Anything but Love

Chapter 1: Juniors and Senior's

"Fuck," A feminine voice gasped out in the dusty school's janitor closet. "That just keeps getting better," The woman said; pulling their lover into an open mouthed kiss.

"I try my best to satisfy," The other said when they pulled away from the kiss. "Shit, I have to leave, Amethyst and Ruby will probably be waiting for me in the lunch room…but I'll see you later?"

Jasper watched Lapis button her plaid shirt; covering up the trail of hickies down her neck. "Jasper, we've talked about this; I have to be with Peridot for the rest of the day. The only reason I can see you now is because she's in computer graphics right now,"

"School didn't even start yet; we have at least twenty minutes before the warning bell rings," Jasper huffed, buckling her belt and moving her jeans back into place. "So why is she there so early?"

Lapis shrugged. "Peridot just really likes computer graphics; I have to leave before she starts worrying about me though," She began to grab the knob but turned around to the orange girl once more. "And stop leaving marks all over my body; Peridot is starting to wonder why she can touch but not look,"

"Whatever," Jasper said with a sly grin. "I'll see you around I guess; text me if Peridot leaves you unsatisfied again,"

"You know I will," Lapis said as she exited the janitor's closet; leaving Jasper alone with her thoughts.

I know, I know; what the heck is going on, right? Well as you know; Jasper and Lapis slept together in a drunken induced state during the summer bash. The orange girl had kept her word and had not told a soul about what happened; not even Ruby and Amethyst. She wanted to tell them, truly she did, but the thought of betraying Lapis made her heart ache strangely. She was starting to think that she had feelings for the swimmer; but Lapis made it perfectly clear that it was just sex, nothing more and nothing less.

At first they had decided to never bring up what happened again but one summer night, about a week later, Jasper heard someone knocking at her door. She opened it to reveal a hectic looking Lapis; the orange girl had no time to speak because of the soft lips that were forced onto her. But she wasn't complaining; hell, she was happy to get off. After that Lapis just kept asking her to hook up and before they knew it they had a system; early mornings when Peridot is at band camp, late afternoons when Lapis is at 'swim practice' and night time when everyone is sleep.

Jasper asked Lapis why she was doing it when she claimed to love Peridot but the girl had no response. All Jasper could come up with was that Lapis was confused; maybe even more than Jasper herself was.

"Man," She huffed in the silence. "This is going to be a long year."

"Ruby," Sapphire moaned; fighting back the desire to pull her girlfriend closer as that sensitive spot beneath her ear was sucked into a hot mouth.

Ruby whispered a response into her ear. "Sapphire…" She said in that smooth husky voice that Ruby knew drove her crazy. "Tell me what you need," Her rough hands that the senior loved oh so much were sliding under her shirt slowly.

"I—I," Sapphire held back another moan and gathered the courage to gently push her away. "…I need to finish my Calculus homework; someone kept me out too late on our date last night so I didn't have time to do it," She smiled appreciatively when the hands and lips were removed to their proper place.

Ruby leaned back in her chair to give her space. "It's not my fault you wouldn't stop kissing me in the car; I told you it was late but I guess you just couldn't keep your hands off me," She winked.

"Most defiantly," Sapphire giggled, getting started on her homework. "Shouldn't you be in lunch with Jasper and Amethyst right now?"

The athlete shrugged. "I didn't want to leave you alone by yourself; that would make me a bad girlfriend,"

"You're the best girlfriend," Sapphire countered with a grin. "But go ahead and hang out with your friends while I finish this; besides, you're far too distracting and I can't concentrate with you here,"

"I suppose I have that affect on people so, hurry up and finish, I'll be back to walk you to class when the bell rings," She pressed a soft kiss on the older girl's cheek before she stood up. "Bye,"

The ballerina nodded. "Bye I lo—" She abruptly closed her mouth before she could form the words.

"What was that?" Ruby asked, turning around curiously.

"…nothing, I said I'll see you later." Sapphire watched her girlfriend frown but she left it alone and walked out of the classroom; leaving the ballerina by herself.

