to Angela with shock.

"I'll have 2 Great Grandchildren soon." Said the woman with a smile before she went back to her Office.


The next day at Hogwarts was special for a lot of reasons.

The first: it would mean the return to classes of the Students and Teachers after the Strike that had lasted for the last three weeks.

The Second: the return to the School's life of Harry Potter, the hero of the Wizarding world.

The Third, that night the Minister Arthur Weasley would give the Merlin's Order's to the students and to the parents or relatives of those students that had died defending the School. The press of the whole continent had confirmed their presence for that event that night.

"What do we have first? After two weeks without classes I forgot my Schedule." Asked Harry to Ron during the breakfast.

"McGonagall." Answered Ron checking his schedule too.

"The first thing that I have is an overprotective Godmother. It can't be worse." Mumbled Harry to his friends who chuckled with his comment, while the three started to walk to the Head of House's Classroom.

"Remember what Madame Pomfrey said. Take it easy. You don't have to show me anything." Said Minerva to Harry when the trio entered.

"I heard that speech from every teacher. Don't worry. I won't do anything too dangerous or too powerful. I'll put power enough to not get tired too much and do what I'm asked." Said Harry irritated with hearing those words every day.

"I hope so, because if you don't you'll spend a month in detention with Filch." Warned Minerva seriously.

"YES, PROFESSOR MADAME!!" Shouted Harry giving her, a military salutes.

"I'm not joking!" Hissed McGonagall while the rest of the class filled the classroom.

"As all of you know, we have lost three weeks of classes. In those weeks I had in mind start a new subject but, with the OWLs in two months, I've decided that from now on we'll use the time for reviews." Started Minerva when everyone was sitting.

"Here is a list with objects. I want you to transform the cup of tea that I'll give you in all of the objects of the list that you can." After she said this, the Professor started to give a cup of tea and a list to all of the students.

Harry and Hermione noticed that their lists were much shorter than the others, but the objects were more complicated. Those things were easy for them, two of the best students of that subject in the seven years.

"Tired?" Asked Hermione to her boyfriend when they had finished their job.

"Not too much." Said the teen with a pensive look, rereading the list and seeing the other student's job.

"What's wrong?" Asked Hermione looking at him curiously.

"Check the last object of our lists." Said Harry pointing to it. In Harry's, it was a crib. In Hermione's, it was a stroller.

"Ron, let me check your list for a second." Said Hermione beginning to understand it.

"What's wrong?" Asked the redhead, while Harry checked Lavender's.

"Took you a while." Smiled Minerva going to the group when she saw that the teens had caught it.

"What are you talking about?" Asked Lavender with confusion.

"The final object of the lists is a gift for the twins." Said Harry showing the list to Ron and Lavender. In the redhead's case, the last object was a high chair. In Lavender's, it was a diaper changer.

"Blame Dumbledore." Said Minerva before the teens could say something about this.

"They'll save us of the work of buying the things. Although I would check some of the transformations first." Said Harry to Hermione with a laugh. Hermione shook her head without making comments about that.

The next class was Charms that was quite unventfull. During lunch, Harry saw that the Hall was being prepared for the night with the special Tables being added and the Hall being decorated for the occasion.

After lunch, the first class was Ancient Runes for the five boys, while Hermione had Aritmancy and Lavender and Parvati had Divination. Harry had ignored them when they tried to tell him what Trelawney had predicted for the future of the twins. He and Hermione would live better without them.

Binn's class, was as boring as usual. He did a sum up of what he was supposed to teach during the weeks that lasted the Strike. This time, no one was sleeping. The reason? The class was too important for that year's exams and any word that was lost could mean the disapproval of the OWL test.


Before they went to dinner, the students above Fifth Year were told that the Dress Robe was required that night, specially those ones who would receive the Merlin's Order. The rest of the students had to wear the School's Robes as usual.

The Pandemonium created with those words was HUGE. The girls were running at their rooms getting ready for the night, checking the robes, make up, everything.

At the dorm of the Fifth Year Boys, the five teens were getting ready too. Ron would wear a Dark Blue robe that the twins had given him for his Birthday that year. Neville was wearing a black one while Dean worn a Green Lemon one. Seamus was wearing a brown.

"What color is yours, Harry?" Asked Dean to the teen when he returned form the Prefect's Bathroom after taking a shower.

"You'll find out later." Said Harry taking a package and going to the Headquarters to change his clothes in peace.

