Anything but Love

Chapter 14: The College Visit

Ruby snickered, grabbing the lofty bag from her girlfriend's delicate hand. "I'm surprised your mother even let me walk through the front door, let alone come into your room," She managed to grab another suitcase with her right hand.

"It took a little convincing," Sapphire hummed, frantically looking around to make sure she hadn't left anything. "But I think she's coming around, I told her how dozens of coaches are already giving you offers for basketball and baseball; she was impressed,"

Ruby flushed softly, looking out to the open window abashedly. "…was she?"

Sapphire hummed, glancing at the clock near her bed table. "We should head out to the car if we want to beat the traffic, come on," She held the door open for the younger girl before switching the light off and closing the door.

"Mom, we're heading out," Sapphire announced, allowing her mother to pull her into a hug. "We'll be back in three days and I'll call you once we get there." Sapphire said as she pulled away from the embrace.

Alice looked down to Ruby, offering a tight lipped smile. "Take care of her for me?"

"Of course," Ruby nodded, sheepishly shuffling out to the car.

"…so," Her mother drawled out once Ruby had walked down the porch, she raised a perfectly sculpted eyebrow to her daughter. "How are things? With you two I mean,"

Sapphire sighed softly, offering her mother a smile for her effort. "Everything is perfect mom,"

Alice nodded stiffly, folding her arms tightly. "And she's treating you right, you're happy—"

"Mother," Sapphire interrupted, grabbing hold of her mother's hands and placing them in hers. "I'm happy, she makes me happy,"

Alice rolled her eyes playfully. "I'm well aware of that," A deep sigh left her mouth before she pressed a chaste kiss atop her daughter's forehead. "Be safe on the road and don't let yourself be alone, college campuses are more dangerous than you think,"

"I will," Sapphire nodded. "Tell dad I love him, I have to go,"

"Be safe," Her mother called out to her one more time before Sapphire managed to exit the door with her purse that she convinced Ruby she could carry.

Ruby was drumming her fingers along the stirring wheel to a song when Sapphire got into the front seat. Her girlfriend, clad in a blue sweatshirt Sapphire had purchased her recently, sent an easy going grin her way.

"Freedom?" Ruby asked slyly, a small rise of her eyebrows giving her that edgy look that always made Sapphire's knees weak.

"Freedom," Sapphire confirmed, slamming the car door once she was situated. "Now drive off before she changes her mind, she's good at that,"

Ruby snickered, but followed her girlfriend's instructions and drove out of the park and towards the turnpike. "A few months ago she hated me, but now she's letting me drive you hours away from her house and her protection; I think she's doing pretty good. Unless she's pretending to like me," She briefly considered.

"I told her that you make me happy and that's all she cares about," Sapphire grasped Ruby's free hand that wasn't on the stirring wheel and held it in hers. "These few days are about me finally getting away from my family, can we not talk about them anymore?"

Ruby nodded, smiling easily. "Yeah, I'm sorry, you're right," She looked back to the road. "Graduation," Ruby said as if she were confirming something.

"What about it?" Sapphire asked with an eyebrow raised.

"You want a graduation party right?" Ruby asked once again, glancing at the older girl briefly. "Nothing big of course, I know you hate that, just our closest friends. We'll have it at my place,"

Sapphire hummed. "I don't think Rose will be well enough in time for that. She told me that the baby was coming soon and she'll probably spend graduation with her baby, it was lucky enough that she went to prom,"

Ruby frowned. "Remind me again why you didn't ask me to prom?"

"Here we go again," Sapphire sighed teasingly. "I thought it would be better if I went to my ballet recital, you know, the one where I had five scouts watching for colleges. Plus the sex on the way home wasn't half bad,"

Ruby flushed, still not used to how comfortable Sapphire had gotten used to mentioning their personal affairs opposed to a few months ago. "Yeah well, next year we're going to my senior prom and having sex. I want both,"

Sapphire shrugged, scrolling through her texts to see what Rose's status was. "Pearl told me it wasn't too good anyway, Lapis and Jasper didn't even go,"

Ruby snickered, recalling the details Jasper had describe to her the morning after. "Jasper and Lapis ditched halfway and decided to go to some hotel for the night,"

"What about Peridot?" Sapphire asked.