That was a close one.

Over the course of her and Ruby being together, approximately four months now, Sapphire has begun to think that she could spend the rest of her life with her. It's crazy, she knows, they are so young but she can't help it. She had first realized that she actually loved Ruby (as in, in love with her) when they were having a simple walk in the park with Snowflake (who had grown quite a bit). The simplicity of it all made her heart soar; she remembered it so clear in her mind the moment she knew she was in love.

They had decided to take a break and rest on a nearby bench. Ruby had absentmindedly plucked two dandy lions; she kept one and gave Sapphire the other, she told her to make a wish. She did so, not recalling her wish, and watched the white flakes drift off in the breeze. The look of complete content on Ruby's face made her heart speed up and her palms grow sweaty; that's when she realized it.

Sapphire wanted to tell her but wanted to make sure it was special. Planning a date with just the two of them was the perfect start; but it had to be amazing.

Ruby, in her opinion, deserved the best.

Amethyst placed two trays onto the lunch table as Pearl walked to sit beside her. "Thanks for carrying my tray Ame," The skinny girl said with a soft blush.

"Anytime babe," The purple girl said with a grin as she sat down. "You sure you don't want anything to drink; I'm sure there is still some coffee left,"

"I'm sure," She smiled.

Making sure she was really alright, Amethyst began chugging her breakfast down. Pearl had tried many times to get her to slow down but she supposed some things never changed. Speaking of change; over the summer the couple had gotten closer than ever. They cut down on the sex and started communicating more; everything was going good.

Amethyst went to her violin recitals and Pearl watched her lacrosse games; it was a nice balance. Nothing much had happened to them during the summer, except for Amethyst asking Pearl to officially be her girlfriend one night at her violin recital. The skinny girl had almost burst to tears she was so happy; today would make one month and fifteen days.

"Yo, yo, yo," Ruby spoke, sitting across from the new couple. "How's it going guys?" She pulled out a green apple from her bag and began munching.

Pearl smiled shyly. "Hello Ruby, I'm fine, how are you?"

"Could be worse,"

Amethyst paused in her mouth stuffing. "Where is Jasper? Doesn't she usually ride to school with you?"

Pearl had finally got her parents to buy her a car over the summer so Amethyst didn't have to cope rides from the red girl anymore; Ruby didn't mind, less gas money for her.

"I asked her if she wanted to ride with Sapphire and I but she said she'd walk," Ruby frowned. "Come to think of it I haven't even seen her today; she's been kind of distant lately,"

Pearl nodded. "She has, she didn't even join us when we went to the movies last week,"

"Can you blame her? She doesn't have a girlfriend like the rest of us," Amethyst swallowed her scrambled eggs. "I wouldn't want to be a third wheel either,"

"Maybe the three of us should have another sleep over," Ruby offered. "We haven't had one all summer; I felt like the only time I saw you guys was during lacrosse practice,"

The purple girl nodded. "Yeah I'm down for that; let's do it on Friday, that way we can all chill during the weekend too,"

"Like old times," Ruby grinned. "Hey, Pearl, maybe you should have a night with your girls too,"

The skinny girl sighed. "Sapphire and Lapis would be in but I don't know about Peridot; it's not her thing, even if Lapis is there she'd refuse. And Rose…I haven't spoken to her all summer so it might be weird but it will also be great to catch up again,"

"I haven't even seen her once; did she switch schools?" Amethyst asked.

Ruby shook her head. "She's here; Rose just has a lot of study halls and gets to leave early. I'm pretty sure I saw her pink curls from a distance at least once,"

"You should contact her; it would be great to get the gang back together," Amethyst said; trying to be supportive, no matter how annoying it was to think of Rose and Pearl in the same room.

Pearl smiled. "It would,"

Just then the orange girl sat beside Ruby across from the couple; she waved lazily. "Hey guys," She snatched the bagel from Ruby's plate and stuffed it in her mouth. "…what?"

"Nothing, we were just talking about how we should have a sleep over; it's been such a long time," Amethyst informed her.