When he entered, he was greeted by a few notes from Fawkes and Lily. Usually he didn't pay much attention to them, but this time, the word "Egg" put his senses very alert. He turned to see the two birds and saw a Phoenix Egg near them.

"I'm not even a father yet, and you made me Grandfather?" Asked Harry sarcastically to the birds before he contacted Dumbledore: "Come to the room. I have a surprise for you." While he waited for his Mentor, Harry started to change his robes. "What's wrong?" Asked Albus entering at the room with Minerva.

"That." Said the teen pointing to the egg.

"Oh, this is quite a surprise." Said Dumbledore with his eyes twinkling fully while Minerva looked at the egg a little surprised.

"Get out of here while I finish changing my clothes!" Exclaimed Harry to the adults shooing them out.

"We'll see you at the Hall." Said Minerva while she and Albus left.


The Great Hall was full of students who were waiting anxiously the beginning of the Ceremony. Besides the students and the Press, there were also some parents and adults that were there in the name of the students who had died.

"Where are Harry and Hermione?" Asked Sirius, who was wearing a Light Blue robe, to Dumbledore who was wearing his usual one. The two teens were the only missing ones.

In that moment, the doors were opened and both teens entered. Harry had his hair in a ponytail and was wearing a Red and Gold robe, with the stick in his hand. Next to him, Hermione was wearing a Pink Robe and had her hair also in a ponytail and was wearing a necklace of pearls and the ring at his hand.

"They look great!" Was the general comment while they took their usual seats at the Gryffindor Table.

"Now, let's begin with the dinner." Said Dumbledore standing from his seat and clapping his hands. Immediately, the food appeared at the tables and everyone started to eat.

"I'll be Grandfather soon." Said Harry suddenly to his friends.

"WHAT?????" Asked everyone shouting with shock at his words.

"Lily laid an egg today." Said Harry with a shrug of his shoulders.

"Congratulations." Said Ron clapping his back.

"Who's Lily?" Asked Dean curiously.

"One of my pets." Said Harry simply.

"Fawkes is the Father, right?" Asked Katie with curiosity.

"Is there another Phoenix besides those two at the Castle?" Asked the Prefect with sarcasm in his voice.

The dinner went on quietly with some chats among the students. The Professors were talking among them while the parents were quiet.

"Mind if I join my old House?" Asked Oliver to the Team going to them.

"You are always welcome here, Oliver. You should know that." Said Katie making a free space for the Keeper.

"Why are you here?" Asked Fred with curiosity.

"Michael Mercury was my cousin and as his parents are dead, I was chosen to get the Order in his name." Explained Wood with a sad tone of voice.

"Our condolences for your loss." Said Harry with a solemn tone of voice.

"Thanks, Harry." Nodded Oliver, before he changed the subject into a cheery one: "We'll be teammates again."

"Don't tell me that I'll have to suffer you on the same team again?" Asked Harry, knowing that Oliver had been chosen as the Keeper for England for the European Cup.

"See the good side, you won't suffer me as Captain." Laughed the Keeper.

"It's a relief." Said the Seeker laughing too. Then he asked to Alicia: "Any idea when shall we play our last match?"

"Second week of may." Said Katie to the other players. The reschedule of the match between Gryffindor and Hufflepuff had been decided during the meeting between the spokesperson of the Houses, Dumbledore and the 4 Head of Houses.

In that moment, Dumbledore stood from his seat and the silence fell in the Hall. The reporters and photographers took their places for the ceremony in the biggest of the silence, being careful to not disturb anyone.

"As all of you know," Started the Headmaster, "We are gathered here to offer tribute to those students who fell in the Battle of Hogwarts and also thanks those students who defended the School and are here to remember the end of the War."

"First, we'll start remembering the students and Professor who died here with a minute of silence."

During that whole minute, any noise was made. The solemnity was complete. At the Tables, everyone looked down with their eyes closed remembering their fellow students and teacher. The rest of the presents, seeing this action did the same.

"Now, we'll name the student and a member of the family will receive the Merlin's Order Third Class in the name of him or her." Explained Minerva while Albus and Arthur went to pick the medals that symbolized the Order.

After each name was said, the four Houses followed the person that took it with a wave of polite claps. Many of the adults had tears when they returned to their seats and the teachers gave them some support, giving them some consolation.

When Oliver got it in the name of his Cousin, he returned to his House's Table with tears. Most of the Gryffindors were surprised with this, but the elders weren't at all. The only time that they had seen him crying was when the house won the Cup 2 years ago. This time the tears weren't of joy, but they were of loss. Katie was the first to console him, being followed by Harry, the Twins and the other Chasers.