Ruby huffed. "She's been hanging out with my little cousin Connie, you've met her. Peridot is her babysitter and Connie really looks up to her,"

"I heard she's a photographer, that's good for her. She's had a rough year, with Lapis and Jasper and all," Sapphire said softly. "When Lapis graduates she'll only have to worry about Jasper and she isn't much of a threat anymore,"

Ruby nodded. "Yeah, she's not much of a jerk as when we were sophomores," She smiled softly. "Those were good times; Amethyst and Jasper have really come a long way, they're in serious relationships now,"

"So she's serious about Lapis then? And you and Amethyst aren't upset for them spending too much time together anymore?" Sapphire asked, pulling away from her phone.

Ruby shrugged and only said. "They're still together and they seem happy,"

"I guess you're right," Sapphire confirmed before turning the radio on, she smiled. "Sadie's song is still on the top charts,"

Ruby cheered. "This is my song! I've got a pair of eyes that they're getting lost in~" Ruby sung with her pitchy voice that still sounded perfect to Sapphire and succeeded in making her join in.

"They're hypnotized by my way of walking," Sapphire sang softly, nodding along with the melody. "I've got them dazzled like a stage magician,"

Ruby nodded when it all came together, singing the next verse a little softer. "When I point, they look and when I talk, they listen—"

Everybody needs a friend,
And I've got you and you and you
So many, I can't even name them,
Can you blame me? I'm too famous

Amethyst turned the radio off when Sadie's song had finished, nothing was ever as good as their friends number one hit. "Do you need anything Rose? More pillows, some water, or maybe another blanket?"

Rose shook her head softly from where she was resting on the long couch in her living room. "No, I'm fine Amethyst, thank you. Where's Pearl?" She asked, looking around the room for the skinny girl.

The purple girl plopped down on the single chair. "She's heading down here from ballet practice but she should be here soon and Jasper and Lapis are—"

"Here," Jasper's husky voice announced as she walked through the door with an arm wrapped around Lapis's waist. "Are you feeling okay Rose?"

Lapis nodded, glancing at her friend worriedly. "Yeah, we got your text earlier and came straight here. What's going on?"

Greg, barely able to contain his joy, jumped up from the couch and exclaimed. "The baby is coming!"

"What!" Amethyst shouted, almost spitting her drink out. "Her water broke and she's still here? We need to take her to a hospital!"

Rose shook her head, calming her boyfriend down with a soft smile. "My water hasn't broken yet, I just wanted everyone here to have one last get together before graduation next week. I was hoping that Ruby and Sapphire—"

Jasper snickered, waving away the silly notion. "Please, do you know how hard it is to reach those two nowadays? It's like they've eloped or something, they live in their own little world,"

Amethyst rolled her eyes. "Like you and Lapis are any different,"

"Whoa, we aren't that bad," Jasper defended herself, crossing her arms over her supple chest. "You and Pearl are no different, you know,"

The chubby girl frowned. "Excuse me?"

"Yeah, don't look so surprised." Jasper frowned. "Do you know how many stories I have to hear about you and Pearl having sex somewhere new or about some new sound she made. Do you know how annoying that is?"

Amethyst gaped, too angry to muster up a blush. "What! I haven't told you anything like that in weeks because of how much you spend time with Lapis! It's like she's your new bestfriend instead of Ruby and I!"

Rose frowned, placing a hand on her stomach. "…guys," She whispered.

"She might as well be!" Jasper shouted, glaring down at the shorter girl. "You and Ruby are never around to talk to me when I need you guys! But she is,"

Amethyst's eyes widened in outrage. "Because you two are always together, you never give us a damn chance to talk to you!"

