More Than You Know

Chapter 2

Paint Me a Picture

Back it up, back it up

Stop, fast-forward, rewind

And watch the sun, watch the moon taking turns in the same sky

And you were dead as the leaves, now you're new like the spring-time

Back it up, back it up

Stop, fast-forward, rewind

And once it's done

Oh we dreamed a life

It was just like that, was like that

And just like that, and just like that it's done

Time Lapse Lifeline by Maria Taylor

Every painting seemed to bleed sadness; something Amaryllis was all too familiar with. The paintings themselves had a variety of darker colors and portrayed scenes over several years. At first that the scenes seemed idealist, childlike and the happiness reminded people of their own childhood but as the people in the art progressed, the darker the scenes became.

The first painting was a group of friends – three of them. They were standing outside in the snow arms thrown around each other, a snowman off to the left - bright, happy grins and pink cheeks depicting a joyful time in the snow. Red hair tangled, dirtied with blood, dirt, and guts as the young girl held up her friend's sister who was pale as paper and just as dirty was the next painting. Despite it all one of the girls had a grim smile as she limped forward.

The third painting was of a young woman sitting on a bench outside looking off in the distance. Behind her, the snow fell on a tall, gnarly tree. Although she was far from happy, a small smile was resting on her face. From then on, that young woman never seemed to be smiling in the paintings. The following painting seemed to be a step back in time. The same young woman was a toddler staring up at a serpent looking man with a young woman lying off to the side, dead.

One of the last paintings, the one Amaryllis and Don stood in front of, was of the woman from the previous paintings kneeling down next to a body, tears in her eyes. Behind her, a majestic castle and a war waged on. However, the artist managed to paint the scene so that the young woman was the focus of the beholder's eyes.

"She looks like you," Don noted as he looked over at Amaryllis to see her reaction. Amaryllis smiled sadly.

"She is me Don," Amaryllis admitted. She reached out to the painting, following her instinct, before she pulled back her hand remembering where she was. "I remember this." Don turned toward her stunned. Before he could say anything, a young man walked over.

"It's good to see you again Amaryllis," he said as he hugged her. She laughed but the happiness did not reach her eyes. However, a moment later she pulled away, a playful smile dancing on her face. A surge of jealousy had Don wrapping his arm around her waist.

"I see you went from photography to painting, Colin," Amaryllis noted. Colin nodded. "How is Dennis?"

"He's good," Colin, told her. "Do you remember Sally Anne?" Amaryllis tilted her head as she thought back.

"I do," she realized. "A Hufflepuff who was in the year below me. She struggled in Chemistry but was smart as a whip when it came to any type of math."

"Sally and Dennis married a few years ago," Colin, told her. "Dennis just told me they are expecting their second child."

"I will have to pass along my congratulations," Amaryllis said. Colin tilted his head in acknowledgement. "I see you found your passion and talent in painting."

"The paintings seem to just pull you in," Don pointed out. Colin smiled as he looked around the room.

"Thank you," Colin said. "But I am nowhere near my old mentor." Before either could say any more someone on the other side of the room called for his attention and with a quick goodbye, he was gone. Shortly after Don and Amaryllis left. Although they already had dinner and had gone to the art gallery neither wanted the date to end so they decided to walk around for a little while.

"Those paintings are about your life," Don realized. Amaryllis looked over at him.

"Pieces of it, yes," Amaryllis, agreed. "Colin was at my school, in the year below and in the same house. He loved to take pictures and he constantly did. He took plenty of my friends and I; however when I was 14 I was pulled out of conventional school so anything after that was painted from a memory, from words."

"That last painting you said you remember this, what happened?" Don asked. As they walked, Amaryllis told him. The last painting was three weeks before she encountered her parent's murderer for the final time. They had the same Alma matter and he decided to go after the students there to draw Amaryllis out. By the time any help could arrive to the school, over thirty people were dead, not all of them students, some were his followers.

Amaryllis, after some persuasion on her part, arrived with the rest of the calvary who stepped into the school only minutes before an explosion shook tore apart the building. The body she was kneeling next to was that of Cedric Diggory. He was a school prefect and the only one to die from the bomb. He had seen the bomb and at the cost of his own life, evacuated everyone to safety. The bomb blew before he could reach safety himself. Amaryllis had known him and dug through the debris to pull him out. As she finished she noticed the stunned look on Don's face. She had enough people feel sorry for her, worship her for what she had done so she began to pull away from his hold. Don resisted her efforts and they stopped walking. Don reached out and gently placed his hand on her cheek.

"You have gone through so much," Don said. "But to me you are still Amaryllis, the woman I spilled coffee on; the same woman that threw sugar at me when I told her I had never seen her favorite movie. What I learned only tells me how strong you are to still be here." Amaryllis studied him for a moment.

"Sometimes I don't think you are real," Amaryllis admitted. Don snorted.

"I'm real," Don said. "If I wasn't, would I have managed to spill coffee again, this time on myself?" Amaryllis laughed at the reminder. At the end of dinner, they shared a slice of cheesecake with some coffee. Somehow, without even realizing it, Don had knocked his coffee onto himself. It was not until he went to drink some more coffee that he realized what happened. He pulled her closer to him and moved a stray hair out of her way. After studying her for a moment, he leaned and they kissed. When they pulled back, Don realized he did not want to let her go but they were already standing outside her door.

"How does a date tomorrow night sound?" Don asked.

"Perfect," she said. He gave her one more kiss and wished her goodnight. He watched her go into her apartment before he left and began to head home himself.


"Mac what are you doing here?" Don asked when he noticed the man sitting on his apartment's doorstep. Mac looked up.