"Thanks, guys." Said Oliver whipping off the tears of his eyes.

"No need to, Oliver. A Gryffindor will always support another Gryffindor." Said Alicia seriously, while the others nodded. Oliver nodded in thanks before all of them turned their attention to the second part of the Ceremony.

"Now, we'll give the Orders to those students who are here." Said Albus before he started to call the students by their alphabetical name, and not by House and year.

"Bell, Katherine."

The Head Girl went toward the Headmaster and the Minister and bowed before Dumbledore put a little medal around her neck. They shook hands and she did the same with Arthur before she returned to her seat.

The next one in the group of friends, was Angelina Johnson. Everyone was confused when Hermione wasn't named. Harry contacted Minerva and asked about this.

"You'll find out very soon." Answered the Head of Gryffindor while the next student was called.

Lee Jordan was the next of the group of friends, followed a while later by Alicia and finally Fred and George. Once more, another member of the group was forgotten: Ron.

"As many of you have realized, we missed three students: Miss Hermione Granger, Mr. Ronald Weasley, both of them receivers of the Merlin's Order's Second Class, and Mr. Potter who will receive the First Class." Started Dumbledore after Blaise Zabini got her own Order.

"We have decided to give it to them all together. So, please we'll ask to the three teens to come here together." Informed Albus with a smile to the trio.

Harry, Ron and Hermione stood and went toward the Headmaster and Mr. Weasley, being followed by a loud clapping that came from everywhere at the Hall, especially the four Houses.

"Congratulations to the three of you." Said Arthur placing the medal around their necks and shaking their hands. The three teens bowed in thanks and returned to their seats, followed once more by the clapping.

After the ceremony was over, the Tables were moved to let the people talk and the reporters ask questions. Immediately, all of them went to Harry and Hermione.

"I'll make a short statement, after that I'll ask to all of you to leave us alone and let us talk to the others. Understood?" Asked Harry to the reporters seriously.

"Of course." Said all of them at the same time.

"I'm happy that the end of the war and because the four Houses forgot our differences during the battle. During that time, we ignored the colors of the House and we saw the other student as that, a student of our same School.

"I would like to thank in my name and in Hermione's, to our House who went to the Strike to defend us of something that was unfair. Also, we thank the support from the other Houses, Staff and residents of this School.

"I would like to give my sincere condolences to the people who lost someone during this war: Parents, siblings, friends, everything. I know what it feels to lose someone.

"Also I want to thank all the letters that we received during the time that we were unconscious. We are still reading them but the ones that we saw, were nice and we thank them.

"Want to add something?" Asked Harry to Hermione.

"Thanks to the Ministry for the help during the fight and also to the students of Dumstrang and Beauxbatton who were here to help us." Stated Hermione.

"That's all." Said the teens and went to talk with other people. The reporters thanked them and they started to interview other people

"Mr. Potter, I would like you to meet Roger's Parents. They want to talk with you if you can." Said Flitwick to Harry through the link suddenly.

"Of course, Professor." Answered the Seeker before he went to talk with the Head of Ravenclaw and the Parents of the House's Chaser.

"Mr. Potter these are Peter and Mary Davies." Introduced the tiny Professor to the adults that were with him.

"Pleased to meet you. Roger was a great guy." Said Harry shaking their hands.

"He always talked well of you. He told us that he never regretted when he gave you the support during the Dementors attack and that he} would do it all the necessary times." Said Peter Davies with a smile of pride.

"We didn't have a great friendship, but by the little I knew him, he earned my respect. Not only as Head Boy, he was a great Chaser too. Ravenclaw had one of the best Chasers of the School with him at their team. He didn't make the School's team for the Tournament for anything." Assured the Prefect.

"He always told us that playing a game against a team where you were that it was a roller coaster. You never knew what would happen till the end." Said Mary with a smile.

"My life is a roller coaster." Laughed Harry before he excused himself and went to talk with someone else.

After two hours, Harry had talked with all of the adults that had gone there to receive the Order in the name of a student. When he had finished with the last one, he went to sit with his friends.

"A toast?" Asked Fred taking his goblet of juice.

"For the twins." Proposed Hermione placing a hand on her stomach.

"For the future of the Wizarding world." Proposed Katie raising her goblet.

"By a future without dark menaces." Lee proposed raising his.

"For what started this year, never ends." Said Ron raising his goblet too.

"That those ones who died at the Battle are never forgotten." Angelina said as raised her goblet.