Jasper nodded her head. "Cool, I'm down for that; I feel like none of us hung out at all during summer…at least not all together,"

It was true. With Pearl and Amethyst's new rising relationship along with Ruby and Sapphire's steady one; the trio had cut down on their reckless behavior. They had cut back on throwing wild parties and instead put their focus on their relationships, sports and jobs. They were changing and they hadn't even realized it; but somewhere along the way they just calmed down.

"Then let's change that," Ruby said as she pulled out her phone; going to their gangs group chat. "Tonight, we should all go to the football game at the stadium; it's the last game of the season before basketball starts for us. And we all know how busy we get during that season," She rolled her eyes.

Amethyst groaned at the thought. "I am so not looking forward to running suicides, doing conditioning and having coach yell in my face…so let's at least have one more night of fun before hell starts; I'm in!"

"So am I," Jasper grinned. "And you should invite the whole squad; like Rose, Greg, Lars, Sadie and Lapis…" She added the last name quickly.

"Peridot too, since they're dating," Pearl alerted; not noticing the orange girl look away. "Ooo, this is going to be so fun; I can't wait, it's been far too long since we've all been together,"

It was five o'clock when Ruby found herself trying to persuade her girlfriend to go to the football game with their friends. School had ended hours ago and the couple was standing out by the red girl's car in front of the ballerina's house; berating each other in the cold October wind.

"Sapphire come on, don't you want to see the old gang again?" Ruby huffed. "This may be the last time we can all be together like this; Rose even agreed to come!" She waved her arms animatedly.

The older girl crossed her arms; curling into Ruby's varsity jacket she was wearing when a cold breeze passed her. "I understand that but, sweetie, I'm a senior now; I have to focus on getting into college which means studying for my Physics text tomorrow…I can't stay out late with you like I used to,"

"Can…we don't have to stay out late Sapph!" Ruby exclaimed. "The game starts at six and I can have you home by eight, no, seven; we can leave as early as you want…I just," She laced their fingers together and looked down. "I want you to have fun and not worry too much about school; this is your senior year and you need to have fun,"

"Studying is good but you need to juggle some personal time in between there or your friends and senior year will pass you by." Ruby tried to make as much eye contact with the bangs in the way. "And I don't think you want that…"

Sapphire bit her lower lip. "But my test—"

"You're the smartest person I know and you've been studying for that test all week," The red girl pouted. "Please…"

Not the look.

"Stop making that face…I'm not going to agree with you just because you're making that adorable expression, I mean it!" She paused for a moment and then released a sigh. "…fine,"

Ruby grinned, making Sapphire wonder why she was ever against it in the first place. "Yes! Okay now let's go; everyone is waiting for us by the bleachers,"

"Just let me get my hat from my house; I heard it's going to get really cold," Sapphire began searching for her keys.

"Oh cool, I'll go inside with y—" She stopped when Sapphire gave her a look; Ruby sighed. "Sorry I forgot I'm not allowed in your house," She folded her arms in aggravation.

Sapphire frowned. "It's not like you're not allowed it's just—my mother—she has a certain expectation an…"

"I'm not it." Ruby concluded.

The ballerina quickly shook her head. "No, I mean, yes, no! I just haven't told her that I'm gay and I'm worried about how she'll take it."

Ruby softened her hard gaze, but only slightly. "Look Sapphire, we've been dating for four months and you still haven't told her; I'm sick of her addressing me as your bestfriend or not being able to be intimate in front of your house. I don't want to be your dirty secret—"

"And you're not I just…" Sapphire grabbed any hand that she could reach and placed a soft kiss to the knuckles. "I promise to tell her…I'll invite you over for dinner with my mother and father Saturday night and I'll tell them,"

Ruby raised an eyebrow. "Really?"

"Really, if it means that much to you…I'll do anything to make you happy," Sapphire confessed, dropping her gaze to parted welcoming lips.

Ruby smirked. "You can make me happy by getting your hat because we have to go; come on,"

"So bossy," Sapphire teased; making her way inside.