Rose spoke a little louder, voice strained. "G-guys, hey,"

"Can't this bickering wait?" Greg stepped between the two, offering a soft smile. "Let's just agree that we're all whipped an—"

Jasper huffed. "I am not whipped,"

Lapis placed a hand on her girlfriends shoulder. "You don't have to stoop to her level, you're better than that,"

Jasper nodded softly, ready to walk away.

"Wapush," The purple girl made a whip sound, teasing her friend even more. "Seems like it to me," Amethyst said, folding her arms with a smirk.

Jasper stalked closer to the purple girl, glaring. "You know what!"

"What!" Amethyst screamed just as loud, ready for anything.

Rose, not being able to take the arguing, exclaimed. "My fucking water broke you idiots!"

She wasn't ready for that one.

"…Rose please," Amethyst rubbed her temples. "We're not in the mood for a fake 'my water broke' practice run for when it really happens, okay?"

Jasper, glancing down at the damp couch, cursed. "Shit, she's not lying you turd! Her water really broke!"

"Wh-what do we do now?" Amethyst stuttered, moving away from the puddle that had begun to creep towards her. "I've never been pregnant before!"

Lapis, running to the pink woman, helped her off the couch. "Idiots, we have to take her to the hospital; Greg, help me out here. We have to take her in your van, Jasper and I walked here,"

Greg paled. "…my van isn't…working at the moment, but I'm supposed to take it to the shop next week when my parents pay me—"

"How are we going to get her there? The hospital is like a half hour away!" Jasper groaned, annoyed as if it were her own pregnancy.

Amethyst perked up, running to the window when a black jeep drove up. "Pearl is here and she has a car! You guys bring prego out and I'll let Pearl know what's going on," She didn't wait for a response before she ran outside to her unsuspecting girlfriend.

Pearl rolled the windows down, smiling softly at her beloved. "Hey babe, how is—"

"Take us to the hospital!" Amethyst said, not letting the older girl finish. "Rose's water broke and we need your car, here they come," She pointed where Jasper and Greg were helping a very pregnant Rose walked towards the car. "Come on—" Amethyst frowned.

The door was locked.

She glanced up at the girlfriend, eyebrow raised. "What the heck P-butt, why are the doors locked? Did you not just hear what I said?"

"I heard you, and I told you to stop calling me that!" Pearl exclaimed, slowly rolling her windows up. "And I am not having her give birth in my back seat, I just had it cleaned!"

Amethyst made a face of utter shock. "Are—is this real—are you serious? Your bestfriend is in labor and all you care about are your dumb seats! Open the dumb door Pearl!"

"…why can't they take Greg's nasty van?" Pearl tried, truly not wanting baby goo in her car.

"It's broken," Greg said with sweat dripping down his forehead from stress and the weight of his wife. "Please open the door Pearl, I'll pay for whatever damages,"

Pearl bit her lower lip before unlocking the doors. "Get in, but grab my towel from the trunk an—"

"We don't have time for that Pearl, just let her sit in the damn seat!" Jasper huffed, almost shoving Rose in before actually shoving Greg in. "Let's get this thing moving, yeah?" She asked once everyone was stuffed into the backseat, except for Amethyst who took luxury in the front beside her lover.

Pearl looked at them all through her mirrors before driving onto the road, she frowned. "This is truly a safety hazard and I could probably get pulled over for this," She glanced at Rose, offering a small smile. "Sorry everything didn't go as you planned, I know you wanted to see everyone before this happened,"

Rose, taking deep calming breaths, waved her hand of the matter. "Everyone is here with me now, I just want everyone to see our baby when it's born." She bit her lip. "…I just wish Ruby and Sapphire were here with us,"

Amethyst sighed softly; she glanced at the sad expression on Rose's face before pulling out her phone to send a much needed text.

Ruby reached for her phone when it vibrated in her back pocket, causing Sapphire to nudge her. "Who's it from?"