"That the Order of the Phoenix is not needed to be called again." Said Fred as he raised his.

"For my Godson." Said Ginny sheepishly, not knowing what to toast for.

"For the shop that we'll open." Said George with a mischievous smile.

"For our future and that we find our path." Proposed Alicia raising hers.

"For our friendship and love." Proposed Lavender holding Ron's hand with her left and raising the Goblet with right hand.

"That the past is never forgotten." Said Ron raising his.

"For Hogwarts and those marvelous times that we spent together and that we'll spend till we leave." Proposed Harry making the toast and being followed by all of his friends.

"Cheers!" Exclaimed Fred before all of them drank the juice of a sip.

"At least this time, you didn't make toast in chain without reason." Commented Minerva going to the group with Albus, Remus and Sirius.

"We can do it if you want." Laughed Harry remembering the breakfast of the day that everyone knew that Mr. Weasley had been chosen as the new Minister.

"No, thank you." Said McGonagall seriously.

Suddenly from nowhere, a piece of food went flying and hit a student of Ravenclaw. This one, turned and sent another piece in direction of Slytherin, thinking that he was hit from there. The Slytherins, which were innocent this time, didn't last to return it.

"I'll suggest to the adults and reporters to follow me if you don't want to find yourselves in a food fight." Said Dumbledore to the adults while Gryffindor joined the fight too and Hufflepuff did it a few moments later. Everyone knew that it was a matter of seconds before someone shouted the words that signaled the official beginning.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, this means: FOOD FIGHT!!!" Shouted the 5 MNG at the same time leading the attack from Gryffindor.

For third time in that year, the havoc broke at the Hall. Food flying around everywhere with all of the students throwing it to the others. All of the Professors, except Sirius and Remus, had left the Hall with the reporters and the adults to stay safe and clean from the fight.

"At least, the MNG isn't responsible of the fight this time." Commented Flitwick to Dumbledore with a chuckle.

"This time they are innocent. It's a miracle." Said Minerva with a mix of irony and amusement.

"Does this happen usually?" Asked Oliver to the Headmaster.

"This is the third time this year. The first one was a few days after the beginning of the School's year. The second was when the student from Beauxbatton and Dumstrang arrives for the Tournament." Explained Albus to the former student.

"Why don't you stop them?" Asked a reporter.

"I don't want to be a target of the fight. At some moment of it, the students usually change their target from them to the Staff." Chuckled Dumbledore with his eyes full of twinkles.

"This is the worst one!" Exclaimed Sirius when he and Remus entered at the room. Both of them had their robes full of food, salad and ice-cream.

"Harry?" Asked Minerva looking at both of them, trying to hold the laughter.

"We were fools enough to take revenge for what he did to us during the last food fight." Commented Remus casting some charms on the robes to clean them.

"Excuse me but this is something I wouldn't lose!" Said Oliver leaving the room suddenly and going to the Hall to join the fight.

When he entered, he had to duck food all the way to the Gryffindor Table. The tactic from the old House had changed this time. They had built a barricade at both sides and threw the food standing to do it and returning to it safety a moment later. The other three Houses had made an alliance against them, so it was the Lions against everybody.

"Hey, did you come to get some fun?" Asked Harry to the Keeper while he and Hermione left the safety of the Barricade and attacked to the Ravenclaws.

"I'm not old, Harry! I can get some fun from time to time!" Said Oliver attacking to the Slytherins along the twins and the Chasers.

"You are not old! You are ancient!" Shouted Fred to Oliver with a mischievous smile.

"I'll get you for that one, Weasley!" Retorted Oliver pointing his wand to the twin and levitating and leaving him in the middle of the Hall, far from the Barricade.

"He won't be happy for that!" Laughed Katie watching Fred running to the Table, while everyone attacked him.

"Now!" Shouted suddenly Harry. Everyone stood at the same time and attacked the other Houses, who found themselves without any defense or food to attack them as they had used it against the Weasley Twin.

"Sorry but someone had to be sacrificed." Said Oliver to Fred when the redhead was back at the Table and the other House had surrounded, leaving Gryffindor as the winner of the fight.

"I'll get you for that one!" Threatened the twin while everyone cast charms on their robes to clean them.

"I'll come for the match. Now I have to go." Said the Keeper to his old team mates a while later.

"Goodbye, Oliver." Said the teens while Dumbledore sent everyone to their beds.

The 5 MNG went to the room immediately and it took them five minutes to fall asleep in their beds.