Pearl literally jumped up when she saw the couple approaching the section of the bleachers they had concurred. "What took you two so long; we were starting to get worried,"

"Sorry we're late," Was the only answer Ruby supplied them with; helping Sapphire up the metal seats. "Glad to see everyone could make it,"

Her red eyes roamed from Pearl and Amethyst who were in front of her, to Lars and Sadie behind her and Greg and Rose sitting on opposite sides; guess they were still working things out. And Peridot and Lapis were sitting a bit higher up.

"I feel like I haven't seen you all in years," Rose said with a small smile. "It's been too long; I've missed you," She glanced in Pearl's direction briefly before looking at the others and adding. "All of you,"

Sapphire smiled in the pink girl's direction. "It has been a while; we should catch up one day this week,"

"We already have Friday night planned for our girl's night," Pearl said with a true smile; she glanced to Sadie. "You're welcome too Sadie; I know that we barely get to spend time with you either,"

The blonde perked up. "Oh yeah, of course, it'd be great to spend a night with the girls; we can watch a movie, do each other's nails…" She began making a list on her fingers.

Peridot scoffed and muttered under her breath. "…you can already count me out,"

The green girl was rewarded by a nudge from Lapis.

"As fun as that sounds," Amethyst rolled her eyes; turning to her bestfriends'. "We're going to be having some fun of our own; isn't that right guys?"

Ruby whooped.

"Yeah; Friday night is going to be all about drinking, smoking and girls," Jasper said with a grin.

At the mention of 'girls' Pearl and Sapphire glared daggers at their partners; daring them to not even think of it. Even Jasper earned a subtle pointed look from Lapis.

"Maybe not girls," Ruby said as she sheepishly scratched the back of her neck. "And we can't have it at my place; my mom is in town," She huffed.

Jasper smiled. "Really; she's actually been here for a whole two months…that must be a new record,"

True to her word, Scarlet had begun spending more time at home with her daughter. At first it was cool; having a mother to cheer her on at games, coming home to homemade meals and not having to be alone in that big house. She had finally got her mother back and it was great but sometimes it was very inopportune. Like when she wanted to sit back and have beers with her friends (her mother hated drinking) or when she came home far too late (suddenly her mother was strict on curfews) and when she and Sapphire, in a heated moment, opened the door to have some fun only to find Scarlet giving them a look from the couch. Many of those nights ended with an unsatisfied Ruby and her mother driving Sapphire to her house.

Don't get her wrong, it was good to have her back but Ruby was quickly reminded of how much fun it was to have the house at her disposal.

"No let's go to your place," Amethyst disagreed. "Your mom is h—I mean, we haven't seen her in a while and she can cook us food,"

Jasper nodded. "She is the best cook in town,"

"Seriously?" Sapphire asked.

Ruby shrugged. "Where do you think I learned to cook?" She looked to the hopeful faces of her friends and finally sighed. "…alright fine, girl's night at my house—"

"Yes!" Jasper shouted, hands in the cold night air.

The red girl leaned her chin on her open palm. "You can't drink if you go to my house; you know how much my mother hates it and you guys can't smoke either,"

Although her friends enjoyed doing such things Ruby, like her mother, wasn't too keen of it; she was an athlete. It was something she hoped to do professionally in the future and if she wanted that to happen then drinking and smoking surely wouldn't help. If anything it would just ruin her body.

Jasper shrugged. "It's cool; we can just chill and eat," She added lowly. "…and check out your hot mom—"

"Dude," Ruby frowned.

"Guys I'm going to the bathroom, I'll be right back," Lapis said as she stood from the bleachers. "Do you guys want anything while I'm gone?"

Everyone shook their heads and watched the swimmer fade into the crowd. A few silent minutes later Jasper also stood up and stretched.

"Welp, I have to piss, be right back," Jasper said; jogging down the metal steps and ignored the look of disgust on Pearl's face.

Peridot idly chewed on the sleeve of her green jacket; watching the orange girl disappear.

"Took you long enough," Lapis sighed out as she flattened her palms against a hard chest. "I was starting to think you stood me up," She said; biting her bottom lip seductively.