"I think it's time I let you know," Mac told him, cryptically. Don opened his door and the two headed to the living room. For a couple of minutes the two sat silently.

"Something about Amaryllis seemed familiar when we first met but I knew that I had never met her before," Mac told Don. "I took your advice and went home. I went through an old shoebox with pictures, letters, and mementos that I had. It was when I found this picture that I figured out why something about her seemed familiar." Mac handed Don the photo he had found earlier in the night. Looking at the photo, he immediately knew what had seemed so familiar about Amaryllis.

"Who is she?" Don asked.

"Lily Potter nee Evans," Mac told him. "She had just been told her husband was killed on the job when we met. We were together for a month before I woke up to her packing. Her friend, who had been missing for six months, had been found. She had no family and Lily was her emergency contact. I made her promise to come back to me but she never did. I tried finding her but it seemed like she disappeared into thin air. Do you know who Amaryllis's mother is?" Don sighed.

"She doesn't talk about her parents a lot Mac," Don told him. "They were murdered when she was a year and half old. She grew up her aunt's family and from what she told me, they would not let her ask anything about her mom or her parents. I do not think she knows a lot about them to begin with. All I really know is that they are dead."

"I know this puts you in a tight spot but if you can find out anything about her mother that will tell me if she is the woman I knew, I would really appreciate it," Mac told him. Don nodded.

"I'll see what I can do."


"I promise I am on way," Amaryllis said with a bit of laughter. Don grinned on the other end of the phone.

"You are running late," Don, pointed out. Amaryllis sighed.

"I know, I know," Amaryllis agreed. "I was actually going to be early when a car accident happened right in front of me. I gave my account to the cops but it took some time to get out of there."

"I hope you told them you were on your way to meet your detective boyfriend," Don playfully asked.

"I do believe I said something along those lines," she playfully told him. "I'm about two minutes away from the coffee shop. I am yours for the rest-" Before she could finish her sentence an explosion went off right next to her. Don was on his feet and out the door within seconds. Only a couple buildings down he could see where the explosion happened. He ran forward hoping to catch a glimpse of Amaryllis. He put the phone next to his ear hoping to hear Amaryllis's voice or something to tell him where she was. "Don it hurts. Don…" Her voice faded and Don felt his world fall around him.

The scene covered several blocks. Every CSI was on the scene waiting as search and rescue did their job first. While watching them work Mac noticed movement off to the side, Don Flack was trying to get closer. Mac exchanged a look with Stella and went over to where Don was arguing with an officer. Don was covered in dirt and had a few cuts on his hands and face.

"Flack what's going on?" Mac asked. Seeing that has attention been turned elsewhere, the cop left Don in Mac's hands.

"I was on the phone with Amaryllis when the explosion happened Mac," Don told him. "She is in there somewhere and they won't let me look for her."

"You have got to let them do their jobs Flack," Mac reminded him. Don let out a growl of frustration as he kicked at the sidewalk.

"We've got another one!" a search and rescue person shouted. "We have a mid to late twenty year old female, unconscious." Don turned to the voice. He studied the young woman being pulled out from the pieces of the building. His stomach dropped when he recognized the bottle green scarf he had bought her two weeks ago. Her black curls were caked in dirt and her body was covered in blood, dirt, and other unknown substances.

"That's Amaryllis, Mac that's her," Don managed. Mac turned to the rescue person.

"Stratford she's not a Jane Doe," Mac called out. "She doesn't have any blood relations alive. Detective Flack will go with her, he's her boyfriend and can tell you anything you need to know – medical, financial, and all of that." The rescue person nodded and Don mouthed 'thank you' to Mac before jumping into the ambulance with Amaryllis. It was a couple hours later when Mac arrived at the hospital. He found Don outside Amaryllis's room while a doctor checked on her.

"How many Mac?" Don asked.

"Two dead, six injured including Amaryllis," Mac told him. "The two dead were the store owners who were inside at the time of the blast. How is she?"

"They said she'll recover but it will take some time," Don told him. Mac nodded. "Lindsey came by and got her clothes, a sample of her blood, and everything else she needed."

"We will find out who did this Flack," Mac told him.


When the DNA results came up, Adam was not sure what to do. Uncomfortably he printed out the results, closed out of the information before heading to Mac's office, and took a seat. He only had to wait a few minutes before Mac walked back into his office.

"Adam is there something you need to tell me," Mac asked as he entered his office. Adam shifted uncomfortably in his seat.

"Boss you know the Walsh Store bombing?" Adam asked. Mac nodded. "Well one of the victims matched someone in our system."

"Matched who?" Mac asked curiously. Adam laughed nervously.

"Well the match was a familial match," Adam told him. "Well to you actually." Mac stared at him, stunned.

"Which victim?" Mac asked after he cleared his throat.

"Amaryllis Potter-Black," Adam told him. "According to DNA boss, she is your daughter."


The steady beeps kept Don sane as he sat next to her bed. She seemed small with the hospital gown swallowing her. Her pale face contrasted against her black hair. The wires running all over her seemed to bury her before she was even dead. Tears streaked down Don's face as he held her slack hand in his. When he heard the curtain open, he looked up and was surprised to see Mac standing there with a strange expression.

"I have been taken off the Walsh store bombing because of a conflict of interest," Mac told Don. Don stared at him.

"What conflict of interest?" Don wondered.

"One of the victims had a familial match to me," Mac said as he sat down. "Of course I was surprised because I didn't know I had a daughter." Don looked at Amaryllis wondering if she was whom he was talking about, if she was his daughter.

"According to DNA Amaryllis Potter-Black is my daughter."