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It didn't mean anything.


It didn't.

It was just a dream, he told himself. I'm a horny teenager, and it was just a dream.

"Dude, what is wrong with you?" Thomas asked as he nudged Minho in the ribs. They had been sitting on Thomas's couch playing some dumb video game, but Minho had zoned out. He couldn't stop thinking about the dream he had last night.

The one involving Thomas. Thomas, his best friend. His co-captain of the track team. His wing-man when picking up girls. Not the person he had filthy dreams about.

Minho knew he'd been acting weird around Thomas since he had the dream. He couldn't help it. Every time Thomas spoke to him, he thought of what he was whispering into Minho's ear during his dream. "Minho, I know you want this." When Thomas touches his shoulder, he thinks of the way Thomas's hands ran all over his body, making him feel so good. Shuck, he can't even look at Thomas without finding himself staring at his lips.

Which was not okay.

"Nothing's wrong slinthead" Minho said, avoiding Thomas's gaze.

"Shucking liar" Thomas said. "You've been weird all day. Just tell me what's wrong so we can get back to this game" he said holding up the controller.

Minho groaned and rubbed his eyes with the palms of his hands. "Uh- have you ever had any... Do you think dreams mean anything, or are they just weird?" he asked, and chanced a glance at Thomas, which was a mistake. Thomas was staring at him, with his trademark innocent confused face.

"What'd you mean? What kinda dream? Cuz I had a weird dream about dragons and cotton candy that I don't think it means anything" Thomas said and Minho rolled his eyes.

"No ya dumb shank, not those kind of dreams. I mean... those kind of dreams" Minho said as he looked at Thomas and raised his eyebrows.

A look of realization flashed across Thomas's face and his eyes grew wide. "You're acting weird because you had a funky sex dream?" he asked and Minho looked away from him. Thomas burst out laughing and Minho felt himself blush. "Shuck Minho, you could have just said that! Who was it about? Bet it was our hot new math teacher."

"No slinthead!" Minho said before smirking. "I've had that dream before, that doesn't freak me out."

Thomas snorted. "Haven't we all?" he said "okay, well it's someone who would make you uncomfortable around me... Ew, it wasn't my sister was it?" Thomas made a gross face.

Oh, I wish Thomas. "Uh no. It doesn't matter who it was. The point is, it doesn't mean anything. Right?"

Thomas shrugged. "Dunno. I've never had a dream like that about someone I didn't want to hook up with. Even a little bit" Thomas said and Minho put his face in his hands and groaned.

"Are you guna tell me who it was about or not?" Thomas asked.

Minho looked at him, and for some reason considered telling him. He discarded the idea. That would just make things awkward. He thought. I don't want him, and if I told him he'd think I wanted him. I don't.

The dream didn't mean anything.

"No" he stated. "Trust me, you don't want to know."

"Whatever man" Thomas said "I know exactly what to do about this problem anyways."

Minho raised his eyebrows. "What's that?"

"We gotta have sex" Thomas stated. Minho's jaw literally dropped.

"I- uh- um- what?" he rambled. Was Thomas seriously suggesting-

"Yea, on Friday" Thomas said "we're going to that party and it's about time we swipe our v-cards with some hot chicks."

Minho felt like a balloon had deflated in his chest. Thomas was suggesting they sleep with girls. Of course he was suggesting that, why on earth would be suggesting they sleep with each other? Minho leaned forward and rubbed his eyes. "Uh, yea man" he said "good plan. That is if you can get someone to actually touch you."

Thomas threw a pillow at him. "Brenda wants me and you know it" he said "I could have her dropping her panties in five seconds if I wanted."

"Then why don't you, huh?" Minho teased.

"Well- okay fine, maybe not" Thomas sighed. "But she let me touch her boobs at that party last week!"

"Yea I know" Minho said "you went on about it for hours. Which is why I know it was just over the shirt and you didn't even feel nipple."

Thomas hit him with another pillow. "Shut up" he said "not everyone can be a ladies man like you."

"Yea well I'm still a virgin aren't I?" he asked. It was true, Minho was better with girls than Thomas. Thomas was intensely awkward and had issues holding conversations with girls. Touching Brenda's boob was the farthest he's ever gone. Minho on the other hand had a bit more experience. Girls tended to throw themselves at him, and the only reason he was still a virgin was because... Well despite how sappy it was he wanted his first time to be with someone he cared about. Not that he'd ever admit it to anyone other than Thomas.