The larger girl grinned. "I would never. I just wanted to make sure that they weren't suspicious; we have been doing this a lot more than usual. Is Peridot really that bad?" Her arms wrapped around a slim waist and pulled the swimmer closer to her front.

Lapis happily leaned into her touch. "No…she's decent and I love her but when she comes; more often than not I have to fake a few of them. I love her with all my heart but I also need someone to satisfy me,"

"That's where I come in," Jasper said with a grin; leaning down to kiss between her neck and shoulder.

Lapis groaned. "…that's the plan,"

By the time Jasper and Lapis got back, five minutes before each other, the game had already started. Their team the hogs were ahead by seven and were taking their last game seriously. The players wanted to show off for their fans and finish the season with a win.

"I don't understand this game but, yay." Pearl said as she clapped her hands softly.

Amethyst grabbed her hands to stop the movement. "No P; the other team got closer to our goal and that's a bad thing,"

"But…they dropped the ball," Pearl said with a frown.

As the purple girl tried to teach her girlfriend about the sport of foot ball and all its rules; Ruby looked at the time on her phone. "Sapphire it's getting pretty late; I should take you home now since you still have to study," She looked to her girlfriend and stood up; offering a helping hand.

"Oh yeah, it's already eight thirty," The ballerina smiled at her friends. "Guys we're going to take off, I have to study, but we'll see you in school tomorrow,"

Rose smiled sadly. "Okay then, have a safe trip guys,"

They gave a farewell to the rest of their friends before leaving the stadium completely. Towards the third inning Lars and Sadie left as well, along with Lapis and Peridot who didn't have the patience to watch a game they didn't understand any more.

"We obviously won so let's get out of here," Amethyst said. "Jasper you need a ride home?"

"Hell yeah, I'll freeze my nipples off if I walk home in this weather,"

Pearl made a face; such a disturbing analogy. "Yes well…it was good to see you two again but we should get going. Rose I'll see you on ladies night and Greg we have gym together," She waved at them lazily. "Have a good night,"

Rose nodded. "You too,"

"Come on you," Amethyst wrapped her arms around the skinny girl and kissed her forehead. "Your mother will kill me if I don't get you home soon; see you nerds later!" She called over her shoulder; missing the pink eyes that followed their direction long passed they were out of eyesight.

It was just them now.

"…are you going to tell them?" Greg broke the silence; keeping his distance on the other end of the bleacher.

Rose finally snapped her eyes away and looked down. "I am, I just need some more time," She confessed.

"You don't have to tell them; but if you do, just know that they are truly your friends and will support you no matter what,"

She sighed heavily; laying her burdens down. "I know that, it's just…I have so much that I have to deal with—"

"You're not alone Rose," Greg finally closed the distance between them by grabbing her hand. "This is my fault too; it takes two to get pregnant so I am just as responsible. I'm the one who didn't want to use a condom; I was just so excited when you came back to me,"

"It had been such a long summer without you and I was glad you chose me." Greg faltered at the sight of a tear falling from her right eye; he kissed it away, the bitter taste residing on his lips. "…and I'm glad you want to keep the baby and I want to make this work; but you have to meet me halfway,"

She shuddered as more tears began falling; each one being kissed away by the teenager. "I want that too…but, I just don't know what to do, Greg. If my parents find out they'll kick me out and we'll be living in your van…I can't ruin your li—"

"You're not! I keep telling you that I will support you and if they kick us out then I'll get a job; anything it takes. I swear…I really want this," He ended weakly.

Rose dropped her head on his awaiting shoulder. "I'm only seventeen, what am I supposed to do?"

"…technically you turn eighteen in a month," Greg joked; only to be rewarded with a nudge to the ribs. "Sorry not funny,"

She sniffed. "No, it was but I'm not really in the mood for jokes right now."

"Right of course; you asked me what you should do, right?" He paused. "I think the first thing you should do is tell our friends and then build up to the parents; that way we'll have support, okay? I can tell them with you if you want,"

She shook her head. "No, I want to tell them."

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