"Amethyst," Ruby waved the phone in her girlfriends face for evidence, she frowned. "I told her not to bother us, but maybe it's important. Should I check it now or later?"

Sapphire took the phone and placed it into Ruby's front pocket, smiling softly. "You can leave your friends alone for a few hours without them blowing up the world,"

"Are you sure?" Ruby asked, half teasing and half serious. "Last time I left them alone for a few minutes and they almost set my dog on fire, that's why my mother has that fire extinguisher in the kitchen now,"

Sapphire made an 'I don't want to know' face before looking at the map the receptionist had given her. "Anyway, the ballet studio is over here. The lady I spoke with on the phone told me to be here by three so we could have lunch with the other girls on the team,"

Ruby looked at the clock on a wall. "It's two forty-five, we should head there now."

"Yeah," Sapphire nodded, grabbing her girlfriends hand with a soft smile. "Come on, after the lunch maybe we can look at the dorms,"

Ruby grinned. "Wow, I can't believe I'm going to be dating a college girl. Imagine how cool that's going to sound when I tell my friends back home,"

"Oh the possibilities," Ruby sighed, grinning softly as she followed Sapphire around the campus.

Amethyst huffed, checking her phone for the tenth time. Damn it, Ruby,"

"What's wrong?" Pearl asked, standing behind her girlfriend as she came back from parking the car. "You've been checking that phone a lot, are you talking to your mistress?" She joked.

"No," Amethyst eased over the joke, looking at her phone one more time as she sent another text. "I'm trying to tell Ruby what's going on but she isn't answering her stupid phone,"

Pearl placed a comforting hand on the shorter girl, offering a sad smile. "They're on a college visit to Sapphire's dream school and they told us not to bother them. Plus, it's not Sapphire's fault Rose's water broke the same day,"

"Why couldn't she reschedule for next week? Rose wanted us all to be here," Amethyst huffed, tapping her foot anxiously.

Pearl shrugged. "She was busy with ballet and today was the only good time for her," She raised an eyebrow. "This isn't your pregnancy, you know that…right?"

Before she could speak Greg walked out of the room, holding the door open as he waved them all inside. Amethyst swallowed thickly as she led the group into the personal delivery room that Rose had all to herself. Their pink friend lay on the bed with a soft smile on her face, despite the contractions she received from time to time.

"Hey Rosie," Lapis spoke softly, walking to stand beside the larger woman on the bed. "Are you feeling okay?"

Rose nodded. "I'm fine, the doctors say I still have some time before everything happens,"

"Well don't worry," Pearl said, placing a hand on her friend's blanket covered foot. "We're all here for you, right Greg?" She glanced at the younger man who stood a distance away in the corner. "…Greg?"

"Oh, r-right, yeah," Greg swallowed, pointing to the door. "I have to pee, I'll…be right back," He mumbled awkwardly before exiting the room, leaving a tense feeling in the air.

Jasper frowned. "I'm following him," She said, and when no one stopped her she walked out as well.

Rose sighed, looking at her friends. "…he's really worried about becoming a father, can one of you talk to him if Jasper's way doesn't work out? This is why I needed Ruby and Sapphire here, they're good with things like this," She smiled sadly, breaking Amethyst's heart. "Can someone call Lars, Sadie and Peridot to let them know what's happening; maybe they can come too,"

Amethyst nodded. "I'm on it Q, be right back," She plucked her phone from her pocket and began sending some texts, glaring at the screen. "Damn it Ruby, answer your stupid phone,"

Connie handed her babysitter the camera she was fiddling with. "These are even better than your last ones Peri,"

The green girl smiled softly, looking back to her computer where she edited a few of her most recent pictures. "Thanks, I showed them to this guy during work at Starbucks and he ended up needing a photographer for his daughter sweet next week. He gave me the job and I'm really excited about it,"

Connie perked up, grinning. "That's great!"