"Yea well maybe that'll change after Friday, yea?" Thomas asked.

"Yea" Minho sighed "we'll see."


"Dude let's shucking go!" Minho yelled from the hallway.

"I'm comin'!" Thomas called back as he grabbed a flannel and walked into the living room. He put his arms into the sleeves of his shirt, but left it unbuttoned for the time being. He was more concerned with the pizza Minho was eating than buttoning his shirt.

He grabbed a slice of pizza and Minho looked up from his food and looked at Thomas. For some reason, Minho's eyes grew wide and Thomas swore he blushed. He instantly looked away. "Cover yourself, will you?" Minho spat.

"The shuck is your problem?" Thomas asked. "It's not like I haven't been shirtless in front of you before. Shuck I've been naked in front of you." It was true, tey showered together with the track team everyday after practice. Despite that, he began buttoning his shirt. For some reason he started to feel self conscious.

"I do- I just- you- Shucking hell" Minho rambled before shoving a piece of pizza into his mouth.

Thomas just stared at him, he was being really weird. Minho'd been being weird for a few days now, and Thomas didn't know why. He tried to piece everything together, something was bothering him. It started because he had that weird sex dream, but what does that have to do with me? Thomas asked himself. It's not like I was the one in the... Oh.

Thomas dropped his slice of pizza and looked at Minho, who was still avoiding Thomas's eyes.


"W-were you... was your weird sex dream about me?" Thomas asked, the words escaping his mouth before he could stop them.

Minho's face instantly turned bright red, confirming Thomas's suspicions. "No!" Minho said, but he knew it was a lie.

"You're lying!" Thomas said, and before he could stop himself he started laughing. "You dreamed about me!"

Minho stood up and shoved Thomas's shoulders back. Thomas wasn't entirely sure if Minho was playing around or not. "No, I didn't!" Minho said before shoving Thomas again. Thomas stumbled back and leaned against the back of the couch.

"Slim it shuckface, I know when you're lying" Thomas said between laughs. He had no idea why this entertained him so much, it just did.

Minho stepped closer, ready to shove Thomas again, but this time Thomas was prepared. When Minho raised his hands, Thomas grabbed his wrists to stop him. "Shut. Up." Minho growled.

Thomas stared at him. His face changed from a smile to completely serious. He inched slightly closer to Minho. "Are you sure?" he whispered "are you sure you don't want to bend me over this couch and-"

And then Thomas was being shoved over the edge of the couch and landing harshly on the ground.

"Ow" he groaned as he sat up and laughed on the ground. "I was just screwing with you! Shuck Min."

Minho crossed his arms and looked down at Thomas. He mumbled something about slintheads before clearing his throat and saying "here's the deal. We're never going to talk about this ever again. We're going to forget it ever happened. We're going to go the party and get drunk and pick up chicks and then come back here and crash. Good that?"

"Er- yea. Good that" Thomas said, but he damn well knew he wouldn't be forgetting this.


Minho downed yet another beer. He really wanted to be drunk and he really wanted to forget that for every night for 4 days he'd been having extremely vivid sex dreams about his best friend.

Thomas chugged the remainder of his beer and dropped the bottle before slinging his arm around Minho. "Oh Min" he slurred, Thomas was as drunk or more than Minho was. "You're the bestest friend ever."

Minho laughed. "Yea I am" he said back.

Thomas leaned close. "That girl's checkin' you out" he whispered into Minho's ear, sending chills down his spine.

Those chills didn't mean anything.

He shook Thomas off him and grabbed another beer. He marched over to the blonde who'd been making eyes at him. "Hey, hows it goin'?" he said, his words slurring together as he leaned towards her.

That's the last thing he remembers from that night.

The next morning, Minho woke up with his arms around a warm body. He didn't know who, but he was relieved. I hooked up with that blonde. A girl. Thank the Gods. He sighed and took a deep breath.

Only then, when he breathed in, did he realize the familiar sent that was flooding his body.

He immediately sat up and looked down at Thomas. Who was shirtless. Who Minho had been spooning.

Thomas groaned and opened his eyes. All Minho could think to do was stare down at Thomas while the realization flashed across his eyes. "What the shuck?" Thomas asked.

Minho had no idea what to say. His head pounded as he searched his brain for memories of what happened. He opened his mouth to say something, but words didn't come out.

Instead, he turned away and vomited over the side of Thomas's bed.