Prompt: I saw you trying to hit the "door close" button in the elevator but I made it in and then I pushed every single button to make you later for work, but now we're stuck in this fucking elevator as it stops at every single floor and I don't know what to say other than "you started it" AU

Author's Note: Honest to god did not think it would escalate to what it is but hey, it's hot so yeah.

As Heather rushed into the office building, she instantly looked in the direction of the elevator and saw someone continually pressing buttons. Oh no, no no no, if she didn't get in the elevator, she was definitely going to lose her job. Bolting for the door, slipping in right before the door closed, she dropped to her knees, panting heavily, trying to catch her breath. When her heart rate returned to normal speed, she looked up at the jerk who tried to keep her out.

Unfortunately, he was the literal embodiment of tall, dark, and handsome. Hell, if she wasn't so angry right now… Leaning up against the wall, he cocked an eyebrow, surprised anyone had made it in. She gave him a glare, which he returned, with a smirk. Fixing her hair and straightening her clothes, she stood up at the opposite side of the elevator. As she continued to stare at the button panel, an idea popped into her head.

His smile went away instantly as Heather began to push all the buttons on the door. "Hey! Stop that!" he commanded, grabbing her into a tight hug around her waist, pulling her away from the buttons. She still managed to press all of them, giving him a smirk and a chuckle, to his horror. "Looks like we'll both be late to work. I hope you had a big breakfast today, cause we won't be outta here till lunch." He gritted his teeth in annoyance. Then his eyes almost lit up. "Well… since we're in here…" he purred, leaning closer to Heather's face. Blushing, she tried to shove him away, and to her horror found that he was stronger than she anticipated, (he must work out way too often) still holding her tight. Shaking her head to keep him from getting closer, he swiftly and lightly, kissed her cheek. She almost shrieked, as he let her go, causing her to stumble, holding onto her cheek as if he slapped her instead. Her face burned with a blush, something very evident to him, as his face lit up once again, loving her reaction. She may be feisty, but she was sure as well was damn cute.

"That is not funny." she stated, rubbing her cheek as if to get the kiss off her. "It was meant to be a sign of affection, mi amor." He joked, rolling eyes, shrugging his shoulders. "Unless of course, you've never received affection from anyone before and didn't know, I'm sorry for you." he said in a joking tone. She furrowed her eyebrows "Listen mister, I don't have to deal with someone like you thinking he's all that just because-" But she didn't finish the sentence.

They heard a loud groan, coming from outside, and held onto the railing as the elevator came to an abrupt stop. "Oh no." he groaned, hands on face. "What? What's wrong?" Glaring at her again, he said, "The elevators malfunctioning, because someone pressed every button available." "Well… well… y-you started it!" Heather blurted out, taking him by surprise. "I started it? I started it? Chica, I'm not sure if you hit your head but if my memory serves me correctly, you are the one who pressed all of these buttons." he argued. "Well you started it!" she barked back. They only glared at one another for a few seconds, before starting to shout at one another on whose fault this really was.

They argued for some time, before giving up, realizing that they were both equally, too stubborn to apologize to one another. Heather sat down, arms crossed, staring at the blinking lights. Someone was bound to notice and come to get them. It was only a matter of time. He sat down as well, next to her, a little too close to her. "What's your name anyway? I don't think I've seen you around before." she suddenly said, trying to defuse the tension.

"It's a rather… complicated story. To say in the least. Oh and it's Alejandro." Alejandro said, rubbing his temples. Alejandro… why did that name sound so familiar? "A girl I know, who just so happens to be infatuated with me, somehow tricked me into working here for a year, she and I are in the department of fashion."

"Really? Is that so… Is she controlling, wears gray, tan skin and brown hair?" Heather asked, giving a description of the one girl who she knew would pull something like this. 'Yes, actually, how did you- ?." Alejandro said, eyes widened. "I know exactly who you're talking about. Courtney? Yeah good luck with that. And I do know she's been gushing over you for quite some time." she said with a chuckle.