"Yeah, it is," Peridot said happily, pausing when her phone vibrated. "…are your parents coming home early?"

The child shook her head, not looking away from the interesting pictures on the camera. "No, same thing as usual, they won't be back until tomorrow morning,"

Peridot barely heard the child's 'why' as she herself questioned who else would be trying to contact her. It wasn't like she had any close friends anymore.

Unknown number: Hey Peri-snot, this is Amethyst (I got your number from Rose, relax) and I'm just texting you to tell you that Rose's water broke and all her closest friends are at the hospital now. She would love for you to be here.

Before she could react, a second text from the same number reached her screen.

And yes, Jasper and Lapis are also here. I didn't want it to be a huge shock for you if you did plan on showing up.

Connie peered over her shoulder, squinting her eyes. "How can water break?"

Peridot squealed, covering her phone from the innocent child's eyes. "It's rude to look at other people's messages, Connie!"

The younger girl crossed her arms. "It's rude to hide things from your best friend so spill," Connie demanded, frowning.

Peridot frowned, turning her phone's screen off. "It's whatever, I'm not even going,"

"Going where and why not?" Connie asked.

"Rose, one of your cousins friends, is having her baby and they want me to be there," Peridot looked at the carpet, sulking. "But my ex's are going to be there and I can't leave you here alone so I'm staying,"

Connie shrugged. "I can come with you, it seems like they really want you to go,"

"Your parents—"

"Aren't coming home until tomorrow," Connie interrupted, grinning. "Come on, you can't avoid them forever. If she wants you there, then you should go!"

Peridot took a deep breath, smiling softly at the little girl. "Fine, but you're sitting in the back seat with you seatbelt on,"

Connie shrugged. "Is there any other way to do it?" She grabbed the green girl's hand and dragged her out of the room, but not before grabbing a camera.

"Let's go Peri!"

"It was very nice to meet you Sapphire, we hope you consider our school in your application process," The ballet instructor name Betty said as she shook Sapphire's hand once more.

Sapphire nodded; a bright smile on her face. "Of course I will, it was fun meeting everyone too," She waved at the team softly.

The other girls waved as well, calling out as the couple walked out of the restaurant. "Bye Ruby!"

Ruby flushed, grabbing the older girls hand when the door had closed behind them. "…those girls were, a bit much don't you think? They kept trying to flirt with me and I could have sworn they said something about having boyfriends back home,"

Sapphire nodded. "I guess it's true what they say about straight girls and lesbian experiences in college,"

Ruby frowned as they slowly walked up the stairs that led to the college dorms. "This doesn't help me feel better about having you live her next year, what if your roommate like to experiment?"

Sapphire smiled softly, dangling her keys before unlocking the door that would be hers soon. "I was lucky enough to not get a roommate, remember?" She managed to open the door, pulling her ranting girlfriend inside before closing the door.

Ruby looked at the small room that was only equipped with a mattress, a dresser across from it and a window. "…this is kind of prison like," She mumbled, walking to the window where a lovely view of the campus and multiple stores around it presented itself to her.

Sapphire wrapped her arms around Ruby's waist, resting her chin on her shoulder. "There are showers for the girl's dorm across the hall and the mess hall is downstairs, but I'll have my own mini fridge to handle late night snacks,"

Ruby placed her palm on the cool window for support, blushing as her girlfriend peppered soft kisses along her neck. "…it's not good enough for you," She pouted.

Sapphire snickered, placing her lips to Ruby's ear. "Well if my girlfriend would hurry up and graduate already, then we could get our own apartment together in town but until then I'm stuck here,"

Ruby groaned when the older girl pulled away, letting out a deep breath before she turned around again; watching Sapphire examine the space. "Despite the small room, how do you feel about the school?"

Sapphire hummed. "Well despite how drawn the girls were to you, they seem nice," She joked, smiling softly and finding no reason to be jealous. "The coach was also nice and the campus is beautiful, so was the ballet studio,"

"So," Ruby edged on, once again ignoring the vibrating phone in her pocket. "This is your dream school, you should be elated. Why am I not getting the vibe that you're excited about moving in here?"

