"Peri!" Lapis called out as she ran across the beach to Peridot. The green gem looked back mild surprise on her face.

"Lapis? When did you?" She asked slightly confused.

"I was saved! By Steven." Lapis said as she came to a stop right in front of Peridot. She took the green gems hands and smiled tilting her head slightly. Peridot blushed lightly at the gesture.

"I see... And Jasper?" Peridot asked avoiding her eyes. Lapis looked down to her feet pushing them into the sand.

"She got away..." She spoke softly. Peridot looked at her shock written on her face.

"What!? You let her get away!?" Peridot yelled. Lapis sunk back at the loud tone.

"I'm sorry. I just. I wanted to live a life!" Lapis cried. Tears streaming down her face. "I'm sick of being everyone's prisoner, Peridot! I'm sorry! But! But!" The blue gem bowed her head tears falling. "I'm sorry..." Lapis cried. Peridot sighed and put her hand on Lapis' head.

"I'm sorry I lost my temper with you Lapis... I guess I'm just..." Peridot stopped and looked away blushing more.

"You're what?" Lapis asked lifting her head.

"Scared..." Peridot started softly.

"Scared?" Lapis asked.

"Yes! Scared!" Peridot started to raise her voice again at the blue gem. Lapis' face twisted to one of hurt and Peridot calmed herself down. "I'm scared that Jasper will come back... And if she does... I don't want her to hurt you..." Peridot said. Lapis blinked coming to an understanding of the green gems feelings. She smiled and wrapped her arms tightly around the other gem. Her hands holding on to her forearms, and her head resting on the green gems chest.

"It's okay Peridot! Because you have me! And Steven... And Pearl... Garnet... Amethyst... We're all your friends Peri..." Lapis smiled. Peridot's eyes started to water and she blinked away the tears.

"Right.. I know but..."

"No buts!" Lapis yelled. She pulled back and looked Peridot in the eyes. "I love you Peri! I won't let Jasper or any one else take you away from me! Not after I just got free!" Lapis chimed. Peridot tried to hold back the tears that wanted to spill from her eyes.

"Lapis! How can you cry like a child! Crying is for the weak!" Peridot yelled. Lapis blinked looking up to her. Slight anger in her eyes.

"Peri... Crying isn't for the weak... It means you've been to strong for too long." Lapis chimed. Peridot blinked tears spilling from her eyes. Lapis smiled and wrapped her arms around Peridot's neck kissing the green gem. Peridot blinked surprised but moved closer kissing the blue gem before her. Every emotion that went though both of them flooded their bodies. A light started to shin and Peridot pushed Lapis away.

"No!" She yelled. Panic in her voice.

"But..." Lapis spoke softly.

"I'm sorry Lapis... But fusing is..."

"I know! We shouldn't! But... We're not on home world any more Peridot! We're free to do what we want! Like Garnet!" Lapis spoke up. Peridot looked down at her now empty hands. Lapis took hold of one and Peridot looked at her. "We're both free." She smiled. Peridot spun the blue gem around. Lapis turned easy in the sand. She dipped Lapis and leaned down kissing her again. A bright light surrounded the two as they became one.

"Amazonite!" Steven and Connie yelled from behind the rocks. Eyes shining! The large green lady looked at the two kids.

"Steven!" She called out. Steven smiled and Connie took his hand.

"It's okay!" Steven called out.

"Yeah! You're on earth! Go have fun!" Connie smiled. Amazonite looked at her hands and nodded to herself.

"Yes let's have fun!" She yelled. Steven and Connie smiled to each other giving the thumbs up.

Their plan worked after all!