Heather remembered the last few weeks, Courtney was daydreaming about nothing else but Alejandro, and it was evident in the way she talked, acted, and walked. She was infatuated all right, and even bragged last Friday that he was coming to join because she asked and he was so happy to be working with her. Just the thought of it made Heather giggle, trying to cover her mouth, but still loud enough to hear.

Alejandro found this incredibly cute.

"What about yourself? You've never told me your name." he said in a flirtatious manner. Heather cleared her throat, leaning away, "It's Heather. And lucky you, I'm working in the fashion department as well." "Lucky me indeed." he agreed genuinely, eyelids drooping a bit. She could feel the heat return to her face, worse than ever. Alejandro leaned in closer, catching a whiff of her hair, smells like grapes, he noted, and he moved in until his hand was right next to hers.

"Well, I should try to call for help I guess." she said with a nervous laugh. Looking through her contacts, she pressed one and hoped that reception was good enough in this metal box. "Hello? Courtney speaking." Heather sighed, of all the people she needed help from, Courtney would be the last person on the list to ask for that help. "It's me. Listen, I'm stuck in an elevator and-" she tried to explain until Courtney interrupted her, "Look I don't care if you were on the moon okay? Just get up here somehow." Courtney said, all in a serious tone. "I would but like I said, I'm stuck in-" she tried to repeat, "I don't have time for your excuses okay? Today's a pretty special day for me and I don't want you to ruin it for me." Courtney barked, about to hang up before Heather shouted "Hold it!", sighing, she pinched the bridge of her nose, "Alejandro is in here with me." Silence. "Did you hear me? I said Alejandro is in here with me-" but Courtney had hung up. She probably thought Heather was lying. Putting her phone back into her bag, she leaned back onto the wall, closing her eyes. "Let me guess, you called Courtney, and she didn't believe you?" Alejandro guessed. She nodded. "Figures." she heard him say under his breath.

"I'm sorry."

Heather snapped her eyelids open. "What was that?" she asked, not sure she heard him correctly. "I said, I'm sorry." Alejandro repeated, "I… I shouldn't have tried to close the doors like that, you clearly needed to be in here too, I was just in such a bad mood, I wanted to take it out on you. And that was wrong of me." he said. "Yeah, you better be." she said, head held high, as she crossed her arms. She heard him laugh, not to mock her or anything, but a hearty laugh, one of good fun. "I'm truly sorry for giving such a beautiful girl a hard time this morning." taking her hands, he gave them light kisses, which made Heather shiver in delight "Is there anyway I can earn your forgiveness…?" he said, "Perhaps a dinner?".

Heather smiled, "Hm, maybe. Just don't let Courtney flirt with you and maybe we have a deal. Mr. Alejandro." she said, smiling against his lips. Impatiently, he closed the space between them and put much fervor into kissing her. She squealed, and he found her just too cute for her own good. Moving, she crawled toward him, to be in the front, as he hugged her closely. They enjoyed an explosion of kisses and cuddling. She gasped when he began to kiss lightly on her neck, rubbing her sides with his large thumbs. She felt jolts of pleasure run through her spine, kissing him back with just as much fervor, wrapping arms around his neck. They chuckled, out of breath as they separated their lips, staring into each others eyes. She hummed, about to move in for another kiss when a sudden shake almost made her fall. He caught her and held her tight. The elevator had started working again.

They both got up, her arm linking with his and they heard the familiar ding! as the doors opened. Courtney stood there with a mechanic, hands on hips. Her eyes widened at their linked arms, glaring at Heather as she pulled Alejandro away. "Oh Al! Are you okay? It must have been terrible in there!" she cooed, a concerned look on her face, her hands on his shoulders. Alejandro squirmed, "No it was quite all right. I'm fine, really." he assured her, taking her arms off him. "Well, lemme show you around! This place is going to be so much fun with you here!" Courtney gushed, not before throwing Heather a dirty look, turning around, hugging Alejandro's arm, walking away.

Heather rolled her eyes. Courtney can be so annoying and clingy. And she walked off to her office door, smiling at how heated up things got in the elevator. Courtney better watch out, because now she has some competition. And Heather was more than up to the task.

Not to mention, she won't be able to get back into the elevator without thinking about their nice little makeup session.