Sapphire sat down gracefully on the edge of the bed. "It's my dream school and everything is amazing but it doesn't have my best friends Rose and Pearl, or my annoying parents who I still love, and it sure as hell doesn't have you—"

"Hey," Ruby coaxed, moving to sit beside her. "We already talked about this; I'll call you every day, send text messages, facetime and email if we have to. It's going to be hard, long distance relationships are always like that, but I'm honestly willing to make this work,"

"I love you Sapph, and I trust you not to mess around with anyone else while you're here," Ruby pushed her bangs away to reveal light blue eyes. "Do you trust me with the same?"

Sapphire nodded, smiling softly. "Of course I trust you, loser,"

"…good," Ruby leaned in to place a kiss on those supple lips when her phone buzzed again, she groaned. "Amethyst is going to get it when I get back,"

Sapphire chuckled, fixing her bangs and lightly pushing the younger girl away. "Just check it, we have two more days here anyway; let's start ignoring their calls tomorrow,"

"Alright," Ruby smiled, checking her phone and looking at the messages Amethyst had sent her. "…now, let's find out what was so damn important that couldn't wait until we got back,"

Jasper leaned against the wall, arms crossed when she finally saw Greg walk out. "Had a nice pee?"

"Jasper, geez, you scared me," The long haired man held onto his chest when the breath had left his body. "How is Rose doing?"

Jasper scoffed. "She's your girl, how about you stop being such a loser and find out. She's about to go into labor and you haven't been comforting her like you're supposed to be, what's up?"

Greg shook his hands out, much like when he was about to play his guitar live. "I'm freaking out dude, I mean…I'm going to be a father, I can't do this. My band was supposed to blow up—"

"Let's be realistic here," Jasper stopped him. "Half of your songs are about a van, you need to grow up and take responsibility for your actions. Be a man and go see if Rose is okay, I know you're nervous but you're going to do fine,"

The younger boy ran a hand through his hair. "You're right, I'm going to have a kid. I'll teach them how to play guitar, how to drive a van or—"

"How about you save this for when the kid actually shows up," Jasper hurried, shoving the boy into the delivery room just as the nurse shoved everyone out who wasn't the father. "You'll do fine!"

Amethyst groaned, shoving her phone into her pocket. "I tried calling, texting and I even left voicemails but Ruby isn't answering her phone." She looked around the waiting room. "I guess this will have to do,"

Jasper and Lapis were sitting together beside Lars and Sadie while Pearl sat across from them, saving her girlfriend a seat if she ever decided to stop pacing.

"Did the baby come yet?" A voice asked, causing them all to look up.

Jasper looked away and Lapis paled, mouth agape.

Pearl was the first to speak, smiling softly. "Peridot, hey, so glad you could make it. And who is this?" She smiled wider at the little girl who was holding onto her leg.

Peridot patted the little girl on the head. "This is Ruby's cousin Connie, her parents ask me to babysit her from time to time. It was one of those days and I couldn't just leave her alone," She led the little girl to a free seat beside Pearl. "What have the doctors said?"

"She just went into labor now, but it's going to take a while and only the father is allowed," Lapis announced. "She wanted us all to be here,"

Peridot sat down silently beside Connie, looking down at her camera the child had brought with her. "…I came here for Rose, don't get any ideas," She glanced at the swimmer and then to Jasper who made a point to stare at the floor. "I can tell you two are very happy together and believe it or not but, I'm happy for you,"

Jasper looked up, meeting soft green eyes; she frowned. "You're not upset?"

"Jasper, we happened a year ago," Peridot snickered. "Of course I'm over it, you act like I'm Hilda from Hey Arnold and I keep a gum made dummy of you in my closet." She coughed when everyone gave her a look. "I babysit her a lot and that's all she watches!"

