Disclaimer: All except the non-existent plot is J.K. Rowling's.

A/N: I heard about the 100 words challenge through the ff.net so if I have gone against any rule stated in the challenge- know that it is not deliberate. This is exactly 100 words and I think it is oddly sweet.

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Early in the Morning

By Coesius

In times like this, when early in the morning I wake up from a blood red nightmare to find you content in my arms, and see the gentle smile lighting up your face as I tighten my arms around you and give you a light kiss, I remember why I endure all this pain.

And as you sink further into my craving embrace, soft declarations of a love so strong flow through these sneering old lips of mine, and you tenderly whisper back to me.

Your hand on my scarred skin: I am yours, you are mine; we are one.