All rights to Scott Cawthon. I only wrote this based on his work. Enjoy!

Hey there little one

what has got you scared

when I find who did this

they better be prepared

I watched you every day

since the day you were born

we laughed and played

we loved each other for sure

Your brother and his foxy mask

made you scream in fear

that mask did the task

to make you shed some tears

I tried to comfort you

more careful than with a rose

you would say "I love you"

and I would hold you close

But then the day came

when you got a little older

even though you would grow

i'd still take you on my shoulders

Then i heard your screams

I came as fast as i could

the tears filled my eyes

as i saw your wound

Your grip on me weakened

as you began to sleep

My embrace tightened

as I began to weep

Now you lie there

silent as the night

I just hope for now

you won't have much fright

I will wait patiently

for you to open your eyes

I want you smiling

before my control dies

My eyes flood with tears

of all you are missing

My thought fill with fears

as this song for you i sing

Oh my little one

what nearly made you dead

when I find who did this

they better be prepared

My own FNaF4 song/poem! I support the Purple Guy being the kid's father theory. I recently sent this to Madame Macabre to see if we could in a way do a collaboration. I'm still waiting for her reply. She said on a recent video she was going to start focussing on music so that got me excited, especially cause she said she really liked collaborations. But let's just wait and see. Well, but if in the future she does do it and you see it, you know from where it came!

In case you did not notice:

Purple Guy is the one singing

No, the kid is not dead…yet. the sleeping part was when he was falling into coma