Connie frowned. "Nu-uh, you turned to that channel!"

Amethyst let out a laugh along with the others. "Man, where has Ruby been hiding you?" She shook the little child's hand. "I'm Amethyst, her bestfriend, does she ever talk about me?"

Connie thought back. "She said you eat all of her food and that you almost caught her dog on fire,"

"I remember that one," Jasper snickered.

Peridot smiled, enjoying the atmosphere. "How about you tell us that story since we can spare some time,"

Jasper grinned when everyone agreed, leaning on her knees gleefully. "It all started when Ruby left to get something from her car,"

Greg walked out of the delivery room with a long white lab coat and a white mask now hanging lowly on his neck. His bright smile fell slightly when he saw all of his friends sleeping against one another in the quiet waiting room. His brown eyes darted to the camera Peridot held loosely in her hands before he snatched it, took a quick picture, and screamed at the top of his lungs.

"It's a boy! I have a son!" He exclaimed, waking everyone from their deep sleep.

Peridot snatched her camera back, glaring. "Congratulations, never touch my stuff again, but congratulations."

Pearl smiled softly, slowly getting up from her seat. "It's a boy?"

"Yeah, come on," Greg motioned for them to follow but not before pointing to Peridot. "Take lot's of pictures, okay?"

The green girl sighed, but couldn't resist doing what she loved and readied the film.

"Hey Q, how's it going?" Amethyst asked, resisting the urge to say 'you look like shit' as she stood beside her friend.

Rose sighed heavily. "Everyone, I would like you all to meet Steven Quartz Universe,"

"Heck of a name," Jasper admitted, looking down at the small bundle in Rose's arms. "Greg look, he has your face!"

Peridot hummed, taking picture by picture and trying to get the best lightening. "He's a very adequate child,"

Connie nodded, balancing on her tippy toes to see. "He's so, small. Was I like that?"

"You still are like that,"

Connie frowned, glaring at her insulter. "Be quiet Ruby," Everyone paused.

"Ruby!" Amethyst exclaimed, almost tackling her friend to the ground. "Do you know how many texts I have been sending you?"

Ruby smiled softly, pushing her friend away. "I got them and rushed right over here when I found out,"

"Excuse me, miss, only family or friends are welcome inside the delivery room," One of the nurses said, trying to stop Sapphire from coming inside.

Rose frowned, waving to the nurse. "She is family, Steven's godmother to be exact,"

Sapphire smiled, walking past the nurse to stand near her girlfriend and bestfriend. "I couldn't miss my bestfriends first child birth, now could I?" She held her hands out. "Do you mind?"

Rose shook her head. "Of course not," She handed Steven carefully over to Sapphire and Ruby, watching them with a smile. "Thank you all for coming, it means so much to me,"

Sadie smiled. "Anytime,"

Lars nodded softly from beside the girl.

Jasper wrapped an arm around Lapis. "I had nothing better to do," She mumbled, earning a jab from the swimmer.

Amethyst wrapped an arm around Pearl, sniffing. "…I want one,"

Pearl nearly choked on her own breath, eyeing the girl; not sure if she was joking or being serious.

Ruby chuckled, offering her finger to the baby who reached for it blindly. "Hey Steven, I'm Ruby, one of your godmothers and I promise to protect you from people like Amethyst,"

She ignored the purple girls 'hey'.

Peridot frowned, motioning to the couple. "Get closer so I can take a good one of all of you,"

Ruby rolled her eyes. "Peridot give the camera to the nurse and get in the stupid picture, you're part of our family too nerd,"

Connie snatched the camera when the green girl's eyes widened, handing it to the nurse before standing beside her cousin. "Everyone say, Steven!" Connie said.

"Steven!" They all exclaimed.

The picture had Ruby and Sapphire holding baby Steven close to them with Rose and Greg holding hands in her bed and the others gathered around with smiles on their faces.

It was the last time the group would be together like this until they all went their separate ways.

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